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  1. Jayden McCray

    If the clippers make it to the finals they not beating the nets 😂

  2. itsYoBenny

    if skip dies, uhm. i will not be sad, and some of the guys out there for sure. 🤷🏻‍♂️ im just sayin. 😂

  3. Busting Yewls

    Alright Shannon let’s not act like lebron didn’t have some great teammates lol that heat team was crazy. Kyrie as side kick in Cleveland and K love and now got AD and some great side kicks

  4. Bon Barbo

    The only good takes that Skip gives are his MJ GOAT takes. The rest is garbage

  5. Fr33domstar

    Ah Everybody say LeBron a good scorer. He just not Jordan. LeBron should be happy he gets a better "all around player."

  6. Eduardo4reel Gaming

    Skip is slick...he’s trying to down play the warriors so that if the warriors win he will bash on lebron and if the lakers win he’ll say “I told you so, the warriors are terrible and the Lakers should have won”

  7. Benson Incorporated

    Curry has 5 final appearances and only 4 bad games 🤔that should tell you everything

  8. Joe Jackson

    Conversation about race=not doing anything. Any black person telling themselves white people really don’t know about racism is a fool

  9. Jacob Thomas Musiq

    Shanon Sharpe gets ridiculous sometimes . He goes from an old mean to a 13 year old fan

  10. David Bargerstock

    Hes not coming back as a qb. So his qb rating doesn't even matter lmfao. Haters gonna hate. I'm gonna laugh if Tebow turns out to be a great te

  11. Katrina October

    I understand what he means that racism is an individual perspective. I believe he’s saying his experience with white people has been good. A white person saved his life so he’s not going to say they’re racist because of other’s opinions. Which is understood why would he go around believing something he’s never experienced? I know racism exists but we have to broaden our mind that not every white person is racist because we disagree and that they do something we don’t understand. Yes there’s police brutality and etc but police brutality isn’t only done towards blacks and it’s not only done by white officers. Black officers do the same thing and are sometimes the nastiest towards their own race because they have a negative mindset towards their own kind. Let Wayne have his own opinion it’s his mind and life and if he’s at peace with it so be it.

  12. Spicy Crunch

    because no clutch defying moments

  13. Justin Horne

    First off let's stop this narrative Lebron did more than Jordan.. Jordan played night in and night out on both ends of the floor.. He won defensive player of the year at a SG during the big man era.. Lead the league before in steals etc.. While leading and scoring.. While playing every game and didn't have the science or nutrition knowledge players have today and/or load management.. Which is allowing players to play longer etc.. We hear all the time Lebron does more when he stopped playing Defense years ago... So it seems he only plays offense bc last u checked he only assist or score at this junction.. So who did more? Let's not act like Lebron hasn't had more around him than Jordan ever did.. So Unc is wrong saying Lebron has never had a Shaq.... Lebron needs to just stop playing the victim role.. If you call yourself the king then act like it and allow your royal subjects to speak and determine who they think is the GOAT.. It's like someone giving themself a nickname.. you can't do that it falls on the people around you or in your inner circle to do that for you..

  14. Elio Rios

    Should of grabbed the bull by the horns while is vulnerable! Now the Lakers will be strong when they face the Clippers.

  15. dhattdmx

    I guess Lebron playing with Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, Love, AD had no factor in LBJ winning. M.J and Kobe did have greats to play with them, but so did LBJ.

  16. The Priceless One

    “Yeah you ain’t cover them bums”😂😂

  17. Sagar Thakkar

    I see 13-3 maybe 11-5

  18. Jacob Thomas Musiq

    Lebron is always crying . What's his sign ???

  19. WhoDoITrustMe!

    Skip and others like him always romanticize the toughness of 80s & 90s athlete's,but for some reason always have these emotional nonsensical narratives about anything a current arhlete does

  20. Adrian Price

    Get em Shannon

  21. Andrew

    Only won 1 scoring title

  22. Blazing Sword


  23. Haizeus_Goose

    Because he is not a scorer and has no moves. You can’t do everything and want that too lol because if you do then what do you have teammates for lol you scoring it all and you can do everything else you don’t need teammates nobody ask Lebron to do this he does it. Kyrie is a better score than him and k love and Tristan is also a better rebounder than him but he averaged more than them in a series because he wants to do it he never gives people a chance unless it’s under his watch not the team

  24. Chinh Tang

    As I recall, this is the NBA. This is 5 vs 5 not 1 on 1. When the whole team gang up on Steph and the rest of the players from GSW didn’t step up, is that Steph fault? Oh Skip, you are just freaking salty because your SAS got beat by GSW so many times. You, Nick and Max 🤦🏻‍♂️ speechless

  25. Scott Witcher

    Skip with the excuses lol

  26. Showtime Zay

    No one is taking lebron over kd, Jordan, Kobe, or harden as a scorer lol

  27. Hello

    skip sleeping on 2way wiggs

  28. Shane Nelson

    Skip is just a Lebron James hater

  29. King Idk

    The highfalutin math joly dare because glass subsequently grease toward a bizarre purchase. pretty, scrawny elephant

  30. __Jack__

    All I see are people hating on skip when everyone know he makes the show what it is🤷‍♂️

  31. The Progressive Brit

    they iterally tanked and skip says the opposite lmao

  32. Jacob Thomas Musiq

    How lebron a scorer when one of his struggles is free throw shooting?

  33. Dave Segura


  34. James Brown Jr Voice Actor

    If anyone still is on the fence on how "objective" Skip Bayless is when it comes to anything remotely Lebron related, this segment should help you.

