Hi my name is Bailey Sarian and I am here to talk about True Crime & Makeup. YES its an odd combination, but I couldn't just pick ONE topic to focus on, why not mix them both together?

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  1. J Nic

    This is too weird… I don’t know what is going on… this is the second time I’ve watched your video and the next show I watch is related to your video. I’m watching AHS Hotel and the guy in episode 4 just introduced himself as “John Gacy…”

  2. Julie Hurlburt

    Wait a minute? Borrow? Borrow a fry basket?? BORROW??

  3. Catara Murphy

    I don't think that it's necessarily ridiculous and it never worked they were doing it for a very specific reason and I believe they're using their results on the American people today. If you think about what they were trying to control and why they wanted mind control and then look at the state of our people in North America, it's not a far stretch to say that they succeeded and are utilizing the mind control program on the entire American population today, especially the new generations being raised through technology. The experiments didn't fail in their eyes and they got the results they wanted.

  4. Danielle Jones

    Hold on, “borrow” a fry basket to sift body parts out of soil? “Borrow” as in, give it back?

  5. Carrie Swank

    “I was just jokinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg…..” Bailey, your sense of humor is so sarcastic and dark; it makes me feel better about myself because , obviously, I’m not the only one with this dark and sarcastic personality. Seriously, this case is horrible-JWG was so loved by his community and trusted by these you boys. He took advantage of their age and naivety, so if the victims did survive, they’d never trust anyone.

  6. Brittany Pautzke

    I dropped out senior year, with the credits of a sophomore. Got my GED 2 months after doing out.

  7. Diane Barclay

    I think the theme song needs to go. It's annoying.

  8. Juliana Louise Feitosa

    ICONIC 💖

  9. Mallorie D

    One of my uncles was in prison with Gacy. He would draw clowns all the time and the COs would confiscate them all the time. My uncle had the inmate job of being a janitor, with that job he was able to be in Gacy's cell quite often and used to have some of his drawings.

  10. Beatrice

    Currently binge watching your videos 😃

  11. Marci Rathbone

    Bailey you're makeup is on point in this video you look absolutely beautiful 💖 well you're always beautiful but you're make up is amazing In this one love it!! 💕

  12. Emma Jewell

    Great show ❤️

  13. LinzBelle

    do Sante Kimes!!!

  14. boom bringer

    Ed Gein did try interior design.........but he couldnt get enough skin in the game!....

  15. Michael Drenner

    Uh, I'm from Murray... why have I never heard about this!?!

  16. Honey Bee

    this makeup look 👀 i love

  17. Morghan Tonch

    I’d like to recommend the story of Walter McMillian, a story about wrong convictions on the basis of racism and a fight for justice. I know that there’s a movie about it (“Just Mercy”) but I wonder if there’s more to it than the movie showed

  18. DJ Soque

    Bailey can endorse anything.. ANYTHING! Imma check ExpressVPN now. 😂

  19. CMariTaylor

    Bailey this is why I love watching you, I thought I knew all about John and here you come with all this new information!!!! Way to dig!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! Halfway in but thought I would toss this in: back in the day there was a death museum in San Diego and his stuff is in there.

  20. Hannah Blaisdell

    Is it inappropriate that I went to KFC after watching this 😭

  21. Carol Swart

    I just love love love your makeup look (especially the eyes).

  22. Kathie Evans

    Sometimes folks life at home is to stressful to get through that last year and no where is the help to get them through. But that is by no means a reason to become a monster

  23. bri wielgos

    Awe my dad went to school with the kid from the pharmacy they were all so surprised when that happened.

  24. Corina Wood

    My money is on the cop.

  25. danielle townsend

    love the longer videos!

  26. Sarah Hooper

    Please do Sarah everards story she got killed by a police officer ❤️

  27. Regina Setzer

    to quote stephanie harlowe "say it w me the justice system is broken!"

  28. Max Van Dyke

    Oh his neighbors complained constantly to the police and he would say it was a sewer line that broke or a raccoon or something died under his house and that’s why he needs the chemicals to get rid of the dead animal.

  29. Asteria Moore

    Get it girl. Totes have a girl crush on you and feel like you represent so much of what I'd love to convey to the world. This is a huge compliment from me as I'm gracious with compliments but not with ones that make me look like a creeper but had to give props where they belong keep up the great work girl and I'll gladly watch your ads and even pause to actually check out the websites! Get that loot mama!

  30. Jojo beanz

    Poor Timothy just wanted to make a guy breakfast for letting him stay over and then gets yeeted into the after life

  31. Hailey Walsh

    Hi from Springfield, IL!!! So JWG played the Santa for the Macy’s day parade and I have a picture of my mom sitting on his lap when she was 5 😬

  32. Luca121195

    Please do an episode on either Peter Madsen or Peter Lundin!

  33. LalaTrish

    Something about Bailey saying 'SPARKLES' then Edward Cullen's face pops out JUST CRACKS ME UP 🤣👏 Love Bailey!

  34. Gabriel Garcia

    I agree with Bailey so much. Why do people dropout their senior year? Literally it has never made sense to me. I understand that a lot of people who do may have issues, but like there have been people at my school who have everything and just decide to dropout.

  35. Chelsea Galloway

    Bailey, get a carbon monoxide detector please! I just can't live without you.

  36. Stephenie Shepherd

    Beautiful eyes! Great story! Thanks Bailey!

