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  1. Devin garza

    I’ve played every single battlefield and this is just amazing never would’ve thought battlefield would turn into this

  2. Elmsy

    Jack acting like he hasn't sold out

  3. Kshitij Kumar

    Jack acting like he’s not the guy who filmed the bf trailer himself

  4. Kev

    If i cant take down every building on the map with a tank it aint worth it. This is next gen if i crash a helicopter into a building it should be visible where i crashed

  5. Zachary Joseph

    Very exited for this game!

  6. Skazz the Terrible

    Jack acting like the marketing bull isn't attrocious overblow crap.

  7. JF Andersson

    Jack acting like he didn’t create the world in 6 days.

  8. XxthemonkeyxX123

    Hazard zone sounds like it’d be something like hunt showdown, just not as hardcore

  9. Devs

    so there is seperate thing Dice LA has? or is it hazard zone they are working on?

  10. Jewell

    The whale is something they used to do with dead spearmint whales. They used to see if they would make good bombs because when they’d wash up in the beach they would be filled with gas and inflate and popping them makes huge explosions enough to take a mans head off so they experimented with putting bombs in them and drop them from the air

  11. Rafael Santos

    This BF4 remaster is amazing

    1. Rafael Santos

      I mean, I loved it.. BF4 is the game that I have more hours on

  12. Young Cam The Sauce God

    who else is glad hazard zone isn’t a battle royale

  13. zaidebtw

    this game will change the fps industry of every fps game there is

  14. BeCar44

    Gamers after a flopped release: OMG they lied to us I will never trust them again let alone ever get hyped again Shady Developer: Shows one trailer and says this will be the greatest game ever (as always) I Gamers: OMG EVERYONE ABORD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!!!! I ALREADY PREORDERED THE GOLDDELUXEMASTER EDITION FOR 150$ YEHAA. and then just rinse and repeat ... when will people ever learn?! Like honestly just chill and wait for the final release reviews and then buy the game, this tactic already saved me from quite a lot of games that got hyped up way too much (Watch dogs Legion, BFV, Ghost recon Breakpoint, Star wars squadrons, Anthem just to name a few)

  15. PF Creeper

    My theory for Hazard Zone is that it is a Tarkov-esc mode where teams infil into base game maps maybe to complete side objectives as well as fight one another, I believe that it will be based on how the main games operatives belong to no nation, and will fight each other for resources (weapons, gear, etc.) and will infil to maybe a home base on a carrier, which might bring an essence of why people would continue to play, growing their bases.

  16. toastedisthebest

    i cannot wait for this game to come out! why cant it just be october now?

  17. HeroTK

    Bruh what is that music in the outro ?

  18. Mk Slatt

    Pre-ordered this n it was $107 lol

  19. Caliber

    I'm so excited for this game to come out

  20. John Bellissimo

    I just realized that the taxi at 8:42 says "why walk when you can FLY" :)

  21. Maks Moses

    Hazard Zone looking a lot like DINO MODE

  22. Josiah Fernandez

    Jack acting like he isn’t Battlefield himself.

  23. CrazySmash Vlad

    4:54 PENGUINS

  24. DN1080

    "Huge" village. The fact they didn't show it, probably means it doesn't exist!

  25. gssngr

    I’d listen to a podcast of Jack reading gaming news for sure

  26. T NT

    I AM..... 2 hours late, noice. *Better late than never*

  27. TotallyNotart3mis

    Specialists are a dumb idea, this game is gonna be broken as fuck. Classes shouldn't have been changed. We don't need wing suit snipers with RPGs

  28. Ryu Hayebusa

    Jack acting like he won't get commanded grabbed

  29. Airsoft Carter

    Idc what they do, I just want my bipod knife

  30. Anthony Sodano

    Where are these maps taken place what are the names of the areas country etc.

  31. Steven Espinosa

    Jack acting


    Hazard sounds like one of those BF hardline game mods

  33. Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Will there be character customization again? I could live without it, but actually really liked that about BFV.

  34. Aether

    Jack acting like he isnt DICE

  35. TotallyNotart3mis

    Would rather have smaller maps with 128 players

  36. Memsamo

    Idk why but i feel like bf is turning to cod it just doesnt feel like bf like bfbc 2 bf3 bf4 and bf1

  37. Pl4sm4Ro4ch

    hazard zone has that stinky feeling of incursions... that stupid 4v4 or 5v5 mode in bf1 that was in testing then abandoned. I tested it and hated everysecond of it. that is not battlefield, some small airsoft match lol. Wanna have an esports small squad game ? separate it from battlefield

  38. Blueberry Pancakes

    I remember playing the Donkey Kong 64 multiplayer as a kid and now we have this.... Hell yeah! Looks good to me! I'm sure lots of people will complain though. Haha

  39. matej pavlin

    I think hazard zone will be .. start of round it shows satelite crashing … and then you need to capture three points to obtain acces to the satelite info data and then you need to keep it captured to extract all the data and win the round?

