Top 10 Best Selling Songs Each Year (2010-2020)

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    Top 10 best selling songs each year worldwide according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
    Positions are based on total units sold (sales+streaming)
    Note: Streaming was added to the formula in 2013

    -Biggest songs each year (2010-2020)
    -Biggest songs of all time
    -Biggest global hit songs
    -Biggest worldwide hits of each year
    -Most iconic songs of all time
    -Best selling artists of all time
    -Best selling artists of the 2000s
    -Best selling artists of the 2010s
    -Best selling songs of all time
    -Best songs of all time
    -Best songs of the 2000s
    -Hit songs of 2010
    -Hit songs of 2011
    -Hit songs of 2012
    -Hit songs of 2013
    -Hit songs of 2014
    -Hit songs of 2015
    -Hit songs of 2016
    -Hit songs of 2017
    -Hit songs of 2018
    -Hit songs of 2019
    -Hit songs of 2020
    -Hit songs of 2020
    -Top 100 biggest worldwide hit songs ever
    -Chart history
    -Billboard hot 100
    -Billboard hot 100 all time list
    -Best song of the 2010s
    -ROfor most viewed songs of all time
    -Most streamed songs of all time
    -Spotify top 100
    -Shape Of You
    -Justin Bieber
    -Blinding Lights
    -Bad Guy
    -Lady Gaga
    -Bruno Mars
    -Ed Sheeran
    -Katy Perry
    -Taylor Swift
    -Ariana Grande
    -Michael Jackson
    -The Weeknd
    -Super Bowl half time show
    -Best selling albums of all time

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    1. Olsie

      In bad romance I thought lady gaga in the white suits were scary lol

    2. Charlie Hawkins

      2010,- 2015 is so nostalgic to me bc I was born In 07 so I grew up with these songs

    3. Eduardo Dudu

      Aí se eu te pego

    4. Vulcan Cent

      My heart aches for the old days. The days where people would gather together without fear.

    5. nulli93

      Kommt jemand aus Deutschland?

    6. Orestix

      man i remember almost all of them from my childhood 😀

    7. Abner Isaac García

      Uff el top tres de 2017

    8. Soe Moe Naing

      Lazy is a classic too

    9. Soe Moe Naing

      Baby is classic

    10. Eros_arrowsneeded

      6:54 happy is just amazing

    11. Suresh Bisht

      2016 is the winner for me here 👍

    12. Zoë

      in my opinion the oldest songs rule way more then the newer ones you see in the video.

    13. 3L4N0N1M0

      Nuestra infancia ❤️

    14. Raven Winchester

      So 2017 was the year I stopped listening to what was on the radio 🤣🤣

    15. Edh'z Rioz

      I got absolute list of te 2015 0.o

    16. Fillip Engebretsen

      That Was the best music in the world

    17. Jill Riedel

      I Like All These Song’s.

    18. CyberCrime

      So nostalgia

    19. Rizky Lucio Sutiawan RZKYLCSTWN

      This song maybe good but doesn't good like family

    20. Scarlett Rostron

      My faves the 2011 ones

    21. Paratainga T

      I wish I was in 2097 😔

    22. Snax

      Idk if anyone shares this view but 2018 is when it all went downhill

    23. Damien volkov

      I listened to about all of these songs

    24. ItZmrMaN35

      I forgot how wired the 2010’s music videos are lol



    26. Max’s Woofles

      I know every song on this video, and I can’t remember where I put my phone down😅

    27. Atsuko Zera

      Growing up to these were a gift, an evelution of my generation of music, i love music, its been my serotonin in the hard times, and my roots that have kept me standing throughout the blazing winds of these last few years

    28. Doki-Doki

      O much Ed sheeren

    29. Doki-Doki

      I luv Camilla :D

    30. Leonardo 004

      Michel teló kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    31. Duvan

      1:32 Prediccion con tiktok

    32. Beebob Plays

      2019 has some good tast

    33. wnoything

      3:52 this song makes me feel the oppisite

    34. Jules Locherer

      Why 2017 feels so close ! How humble is 5 yo

    35. Tyler Snee

      Bruno’s Mars smacks

    36. Manuel Jaco

      Why do Taylor has only 1 song???

    37. Mohammad Hanzala

      wish i could turn back time 🥲

    38. 0️⃣ 🇧🇷 SOMBRA 🇧🇷 0️⃣

      this marked my adolescence and childhood memories I remember most of the songs

    39. Arpit

      How nostalgic!!!

