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  1. JSaB_Ken


  2. AlexdaCat

    Wow this was from 7 years ago?!! I feel old now

  3. Nope Nope

    You should have started with: War... War Never Changeths

  4. Zeno Langenbahn

    what an absolutely beautiful video

  5. Matt Rounds

    An idiot sandwich

  6. Luda glista

    Not only is our entire technological world made out of neutron star remanants, even we humans are made from elements found everywhere in the universe. Our body is made 99% of stuff found in Stars and Stardust, we have even gold and iron in our blood the same metals found after 2 neutron stars colliding.

  7. Arno

    Humanity:- *is being destroyed* joyful soundtrack:- *continuously playing*

  8. kumada84

    9:41 Drawing a picture of Sailor Mercury with a picture of Sailor Moon on the wall 👀😂😂

  9. D B

    I want solutions to landfills and recycling to be widespread.

  10. palpatiney

    Only ogs remember the quark era

  11. Mike Hagen

    You forgot the weeks spent staring at our phones lol

  12. Double'D Music

    Voldemort: ain't no body scarier than i am People who searched for this video : hold my search bar

  13. Sun Leaf8357

    Who else is from Mars shopping for ideas? 👽

  14. Jacky Yang

    8:27 Am I the only one who notices how epic the music is

  15. Alessio Panfili

    Amazing video!! The editing and video making keeps getting better and better with every video you put out. The piano piece was emotional to say the least and the entire ambience and mood of the video was charged with emotions. It really made us look at history as a current, and we are just drops in it, pushed to move a certain direction, unable to go back and thus abandon our feeling of control and let the idea of time bring us forward, and push us to accept that there is an enormous quantity of life that lived before us that we may never know and see. Simply beautiful you guys! Loved it

  16. hgfyh


  17. Tiemen

    Why are you watching this video?

  18. Arno

    *Phineas:- Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today* :

  19. Bound Music

    lmao the thumbnail

  20. sharath pawar

    0:34 stupidest world map ever

  21. was wohin

    Nazi-TV for Idiots.

  22. atulecho

    If we used it on saggatarius A then the center of the milky way will be blown away

  23. Aron Ahlbäck

    3:53. Whats up with the "coronavirus"...?

  24. Kurayami

    Better title: Turning Venus into Greenus

  25. KEEP UP TheBeat

    America deserved

  26. Rising Star

    I having too much fun with some Games and not even noticed how Lonely I am so i guess that’s good for me :/

  27. Notapopularytbersus


  28. propolkin

    Водка Тошнота! Молодцы, ребят! 😁

  29. Cyiza Rwanda

    So, me a programmer in Malawi practically produces no CO2 at all!!! kkkkkkk

  30. J Karla

    There is a brilliant old book from seneca called the shortness of life. Seneca tells us how basicaly people have been bitching about the shortness of life for thousands of years, but unrightfully so. Life is long especialy if you cut out all the bullshit (false friends, unnecessary work, stupid entertainment etc) from your life and set clear goals. This short book is definitly a brilliant read maybe even one of the best books you will ever read!

  31. Average meme enjoyer

    This could be a perfect shitpost

  32. Nirmala Frantz

    Me: ow Mum!!! I need a 🩹 Band-Aid Immune system: WAKANDA FORVEVER!!!!!!!

  33. William L.

    "Time is precious, make it count"

  34. GameCreatorOf4 Gaming

    2:17 ZA WARUDO

  35. Clon

    Like.... are you sure though?

  36. kekigurl

    Is this an original comment

  37. Taylor White

    Hardcore disagree with the theory of 1 just because space already has gravity wells more capable than light that haven't "ripped" anything yet, countless numbers of them in fact, called black holes. Now, maybe one could argue they are mini-tears, but that at least shows that a tear creates MORE gravity, not less.... Which might be what dark energy exhausts into, assuming it works like other energies and leaves behind something. theory 2 makes more sense fundamentally, and I even agree with its perspective as all forms of energy eventually run out and decay, but I disagree at the hopelessness of it, I'm fairly certain humanity can reach a point that we can make artificial stars, and that the exhaust of gases and chemicals born from energy usage can still be recycled to an equal efficiency, I'm sure of it. May take millions of years on our end, but I fully believe it to be possible. Certainly won't take trillion though once we start, and we have MORE than trillions I believe. Theory 3 seems to be based on the concept that dark energy exhausts space and eventually is finite, though why everything shrinks I'm having trouble contextualizing why. I hope its not from the idea that pressure upon space causes everything to dip towards the greatest weight, like pushing the center of a blanket for everything to roll into the center. Space is far more vast than any celestial body, so naturally more celestial bodies will be completely unaffected by the pull of gravity with enough distance, and will remain stationary. Personally, I propose my own theory, Theory 4, in which space will eventually stop expanding, but then nothing will happen beyond that, and everything will persist towards theory 2, with the added detail heat will start to be trapped within the universe itself, and the background temperatures will start to keep pace with the universal expansion, resulting in a universal heat up, unlike theory 2's heat death, and instead be a cold death. Eventually the heat will build to such great levels that the universe itself will cook and matter within will grow more and more erratic due to heat energy forcing a state of hypermotion for all matter. Eventually this will result in an entropy that builds up equally across the universe, until certain extremely volatile matter is brought to the point of atom splitting levels of heat, which will then do the same for more matter, and then yet more matter, and so on, and all of a sudden, the entire universe is lit brightly via universally expanding nuclear explosions, that is then peeled all over the universe at an incredible rate, forcing more expansion to occur, and I will even go as far as to theorize the source of dark matter is in fact the "Exhaust" that comes from a super heating so intense that matter is thrown into a near undetectable non-existent state, which slowly cools down INTO a "solid" form of matter that expands the volume of space, creating the illusion of expansion. This matter will also be pushed to the edge of the universe due to the hyperactivity of its nature, similar to what happens when you throw an ice cube into a volcano. The sheer difference in heat energy causes it to super expand in every direction fast enough to become non-matter particles. And I'm done because I've thought enough for 1 in the morning.

