Trying to enter the world of #shorts


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    Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

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    1. Edward and Furret

      they can cut those faster than i can butterfly click

    2. Laura Strong


    3. Brandon Jackson

      Man was holding back his full power


      He wasn't even tryin.

    5. K1ngCr4bz


    6. Summaiya Ali

      What is this?

    7. Dignified

      I thought this was long ass chillies they cutting LMAO

    8. Setyx !

      The man uses only 1% of his power

    9. AntonioSerranoRodríguez

      Men are pay more than women for the same amount of work. The same amount of work:

    10. Basd Nasd


    11. samantha casier

      Pourquoi vous meter sa sur toc-toc????????!!¡!!

    12. william yurick

      What even are they making I am pretty sure it is candy but I have never seen that stuff other than on these shorts

    13. Theambitiousrager

      This why we have an wnba

    14. Eric Staples

      When feminists ask for equal pay:

    15. Etta Harris

      when he said “well done” aww

    16. we know tech

      Is that candy

    17. Rudrashish Saha

      Can anyone tell me what are these red sticks actually.... I never saw them in my country? 🤨🤔

    18. Maggie Pallier

      Held back for real! He had more as well

    19. Мерида Даниярова

      It's my favourite candy

    20. Dillon Doss

      Bruh what even is this

    21. Sunil Kumar

      I like her dedication

    22. Mr. Happy

      This dude was so nice to let her win lol. Not only was the dude making finer, thinner cuts, he was doing it twice as fast when he was actually trying. Not to mention that he was doing four at a time lol. Good heart in this guy

    23. Chicane

      What a fun job, I wish man I wish

    24. Lindsay Wright

      What exactly is that please?

    25. zaid hussein

      What is that they cutting?

    26. Critical bro Boy

      Ich der alles genomen häte

    27. Zac Senior

      What were they cutting?

    28. Elena Martinez

      What even are those-

    29. Bhaskar

      Men are experts in doing this lol 🤣 our wrists are very used to this moves...

    30. 戦場の薔薇

      美女は可愛いけど焦って飴の大きさバラバラだな…… それに男性の方は大きさ均等スピードも  安定……

    31. Angel Jackson

      He knows he’s a fucking monster at what he does she’s probably new to the team

    32. Paul Barney

      If they were paid by how much candy they made, he’d have all their money lol

    33. Comedy Uke

      The winky face in the description tho-

    34. David Buckner

      He was nice about it

    35. blackpink lisa

      Is this candy 🤔 i don't know what is it but is so satisafiying

    36. Tara Villalta


    37. The0happy0nezico

      The song is put all your love on me in the background lol

    38. Everything Is ok

      For a second i thought those were shotgun shells

    39. มนยขท่ร มาพร้อม

      ผมชอบ ถุงมือยาง

    40. Xavier Dominguez


    41. Phoxal

      ABBA playing in the background just brings it together

    42. 怪盗キッド


    43. 怪盗キッド


    44. かにえび


    45. Bigg Boss

      Что это такое бл?

    46. THE GUY

      What is it?

    47. Rohan !


    48. Adam Badruddin Syah

      What kind of candy is that?

    49. _ Mice_

      Greg from Lofty Pursuits does it like he’s a robot

    50. 大阪に魂を売った男


    51. Raul Valenzuela

      wtf is that

    52. PvL _14

      Красава парень, делал не на скорость

    53. small guy

      kinda cringe, it's betterbwhen there's no headstart because EQUALITY obviously. makes the woman look weaker

    54. Konrad Hau

      What type of candy is this please?

    55. Ark4n3

      Left is so bad lmao

    56. Demetria Guarin

      What dis

    57. Creativity & Tech &Inventions

      What is this

    58. The Benj

      What is that?!

    59. edrai cadion

      what's that?

    60. Paul Sheffield

      This demonstrates how women are led to falsely believe they rule the world when Men know the Truth

    61. mimkafmusic

      What's these?

    62. Kalipada Dutta

      So Fast and so good

    63. ucnhtmenow1

      That's how you trick her into cutting it all for you. "Ok let's go again." 😆

    64. Canadian Man

      That man is a gentleman. He obviously let her win.

    65. ryan ryan

      The guy let her win straight up.

    66. 돈미새

      사탕누나 러블리한게 꼴리노이디

    67. Budi Man

      What is that???

    68. Roblox小鸭

      soooo slow,compare to chinese ppl lol

    69. Salty Beam

      That guy wasnt even using his full potential yet😎

    70. Kazuhira

      Y’all remember that episode of Jimmy Neutron?

    71. Monkey Prime

      Cute smile.

    72. Dushant Sharma


    73. ァイアサフ

      What are those they’re so satisfying

    74. Brycen Greene

      Okay but what they chopping tho?? I want some 😂

    75. Dachainee Baby girl

      Can I know what is that

    76. Leila Furogi


    77. Lais Evelyn Nogueira

      ta,mas que porra é essa????

    78. Snuckle 2

      The guy be like : Im 4 parallel universe ahead of you

    79. PHK 123

      Girl so cute god demn she better be American!!

    80. Raylencia Washington

      The girl has less then him

    81. JT Garcia

      He was only going saiyan when he really can go SS2

    82. جلاده من فريق الجلادين

      منو يعرف شنو هاذ

    83. sabir ali

      Tell her name she is beautiful ❤️

    84. a x


    85. David Potter

      What are they cutting

    86. la jugadora de Fortnite :v

      Ganó el hombre

    87. MR루코

      important of masterva..............

    88. Vitor juan Gomes

      O q é isso q eles estão cortando?

    89. Rayan Khan


    90. Robbb

      What is that?

      1. Robbb

        @Snuckle 2 ty

      2. Snuckle 2


    91. Animating Idiot

      Man, kinda wish that they would sell the entire stick

    92. TheLosAngeles

      Pathetic. Enough of this already!!

    93. Mungo Lewis

      The self love hand though.....

    94. Ismellpennys 1

      Bro was holding back on her😂😂

    95. Dexter Grim

      He let you win

    96. Diggenator !

      work hard vs work smart

    97. るんるんるんるん


    98. rambo rangel

      What's that?