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  1. Economics and commerce by Rupali Pandey

    It's a good movie I like it

  2. Đặng Thanh Vũ

    00:39 What is the name of song?


    the manliest trailer

  4. greeny

    This looks absolutely terrible. Please don’t even release this

  5. palmweaver

    Hey Disney: look at the dislikes.

  6. Tamsch YT

    The biggest sh... in the world. I can cry!!!

  7. Ellexis

    They should have name this movie FREE MOVIE. If you’re a pubescent boy, then you’ll probably like it, but to grownups, it’s just crap 💩 and a waste of time and money.

  8. Zdravko Radenovic

    Niko nikad neće nadmašiti prvi i drugi dio

  9. Animexcel

    0:36 "My 10 year old son", if he's the father it would be "Our". Maybe he's a stepfather 😂

  10. Rocco Forino Capital

    This is horrendous. Director John huges really understood how to make amazing kid movies and home alone 1&2 worked perfectly for the time. They can’t make a new movie that fits the time? How unoriginal and boring. Are they not teaching movie script writing anymore?

  11. Puff

    The two burglars should have been played by will Ferrell and Kevin James

    1. Puff

      No disrespect to the actors playing the characters now

  12. Dave Koh

    What a hidden gem. Only watched it recently as a result of Vincent Teo using it to demo on his HDTV test channel. Fantastic story and so far the best Dolby Atmos effect. The HDR is also stunning.

  13. Lindsey O'Rourke

    So Disney did a remake that went straight to the modern equivalent of VHS. This was my childhood classic. We shall see how it goes. Best of luck.

  14. Noir

    Four years already

  15. R D

    Holy Fck this is horrible!

  16. FullTimeSlacker II

    Erin you deserve better

  17. TonyPizzaPasta

    British home alone? No thanks

  18. Hi I'm Pangas

    no noteworthy actors unlikable child mom looks like a terrible person impossible use of physics villains are literally and metaphorically dumb everything is in british yeah, no, this is definitely straight up garbage for the sake of money. no thanks.

  19. Black Sheep

    This movie honestly doesn’t make any sense in 2021 Our technology is too advanced in my opinion for you to be forgetting someone at home lol

  20. Therealiluminuti 999

    Hope no one watches this to see what a mistake they did

  21. Amparo Tortajada

    *The last duel ⚔ El último duelo* *Las Notas de Salida:* Basada en una historia real ,la salvaje violación que había sufrido Marguerite de Carrouges en tiempo anterior al nuestro con desafíos humanos justicia, el honor y la situación de la mujer en la Edad Media. *Notas de Corazón:* Un equipo capaz de superar cualquier reto porque saber, hacer y ser es el motor. *Notas de Fondo:* Deseo de superación, pasión y devoción como la propia historia que da lugar al proyecto. ❤🍎💎

  22. JH

    6 years ago wow

  23. Caity Cat

    As soon as the line "This is my house, I have to defend it" was uttered, NOT by Macaulay Culkin I knew I was going to hate this

  24. DosDee

    What am I seeing? No no no no no 😭😭😭nooooooooooooo what the actual f👻ck tho

  25. Someone New

    It's a good film. A little bias against the religous institution but could be historically accurate. If you like his films you will like this one. Worth a watch.

  26. TheUnWantedMan

    But will they have to mansplain to the accountant why the movie tanked?

  27. webnovice2012

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully its better than the original crap.

  28. MadAnth0ny C

    What a horrible idea and horrible writing they just remade the same scenes for the mom …

  29. Christopher Felix

    You can tell Buz is the police now

  30. Adriel Au

    Leave it alone

  31. ShadyShadok

    Not a good time to be a nazi

  32. HDGamer

    Doomed from the start

  33. Pranav Kumar

    Stranger things and mcu combined

  34. Matt M

    Honestly it looks good lol

  35. C Elliott

    This feels like it was written by Boomers for Boomers.

  36. LP

    can't make it

  37. William Melton

    Doesn’t look like that bad of a remake and especially when compared to other reboots including the previous reboot of the movie

  38. Bill J

    Knowing The Rotten Tomatoes they will probably give it a 100% rating.

  39. Bill J

    Is this an SNL skit?

  40. Joe LaRocca

    why are they british?

    1. Word Porn 2.0

      Cause whites have been extinct In usa.

