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  1. Renàta Németh


  2. Javier Roman

    esta cancion esta dedica y creada ala hija de luis fonsi

  3. Ismael Almonte

    Quien la escucho dos veces,solo para escuchar la parte de myke tower 🥴🥰


    oha ne şarkıymışş beeğğ


  6. Mr.parashar

    My brain:- Watch it Me:-But why My brain :- I said watch it 😡 Me:-Okay🙏 🤪🤪

  7. BAM Bİ ..

  8. Sameep Vyas

    Who is here after 7.4 billion views are legend

  9. Renàta Németh

    késõbb se akarjál akkor

  10. Encer Özel

    Türk olanlar

  11. Renàta Németh

    nem beszélünk?

  12. Suat Kika

    See you agin ita music❤❤❤

  13. toca  bull đại đế

  14. sam zippo

  15. sam zippo

  16. sam zippo

  17. sam zippo

  18. sam zippo

  19. aastha sharma

    indian listeners show your presence here

  20. Renàta Németh

    holnap ausõn?

  21. Assassiner 358

    sheeshhhh how the hell did this even got 7billion??? what spiked it? Did tiktok made this popular?

    1. Me


  22. Iqra Qasim


  23. The Grand Opera Gaming

    Time to take back the throne, Despacito, but not slowly.

  24. Vl Mihriati

    Anyone who watch this in 2021

  25. Kirabo Andrew

    Hi..... 2021....much love from Uganda 🇺🇬

  26. Gaurav Dubey

    Is there anyone who doesn't understands even a single word but still likes the song!

  27. Sumanta Mondal


  28. Renàta Németh


  29. Shadow Strike

    When you realize the number of views almost equates to the human population of Earth...


    Just here for that girl😂

  31. Emir Ateş

    My Favorite Singer İs Ft.Because He Say Song With Everybody

  32. Emir Ateş

    2017:It's Very Good Song 2021:This Song İs Listen 7,4 Mr

  33. —ayf.bandit

    Охринеть...весь мир посмотрел это видео🗿

  34. Akash khanal

    whoever came after Ashish Chanchalani Despacito ❤💚🧡❤🖤

  35. umry gamer's

    2017 2021 like


    I love song

  37. Damyanti Bijalwan

    Say whatever you want to say,, But the truth is .... BABY SHARK has 8.7 B

  38. نبيل الغزالي

    في احد عربي هنا ولا انا لوحدي

  39. Kingdom of Italy

    Step 1: trying to not remember the 2017 flashback Step 2: sitting on floor Step 3: crying for nostalgia

  40. JN AmazingWorld

    Just checking the number of viewers! Whoa


    2017: people came to listen song 2021: people came to see views

  42. Hawy Pottah

    The new modern-day phenomenon: Someone going on this song to actually listen to it instead of views and comments

  43. Elena Fernández Zaballos

    Pues la verdad para empezar hacer la comida mejor canción imposible 🎶🎶

  44. Abeer Badawi

  45. Daniel Illuri

    Today's attendance👇

  46. Abeer Badawi

  47. S Iraqi


  48. Let me Go

    After listen this song my ear released a lot of smoke 😂

  49. Marc


  50. 【God】々KING GAMING

    This song is addictive ❤❤🥰🥰

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  53. Ernesto Meléndez

    Que bendición hayarte al instante en que se fue la luz. Llegaste tu. 🌈🌈❤️💙💜💚🎼🎶🎵

  54. ultimateXD

    You're here to compare with Baby Shark

  55. sanjay bagrah

    bol keya rha he ? 🙄

  56. TG %বাংলা ভাই % YT

    This song deserved 10 BILLION....

  57. Maddy Santos

    You are a amazing singer! :)

  58. Юсуф Сулейманов

    schA 2021 I look at views, 7 billion views! I almost died...

  59. Daringdonut

    Waiting for luis fonsi reply

  60. Natascia Grigoletto


  61. unique experiment

    The views proved how much people’s have smart phones in the world.

  62. tWiX🍫

    Тоже ищешь русский коммент?)😏

  63. Stella Penso

    It has literally the whole world in views

  64. vaibhav sharma

    7,404,423,677th viewer of the song 😎😂

  65. Amogus

    to me, this video is still the most viewed video seeing as baby shark has 700M more views than the entire human population

  66. Melinda Antal

    Dxxldtico oftalmologie cidixixixifrirkfkfjcjcjxjxjckcxkxkxjxjxjxjxjxkxkdkofp

  67. jneeil

    👇🏽Si has venido a ver las visualizaciones.

  68. The Evil Master

    Unfortunately, this video had been overcome by stupid Baby Shark...

  69. stOfberg


  70. Ariful Islam

    Most viewed music video song on ROfor.

  71. Dk

    There are 7B people in this world So despacito has 7.4B views now... Sound like everyone in this world know this song damnnnn💅🔥

    1. Amogus

      there are actually 8B i think

  72. KрошШорк

    7.4 billon views ooo...

  73. William Anthonisamy

    Onnume puriyala😅