Top 40 Romania - 2 Hours POP MUSIC MIX


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    1. RotonMusicTV

      Care e piesa ta preferata? 🔝 🔥

      1. The One

        cele romanesti!

      2. Raisa Maria Dragut

        Imi place foarte mult prima piesa!

      3. Nadida Nadida

        И @ლ Šhínყ ŁPŚ ლ хзххххзззззххзхзззззххззххзззххх⁰0х

      4. Свилен

        What about Morandi?

      5. Conner Hugh

        @Hugo Jedidiah i will try it out right now. Seems good so far :)

    2. IAM HE

      Proverbs 30

    3. Luca Andrei Vandra

      mie place

    4. Sachin Pandey

      What is the name of first pop music

    5. Spaddy71 Banz

      The name of the second song plzzzz

      1. Spaddy71 Banz

        @Cornelia Teusan tq

      2. Spaddy71 Banz


      3. Cornelia Teusan


    6. Emilio Razvan

      I just wanna feel it 2021

    7. Obadia Waweru

      I love romanian music 🎶

    8. Andriana Grigorev

      Cum se numeste prima pesa ?

      1. Cornelia Teusan

        Get wet

    9. Sam Mohammadi

      Nice one 🤞

    10. Dan Danu

      Ce mizerii..unde a disparut muzica de altadat'?

    11. Zach88


    12. The One

      respect celor ce canta (inca) pe romana! :)

    13. Stefan Gaman

      Unde sunt Români?2021

    14. dj V

      da care i prikolu cu remix is dor numa videoclipuri si so mai adugat bost sau alt efect si. gata😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Old Viking

      What a shit!

    16. Nistor Madalin

      Era fain daca puneai si lista cu melodii.

    17. linda keysy balcazar yesan

      Este era el mix que buscaba

    18. Oscar Dayan Morantes Rodriguez

      what's the firts song please

      1. Cornelia Teusan

        Get wet

    19. Oscar Dayan Morantes Rodriguez

      please i need the playlist of this video

    20. Alexandru Mihai


    21. Lord for a reason

      Daaaamn who is the cutie at 1:10:15?

    22. 0118

      What is the name of the first song? I love this song from the Netherlands ❤️

      1. Petrescu Paul

        Fly Project Get We😉t

    23. Максим Буре

      Track 01:15

    24. aaah ALE URWAŁ

      jo tam jade nie ma chuja :D

    25. maximkaa777

      Great songs, but NEED a LIST of songs !!! Like for the author to see


      Sapno mai ati hai love song from india 🇮🇳

    27. ɱΛŦɦ ωĩŦɦ Æz¡z

      Listen from Iraq?

    28. scoo bee

      Can someone tell the name of hindi Roman fusion song???

    29. Earthman

      The song "You tell me lies" hurts my ears 22:10:00. That song is not healthy.

    30. shubham manoula

      2nd song is my all time favorite

    31. Roblox_ Rose

      Y love that music romanian ( i am romanian) ❤️

    32. Defne Sanem



      frumoasa melodia👍👍

    34. Porumb Antonio

      laturi de piese, mizerie de muzica

    35. RYZ3N MASTER

      a lui alexandra stan clar

    36. Livio Necco

      Hey!! Nici o piesa cu Delia???? Nu pot sa cred. Gen...

    37. Amar Solanke

      Love u from india 😉😍

    38. Attila PopiiiDIE INRI Fűlöp


    39. Teodora Liliana Virtosu Parau

      podeis poner la lista de las melodías?

    40. TMarius

      Best Videos,good music✌💖😘

    41. Lehel Birta

      Un playlist?



    43. Ghenadie Bordian


    44. Ернат Балтабаев

      Time code????

    45. _Larissa_ Nucă de cocos

      Foarte faine

    46. LuiVandor

      так ото по-русски.по испански не понимаю.(((

    47. Tabitha Ilas

      This is not good music. The ONLY good music is Christian Music! The only way to feel TRULY HAPPY and satisfied. Jesus cures depression, anxiety, and can heal your from ANYTHING! This music just gets closer to the devil on a different level.


      Imi place muzica asta foarte mult ❤😂

    49. YOung AAMiR

      Love from PAKISTAN ..

    50. Ismael איסמעיל Benaissa Rezkti בנייסה

      I like the music romana 😍👏

    51. Shah Ali

      Nice song dance 🥀

    52. Shah Ali

      Nice dance

    53. Shah Ali

      Nice song thanks

    54. Micu Alexandru

      Superb 👌 👌 👌

    55. Talia Decu

      era frumos ca la inceput sa scrie cum se cheama muzica

    56. CARDIFF4-1 CARDIFF4-1

      Romania Music ‘ The Best in Balkan

    57. JMS Fahrzeugteile. GmbH

      great music

    58. Павел Пичугин

      Огонь! Лето ! Курорт! ааааааа! спасибо за подборку!

    59. A L L M I I


    60. Зина Соловьева


    61. Irina Buhaianu


    62. Marisol YM

      It's amazing. The best music for my ears.

    63. Infodiya in

      Who comes from india like here

    64. IAM HE

      1 John 4 2This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. Revelation 13 16It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. e That number is 666.

    65. Troy Traynham

      Sarmale, mamaliga, Mici, Ciorba de Burta, Drob de miel, sour cream, cozonac, tuica, and Romanian hits all in America!

    66. EDIcoN


    67. Irina Grigorie

      I’m on

    68. Daler Gafuri

      Romania rocks party country of the World 🤙🏻🥃❤️🤘🏻✌🏻

    69. BTS X ARMY


    70. Alex Muntyan

      Where is the Romanian language?

    71. Belinha maravigold

      1:22 😍🥰🤩

    72. Basaga Viorica


    73. Ronnie Elnar

      cxcç c x

    74. Denisa Enache

      fiti implinitori ai Cuvantului, nu numai ascultatori inselandu-va singuri. Caci daca asculta cineva Cuvantul si nu-L implineste cu fapta, seamana cu un am care isi priveste fata intr-o oglinda, si dupa ce s-a privit pleaca si uita indata cum era. Dar cine isi va adanci privirile in Legea desavarsita care este Legea slobozeniei, si va starui in Ea, nu ca un ascultator uituc ci ca un implinitor cu fapta, va fi fericit in lucrarea lui. Daca crede cineva ca este religios, si nu-si infraneaza limba, ci isi inseala inima, religia unui astfel de om este zadarnica. Iacov 1: 22-26

    75. Clinton Yego

      i like the music from Kenya +254718825370 more more

    76. José Ramón González 098

      Sol domicano pero esta música son muy lindas Dios bendigas a Rumanía 🙏🙏🙏

    77. BASS

      Am coborât atât de mult standardele.

    78. Mihai Tudoroiu Mihai Tudoroiu

      Ariana 6fz

    79. Mihai Tudoroiu Mihai Tudoroiu

      David rfc

    80. Luca Turcan


    81. Luca Turcan

      Mi piacerebbe questa canzone e voglio scrivere 200 milioni di like

    82. Alin Sfira


    83. manuel hernandez


    84. BURBERRY

      Listen DIOR - MARKO GLASS feat BVCOVIA

    85. Dingir

      Hi everyone. I'm looking for the title of a song (I'm almost sure it's Romanian but I'm not sure) I remember the word "Melodìa" or "Melodìe". Can you help me? Thank you all.

      1. carcotasu081

        Lol, melodie literally means song. Nothing much to work with my guy

      2. Dingir

        @BURBERRY Nope

      3. BURBERRY