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  1. Raya Morada

    OMG bille im a big FAN

  2. Slowclover Justin

    *slap slap slap slap slap 1000000billion slaps* me:dies of laughing so badly

  3. Jada Isabel

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  4. Saffron Richardson-Keenan

    Lol at her trying to find the words to explain Billie Bossanova in a pg-13 way...

  5. Jesus Guerrero

    Me trying to get something out of my dogs mouth

  6. xmwaxron


  7. Arian

    You’re so cute.♥️

  8. Helia Farmani

    ILove you

  9. Yony Morales

    almost all of the songs is like depression and cutting veins

  10. Fïřehřñ

    this song makes me feel badass 😈😈

  11. Ləman Tahirzadə

    sometimes i forget you're 19...

  12. Sangita Pawar

    The goosebumps are unreal 🔥

  13. alara

    shes bluefishing.

  14. Universal Hobo


  15. im_rishi_official_ig

    Legends are here after watching Locke & key 😏

  16. Ali

    The best song forever 💚❤️

  17. LAM NHA KY-6A3-13


  18. Rhea Jane Cuares

    First Video omg

  19. psalm roldan

    why 1k 👎 tha song is good

  20. Major Pwner

    Came here because I was wondering why she's so popular. Still wondering...

  21. Yanga Prusent

    love you Billie, happier than ever is a masterpiece that I'll forever hold close to my heart.

  22. Geselle Andrea

    Wow. All of the comments are 2 years ago

  23. dementi. cz

    I love

  24. Wilful Wonders

    Do u miss XXXTENTATION 🤕🤒

  25. Mister Rob

    Why yes how did you know? Are you friends with Susan?

  26. iemn pop


  27. iemn pop


  28. SplitPiece

    The fuck is this

  29. Musicophile

    I love her 😚. Sounds amazing. Well done Finneas and Billie ❤️

    1. Major Pwner

      As if that was actual live audio... Did you miss the overdubbed voice? The fact they had to do it without an audience? lol... not a real live performance.

  30. moHammedinho_


  31. idris greenwitch

    oxy is bad tbh !

  32. idris greenwitch

    everything she's put out surrounding the album is so repetitive and boring. same shit over and over. get a live band and write with them billie!!!! stop singing along to prerecorded tracks it's so painful to watch 😥😥😥also finneas is weird asf

  33. ruriru

    These two are so talented.

  34. Ingridlosneslokken

    Man! I love you Billie

  35. Susy Jiménez

    this right here is album of the year

  36. Susy Jiménez

    i love not my responsibility, i would say it's in my top 5 because it's a very important and urgent message that unfortunately has and needs to be reminded every single day to the internet, i'm glad that billie included this track on the album to give it more longevity and audience, not a lot of artists would dare to include a talking track on their albums bc of obvious reasons (mainly streams or maybe fear - which i doubt) and i just wanna say how proud and happy i am that billie did, artists like her have to be taken care of, they are very rare to find

  37. Anthony Ramirez

    Uugghh when she said it's about falling in love for Halley's comet I died 💀💀 I love her so much!!!!

  38. Nidhi Hegde

    When she sings it actually looks like she has been through the whole story of the song.... Which make the feeling even more realistic

  39. Treiks Иуу

    Billie, a love you❤️


    i love BE

  41. Nidhi Hegde

    Anyone still missing the green and the blue hair?

  42. JediBookMasterIvy

    I love that she sat down and did this 🤎🤎🤎

  43. Blake Bierbaum

    My love and respect for Billie and what she blesses our ears and hearts with, will FOREVER AND ALWAYS BE UNCONDITIONAL. ITS SET IN STONE. Or ROfor comment section same difference.

  44. Kim Cheang

    I love you Billie elish

  45. Nico caicedo

    Billie greet me please. I love you, you are my idol, you are beautiful, greet me please

  46. Blake Bierbaum

    This video is everything for me today I'm so glad I get to hear her talk about this album and each song. Your Power kicks ass. It so has a home in me. Male fantasy makes a lot of sense as a closer and its been a song I have spent a lot of time on.

  47. Ibnu Haiqal

    20 october...how much see it nowwww

  48. Blake Bierbaum

    Billies best look and I love them all so much. Better fit for White Gold than a gosh darn milk commercial.

  49. Noel TV

    Amo a billie eilish

  50. Levi Ackerman

    Good Best...

  51. Levi Ackerman

    Good Best...

  52. Booosh

    I see

  53. でんでん

    I love you 💕

  54. Allen Campbell

    rofor.info/house/video/xIqWeXWTgZextsY.html 🔥

  55. Richard Bialen

    Billie who's Xxxtentacion?

  56. Elaa

    love this

  57. B Chet

    You've got one heck of a trio up there and still sound as good as ever.🤘 '-.-',

    1. Major Pwner

      You might say it sounds as good as in the studio, where that audio was actually recorded.

  58. 은별김✨

    💚 I wanna make a song with my favorite artist ✨🎶😢

  59. Lisa Webster

    I love this song

  60. Elia Pizarro-Krichels

    Billie I listened to your lyrics I wrote a whole essay on “not my responsibility” bc I love them so much.

  61. Arad


  62. Officer Avary long

    Hi Billie Eilish can you sing about me my name is Avary long I have your UkuleleI have your Murch I have your posters I have your socks albums The pants I love you I’m going to see you on March I love your new songs and I will meet my sister Hailey she supposed sister you write that song for her to use I’m your big fan

  63. Camila Reyes

    I love you so much

  64. Barby Valle

    I loved that song Billie that song is so ... I don't know how to explain it but I love it 😍😍 I love you Billie you are my idol since I am 8 years old I love you sooooo much and I hope one day to meet you

  65. Dulmini Chamoodya

    Bloom part hits different at 3.00am

  66. Aryana Gagua


  67. Marissa R.

    "The room, you look around and there's water dripping from the ceiling and I'm not even noticing it because you don't know when you're getting abused." Woah, this statement stopped me in my tracks and stabbed me in the soul!

  68. ✿kit kat gamer5✿

    This song remenber me a sure nostalgic of my life affter it's Very good make me cry

  69. Xyla Jullienne Atupan


  70. Michelle

    i love you billie eilish 🙈💘

  71. fer banana💫

    I love