Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. Welcome to the Arena!

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  1. A Very Rare Snom

    I mean honestly even the captions make fun of this deck a 3 elixir minion could ruin this entirely

  2. Radoos


  3. Frederick Bacalso

    There could be electro goblins!!! Dun dun dun!

  4. K A L E [:

    This is like an action movie

  5. R tek

    R.I.P middle spear goblin

  6. Whippy

    tf2 pyro type beat

  7. Cris

    I remember the hype when this dude came out

  8. Thang TN

    When it was every cr player dream

  9. Just Some Guy that loves Anime

    Back in my day we only had 1 Skeleton

  10. JellyMiaou The Killer Puff

    Balancing more than 8 cards every 3 months?! might give the game a second chance

  11. ツ

    somebody please name a mobile game company that makes better trailers ill wait

  12. the stupid Marco

    He raps like a gangsta until the musketeer comes

  13. suresh vashist

    Use sparky or mega knight,

  14. Pedro Ramirez


  15. forever 52


  16. Podik Games

    Poor giant:(

  17. Stop Motion Star Wars

    Thank you clash royale for reminding me my red hair

  18. SPIKE

    sub zero

  19. Felstorm714

    Everyone gangsta until mini prkka is epic

  20. Florencia Bata

    Tienes que gastar dinero real para poder seguir jugando

    1. Zzz

      @Florencia Bata pero puedes seguir jugando solo mejora y ya

    2. Florencia Bata

      @Zzz ahy si no puedo subir 😢

    3. Zzz


  21. Wilhiem Bokholdt

    People still play this trash?

    1. Clockeye

      @Адилет Токторов how is it not?

    2. Адилет Токторов

      Why is trash?

  22. Zero-point47

    Dieses video bringt nichts junge


    Very good video

  24. Jah Milly

    lmao i forgot about this masterpiece

  25. Джейсон Гейм

    Калинка ёпт