1. Chase Eboy

    So satisfying

  2. Maria Garcia

    Y did I get a warning for this video mate

  3. Kevin Purba

    the nitwit go in the hause have tnt

  4. lazar Lazicic

    Is weird how the nuke went of but the birds dont care

  5. Kobie Hunt

    your the funniest youtuber i no

  6. Luke-44

    i would just run at them and pop thier balloons with my hands Is that legal?

  7. Ayetee8

    7:14 so THATS why dad left

  8. Eesa Shahban

    Lazar lazar should of won because of his comidy swearing

  9. Deadbot 2000

    wait didnt the odd1sout and jaiden animations win it

  10. Tracey Osborne

    Hi do a video of reading youre comments pls pls do it iam a fan and i likened it and i

    1. nay

      this is so saaadddd

  11. Sardar Hana

    is that u wisp the real one

  12. I eat cold bread

    When they say dont try this at home you are not at home and how are we gonna try it at home

  13. Adrianrules

    Imagine if they named one of the robots blade Runner

  14. Rvve Duio

    yo, this vid was posted on my bday, thanks for the amazing content lazar!!!

  15. Jason Kester

    Yeah It's a man My name is not Steve But I'm not the youtuber that makes all that stuff but all I Can't play though

  16. Jason Kester

    I'm going to girlfriend

  17. Liam Jessup

    your awesome lannan

  18. Alexaander Jonsson

    the volcano in both of these video is in iceland it has been erupting for a year now

  19. Mtf Iota 10

    The propeller wash stirs the fish and that’s why they follow boats by they I mean predatory aquatic creatures

  20. Spencer

    Did he call a wave a swirl

  21. Jaden Dey

    They might be on mobile or controller

  22. Sam Ozolins

    Love the new logo blueberry man

  23. Janae Wagner

    Hi lazar beam

  24. Magher_Dagher_26

    Who else saw the creeper in the minecart

  25. Janae Wagner

    Hi lazar beam

    1. Rvve Duio

      Fact: the only man to ever feel what lava is like refuses to tell anyone

  26. XxR3dD3adxX

    The grass surrounding the sand had sunflowers to stop the radiation

  27. OchiDO

    I like that LAZARBEAM photo shopped his blue hoodie in the title

  28. Zama

    My brain when there’s a backside to a test: 0:29

  29. Overwatch clips 123

    Lazar is papa smurf

  30. XD kitty 1

    Play it more

  31. shaun love

    code lazar

  32. Matthew Dempsey

    The guy that shot his parachute with flare gun is stupid his iq s lower then 10

  33. Neon Fox

    That goku hair was lit.

  34. Blue Admin

    Yeah i

  35. Skitlo

    lazarbeam during his construction days: 4:32

  36. Ethan Coleman


  37. Luke Blalock

    As a firefighter, I say, thank you for your appreciation.

  38. Isaac Curry

    We love the shitposts

  39. Devanir Love

    Wow I didn’t think it was true that you were in free guy but I watch the movie I was surprised that you were in the movie

  40. Graham 999

    This channel is 2 years old

  41. Joe Parker

    “Oh my god!… this probably means something…” this shouldn’t have made me laugh but it did

  42. Azimuth Chaos

    Never gonna see mrbeast video... but thiscwas fun...😜

  43. Joshua Gomez


  44. YoBoiSimp _23

    Anyone seen the mod in the bak at 4:30

  45. Chris

    idk why but the way you said "look at the jiggle physics just made me burst out laughing🤣

  46. Azimuth Chaos

    Meh... i guess i was a little less bored during this video

  47. Adam Wadsworth

    Fact: the only man to ever feel what lava is like refuses to tell anyone

  48. Shane Hellings

    I a m bored

  49. Shane Hellings

    Sup lazer

  50. Dominiq Pryka

    So there is actually no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

  51. soundermoth

    Earlier today I saw that video of a person growing a chicken in an open egg

  52. Biscuit Bros

    i like when lazar says OIM BORED WITH LAZA BEAM

  53. The PokéStar games

    Squid game copied fall guys lol



  55. Ronin Reyes

    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got it from 💜 *BuTgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**0:45**"*

  56. Ronin Reyes

    2021: How many people still poor? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this is real that i got from 💜 *BuTgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**2:30**"*

  57. Sebastian Menendez

    ey yo that boy got a 1,000 kill streak with that nuke

  58. Aidan Grant silva

    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got it from 💜 *BuTgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**0:29**"*

  59. PAKS

    Rainbows arnt full circles bc they ain’t straight

  60. SpeedyGamerX

    2:45 people watching this ROfor video in vr : has my lif been a lie

  61. Angelo Mérida perez

    Nobody: 3:09 me at 3am

  62. YeetShmeet Deet

    Why are you still board?

  63. Brock O’maley

    What’s the code

  64. xSchnitOnx

    Anyone else watch this and really miss seeing the mullet?

  65. Michael Peartree

    "Dont try this at home" What kind of shit do people have at their house?

  66. supervision

    anybody see the thingy at 4:30

  67. Daphne Hall

    Nothing is more realistic than doing stuff something in life like I don't know

  68. RBSleepyHead

    Tiger wanted the smoke

  69. Ethan Lucas

    4:39 lazarbeam when he did construction.

  70. DKC ART

    Bro post some fortnite before you fall off for good

  71. greedy piggy

    Don't worry lazar I haven't seen a volcano in my life ever

  72. Merrbear

    If you got tricked pin me *Read more…*

  73. Devdog Devdog

    More roblox if you do more roblox I will sub to you

  74. Nice.very_epik_dude

    0:41 Me a fallout fan: *flashbacks to all the settlements that need help*

  75. LionLeo75

    Look at the way it dangles:Lazar 2021

  76. Tux W

    my dad's a fire fighter

  77. Maria Rada

    After you went in that rift portal and where on the board the song is: come and go by juice Wrld

  78. Nero

    there is no reported case of killer whales beacause theres no witness....