    40. lemon

      i miss all of these sort of songs

    41. Wiktoria Jędrzejewska

      2018 in my ind

    42. Salsicha Com câncer

      Du nada Michel telo kkkkkkkkkkk

    43. Dilum Wellala

      This is full with with old memories

    44. Taíno Loco

      Best music was 90s to 2014

    45. Crispy llama

      I love this

    46. idkWhatIamdoing withmylife

      Ahhh yes the good old times where we didn’t live in a cancel culture, miss that

    47. Rayo

      Mi infancia en 15 minutos, sinceramente algo de nostalgia no viene mal.

    48. vinicin29

      Aw brasil is in the video very cool and i am from brasil

    49. huu phuoc vo

      Someone: Bruno Mars is overrate; Bruno Mars is C+ singer now; .. Fact: Every 10 comments has at least 1 comment about Bruno and his talent. Yes, his era can be gone, but his talent can't be deny. He's still a legend.

    50. koyasworld

      I just love how Bruno Mars is on the 2011 list 3 times

    51. Kecko

      2015 no.1 is the best because they got family

    52. Natkb_X



      8:59 this song sounds so good


      12:43 Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran is fire

    55. BeyPoke Talks

      BTS haters like here

    56. Hoshizora

      Holy cow, this video gives me alot of nostalgia, Can't believe its already a Decade.

    57. Besti

      I was born in 2011, and every song in 2010-2012 are songs I love

    58. Ashok Acharya

      2015 music season was something 🔥

    59. Sultan Sarsenbayev

      I thought that I will not see Taylor Swift. But why her other good songs, are not in the top?

    60. 24hk22 Giaitri

      Feded of Alan Walker??

    61. Ethical Gamer

      2016 was full of epicness

    62. Eric

      Most of these are absolute bangers. FUCK dance monkey tho

    63. Dimas Senru

      Where 1D

    64. NOVA PRIME

      Any xo here?

    65. adolfo hernandez villasenor

      Infancia encontrada

    66. Neguin Style


    67. Blu Boy

      Got a memory from when I was six and my sister broke my arm to number 4 from 2010 when I was like 6

    68. Neguin Style


    69. Mauricio Pacaje Flores

      Falta 2013 martin garrix animals top1 es

    70. John Rey

      That let it go is literally a bop

    71. Dirty girl 🍑🍑

      Wow nice

    72. John Rey

      Katy Perry was literally part of our childhood

    73. F.O.B.

      Is it weird that my sister was born in 2014 and the number one song is one of her favorite song

    74. Its_V4RIANT

      I couldve sworn lucid dreams wouldve been on here.

    75. GingkaSnapss

      here is a song that has to be in the list i thought it was soo good but i dont know if other will like so here is the link

    76. krizxkhee

      Being a kid is the most memorable time ever

    77. sh. alr

      super bass is now Diamond ? why it’s not here

    78. Johnny joestar

      Ima make sure my kids know this era of songs games and everything that is godly about this great time

    79. DeCrypto

      It was so simple back then.

    80. Mister pro

      Y xxxtentacion

    81. Bobyrath Gaming

      2014 and on are my prime years a know a little before that but then it started the jog my memory

    82. TheManWithThePlan

      When you only know most of the 2010-2015 songs from my craft parodies

    83. lupo341

      There are so many Feelings connected to these Songs that were Hiddensee deep down and I'm legit about to cry

    84. Mait Rebane

      O well i'm 31 and still listening rock music since i was 7 years old 😜

    85. Mateus Oliveira Souza

      Amei esse vídeo...achei todas as músicas que eu nunca achei o nome... Amei, muito obrigado... Faz mais vídeos assim

    86. DaBaby Official

      Crazy how I know every single one of these songs

    87. ThePlugOnYT


    88. Itz-Erika

      The whole time me just vibing xD

    89. Medlet

      2011 and 2012 slapped. I was 16-17 then... It feels like yesterday

    90. Anton Nikogosov

      Wow, didn't quite realize 2017 was such a musical nightmare

    91. Kaito Ka

      when you are a metal head and there is no 1 metal or rock song :')

    92. Felix Buchmann

      I was born in 2007 but i wish i had been older by that time

    93. George Medard

      WoW kEsHa InSPiREd TIK tOk

    94. Juuh s4turn


    95. Chān Lone


    96. Chān Lone

      Fuck this vedio no xxxtentacion song included

    97. Rakel Mistykali

      ;-; yea remember all that songs

    98. yayat peter

      2010-2019👍 2020- 👎

    99. I can see Jesus

      How the hell isn't there any xxxtentation song?!

    100. Hiro Shi

      One man in each year's:Bruno Mars everybody