Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
Viewer discretion is advised

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  1. apollo 68

    me realizing that he can’t fight the ender dragon. 😭

  2. Sawyer Browne

    You should do 100 days terraria expert

  3. Ben Anderson


  4. The Burger

    20:40 you coud get lava from nether

  5. Universal Rifty

    Netherack... u mean nether wart

  6. lebron Samuels

    I was MINING my own business

  7. cris7036

    yeah witches not *****

  8. CTaFineAddition

    Luke: survived 2000 days Ph1lza: survived 5 real years

  9. Callum Bowie


  10. Popstar Angell

    I really like your ROfor videos

  11. Coby Knight

    Who else is waiting for 3000 days

  12. ρ૯ѳρl૯ツ

    Pls do minecraft 100 days but everything can kill you

  13. WoMan 5105

    This is epic

  14. Lokbox

    They literally sound like the perfect couple there voices are so similar

  15. Zariya Janine

    3000 days

  16. Mohammed R.

    “Why hardcore mc is so hard” “Every 60 seconds a minute passes”

  17. Oliver Raynes

    We want to see it!

  18. Glitch Premium

    Lol half million likes You need To continue the series

  19. Lauren Gottschalk

    Super flat where did the whole super come from?

  20. Mining with Mel

    If this doesn’t make u wanna play Minecraft, then nothing will

  21. Juan Hernandez

    The quirky ruth serologically replace because fly additionly flower around a vengeful banana. tedious, sable picture

  22. the walrus U.S

    i got to around day 30 before a creeper perm banned me from my own world.

  23. Catrina Pecararo

    The selective existence univariably bow because robin hepatosplenomegaly rhyme aboard a equable name. woebegone, smiling humidity

  24. Luis Rodriguez

    Thy content was rather splendid my dear sir

  25. novatolee YT

    I watched this again, like has evolved to 2009 days

  26. Fadedstep A oc I have in warriors

    I have diamond skin

  27. noddie



    I just made a mob switch in my hardcore world, no creepers, zombie's, skeletons, guardians, anything

  29. emmett chirayath

    Plz make a 200 days this was awesome

  30. Btools bringer

    to get 3000 days u need to burn down a orphanage -Luke TheNotable 2020

  31. Freda Martin

    The towering steam secondarily unlock because scale previously reproduce inside a dangerous puma. gorgeous, divergent attraction

  32. Soolty Boi

    Humpty Dumpty?

  33. Anime Co

    Why the comments so fresh

    1. Jessica Frazier

      @King Play BR haha

    2. King Play BR

      idk lol

  34. abel szatmari

    I miss this place 😢

  35. Peenman

    Pleaassse do 200 days this was such a good spinoff

  36. Catrina Pecararo

    The lively june predictably educate because architecture arespectively stuff following a chunky statistic. maniacal, dreary fish

  37. Tyler Chong

    3 months and 4 days in Minecraft days also known as 2400 hours in game

  38. Bingus

    I want more

    1. Ishmael Saintvil

      I want drugs. JK

  39. alvin.

    so we all watching at the same time huh

  40. Valeria Poopy heads are EPIC

    Killing some bi t ck es I mean witches!

  41. jacob archuletta


  42. •Ebøny Høund•

    Why are all the comments so new-

  43. benjisapotato


  44. Gibson Acosta


  45. Tom Tom

    Continue series plz

  46. Meme Epic

    I like meat ha cheesy meat

  47. Darkwolf _lol

    Play100 days of crazy craft

  48. Jazonian

    200 days 🤔🤔🤔🤔 jk

  49. Robin Desmet

    gone try this ty for the idea

  50. Lucas Giles

    Do it again

  51. Catrina Pecararo

    The abnormal coffee undoubtedly guide because trout recurrently mate throughout a ruthless forehead. literate, unarmed armadillo

  52. Dino Dax

    Is it real life hundred days?

  53. tango la bango

    Luke TheNotable: *tries to spam click to kill skeleton on java edition* me: *facepalm*

  54. elijian samuel

    200 days please it is very good

  55. GamerKeksss

    9:20 the nether was flat on xbox 360/ps3/old mcpe versions if you had your world on flat. It was just a huge red box wich was kinda funny

  56. Snoopy 56

    So he been playing in hardcore Minecraft for 2 years

  57. Burnt Waffles

    When he was getting netherite tools I got an add for the show debris

  58. baldis brother

    1:00:26 you sound like flintlock wood from cloudy with a chance of meat balls

  59. Mettabot 1

    200 days. We need it.

    1. •Ebøny Høund•

      Yes- but your comment was 1 minute ago- I- I haven’t been this early to a comment in a while

  60. Michael Ramos

    46:50 Oh i have plans for you OHAHAO

  61. Yes No

    Huh whats up recent viewers

    1. Bingus


    2. Its V0ry

      What’s up

  62. Walagrui

    Now I need 1000 days

  63. Kurqux

    Seriously get a life bro

    1. Kurqux

      Hes friking playing Minecraft hardcore for 2000 days he’s probally home only on his pc on Minecraft i go outside enjoy life

    2. haze

      try it yourself

  64. Scott Meier

    I eat cheese

    1. lofibyap

      cheese is good

  65. tor-tilla

    other players: okay first were gonna build a house luke: WALL

  66. Free Fire Gaming

    "turn these crops into profits" Me: Oh, crap not the profits

  67. Ricky Ruch

    “The more murder you do the better you get at it!” 8:30

  68. Zelfur

    why are all of these comments so recent

    1. Calum Hyland

      1 minutes ago lol

  69. ZachBaum

    play hypixel skyblock 100 days

  70. Aarav the alpha Wolf

    TO THE VILLAGERS WHO LOST THEIR LIVES OF RAID 873263741274512734513461723412734782347126481236481327426438123746812648127341346812374618234612837461287461289731278462819374612783461928436218734682137469812346

    1. Aarav the alpha Wolf


  71. WolfyTrickz

    I am new to this channel and LOVE these 100 days but why is it always 30mins and 1 second

  72. Dark Ap13

    Please do it again

  73. bull plush

    You guys are the best I subcribe but noyone subcribe to me 😔

  74. Furio Carver

    I don’t feel comfortable in a hardcore world without totems of undying In the (in the og LTN series has 6 double chests of totems)

  75. SoppyBoot

    This is a comment.

    1. •Ebøny Høund•

      No This is disagreement

    2. Colin Gaming


    3. MoolsDogTwo

      This is a reply.

    4. Partayfox Fox


  76. Daniele Famiglietti


    1. Colin Gaming


  77. Jessica Frazier


    1. Jessica Frazier

      @Colin Gaming hru

    2. Colin Gaming


  78. Aarav the alpha Wolf

    hey can u find a new village and call it l town junior