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  1. kevin m

    Goosebumps right now. Memories flooding my brain. Cant wait for this

  2. Steven sharp

    Courtney Cox looks a bag of damp cement. Opening scene was a parody of the original with a twist of "ooh look how more hip and with it we are with smart locks and iphones" the sheeple will get whats coming to them in this movie 🎥

  3. JustThatGuy

    Here’s what I think and I may be wrong. The scream ending of 1996 ended off with a TV being dropped or face flat on stu’s head, with deep stab wounds. Now, I feel some way Stu indeed survived and when cops arrived at the end when Gale was giving her report, Stu was in the ambulance. What happened next? I mean he did murder his fellow high school friends and was manipulated by another psycho path, but I feel just like he said to Sydney, “Peer pressure, I’m far too sensitive” is exactly what he told the cops at the station or whatever. He put it all on Billy. And it’s insane to see his house in this trailer. Just gives another clue. Do I believe they would make him the killer again? Maybe. It would be a big twist for sure I’m just so anxious to see this movie. Stu 25 years later…

  4. Andreas Mueller

    Damn....I really got old when SCREAM came out fucking 25 (!!!) years ago.

  5. J

    These movies are more comedy. They are scary movie's light. Or diet scary movie's

  6. J

    It's just the SAME STORY OVER AND OVER AND OVER. There's no original writing

  7. Jeisy Ramos Alvarez

    i just came to watch this because dynamite is in here

  8. Vignesh K

    Worst acting ever, felt like watching Spy Kids .

  9. Bleubleu

    Who else can’t take scream seriously all I hear when I see him is “Wassssszaaaaaap” 😂

  10. Ghostface

    *Remember me?*

  11. Muhammad Noor

    shorty "yo?" scream "hello,shorty..what are you doing?" shorty "good,watching the game smoke some bud (weed)" scream "are you are alone?" Waaaaaaasssaaaappppppp!!!!! scream "who is that?" shorty "yo,pick up the phone..wasssaaaaaappppppp!!!!" hahahaha!!best scene in scary movie 2000 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Victor Janssen

    Please us the James Cameran Avatar Mirror Glass technology on the next Transfromers. Advertise pop out with box effect and voice it has pop out 3D. Megan Fox, beast bots. Unicron and Megan Fox heart is the key to Bio and defeating Unicron like the end of Transfromers Beast Wars.

  13. Siri

    Light it up like Dynamite! It's amazing how far the boys (FYI, the group is called BTS) have come to be have released a song that's featured in a movie soundtrack. The movie looks cute too.

  14. kyra irvin

    Sidney Prescott the killer.

  15. Daniel soto




  17. games earth

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  18. SaltyPete

    When playing earnings goes in your favor for once

  19. Series Consideration

    "I think he's trying to be small." Ow, my heart. Okay, trailer. You win this one. Goddammit.

  20. SuperSaiyanOG 420

    This has Halloween vibes

  21. Icecold1776

    Stu's house!????????

  22. cynthia rouse

  23. Icecold1776

    My theory for Scream 5: it will be sidney or something dumb like Dewey. Just to screw over the fans.

  24. Ben Etienne

    Unfortunately , scary movie killed this scream franchise to the point my generation literally can’t take it seriously.

  25. Monray kiarie

    What if scream teamed up with Jason and Michael myers

  26. Karlos Guerrero

    Plz tell me scream dies in the movie

  27. AMAR

    Scary movie made me not scared of this guy anymore.

  28. Ro


  29. Kool-Aid

    1:24 WALLOWS

  30. Dai_Do93

    Wow, they really stuck to their roots. I legit got scared of this trailer and most horror trailers Don't scare me much.

  31. Garret Henry

    this is a bit sad, they didn't renew scream 5 after scream 4 and then the director wes craven passed away. and now we get one where the first line of the trailer is from saw not scream?! wtaf

  32. Waniel Ditt

    AHHHHHHHH, never watched scream just thought that was the theme AHAHAHAH LOL

  33. sudhir singh

    dang neve looks good. cant say much for courtney

  34. Brent Jessee Nash

    Omg how many of these movies are they going to make 🤔🙄

  35. Cocaine Rain

    no more Dimension Films either :(

  36. King Cosmo

    It’s Officer Doofy!! 🤣🤣

  37. John lee

    What has Courtney Cox done to herself, really no need...