  40. TurboGamingUK

    Jackting So anyways, the only thing I *dont* like so far is the bots. I don't want bots, I want players. I at least hope community servers can have a "no bots" option. I want to battle with people

  41. Zossua

    Jack is acting - confirmed.

  42. Lborn

    Kinda breaks the immersion if there is a fully destructable village but the rest of the map is solid. I'm not asking for being able to level every single skyscraper but as long as they are somewhat destructable, like destroying facades of buildings in earlier battlefield games, would be really nice

  43. Leakedboss


  44. Cabooey

    the most practical thing about the attachment system is going from offensive to defensive or even going full suppressed

  45. Matthew Tilbury

    The more I see, the more I want!

  46. Noah R

    Jack acting like he has any clue what hes talking about and isnt a puppet controlled by levelcap

  47. xJNRx

    My 1st game today and 👏

  48. DeZerTer Joe Miller

    I do not agree. In my opinion, the complete destruction of the village is a great disadvantage and not very realistic. No cover for infantry. Maps for vehicles and snipers only.

  49. Walt Grisley

    nice joker 2021 L4D3 stuttering shit rls nothing date..

  50. Heldensocke

    I have to say I like everything or mostly can deal with it. The only thing that bothers me is that grappling hook. It just does not fit in the game the way it works.

  51. Chase Evtushevski

    Jack acting like he hasn’t played TES VI already

  52. Noss Njeppa

    Fun fact : Bandar Desert and Operation Firestorm are over 6km², so these map sizes are not _"unprecedented"_ as marketed

  53. thechinesething

    Can't destroy skyscrapers though. Still disappointed.

  54. Scott

    Jack acting like he ain't played sk8 4....

  55. Denver_Thug Ps4

    Jack acting like he have a AK

  56. Durbomat

    Maybe hazard zone will be a bit like the mode in star wars battlefront where you need to capture the supply pods

  57. Cassiel Aralim

    Isn´t anyone concerned that the maps are gonna be TOO big?!

    1. Authur Morgan

      Kinda but 128 players that’s like real war

  58. radical “BIG.K” konrad

    Didn't see it in the trailer but I hope explosion holes return so I can take cover in em

  59. Roland scott

    Jack acting like he aint the CEO of BF

  60. Maskill

    Jack acting like he hasn’t completed all of 2042’s phantom program

  61. Joe Mackey

    Hmmm I hope that doesn't mean destructibility is "selective" based on what building/area it is. That'll be kinda immersion killing.

  62. Christopher Stanley

    DICE LA is working on a seperate game??

  63. YAZAN

    The AI thing makes me believe that the game will not support cross play.

  64. Uncle Rico

    The shear size and scale of these maps provides the opportunity for a very large amount of smaller based game mode maps. We could see this game launch with 20-30 different team deathmatch and domination maps etc.

  65. Zane Salamah

    A prequel meme to start the video: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  66. Karlo Košutić

    How did the jack acting comments begin?what is the origin of this?

  67. ronuss

    i dont know if its good game design to have an area that is built for small boots on the ground with full destruction of buildings. it will end up as the go to play to get easy kills in a plane/ chopper / tank ext. hope there more than just an area of the map for that type of gameplay.

  68. Damarsh

    DICE LA better be working on Noshar Canals TDM or I'm not playing

  69. Mece Erol

    Jack is acting like he doesn't know the next Battlefield of 2024.

  70. AwakeHopps

    sniping in bf1 feels so satysfying whenever you hit a hs

  71. ronuss

    meh i pass on hazard zone, i just wanna hop on and play, not worry about having a good squad that could ruin a game for me. but at least it is not BR i guess

  72. Reborn

    so good

  73. aHairyWhiteGuy

    Jack acting like he hasn't already played the game

  74. Bata Bole

    The only thing I don't like so far are weapons. Most of the guns don't exist, they used their imagination to make them. This would be much better if it was released as Battlefield 2021 with current arsenal.

  75. sylzy sylzerz

    alright people enough of the "Jack acting like he works for Dice" comments. What is the appeal of reading someone else's comment and repeating it?

  76. AJ

    now that’s some sh**

  77. My Gaming Media

    I was hoping I can destroy a whole sky scraper building.. I canceled my pre order just because I cant destroy everything. It just seems like certain areas can be destroyed. Disappointed af

  78. bob lep0nge

    pretty sure hazard zone = no respawn

  79. RuStyMoNkeY964

    Hopefully the AR isnt OP