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  1. Mankiboy

    Usaib Bolts

  2. Janice Perez

    Golden buzzer if u join got talent

  3. Jimmie Smith

    Nobody looks like they are enjoying themselves.

  4. Kalie Wiest

    Little beast

  5. Memoirs Of A Legend

    No I'm good. Stay there 😂🤣

  6. Jimmie Smith

    Never woulda happened to Michael

  7. Kalie Wiest

    He really really trained her so so well.

  8. oof

    Evry kid knows this game, its like squid game, lose and your dead, you lose respect and everything.

  9. Sauce Johnson

    I swear public courses are more challenging than PGA courses.

  10. Emanuel Aminov.

    Wow -my got 💪🏻

  11. SUCA


  12. Einhander Unleashed

    It’s still orbiting the earth

  13. Kawi Bomber

    The golfer with his mask OUTSIDE is the best part of the whole video, idiot

  14. kwazo pl

    Piękne,ja bym się zesrał 👏

  15. Niyazi Memmedov

    Bakinca basim dondu resmen yaa

  16. Russell Cox

    He's got mad talent and that was pretty impressive

  17. JPRESTO Fitzgerald

    I can't lie I'd be worried that thing would knock me clean out 😂😂

  18. MADEROTX 54


  19. Isabel Mamani


  20. Dave Nonyabiz

    Dudes gonna be in a wheelchair by age 50

  21. PretendMovie Gaming

    Two words Carpet burn

  22. Manola Esa


  23. Jomithung Jomithung

    Wow interesting game

  24. ImPumpi

    erstmal auf den steinen landen

  25. Killereria

    They’s be laughing so much they’d never finish

  26. The n family

    Can I see your head now

  27. Team Beloy

    Its strength not about what he's using

  28. Carlo Zanatha crochet

    Amigo homologa essa acrobacia na federação de ginástica artística

  29. MichaelX

    That young girl is AMAZING!.. She's gonna be a STAR!..

  30. Ester Evelim Pereira

    Person: are you competitive? Me: do not Also me:

  31. Static InWonderland

    Where'd it go lol

  32. Meeton

    Anyone else have a heart attack thinking the guy was about to squish air squirrel

  33. Debasis Khuntia

    The dude is so chill, I thought it was some prank video with a realistic painting below him... Until he kept dropping down...

  34. Jennie Want

    How the hell did he do that plz tell me!

  35. Marshmallow


  36. Duderito Z

    Im sure someone 8 miles away loved getting hit by that

  37. Stubbz TheMan

    79??? Why not go for 80 at that point

  38. Pay _Drito

    Michael Scott would of Smoked all of y'all.....


    Imagine breakind the whole glase in a mistake

  40. ide Baik


  41. Bálint Halasi



    bravo 🤯🤯

  43. Ms. Reddd


  44. HighLiner15

    Excuse me Sir I have a message from GOD : 🖕

  45. LittleCart

    dayum, he whipped that mf ball

  46. PhoenixSeer

    Rip Kobe.

  47. ~rEgInA:]~

    Único comentario en español ?

  48. edwynn navarro

    One arm? Woah never seen that

  49. Johnny Psycho

    I'm getting there wierd "getting over it" vibe when you fall back

  50. Jonas Aprea

    If I tried to throw that... my arm would come with the ball

  51. Iivo Väisänen


  52. ،،,

  53. 猫鳩


  54. Scp:Azrael

    When a hacker somehow gets access to the games source code.

  55. Beocca

    Indiana Jones pulls out his gun… <bang>

  56. Mr Moon

    Lihat aja ngerii


    I think I just met my wife 😊 ty ty ROfor

  58. Sandhiya Vijayan

    The Delta is looking dangerous.

  59. Team Ferguson

    I don’t know if anyone could convince me to do that jeez she’s a very brave little girl

  60. Ikan Masin Gaming

    When you run if your legs stride forward more than to the back you're faster. The moment your legs stride to the back you loose speed because of inertia. Inertia stabilize the body but slows you down.

  61. Neo tronZz


  62. Angel Chapman

    Lady on a Hijab Balling like a Pro... And people tell me the worlds gone to Fuck. If that vid was in Afghanistan or elsewhere shed have been strung up from the backboard.... YOU GO GIRL

  63. Touch Me Slow

    The only good thing left to do in libraries these days

  64. Muhammad ibn Muhammad

    Кто скажет где это?

  65. Noel O'Malley

    Incredible. Great coaching & parenting. Girl is going to have a bright future.

  66. Crispin Fornoff

    The course designer is a sick individual.

  67. Scott Williams

    This must be a hoax ? White people "Kan't" play!

  68. glenseagles

    1 wrong bounce

  69. Liam Animates

    This takes "he's cracked" to a whole new level

  70. Coalgers

    I mean it is made of wood.

  71. Farkas Dávid

    Hebdo be playing GuarraGuarra

  72. maaraa01

    He is falling down to fast... it happens with balls of steel

  73. 猫鳩

    "No you dien't."

  74. theburners32141

    Thanks. More plastic in the ocean, just what we need.

  75. uncle iroh for lifee

    Yo mama bout to throw that out

  76. Mario carrasco


  77. magic cheeseball

    When Chuck Norris plays golf

  78. Andy Mejia

    The first few seconds of this are fucking hilarious. 😆