  38. TheCustomFigure

    they better add the carnival theme

  39. Iris Elliott

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  41. Austin

    Holloween Chucky and now ghostface lets goooo

    1. Flying Pizza

      I know what you did last summer, too

  42. saint laurentdon

    scary movie did it better ... 😒

  43. T Greco

    Looks much better than the new Halloween movies.

  44. Chomnab Ngen

    The killer, or, one of the killer’s in this one is more ruthless. Stepping on ppls ankles like that? Jesus Christ. Can’t wait!!

    1. Flying Pizza

      You forgot the scene, where someone is on fire

  45. Alexandra Colon

    What a fantastic film this was! Amazing!

  46. Patricia Likit

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  47. Guppy

    omg i can smell my childhood my first ever scary movie i ever salled scream 2

  48. Zach Stolz

    Loving that the original cast is back. Ghostface looks as awesome as ever in this new decade. I missed these movies. Just wish they had a different title, instead of recycling a pre used one.

  49. Rebecca and Miss Ally

    Yay can't wait!

  50. Ritsuka Uenoyama

    Ya se a dónde irá mi beca

  51. Luis Barros

    Que fuerte estaba Sidney 20 años atrás

  52. Ryan Birr

    This was so sweet it was sickly

  53. Trustin Rain

    Fuckkk nooooooo how many more fuckin classic horror movies are they going to keep making this is b*******

  54. SwayJaayy

    Im one of tge biggst Scream franchise fans but I've had enough with this new generation trying to take over old successful franchises with look alikes and "family members" of the old cast etc. Kiss my ass Hollywood

  55. Gaven Tovar

    Theory: Ghostface in this movie will be revealed to be Stu. In scream 1 it was never confirmed if the shock killed him and if you noticed Matthew Lillard has a cameo appearence in the background of each movie apart from Scream 3 where archive footage of him as stu was used for a flashback sequence. What if these cameo are retconed in this movie to be Stu stalking Sidney for all these years ploting his ultimate revenge, after all we do return to Stu's house.

    1. Carly Harter

      Yes!!!!!! I will be so happy if this happens. I miss Stu :(

  56. K T

    Oh my gosh😬😍

  57. poet some

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  58. Jesus Sosa

    This movie is going to blow, considering it’s releasing in January already puts it in the bad, it’s gonna be a fail.

  59. Kai Arawena

    I wonder if they plan any sequels… i don‘t want sidney to die but I‘m kind of bored by the never ending sidney the survivor thing. I love sidney but I think this story needs a reinvention without her. I don‘t want her to be the next killer though, maybe she just needs to die 😂

    1. Flying Pizza

      I think scream 6 is gonna happen

  60. Simisful

    Wasnt this supposed to come out this friday?

  61. Gary Floyd

    Why does the animation look like its from the Scooby-Doo movie?

  62. Shark Party

    Boring and played out.

  63. Felicia Stone

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  64. Khathaza

    The producer said it's coming out next month though

  65. omega458

    Rest In Peace Wes Craven :(

  66. Kimberly Fitzgerald

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  67. Christian Abaecherli

    Why is the voice not Roger Jackson??? It sounds awfulllll.

  68. Sammy

    (Answers the phone . .) Ghostface: WAZZZUPPPPPPP

  69. Steven breuer

    This better not has a Marley & Me ending

  70. yuitr loing

    Ghost face really gives Sydney annual leaves from him for a while then comes back like nothing happened 😭

  71. Lester Morillo

    why not release this in october near halloween

  72. lewis mann

    plot twist: sidney is the killer

  73. Dandoh

    Nothing Beats The Scary Movie Version Tho. WASSSSSSSUP!!!!

  74. mason s

    God I hate women so much it's unreal

  75. Markktrkkxs

    It’s stu

    1. yuitr loing

      Call of duty black ops Cold War Halloween 🎃 Update is tomorrow

  76. Shay

    Nev Campbell and David Arquette .. love that the originals are in this movie! 🙌🏽 I will definitely be going to see it!

  77. Al Simmons

    Definitely should've been stylized as "5cream" for the film's title. Very much indeed a missed opportunity especially when it was already a sort of tradition to have the numbers stylized within each of the sequels in the series pretty much anyway! 🤨🙄🤦🏽‍♂️.

  78. Kxrrin

    All the scream movies had a "ghostface" killer that was seeking some form of revenge or were pissed off about something. I wonder if they're going to change that.

    1. Kai Arawena

      The last one wanted fame