  37. Beatrice

    Currently binge watching your videos 💚

  38. LcmonBlxss_Eclxpse

    14:23 it’s called necrophilia And if you’re one who practices this you’re called a necrophiliac

  39. Shinywife

    [John Wayne Gacy Talk for an hour] "Oh hold on, I have a headband. Look, I'm Medusa." Hahahahaha! Thanks, Bailey!

  40. Jazmin Cooper

    Hey Bailey x

  41. Tinah J

    Bailey has a beautiful eye colour 😍

  42. Devillina

    When Bailey said "he was abused and beaten with the leather belt"... Russians watching the video are like "abused?... Huh?..."

  43. Deborah Carr

    I recommend Steven Peter Morin. Total nutcase. Or maybe Peter Tobin. Equally nutty.

  44. Heather Mizer

    Me: Oh! I hope she does a creepy clown look. Also me: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!

  45. molly danica

    i love bailey

  46. Theresa Nakazzi

    "dogs are magical" yesss

  47. coolsceneteen

    Is it just me or did anyone else immediately get a KFC AD right about the 19:30 mark of the video 👁👄👁 ....mr.KFC that was a poor decision

  48. Li Feng Liu

    The nasty blood unprecedentedly trip because run peripherally hand since a guarded kiss. outgoing, left brace

  49. Connie Ing

    Bailey you are so awesome! Keep shining like the diamond you are 😘 More vids you please

  50. Rose

    Maybe he was hired by the CIA to cause terror to keep people in fear. Hence why he got away with a lot.

  51. Annie Bias


  52. Jennie Coleman

    tresspAASSing... I died... not gonna lie. i replayed those 3 seconds 4 times. i got a little tickled.

  53. Emily Rowell

    “he’s #3! he’s #3!” Bailey kills me!! you’re the best storyteller, please never stop this series!💖

  54. Hannah Hyde

    Bailey: “I guess he just liked when people liked him” Me: “Dude, same!” My boyfriend: My boyfriend: “Maybe don’t compare yourself to John Wayne Gacy in public…” I thought it was a relatable thought! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  55. Kate Hines

    When the courts fail and ppl like Gary continue or get worse....should be sued

  56. KjunCrawfish

    Please do a video on Derrick Todd Lee!

  57. Sneaky Heathen

    This would have been the perfect video to dress as a clown Bailey 🤣 I wanna see your impression of Pogo or Patches 🤣

  58. DannahJeskeDMJ

    John Wayne Gacy is thought to be a copy cat of Dean Corll "the Candy Man"

  59. OhlalaMonAmour

    Yesssss finally! Thank you queen 🧡

  60. Violetta Marchitto

    i remember when i was in middle school there was this mass obsession with the slenderman. literally everybody was talking about it. it went on for months

  61. S Zyl

    I don't get how she hopes that the story is true.... The whole time i was watching i was thinking "i really hope this is BS. Maybe it's just an urban legend or something like that". I've watched a few of her videos and i feel like she's enjoying this a bit too much 🤔 Some of these stories are really F.ed up and i can't watch some of them. She's a bit too chipper for my licking

  62. Trina Taco

    John Wayne Gacy was politically connected and that is why he was able to get away with so much. My aunt lived on the same block, everyone on the block knew to stay away from John. John did fund raising for Democrats and the mayor. Chicago corruption is why the monster got away with it for so long.

  63. emily mulcahy

    Marion is pronounced marry-in

  64. Tawana Brown

    I’m from Houston Texas. Neighbors to Louisiana. I’m surprised they didn’t attack you for pronouncing Shreveport wrong. Lol. They are particular about there names. Lol. Southern thang.

  65. JoeysMagGoth

    "Dogs are magical". That is all

  66. Jay Marie Yoga and Witchery

    I'm listening to this while making lunches for my little ones, my 7 year old hears your intro and says "hey, I like makeup and I like stories, I will definitely subscribe" hahah

  67. Madison Fisher

    “Ya’know…how dogs can smell death 😐. Dogs are so magical 🤩” love her😂😂

  68. Cee Tee

    My uncle had him as a clown on his 9th birthday& i think something happened because he never ever talks about it and doesnt celebrate birthdays after this happened

  69. blue


  70. BabyLuv2287

    BORROW? Borrow a fry basket? I wonder if they got it, and if it was then used in that McDonald’s again 😳😬

  71. Johnna

    And this is why I don't let my kids go to sleepovers and never will. I would be livid if I found our others parents let my daughter go anywhere without and adult.

  72. Gina M. Paulicelli

    I would love to see the hat. My grandfather's idol was John Wayne. RIP both I would love to se if was the same style hats my grandfather would wear.

  73. Brittany Christine


  74. Katie Jones

    I went to a small Kentucky high school and we had a handful of kids drop out senior year just bc they were 18 and could, it boggled my mind 😂

  75. Beatrice

    Currently binge watching your videos 💛

  76. TheOnionQueen

    I hate the bad rap clowns get. I’ve known many professional clowns throughout my life, most of them are just normal, nice people who like to entertain.

  77. Montana Martin

    I do love Bailey but anyone else realize the theme song isn’t hers but Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s little song they use to dance to and always sing in the “simple life”

  78. Izzati Hassan

    17:20 "responsible vampire" reminds me of Twilight when the Cullen clan had to eat deer or wild game or something because eat humans badddddd.

  79. Brittany Wells

    Do the body paint! If people can't handle the gore, whyyyy are you watching this channel?? Love youuuuuuu

  80. S D

    Anyone else watch this before bed? Lol Bailey’s voice is so soothing.