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  1. evie

    they should play karaoke revolution if they ever do monster factory again

  2. BigBaby134

    This is the video that confirms it. Dad energy is gender neutral

  3. AppelineMin

    the voices around 4:05 make me lose my mind and nobody else mentioning that bit in the comments only makes it worse...

  4. Joshua Roman

    Didn’t dig it at first- but now I’m singing along during every intro! Really outdid yourselves!!

  5. Calico Koi

    This is the best advertisement this game ever could have been given, because now I really really really want to play it

  6. Outis Tynnan

    Ouroboros: the Sinful Old Man at the end is the Mean Old Donut Man from the beginning

  7. Callaran Jones

    I recently started playing Dark Souls 3 and I can only call the firelink shrine the firelink shraine and I sing the “let’s go to the firelink shraine” every single time a play

  8. Luup Zylkrana

    The way griffin says ‘honey’ warms my soul

  9. Rachel Marie

    God making me

  10. pixymisa777

    Travis looks SO much like Clint in this video

  11. Ethan O. McBride

    I want a Sawbones episode on Pawpaw

  12. Grubbu

    Wtf no one said she was hot

  13. thonvulf

    Not me getting the "Canada's Canada" joke more than a year after this was posted.

  14. Molly


  15. Joshua Fisher

    half expected a Clint McElroy Cameo somewhere in there hahaha

  16. Will Douglass

    Bro I love the ending “Griffin I asked you not to I begged you not to”

  17. Jack Roberts

    Travis Mcelroy will be in Supernatural 2: Generations

  18. anna gizzi

    Terms of Service Starfleet

  19. springskor

    Montaigne's turn with the rose in the intro 😭😭😭

  20. Felix Kasperl

    6:24 Woody Harrelson!

  21. Potato Plunderer

    It's crazy how much the boys look like their Dad. I mean, duh, but it's crazy how similar they all look.

  22. •sonia•

    the replays make jIm look absolutely insane ;A; (18:52 , 19:42 , 25:00 )

  23. Claire E.

    I love that Christine from And That’s Why We Drink was there immediately after the MBMBAM ghost tour

  24. Tory

    Liberals want ghosts to be given citizenship

  25. NameNotAlreadyTaken2

    I hate that they didn't return to this one

  26. Seth Zimmerman

    So...was this the last monster factory?

  27. Max Hughes

    the newspaper story is so great omg

  28. lily p

    I miss monster factory ,,,,

  29. vitamus

    i have no idea how to play dnd and i tried looking into it but can get it so ima listen to this podcast

  30. Daniel Campbell

    "You know how you love chair?" has made its way into my daily vocabulary.

  31. Miles Brown

    will yall ever come back to monster factory? I have a game suggestion if you do. Yall need to check it out Kenshi, it has hilarious character customization and a very brutal dynamic rpg world where all kinds of strange, dramatic, dark, and funny antics can play out. It's like the sims meets fallout, with an asian flavor. It's also squad based so you can make plenty of monsters and it lets you edit (some) party members when they get added to your squad!

  32. Max Hughes


  33. rsgumby

    This song and this video just brings me so much joy!

  34. Nick Stotter

    Boys where are our precious monsters? It’s been SEVEN MONTHS. Pleaseeeeeeee

  35. Jeremy Race

    I love this so much. I can't stop watching it. Thank you to all involved for making it whole!!!!

  36. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

    I am inconsolably upset that you didn't say "ratatatat"

  37. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

    Apparently Travis is now Jaimie Hyneman

  38. HeavyRayne

    Griffin's breakdown at around 24:40 makes me cry laughing with that "oh my *god*..."

  39. Takkuri Himare

    So sad they ended this hinting at it becoming a mini series but alas this is the last we see of the triple BJ

  40. Eric Feldman

    The money zone part really hits

  41. AlexisErudite

    For those wondering where Monster Factory went Justin said that the character creation engines are getting very real to the point where it feels difficult for them to make jokes about them anymore because it starts becoming laughing at a certain group, example like how they talk about "I dont know how to make funny noses cause that might just be somebody's actual nose and they think we laugh at their nose". I do believe there is a degree of fear in there due to the turn away from the McElroys which happened with Travis in the among us stream, the choice to announce a new tour and so on, that good will is gone and they may just be hyper cautious now. I am sad to see it gone, I binge the playlist for comfort and its sad that every time I come back that therell not be any new material but c'est la vie. Hopefully it does come back though.

    1. Gerald Rogers

      I also think there's an element of "they ran out of good character creators." I was thinking through games in my head that might make for a funny/good monster factory and they've pretty much all been done already. I also think it's a safe bet that these videos don't make nearly as much money(compared to the time required) as their podcasts. There's no ad reads or anything on any monster factory videos, and I'd be surprised if they're not mostly demonetized. I'd love more as much as everybody else, but I'd hate for it to burn them out and see their other properties suffer.

