Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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    Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?

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    Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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    2. José Towar Nguema Endaman Nchama

      In this videos i can reed that warmhole are round and seems like... Holes But i a movi called stellar "very cool ,about space but its a Cience foction movy" sais that warmgoles are sferal. Now who i believe??

    3. chuckstable165

      The coolest thing to me is how you can use them to make a time machine. Take a wormhole; it has two mouths. Assume they're initially created very close together with no time delay between the two. You can use time dilation to induce a time delay between the two, by for example accelerating one end up to a high speed, stopping it at some point. You enter the first mouth and exit the second one BACKWARDS in time, with the time shift being given by the speed you accelerated the second mouth to times the time it travelled at that speed for. This in and of itself won't create a time machine that can be used to create a causal paradox. Say the accelerated mouth is brought to a speed of 50% c, the lorentz factor is 0.866; after 100 seconds in the reference frame of the unaccelerated mouth the accelerated mouth will be 50 light seconds from the first, and it will have experienced 86.6 seconds passing. Assume once it reaches 100 light seconds it decelerates back to 0 speed in the unaccelerated mouth's reference frame. Then if you enter the unaccelerated mouth you'll exit the accelerated mouth 13.4 seconds in the past (in the reference frame of an inertial/'stationary' observer at the unaccelerated wormholes point in space). This can't be used for time travel as it is though, as the point in spacetime when you went through the unaccelerated mouth is outside of your light cone, meaning you can't influence that event and create a causal paradox. You can create a causal paradox though if you bring the accelerated mouth within 13.4 light seconds of the unaccelerated mouth. You can do this without inducing any further time shifts by accelerating the mouth to a very small speed, the integrated time shift ends up being proportional to the velocity, so you can bring it back without inducing any time shift by making it travel arbitrarily slowly. If it's at 13.4 light seconds away from the unaccelerated mouth, you could travel 13.4 seconds in the past, and then immediately send a signal to the unaccelerated mouth telling you to NOT go through the mouth, and it would arrive at the MOMENT that you are leaving. Any closer and the signal will arrive before you left, creating a causal paradox. Instant time machine. Unfortunately quantum theory makes this impossible (probably). Someone wrote a paper showing that if two wormholes with a time shift of T are brought close to T light seconds of each other a feedback loop of virtual particles travelling closed timelike curves would create an effective repulsive force that becomes infinite as they get closer to T light seconds, becoming infinite as they approach T light seconds, making creating a time machine like this impossible. Of course it's also impossible because negative energy isn't a thing that we can create this way. More importantly the requirements to maintain a wormhole could be very different from the requirements to MAKE one, all the solutions of GR with wormholes require negative energy to maintain the wormhole, but there are no solutions showing how to MAKE the damn thing in the first place. Even if negative energy existed (in a way we can manipulate) it's still likely that creating the wormhole in the first place would require infinite energies or singularities, and that the only way they could exist is if they always existed, which they couldn't because they'd break down instantly due to negative energies not being present.

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    5. Brady J

      If the Big Crunch (explained in 3 ways to destroy the universe) is true and supermassive black holes eat everything, also under the assumption that Einstein-Rosen bridges are real, maybe every time the universe is devoured by black holes at the end of time then all of that mass comes out at the beginning of time in an infinite parallel universe.

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      This shit is so stupid but this channel is cool so ima watch it anyway😂

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      really digging the chillwave/vaporwave theme with this episode!

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      Love that sytnwave vibes

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      How we move from one place to another in our thoughts

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      Japan already figured it out how to go to a different universe. You just need to get hit by a truck.

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      “Exotic Matter” Me: *FNAF flashbacks*

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      Man I hope this is true I would love to have wormhole like I'm here on earth and now I'm on proxima centuri b

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      Kurzgesagt : "If you saw a Wormhole in reality, it would be appear round, spherical, a bit like a black hole". Me : "Oh yeah because I've seen black holes so many times"

    28. Funny easter egg 1. 0:02【He-Man and the Masters of the Universe poster】 2. 0:02【Star wars r2d2 robot】 3. 0:02【Garfield Wall Clock】 4. 4:34【The wormhole discovered by humans in Jupiter at the beginning of the Interstellar movie】 5. 5:16【The line "or earth to Jupiter" pays tribute to the scene in Interstellar. Astronauts set off from the earth to go to Jupiter for a wormhole crossing.】 6. 7:34【From rick and morty, rick-city where the Rick committee is located】 7. 7:42【Back to the future, the car that travels through time and space】


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      so it is said. wormholes only exist in our heart and on paper :P

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      "exotic matter" just use giant opposite magnets, thats literally what you just explained (just gotta make it repel everything, not just other magnets)

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      See my thing on stuff like this is; until we actually get full proof, there is absolutely no certainty that it "works like THIS" for instance black holes, I will scoff at any theory in its entirety until it is proven. I'm so tired of hearing people proclaim things as fact simply based on their calculations, calculations that are mind you, so unbelievably limited and naive it almost makes them worthless. We only focus on earth science and we completely refute the idea, no the fact, that there is other science in other galaxies, other planets, other systems, that doesn't even remotely apply to earth. Gravity is the best example of this. Not every planet is uniform, not all science is uniform. Until our scientists can make that realization, we will have discovered nothing.

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