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  1. Mary Smith

    ничего не понятно, но очень интересно😁

  2. Laugh explore eat


  3. ladytaehyung

    Adóptenme puedo ser el cuadro en la pared😭

  4. KiddoXClown


  5. vuv vuv

    Any one tell me , hindi ma is drama ka all episode kha dakhu ?

  6. zia fidencia Abubakar

    All the characters in squid game is simple smile but ali😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Zoilo Ruaya

    I want more of the kissing scene on Last epi 8... lol

  8. Winterlander

    If it wasn't for Han So-hee's mind-blowing performance, I don't think I would've finished this series. She will become HUGE one day. I can just tell after watching this.

  9. Choding Z

    My #1 Netflix Drama in 2021.. it's so good!!

  10. Bianca Cristóvão


  11. Niki!

    come on man your making them go thru this again😂

  12. karmila 25

    buaguss banget siii drama nyaa .. begitu rilis, 8 episode ku lihat dari malem sampe subuh wkwk karena begitu nonton kaya gabisa berenti semua pemeran hebattt

  13. Suvajit Das

    Love you ali

  14. Niki!


  15. gianela alvarado

    ósea habrá la dos ? dijeron, nos vemos de nuevo en Netflix :3

  16. Ah Kou

    Hong banhcha ❤

  17. Charizard13


  18. Udayjeet Singh

    I love you bae suzy

  19. 🤍sally🖤

    Squid Game is good

  20. Darkify

    I love how they made the shape a N for Netflix

  21. Deja Taylor

    Wait the doll was singing the name of the gamesss??

  22. Niklas Black

    I love this show and I love those guys ❤

  23. Yollie Ciriaco

    I love you, my dear Ju Ji Hoon!! Love this movie.. 😘😍😊❤️

  24. Zothankimi Ngente

    how cute and lovely are they🥺🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. AKSH

    Amazing yar give it a try

  26. sekar kinanthi


  27. lilis susanti

    where is the full version of this video?

  28. kou

    Hold on I've only seen Siwan act in Strangers from Hell and his character is VERY different in that drama so this is so strange,,, I'm going to watch this now it looks very sweet

  29. ZedXT65z

    I wanted to see someone eat the thing instead of doing the challenge because of hunger lol

  30. Kiana Akbarzade


  31. Four J Official

    hola gi hun

  32. rapture in my head

    this man is so finee

  33. bvokutos

    MANNN i wanted to be an actor when i was younger in like kdramas and stuff but looking at it now theres no way id be able to kiss the actors i was working with 😭

  34. Joshua San Pedro

    title of the song?

  35. Bunsi Boo

    Where is Gi-Hun 😩😩😩

  36. RD

    Han so hee did incredible fighting scenes !!

  37. Nash Cordero

    Why does watching this now hurts more? :'(

  38. Lydia Johnson

    Kaaaai and Lee seung gi . Bomb🔥🔥

  39. Sony Aja

    Has she ever played an evil character?

  40. marthafyola talaksoru


  41. Roblox Sport Gamer V-recoder

    Where Lee Jung jae

  42. Angel Joshua Cantú Hernández

    weird squid game idea if you the 1 in the box and then put hte cookie in ti couldn´t it work faster than just licking

  43. Ellysya Miasin

    3:08 Ali smile😂😂

  44. Teja Stalin

    Ah i like it😍

  45. Barely Noticeable

    6:15 I can’t get over his 😈😏

  46. Plagg's camembert

    They're such sweet people! I love all of their real life personalities!!!!! ❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. itsmarga

    vincenzo hits diff yall 😩

  48. severed wither storm


  49. Russian Blue

    This drama is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The story, the action, the actors are amazing

  50. Alison Brie

    Kdrama Overrated as Usual.

  51. Elvira Gallano

    What a beautiful collaboration. Thanks a lot.

  52. Elle

    I've seen many Karooke scenes in Kdramas but this one is Legend ☺️

  53. Whiterose Bloodmoon

    0:00 anybody else feel like a supervillain

  54. Galaxy Gaming

    What about ali

  55. Alexa JRZ

    Tan lindos. Y a esa o ese loco youtuber, ya parale a tu estupidez, deja la envidia ya déjense de inventar tonterías. Te queremos Kim Seon-ho.

  56. Riya Aimol

    나는 모든 캐릭터를 사랑한다

  57. Lillian

    im already too excited for seon-ho's next drama. I swear i can't wait. He has become my absolute favorite actor. Everything about him is so refreshing. I started watching Start UP because of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk...I never even finished it because I fell for Seon Ho so hard. My heart would literally hurt from him being so lovely. I couldn't finish it because it hurts too much to see him sad. So, I'm really happy they got their happy ending in Cha Cha Cha. I'm so excited for his next work!!!

  58. Marchella

    i think the person who plays the character of jung tae-jo once acted in the drama world of the married couple, right? who holds the character of an abusive boyfriend if im not mistaken

  59. Krishna Tagailo

    Done watching this!! Soooo satisfying ♥️ They both portrayed their role perfectly!! The best Kdrama so far!!!

  60. Akshat Kulkarni

    Didn't understand why this series is rated so high, it was outright stupid and unreal. In second episode itself they blew out the suspense and it's so easy to guess that the mafia is the killer because only the driver in the car knew where her father was heading out. Furthermore she is shown thrashing entire gang of rowdies in gym like as if it was their first day in gym. The actors did a great job though with whatever script they had.

  61. Lotus Arima

    I'm pretty sure people know red light green light and tug of war

  62. Amy Alzate

    Estoy obsesionada con ellos 😍🥰 repito sus entrevistas casi todos los días 😂❤️❤️