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  1. Kitchie Billones

    I watch this video when im 7!!!

  2. Kaushik Kashyap

    Did you get demonetised? On how many week

  3. Llanis 900

    Matpat can you please check out a game called Guardian Tales I swear is worth it. 🥺🥺🥺

  4. Sidney Nator

    Matpat:says dont google lemon party without knowing why Me a 10 year old: googles it and becomes tramuatised for life

  5. RololTrolul

    I am from Romania!

  6. I_am_not a sheep

    What the hell is Pat Cummins doing here

  7. Captain Rex

    I looked up lemon party. On I'm Feeling Lucky. Got lucky the definition shows up on urban dictionary.

  8. Spencer

    I should’ve listened Matt pat, why... why did I look up lemon party

  9. Isaac Dickinson

    Did Daniel Thrasher voice Shize IV?

  10. Chubby_Cherub7

    Can-ibalism lol.

  11. nathan pardo

    matpat should make another fortnite storyline for all of chapter 2 I mean here are fish in br and the storm king

  12. Sized Flame

    “Do not google lemon party” In the wise words of Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel “Well I am now”

  13. Jude Ott

    This is why MatPat can't be in politics... Or get a job

  14. Arya satya

    Ini lah yg slalu muncul di beranda gua

  15. Jebadaiah1

    Bro mike tyson would destoy logan paul , I dont care if he's old.. seeing tyson on a promotional poster would make logan paul wet his boxing trunks

  16. Tyga Stoveasy


  17. Angel Chavez aguirre


  18. Christoph L

    Say the pole would be infinite is like saying a hola hoop is infinite and can’t be turned cause 1 side is pressing against the other…

  19. MarMarVibes

    Anyone else caught off guard by a company named CyberLife?

  20. Mr Yeet

    But then other people can visit your Island *they* appear as human to us and we appear as human to them..

  21. ridley crane

    there is one man who can convince me of literally anything no matter how far fetched. mat..... im worried and appreciative.

  22. Van Ezekiel Castrillo

    Matpat: you don't underestimate warnings Also Matpat: DON'T SEARCH LEMON PARTY Edit:Just don't

  23. Mysterydudeperson

    lmao, this scared me and now i have to sleep

  24. TheDinkist

    hello, I am John Shize 3, the android (edit) [soda] from CyberLIFE

  25. Estiaq Rahman

    Onlycan sounds like onlyfan

  26. Johnathan Meacham

    What the absolute he'll.

  27. Samriddh

    TRY, TRY matpat I think this a good theory fodder This might be the next fnaf.

  28. Unknown

    Ah I sure love having nightmares!

  29. Sergeant Liang

    This is more interesting then physics class...

  30. Jawzyhungry 404

    i regret looking up *lemon party*

  31. LanceTheKing

    are they making a damn can fetish

  32. very cool guy 9292

    i need more portal thereez plz its my favorite game and i been watching game theory since i was 3

  33. TheGamerOnWheels

    I was hoping Matt would address it, but is the cyber-life in this game the same company that is in Detroit become human?

  34. Atomic Undercover

    I was drinking a sprite while watching this, well, I was.

  35. Quantumrust


  36. gamergod 27

    three vids, minutes after the other. matpat is a legend

  37. Alex Trevell

    You forgot the fact that you did a whole episode about finding a new diet soda.

  38. Slush

    Thomas, we talked about this

  39. daret9056

    9:13 I'm pretty sure that 'iie!' means 'no!' in japanese, i'm a bit surprised you left the caption there untranslated.

  40. Vatsal Goyal

    He was so off... Its sad

  41. Mike Brown

    Checked out OnlyCans to get a sense of the video, spent 3 hours playing OnlyCans...

  42. Lexis1030

    Why does bad thoughts flood my mind at the word "moaninggggggggggg" oh wait this is about cannibalism? That's cool. Just a regular day. (lmao uh random thing since i dont got reddit yet. little nightmares 2 is out and i don't think there's been any episodes about it on any of the channels. I think the lore is very interesting and would love an episode about it. It's just a suggestion tho ^^)

  43. Captain Roblox

    When will matPat make a continuation of accounting+ secret zoo level?

