1. Yappyn

    People who have a like on this video are simps, change my mind

  2. Madie

    Damnnnnnn dreammm pop offf

  3. Xxsxmply dreamerxX

    If y'all hate this so much , why don't you make a music video for this, because you hate this style so much, you go ahead and make an animated music video for this -_- go on I'd like to see you try

    1. Lwcky

      I mean the song isnt that great by its self lmfao

  4. Tucz Comics

    The animation is so uncanny. I don’t like it

  5. Saitamas Mosquito

    This looks like the animations that play on the screen whenever you get a strike at a bowling alley

  6. Caspian Ropp

    my mom winders why i scream “WE LIVED AT 18” when im 14

  7. joey tersigni

    This hurts to watch omg 🤨

  8. Josiah Oliver

    Dream is the type of guy to go to a football field to touch grass

  9. propane canister

    i really should go back to king crimson

  10. AlphaIsHere


  11. 🎤👁👄👁Boyfriend👁👄👁🎤

    Makes me feel better about my song ideas.

  12. DJ Nerdcore

    People are probably gonna judge me for saying this but I don't care how bad the animation is, it's still good, not everyone is the best animator in the world and that's ok. 💚 (This is just my opinion)

  13. StuffyAlien

    me when no normal pills:

  14. ChrisKB Ortiz

    Wait..whats all the hate for? This isn't a song I would listen to on a daily basis but it isn't even bad, its pretty good imo

  15. Cudwl

    how do people find this good lmfao

  16. Jr Gallegos

    It’s an ok song but HOW TF DO YOU GET AN F+????

  17. BadMadRabbit


  18. lyric

    How do i block a yt channel?

  19. parappa the rapper

    This makes SoundCloud rap look good

  20. Balooga

    Just don't enable cloth and solidboy on animate clothes when your character looks like it was animate by Pixar in 1995

  21. marlesannric

    I see a dreamer is better

  22. balony man

    i want to *dream* that i didn't hear this song

  23. Harper Parrish

    school threat vibes

  24. AzureSA

    I love how the top comments went from people praising the song to people shitting on the song in the span of a week

    1. Micho _


  25. Blaine Truth

    This song can’t be any worse

  26. Steve

    You are NOT yass!

  27. Cody Ballard

    I LOVE this song great job

    1. Micho _

      finally some positivity lol

  28. Kyle Zandberg

    Frickin masterpiece😎😎😎🤘🤘🤘

  29. Jackson ✔︎

    They used fabric physics on the report card 😭

  30. ASC Gyro

    he looks like he bought weed from the gas station

  31. Anton Daniel

    Honestly this song is good but the animation man

    1. Micho _


  32. ComiXProvider FTW_02

    1:35 “YEAH I’M OKAY BITCH!”

    1. Micho _


  33. Logan Withrow

    I give up on you I liked you at first but nevermind

  34. Boiboi 747


  35. junior plz kill me

    Can someone explain to me why is this getting so much hate?

    1. Mr Walker

      The animation is insanely scary. The lyrics are kinda meh.

  36. sarcastic potato

    this looks like the new ford f150 commercial

  37. JD_CT


  38. Turtle Girbil


  39. Drip Kid

    ever since glow squid. i can never forgive this man

  40. SavageJarJar

    He is crying because he is the only non-cardboard cutout.

  41. Lil'BlueBerry

    This comment section is filled with rare insults.

  42. Kyan

    I cringed more at this than I did watching '2 Girls 1 Cup'.

  43. Edwin Ortiz

    Hiding all those gallons of grease

  44. Jakeknike 8

    Dream does not know how shirts work

  45. Khorne

    This song makes me want to purge myself.

  46. Lil'BlueBerry


  47. TradeLog

    Why everybody hating on him??? Tbh I think yall just jealous of 'em

    1. junior plz kill me

      Nice bait

  48. Lego C-3PO

    Dreams clothes on the video be like: ⬆️➡️⬅️↘️⬇️↙️↖️↕️↗️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↙️↖️↕️⬆️↗️⤵️⤴️↪️

  49. Mauro Padrón

    This is why you don't buy your cocaine from the gas station

  50. Jakeknike 8

    1:56 - 2:02 editing looks like it was on a budget of $1

  51. ZMC Shocker

    Hey dream this is really close to how I feel so thank you

    1. Trapoc

      Are you 12

  52. semniem

    1:34 "IM OK BITCH"

  53. Cartoons Man

    I’d laugh at someone too if their were wearing a Dream shirt

  54. Jayden Happy Havoc

    I’m gonna start crying.

  55. Boden Wadley

    This was a great song good job


    this makes me cry

  57. Vicco

    Did no one seriously noticed that in the grades sheet it says "Mathmatics" instead of "Mathematics"? Lol

  58. melancholy gost

    I used to think green stance didn't exist, then I watch the live chat...

  59. Thezfor

    You know you have a problem when you can relate to this

  60. Deba

    this dream looks like ben 10 with drug addiction

  61. D C

    this looks like a school threat animation

  62. The Meaty Marshmallow

    That's what the mask is

  63. Yami Edits

    My man dream has gone though a lot let's help him to get out this situation.

  64. Unichinno

    3:03 best part of the video. No contest

  65. Tim villarreal

    Everyone really shitting on dream for being a human

    1. partridge

      @DusTV yeah

    2. DusTV

      Its not about his problems we're shitting on, its the animation

    3. doinjo709

      @Connor Raab true

    4. partridge

      he's brocken 😢😢🖤🥀

    5. Connor Raab

      Shitting on the bad music meaning and animation

  66. noah

    this is terrifying

  67. its poncho


  68. Jared Robertson

    Hey dream you probably don't know me and that's fine. I am a huge fan of your video and have a lot of respect for you. About 5 years ago I was car accident and cannot move my legs. I heard this song and it was playing on my Alexa and I finally got up and turned it off

    1. junior plz kill me

      They had us in the first half ngl

    2. DusTV

      This is the best comment on this comment section

    3. Verlax

      Amazing story.

  69. •Minsa Ali•


  70. why tho

    0:45 i love how you can see the mask attach to his model

  71. Kaz Miller

    That shirt tho

  72. Paris P7

    Why are you so mattress

  73. FireBlazer1212

    I do not know why people are hating on this song, I low key like it

  74. Scratch¡

    i hate that this guy is getting ad revenue

  75. Duds_ GamING

    For a second song not to bad I give it a 3 mrbeasts out of 2 pea shooters

  76. GamePlays

    quit being disrespectful towards dream, he’s not normal

    1. DusTV

      It isn't his problems, its the animation and how its conveyed

  77. Creeps 097

    dont tell me dream actually made this

    1. Faiha Saras

      but he's the one who made the song. i love this song anyway :D

    2. Faiha Saras

      He's not

  78. moose

    The worst part is the animatics they're gonna make 100% unironically using the song PLS 😭

  79. David Villamonte

    1:48 For Lord's sake, man. You need freaking glasses, look at your left eye, is literally popping out.

  80. Vibes overdrive

    Dream I never knew you felt like this, You will get through this buddy.