If you like extreme lasers and incredibly high voltages in a convenient short video format, this is the channel for you! This is where I'll be posting my short clips and smaller projects that never made it into a full video on my main channel.

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  1. fish bord

    Me over here just got done playing battletech. sees cyan laser gets direwolf flashbacks

  2. 3D-ART

    Smart and handsome

  3. No one

    The real life version of lightsaber s

  4. Michael Brown

    "Fine tune the wavelength" Mhmm, mmkay..


    Mothman blows my mind like ery day with these awesome videos.


    Sounds and look similar to my friend named Bennett

  7. Sphyxx

    I really want that color leds

  8. nen.user.

    Its pretty cooler than making a pointless ROfor video, right?


    Mr.White this is art

  10. Devdoesitbest

    Seems like a normal guy who really likes butterflies and moths

  11. Doritos Chips

    Eat it. Fucking dare you

  12. GAMENARIUM YouTube

    Jedi:. Oh my son

  13. scarecrow

    Me who is already color blind hmmmm now what changed though

  14. ZUbair Shah

    He can you give me invisible laser

  15. omega50 •

    Can an invisible laser destroy my eye ?

  16. TheOscarGamer

    Ah yes the LED farted

  17. omega50 •

    My cat would have eat him 🤣

  18. Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan

    You’re a Jedi Gordon!!!!!

  19. PcKing Jordan Paner

    Wall on the back: help

  20. •••RK•••

    God is that awesome (psychopath laugh)

  21. Gustav E. Jaanus

    Why is no one talking about the audio?!? 🙈☠️ oH yEaHh - aAh

  22. CyanToBoi

    Ah yes... (my name)

  23. James Kirton

    What’s it called?

  24. Aidan Wright

    Damn, where do you buy these?

  25. Mr Respell

    This is Nile red brother

  26. Heavy Gaming

    Make glasses, call the gurgle googles because it looks like your drunk. Pretty cool roght

  27. Stong4004

    I remember on the movie The Wizard Apprentice (that one with Nicholas Cage) they had something like this on that movie

  28. Suka Blyat

    Science= Orgasm

  29. Thomahawk1234

    Yeah that second butterfly is a cat, you silly goose

  30. Joel Pedrosa

    i can so the same with my LED’s

  31. The Immortal Sun-kun

    I mean that’s how coloured light works lol

  32. ToxicBandit


  33. Ezekiel Cabusas

    The youtuber is the strongest

  34. Dorka Leon

    Aww she is beautiful!

  35. الياس عسيري

    Light saber

  36. KingSheva2699

    How cold/dry is that room? Get some creature comforts for yourself fam.

  37. Cross sans

    If u know grounded I looks like the magnetic pillar from the boss

  38. hamedtheunforgiven


  39. ShawnK

    That is cool

  40. SmokeyOwOs

    Ah yes, the invisible laser.

  41. Lone Angler

    Yeah cause they don't have mouths, and they only live a week and DIE. Sorry to bring the commenters down, but it's the truth, nature isn't all fun and happiness, kids.

  42. Axel Troy Sugiarto

    Put yellow glass on a white laser

  43. superfly

    Now that is a yellow laser. For me its more to amber really

  44. mike

    Thats not a laser its a part of a flametrhower

  45. Rose

    A little draft isn't much of a fire extinguisher

  46. Mace windu

    the oppression of the sith will never return

  47. Tonda Piskacek

    Where did you buy these

  48. Afong Then

    What if we put so much voltage and current on empty (by empty i mean no atoms whatsoever) space on a single point,then i think we can somehow create mass out of nowhere and also maybe we can create negative mass out of nowhere meaning that warp speed are now unlocked and possibly create a new universe?

  49. NiGhtX_DaWnX

    Is it dangerous when you touch it??

  50. IDKmynamepeps YT

    And then along came zeus

  51. Jean Paul

    What the acrualfk

  52. Tablet Account

    "Pretty cool right?" is what gets me going through my day 😫🔫


    The ‘’pretty cool right” sentence is stuck in my head. I watched him say this over 100 times on Snapchat and my brain is fried

  54. Bob Sagèt


  55. Chris lazz

    work of a genius

  56. cumrade

    He looks like a 20 yearold and sounds like a 14 yearold

  57. syarifah najihah

    Hi jordi el nino

  58. Dave RiseUp

    Omg you look like Willem Dafoe as a teen

  59. Dragon Chazzy

    It’s reys light saber

  60. NemP

    This guy is literally a tutorial character.

  61. mihaela milu

    The illuminati sign is wrote on the coil

  62. Snore

    "It is strong enough to pop a balloon" Bloons TD6 Dartling gunner: "Write that down, write that down!"

  63. ᴀʟᴜᴄᴀʀᴅ sᴛʀɪᴋᴇʀ

    ʜᴏᴡ ᴄᴀɴ ʜᴇ ᴡᴀʟᴋ ᴛʀᴏᴜɢʜ ʟᴀsᴇʀ ʙᴇᴀᴍs? ʙʀᴜʜ

  64. Davis Johnson

    How does it go off the end?

  65. Nimble

    I swear electroboom is gonna try this

  66. wetbedbandit

    I saw a really shitty one in star wars

  67. Nimble

    For those who dont know why its invisible its because the eye cant detect infrared

  68. Tbonemeat

    Seen that

  69. Babu Bhaiya

    Is it affect human skin also ??


    Who remembers rays lightsaber

  71. ꧁ Arikitoji Shido ꧂ [might quit]

    Can you tell what shirt color I'm wearing Me: blue duh

  72. Boss Bass lovet

    Cute and smart...

  73. Abd Wafi

    Woah, yellow lasers looks so cool!


    I wish the low powered laser would look like a light sabre

  75. [-ただ退屈-]

    In the back: stuff cut

  76. XxDarkSpiritxX

    Me thinking about the yellow one

  77. Ethan Bartiromo

    It’s so powerful that it shorts out the camera when recording, which is super cool

  78. JF collections of random gameplays

    paging electroboom.,

  79. Azzam Athallah

    Introducing the ELECTRIC FIRE EXTINGUISHER. THE ALL NEW WAY OF EXTINGUISHING FIRE ! (side effects may include death)