  41. Jeddyj Jeffs

    This looks absolutely tragic

  42. Owl72

    It's awful. What for?!

  43. These Endless Nights

    Looks terrible

  44. Juan Fernando

    What a piece of $hit

  45. Serg K

    First, this film is not needed. Second, i not want see young Kim Jong-un in the main role.

    1. conor mcgregor

      Then dont watch it lol not that hard kid

  46. Adam Ovadia

    Hahaha oh my god yes!! This looks amazing!! They paid me to say that.

  47. mark ong

    Is this another woke trash movie?

  48. TheMagician99

    There’s actually people that leave likes on this 😐

  49. Heffe El

    Why they gotta ruin a classic wtf is this and why is the kid from up in it????

  50. Adam Ovadia

    Home Alone 3: don’t do it… learn from our mistake Home Sweet Home Alone: hold my beer

  51. Dave

    The movie nobody wants. Looks like 90 minutes of PURE PAIN!

  52. Adam Ovadia

    I’m guessing that’s Buzz as the cop? So you mean to tell me that Buzz becomes a cop and investigates a child being left home alone where truth be told that child happens to say identical phrases of dialogue as his brother did under identical circumstances? I think we are watching the story of Buzz growing up insane and divergently recreating older brother guilt scenarios in his mind whilst in a mental institution… at least that would be original.

  53. Eddy Marchal

    Better than the movie...

  54. Afie Fadzlin

    This is what we called RACING CAR FILM.No Robbery,No gangster or what so ever..I love Matt & Bale.What a good collab in 1 movie.

  55. Evil JP

    Tell me it's a cashgrab capitalizing on our beloved childhood memories without telling me it's a cashgrab capitalizing on our beloved childhood memories

  56. ShortswithZee

    Oh no this is just awful

  57. Roopa Reddy

    My bro worked on this

  58. inshyi

    Why does it exist?

  59. deva kumaran

    It's been 6 years since this movie released , probably the best movie for ending the story of a super hero,🥺

  60. A.B.S Powerlifting

    Why..... hope this bombs at the cinema another crap rip off.

  61. Mriduraj Sonowal

    *When Hollywood becomes Bollywood* *LoL*

  62. Sugeng Gandi

    Wow that's Panigale street fighter v4 My dream bike😪😪😪

  63. oliver .s

    Im english and even i feel somewhat offended that they've used an english family! 😂 it should be an american family!😂🤦‍♂️ completely ruined what was once a great family Christmas film.

  64. Mick

    Poor kid, career is ruined before it started

  65. Thumper Hunts

    theres no more original ideas

  66. Alex Jessop

    There is still time to cancel.

  67. Pascal Hansen

    There are thousands of creative people who would love to realize there movie ideas. But yet there decide to make a unnecessary worst remake

  68. dinesh kumar

    Different attempt, VFX Effect is super, good film interesting to watch 🔥🔥🔥

  69. Max gg


  70. Ienozaur

    -Fat kid protagonist -Random mixed raced children running around -The man's fault overall for leaving without the kid -Obligatory female burglar.

  71. Warren Gaytero

    My ultimate crush since twilight ❤️💯wish her and Robert never broke up ..buts shes way more confident now and still the prettiest in the world.

  72. ganesh sj

    for Arya Stark😀😀😀

  73. Ian Miller

    “They don’t even know I’m here” *ring security cam* “Honey is that you??” *facetimes the kids ipad* *decides to come home from the airport* *roll credits*

  74. TomJoeSHOW

    Straight to Disney+ is like the Hollywood equivalent of swiping left

  75. venomwise 4321

    Im looking forward to Hollywood's run out of ideas I heard it comes out next Christmas

  76. Miss Scott

    No. That’s the comment. No 🙄

  77. Alisha Piekarski

    Seeing the cast for this film sold it for me 😍 and OMG the way Adam Driver closes that door! Wow. Hah.👌

  78. Xwyrd

    this Trailer seems like the Indian movie "Hari Puttar"

  79. Veera Malik

    I feel bad for the kid actor. He's part of a reboot literally no one asked for, ever. As bad as it is, I hope people aren't mean to the kid.

    1. Dream Midas

      The kid seems to have potential, but is wrongly used...

  80. Abbott Vanderwagen

    Well at least it doesn’t play in theaters