  38. TroniX FiX

    Man you got even the first “fact” wrong… since when does THC cause psychosis in a healthy adult?… it can only trigger it in people that have psychological problems and a tendency to get mental illness.

  39. Crafter

    Its the year 2221

  40. Farid Hisham

    Every video this channel makes, improve civilization

  41. Nausicaa

    Obese, weak, ill, old trash will die, cleaning up our population. This virus is blessing for humanity and those who fight against it are enemies of the healthy future.

  42. TroniX FiX

    One of the most harmful side effects is that the cartels and mafia can’t put in there what they want and also they would have to pay taxes 😕 that will ruin their bussines and cost them a lot of money…we really don’t want that. I mean who doesn’t want to support their local gangs and criminals as well as international cartels and mafia?

  43. P90_Shadow


  44. lana del rey is the greatest singer of all time

    in case it wasnt obvious, this is all BS. we are literally guessing, and cant even say what the universe is "expanding" into.

  45. Axello The Penguin

    The EU will work, provided they change and reform parts of it, primarily the economical and financial part of it. If these changes do happen, I think it will be able to survive and thrive. But I highly doubt these changes will come, as these often involve further unity, almost federalization of some things, and I do not think regional and local governments will be willing the give up their powers.

  46. Da Dude of Life

    Thanks, I’ll go do it!

  47. Skiddly dongdongdong dang

    I'm existential, nihilistic and absurd all the time. This just makes me more existential, more absurd and more nihilistic.

  48. Ameena Nazar

    Finally a way to save humanity from tiktok reels and yt shorts

  49. Igor Vesić

    are you making a new video about helper t cell , and how do they have any wepon against every single bacteria that existed and will exist

  50. Tijn D


  51. Dan

    Facebook is garbage. I cannot stand that shit platform, I haven’t used it in years. I bought an oculus and only afterwards I found out it’s owned by facebook now and I’m trying to sell it because of that

  52. ygot,s vlog

    da homie that has the gun for the corona virus must be thinking why everybody is dying because of it

  53. StandoDan

    Threaten me with a good time

  54. Kenexxa

    Shouldn't we first try to get rid of the CO2 on our own planet? 😅

  55. Kenexxa

    Shouldn't we first try to get rid of the CO2 on our own planet? 😅

  56. RD Castillo's Youtube Diary

    Smallpox disappeared in the 20th Century. I guess the world don't like too much humans after all and so, COVID19 appeared.

  57. douhwufwef

    you ever get high comments? i feel like you get high comments.

  58. Rhajalob

    i normally agree with this channel and most of your info is very well researched and has all the sources. But this political statement at the end is not scientific at all. Like the video about the disappearance of wars, you just leave out the high probability of a huge war between major powers if it wasnt for MAD (mutually assured destruction) by the nukies... the worst thing about it is the absoluteness with which you claim "no matter where your are from and what political agenda you have" or something along those lines. As if THAT was scientific fact and not just an opinion/assessment. You endanger your otherwise pure and good unpolitically neutral scientific standing. In other cases we can get the trademark "we still dont know that" but here you claim that the weapons are bad like some naive political idealist. Just to be clear: I do wish they didnt exist right now. But im pretty sure you cant stop nations and even other powerful entities from developing them as it is just a physics and engineering problem. Thus: Better to be able to mutually threaten everyone so that nobody ever dares to fire the first shot.

  59. Thang Muoi

    Is this immortal

  60. Anonymous Animal

    Mars and other moons in outer solar system need to heat up and Venus needs to cool down. Freeze CO2 from Venus and send it to Mars/Moons of Jupiter/Saturn - we can terraform multiple planets at once..

  61. DropTopCandy

    Couldn’t I just use made in heaven for this or is made in heaven for reseting the universe?


    At 2:55 he stutters 😂

  63. Coby van Zoelen

    The OCP logo at 4:13, Nice 😁

  64. O'Doyle

    I will destroy the universe now haha

  65. yo1l

    This should be click bait I thought they would show me how to destroy the universe 😭😭😔😔😔

  66. the last cell

    Always have to tear up when I am watching these videos . just remarkable

  67. Xdecimal

    “ how to terraform Venus” This video is sponsored by mass drivers systems

  68. Khushnaseeb Khan

    I am still waiting for video on plate tectonics.

  69. Gerald Olaso

    Imagine stealing this video and posting it on Facebook

  70. twilight

    When you want to die but not alone

  71. CyberSonicRipperTripper

    I can’t believe how many people disliked!!!!

  72. Andrew Calayag

    There is other life who is another a super cluster.

  73. eurogarcon


  74. quonk

    The narrator can talk about the world ending in a more calm voice than when he's talking about facebook.

  75. ygot,s vlog

    10 year old me:no!!!

  76. Vincent Montgomery

    War is the single biggest contributor to climate change, yet this has been omitted form the information we are systematically fed by the media (this video for one) and the politicians. The USA is producing more climate damage and of course they are fighting more wars to secure the very oil that contributes to the damage in the first place.

  77. CrazY

    dürft ihr überhaupt werbung machen wenn ihr zwangsgebühren kassiert?

  78. Rexxington

    This is a very fascinating soon on dinosaurs