  35. Lavare Kelley

    Skip just made Shannon’s point LOL wtf

  36. Supermariohoops24

    Lebron isnt a top 5 scorer ever......

  37. Immanuel

    All I'm gonna say y'all, if that if the Lakers did this, Skip still finna be talking about this in 2025 😂😂😂

  38. Jai Thakur

    A player becomes great .. Skip : Allow me to introduce myself

  39. Luke Canale

    LeBron was asked 2 do more then score..... The bullshiii this guy sells LeBron is just 2 stupid 2 play off ball or in a system Lebron also demands everyone change 2 off set his awful shooting and weakness when a big man is at the rim. James assists is pedestrian especially when u factor in he is the all time turn over leader His rebounds Lets review 2 things on compassion 2 MJ Assists Easier 2 get running point or audibleing out of a scoring attempt? Whats harder an assist in 5 out fast paced basketball or 1990s paints packed teams only shot 10 or so 3s a game? Then factor in todays NBA has Way more possesions per game Way more 3s which create long rebounds which favor wings Jordan is so much better in EVERY aspect

  40. tobias

    Lebron missed like 30 games it doesn't count

  41. ThaReal G.

    Let’s go Curry!!!! 60 pts or more

  42. Tyzja

    Skip is a pure Lebron Hater

  43. Kurs3

    these guys sound like fools

  44. MFG Tv

    Hmmmm hmmmm

  45. Foreverrunway fashion line

    Lebron got 3 different coaches rings. Idk if Jordan can do that .

  46. Isaiah Whitmore

    You see it 😁😁😁 I’m crying 😂😂😂

  47. Michael Washington

    My god can you guys please....Please talk about someone other than LeBron every day... Jesus

  48. Thekingraptor 17

    i love shannon man speaks the truth every time

  49. Flips Chicago

    Lebron played more years

  50. John Jones

    Lakers and there fans think the Warriors are weak AF No Klay

  51. ZeeDigital

    Le Ankle 😂😂😂😂

  52. Eric Musa

    Shannon wilding at 1:03😂😂😂😂

  53. OB LOVE

    This Is The MOST Senile Delusional Old White Man Alive☝🏿😂😂😂😂

  54. Jordan Quashie

    When LeBron James gets into the Hall of Fame I want Shannon Sharpe to induct him into it.

  55. Ibrahim Shamsidin


  56. Ibrahim Shamsidin


  57. Starress McBride

    Why don't Kenyon come on Undisputed anymore? 😒

  58. Nolan Hawkeye Anthony

    They lost?

  59. Rithvik Bhongiri

    I think bron relates a bit to steph which is why he has him as the MVP. Bron put up absurd numbers night in and night out and carried that cavs team to the playoffs but james harden won the award even tho bron beat him in just about every other category other than scoring just because harden's team had the better record. It's the same thing this year with steph embiid and jokic.

  60. Jj The 13Th

    When I think scoring, I'm thinking Kyrie, KD etc .. Not Bron. When I think Bron, I think passing. I think GOAT debate

  61. belleon_xanioo

    I heard Jenny whisper lol heyyyyyy jenny 0:58

  62. Michael Wright 2


  63. Blane Fulkerson

    Bro he’s always been doubled, he won the scoring title this year while being QUADRUPLE TEAMED

  64. Ayush Garg

    Bruh skip it so funny man. 😂

  65. Fermin

    I knew the clippers was finna smoke a 3-1 lead

  66. SKS

    Now all of a sudden Sharpe is fine tuning his comments about Curry and the Warriors. Bruh, you can’t hop from one bandwagon to the next. It just isn’t done.

  67. Rookie Ai

    I’m surprised skip didn’t mention Shaq on the cavs when Shannon mentioned him

  68. Jay Wills

    I think they way Lebron scores makes people overlook him. Most of his points are scored in the paint although he is versatile. That’s part of the reason guys like Kareem, Wlit, Shaq and Malone get overlooked MJ, Kobe, KD, T-Mac are versatile scorers but most of their points come from jump shooting. That is harder to do compared to being bigger than your opponents and over-powering them.

  69. Lee Scott

    Skip said that LeBron is about to pass the two greatest scorers of all time. Then he said Jordan is the greatest scorer because of his 10 scoring titles. Which one is it? How is Jordan the best when LeBron Kobe and Malone passed Jordan in scoring all time?

    1. F4m1LyGuy10

      Because longevity is a thing.

  70. Alfredo Lopez

    i can’t even lie i agree with skip this matchup is getting overhyped it’s a mismatch for the warriors steph has to drop at least 50 for the warriors to beat the lakers that’s hard he’s gonna be getting double teamed

  71. Larry Standifer

    Backboard p 😂😂😂

  72. Keondre Davis

    Skip deflecting

  73. Nolan Hawkeye Anthony

    Why do I watch this Race bating show?

  74. TrillWitThePimpin

    Did he say what’s the difference between shooting a mid range and laying it up ??? They may all be worth 2 but the percentages are vastly different

  75. Swank Mastermind

    LeBron can score but it’s not exciting to watch. He just plays bully ball. Karl Malone is the 2nd all time leading scorer and no one even cared because his scoring wasn’t that appealing to watch minus dunks just like LeBron

  76. Jw_ Janelle

    Shannon had me dying that final minute 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  77. Nobody Special

    Shannon would have been a legendary USMC drill instructor. I guess he would have been legendary at anything. 🤷‍♂️