  44. Sebastian C.

    10:25 It was above our pay grade.

  45. Roderick

    I already know what a lemon party is but Mat realizes that saying not to search somthing will only make people want to search it more right?

  46. Röszler NIkolett

    i whould look at lemon party soo DONT JUDGE ME

  47. Johnny the deceased rat

    God this is messed up

  48. Alovon

    Austin: "Minecraft Worlds are 256 blocks on the Z axis" Mojang: "How about we increase that?"

  49. Peanut Darkwood


  50. FireofDawn

    Cool how Laputa (the city in the sky in the movie) had a prism of Lapis in the center (laputa being a play on Lapis)

  51. GameBoy2809

    matpat: that new flavors name lemon party btw do not google that me: im gonna google it **typing sounds** AAAAAHHHHHHHH

  52. Dragon Marius

    6:43 how confinient research flocore and myths in romania

  53. steve ack

    scribblenauts theory when

  54. Samriddh

    Cannibalism week letssssss gooooooooo

  55. 4J'S XD

    I actually ignored this for years no joke it's been in my recommendation in a long time

  56. Marcus Hedemann

    Sheesh soda

  57. That Random Guy

    Love the Stupendium there

  58. ΗυἕῨʂąđʙøʎ

    OnlyFans: *Link Me! Link Me!* OnlyCans: *Drink Me Drink Me!* Matt: *Theory Theory!* Me: It All Adds Up!

  59. Konak Hs

    Hei you forgot a beaut what is guardian In minecraft

  60. Vanguardmastervideos

    Abe from oddworld would like to know your location

  61. Jarrell Garza

    where's part 3 austin?

  62. Luna @Bowtieman

    Oh no! Why did these human souls traps in fizz cans!

  63. levelupalec

    Theory sugestion: friday night funkin’ how do they talk?

  64. EinsamPibroch278

    Dream Meal: Freddy Fazbear Pizza washed down with a ice cold Shize Cola.

  65. Mark Chrome


  66. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    What's this wierd indie game, MatPat? GIVE ME THE PHEASABILITY OF MINECRAFT CANNIBALISM!!!

  67. Donie Hiatt

    Matt when someone says "don't do *insert whatever you not to do here*" then people will do it.

  68. Sebastiaan Kittel

    No no no no nope nope nope nope nope nonononono

  69. Carlos Gouyonnet Sanchez

    6:35 you CAN't fool me, that's scott's shadow!

  70. Kym Newton

    do one on skate3 because people say you are dead in skate3 and the profe is that in skate2 the first deathrace you do the other people and you pay repect the person how died in the deathrace befor you but you can see him in skate3 rideing around

  71. Royal Reigns,'33

    I guess you can say there doing the "can can" I'll see my self out.


    matpat i have a theory for fridaynightatfunkin its about keith the player its about week 7 tank man maybe keith beacues look how tankman sings fast and kinda scared beacuse he is droping the beat so fast and keith does the same thing tankman is keith a version of keith a one that his girlfriend dindt like him and dosent have friends so thats why keith become tankman but hey thats a they a game theary

  73. Charrio Charry

    Genshin Impact theory?? Please?

  74. Joshthegaming Delipina

    Hey Matt pat I wonder if you can make a two videos about filim and and game theory's one of them is based on the theory that is created by a game creator from Finland called *Lakeviewcabin* and the other based on a really cool series on newgrounds *madness combat*

  75. Mr. Nintendo


  76. EinsamPibroch278

    2:57 Source for Clown? That render also looks good and I'm wondering from which game if it's worth playing.

  77. Caleman

    This reminds me of the time of GT Live when you tasted a whole bunch on really weird soda flavors

  78. Onic's Wonderland

    I googled Lemon party BECU im bored :/

  79. Pranish Maharjan

    this strangely made me emotional

  80. Slush

    Before I watch I’m gonna assume he dug up his son and attached his skin to a soda can (Because he said he was gonna bring him back and givin the thumbnail)