    2. Lavenderp

      the creation in this episode definitely looks like a real person

  42. Shaka Brah

    I’m down bad please I need these

  43. Amber

    I can't get over how wonderful Dr. Sydney McElory is.

  44. Lorrie McAlpine

    I love that they have better straight on pictures of random celebrities than their actual irl father. It implies that the only picture of Clint they have access to is his official public headshot

  45. Gavin Greenberg

    what an absolute gob of goobers

  46. Leaf Finite

    Unfortunately I have not read dune

  47. Mudedmmuh

    please come back

  48. chessie2003

    RIP, the final episode of Monster Factory

  49. Noelle Simonne

    this is Too Many Cooks but it's only 4 Cooks and Im literally dying at work

  50. Bishop Hoffman

    Justin listed five like singers and I know for a fact that Jacob Anderson is on that show too and he can Rap so, why wasent the final season of GOT a musical George is a coward.

  51. Armyofcats22

    My biggest take away from this is that Justin and I have the same floral button down

  52. Henry Livingstone

    That “liberal” comment made me lose my shit 😂😂😂

  53. Steve

    returning to this after finishing it.... that inital "welcome to the adventure zone" is oddly emotional

  54. Mick 308

    Travis is a dead ringer for donut operator

  55. Kyle Thompson

    YO! IS THAT ERIKA ISHII!? I mean yeah the brothers are cool too. BUT ERIKA ISHII IS THAT SHIIIIIT! But yeah the brothers are cool too.

  56. Kyle Thompson

    Did you Actually keep the opening wait card PURELY to have the video start at 4:20?

  57. Cali Hart

    I need more monster factory for October.

  58. Olivia

    Having ADHD is literally just that "If You Like Imported Manga" bit, except you don't have a podcast to use it as fuel for

  59. Jayden Apollo

    God I know they’re busy and stressed and I’m sure have gotten some controversy about this series for SOMETHING but I really miss Monster Factory. New ones are literally the only things that I watch that actually gets me to laugh uncontrollably. When I’m in a rough spot I rewatch them. Take y’all’s time of course but man do I miss it. Rewatching them should suffice though

  60. A User

    You know how the Joker trailer was really, really, really cool but the movie was not as good and it has opinions very divided on it? TAZ Graduation isn't like that, because at least Joker had some people loving it, and I'm pretty sure no on loves Graduation. Trailer is neat tho

  61. tom42ryan

    Montaigne in the Technicolour video: cool and mysterious. Montaigne here: A real goober.

  62. Alden Schmidt

    Hi, I'm very gay, and Montaigne wow. Love your energy, huge McElroy fan. This this is my application to be your girlfriend/SO. 👯

  63. Lyrictheac

    Oh. My. Gawd. This is EVERYTHING I hoped for!!! And more. 😆

  64. NeXaS Lvl

    when i was in school they made us take care of a bag of flour for a week but I got suspended on the day we were supposed to turn it in so I was stuck with a bag of flour with a face drawn on it. my dad eventually made a cake with it while I was sleeping, and I still don't know how to feel about it

  65. pickassoreborn

    This is fabulous and I can't stop jumping around the room when I hear it.

  66. Shaun Griffin

    My life is better with this.

  67. Tyler Powell

    More or less, I'm guessing they're taking a hiatus right now because Griffin had another kid about 6 months ago. I'm sure they'll be back.

  68. Hallie

    I just finished balance, and looking at these comments, there’s no way graduation could have been THAT bad, like half the comments here are just shitting on Travis

  69. hysrae

    we truly do not deserve angus mcdonald

  70. Mephostopheles

    I come back to this one on a regular basis just to listen to the beginning. Little Griffin doing karate on Bigfoot. Stephanie fully predicting the concept that Barclay disguises himself as a human using a bracelet. “Fuck off, Bigfoot.” “He’s got a *gun*” “-wHAT?!” I mean its just full of iconic lines.

  71. Autumn Grace

    how has no one realized they made a mini Allister Moody?! lmfao

  72. Lizz Newman

    I've been thinking about saying this since like 2018: nothing feels better to my synesthesia than Griffin McElroys music. The way it makes me feel I can only liken to the epoc of the Coldplay Crybaby. Gracias Griffin. The ethersea theme is my Yellow.

  73. Elias A

    Such a fun song !! This sounds weirdly slow to me though because I listen to MBMBAM at 1.2x speed and this is my first time listening to the whole thing on ROfor. I'm sorry, Justin

  74. ChrissyB

    Good soup 👌

  75. Jack Roberts

    I thought Justin was gonna drop some lines from Boat Drinks at the end

  76. spellinwaiting

    6:13 is what sims cc makers on tumblr make their sims look like