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ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence

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  1. Georgina Solenn Novicio

    My vote is copper golem😎

  2. BeastboYT

    I'm happy to see this after a 9 years

  3. Jabbar Baulo

    I can't wait please release it now on pocket ideation please >_<

  4. Nose que ponerle :l

    Que bien

  5. Z HUNTER craft

    Why fans copper golem attack

  6. ~gay and dislexic~

    Wait minecraft came out like 9 years ago?! I feel old now

  7. Puffball

    2022 Might Be The Craziest Year With This Update

  8. GG BOYS

    I want the among us mob

    1. GG BOYS

      I rlly like roblox and minecraft

  9. Whitesportsman

    The ending is so true

  10. Arturo Selldas Fernandez

    It's very beautiful!!

  11. Galaxy Mew

    Ok but can I just talk for a second. I LOVE the way the stage looks, it's just so charming!

  12. Isyl Catugal

    This gives hole new perspective to world wide minecraft lover

  13. Alt


  14. Caio_ Player1

    Minecraft is my favorite game now.

  15. A

    I like the allay cause he can be very useful!

  16. william travis

    hmm yes every one liked the glow sguid

  17. SharkPlayz

    Frogs 🐸 do I need to say more

  18. Yy 666


  19. Lkhagvaerdene Erdenebayar

    I choose allay

  20. Aung Adaum

    I will never do that

  21. Vegeta

    Majestic but useless and only lets you make things glow

  22. Aung Adaum

    If mountains look beautiful in minecraft i will cry if its not i will foot you minecraft jk😜😜😜

  23. thaj ratasupanan

    to Feby Y I think it's will take forever to read all reply so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chest in the boat is now a thing

  24. someone

    It shouldn't have changed any further than this.

  25. The random hunter thingy guy

    I think there will be a new boss known as the trottler

  26. Lucas Elegado

    Taiga plzz minecraft it's my fav

  27. Eren

    Copper golem

  28. Johnwesley111 Harrison

    The frog looks more like a toad

  29. Henry Leon

    copper golem ;(

  30. Yung_Amr


  31. Yung_Amr


  32. First name Last name


  33. Logan_Roblox


  34. Johnwesley111 Harrison

    I suggest to add mudskippers

  35. Voxel

    Ландшафт ахуенный, но деревья все такие же уебанские)

  36. Spectralniy

    "Vote moobloom!" Dream: And I took that personally

  37. Plipp

    the only form of escapism that i always go back to :’))

  38. Harold Villahermosa


  39. Megh Nagpal

    From 2000 to 200k to 2 Million, That’s a long journey.