The New Mercedes S Class 2021 Test Drive


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    Here it is, the all new Mercedes S Class S500 L with the AMG Sport Package! Welcome to Alaatin61! Follow/Share/Like For More
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    In this video you can see a visual review of the obsidian black metallic Mercedes S Class. Furthermore you can hear the sound and you can see the interior, MBUX and exterior of this Mercedes. This car is fitted with 20 inch multi spoke AMG styling rims.
    Car: 2021 Mercedes S Class
    Price: €190.061,-
    Mercedes S500 L 4 Matic
    3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine inline
    435 Hp
    520 Nm
    9 Speed Automatic
    250 km/h limited
    1945 kg

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      1. Arash Zare

        Mercedes benz ❤️💪💪

      2. Талант Омуралиев

        Give Mi Mercedes me..

      3. Arash Zare

        @Наталья Гончарова Привет, как дела

    2. Grigorij Petkovich

      Ein Auto welches wie ClS aussieht,ist den Preis nicht mehr wert!Mercedes Fahrzeuge sehen alle gleich aus inzwischen (((Pfui...

    3. sang marocain

      هاي مارسايديس، شو فمو عوج


      Made in china car 😀😀😀 w140 best s class forever

    5. Tugraa 701

      Schiedami iyi geziyon

    6. hakan xx

      Heyy mercedes seni alacak param yok.

    7. Usama Usama

      So beautifull car like very much and want to ride it and Gode make it more famous

    8. Arash Zare

      Mercedes benz 💪💪💪

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    10. Emir Alkurt

      Abi trabzonlumusun

    11. FLEX FF

      @yassine blj

    12. Kun Agung Sumarmo

      Its electric car?



    14. Aap ke Liye

      Hi marcedes....? Plz come to me fast😍

    15. Z A J B E


    16. Ahmed Sherif79

      حد يودينني الانعااااش ي جدعااااان

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    18. Ink NYC

      Love the technology on this vehicle

    19. DEAD DEVIL

      me planning to buy a second hand fiat 500 see this hmmmmm intrestingggggggggggggg hahhaha

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    21. senad_baba_mercedes

      Mercedes mafija

    22. Sloomy TV

      tva da ne ti e need for speed we

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      😱😱😱😱😱 ❤❤❤❤❤

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      One day I will have this😘😘🔥🤫

    25. Tolga GECGEL

      Seyrederken tırnakları yediren araba :-)

    26. Sambo Hluvuko Matimba

      What a luxury car!

    27. shacarry

      Vaybe abi chiron videondan geldim

    28. Ramesh Kumar

      I never see a car like this

    29. Thomad Nasr


    30. CatDude

      Sad, but these new engines lacks that old school bass roar, sound like a motorcycle

      1. goldenegg

        This is the standard engine option which is an I6, you can get a twin turbocharged V8 and even a 6.5 litre twin turbocharged V12!

    31. Mar Gueye


    32. forza roma

      gypsy car🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Zbigniew Piatek

      As a driver of Lexus ES I must say that this ambient lighting in S500 looks, sorry for that, like red light district.

    34. Big Ace

      Me--Hey, Mercedes Car- how may I help you? Me-- tell me a joke Car-- you're about to hit a wall Me- wait, what? Car - - - ahahahahha 🤣 🤣, you just did fool

    35. KRŌNIN

      Driver- Hey Mercedes! You are A fool! Le Mercedes *opens door* and say- Nikal Laude Pehli Fursat Me nikal! 😂😂 And The situation is in mid of highway at midnight 😂😂

      1. No One Cares

        Wat ?

    36. KRŌNIN

      Driver- Hey Mercedes! Tell Me A joke! Mercedes- "Tells a joke" Driver - Doesn't do anything Le Mercedes- Re Hass re halkat Hass! 😂😂

    37. Sufyan Aziz

      "Hey Mercedes! Tell me a joke: Mercedes: You are a joke Me:😠

    38. ÖmssDeBömss

      I hope i drive this in my dream let alone irl

    39. YEA TV

      Türkler Bir Beğensinde sayımızı bilelim.👍👍👍

    40. Joshua Anderson

      I hate that I dont like the grill of the car but the interior is gorgeous

    41. Supremely Cars

      I really like your channel I hope you will upload more content like this 😍👌 just subscribed to your channel ❤❤ best channel everrr keep it up mate 😍

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    44. THE yepyo

      Hey mercaydes

    45. Sarah mueller

      Cool Car

    46. Oliver Konzert

      ""Hey driver, shut your mouth"

    47. DON Dino

      To an old man driving an s class 2 years ago and now is like punishing a bling man by re-arranging the furniture around the house. Just way too much between a Tesla and a spacex spaceship. The S class was always that luxury yacht not a spaceship, thus Id take the older one any day.

    48. Thierno malick Mbengue

      Hey Mercedes i like you

    49. Абонент Недоступен

      агонь! ракета!

    50. lm10 the greatest

      hey mersedes how many kids are starving to death each day?

    51. amfohr

      Hey Mercedes.. No not now, I've got a headache

    52. Serenity

      Alaatin is flying on the road !!

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      i know you came here for me

    54. GameZone

      One Day it's Mine

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    56. Cynthia Coc

      Omgggg I am in love

    57. Fethi Maamar

      اللهم لا تنسنا من فضلك

    58. Mac P

      too many things in this car that distract the driver... not that safe

    59. Sam Rabi

      Wow! over 20 Million ppl is riding this car with you!!

    60. Mertlox

      The name is more like Mercedes S(exy)-Class 2021

    61. Syeda'S Vlog

      Wow 👏

    62. bibbek1

      what a cringe looking interior

    63. claudio apl


    64. Visar Sylka

      S Clas. Interiören c Clas interiör same shit fuck this

    65. Muhammad Dennis

      song? anybody knows?

    66. علي الإبراهيمي

      الي من العراق وجاي يشاهد هذا الفيديو يحط لايك خنشوف كم عراقي يشاهد هاذهي السياره 🥰🥰🥰

    67. MRwhosTheMaster 《SamsungTechTips》

      it's not the best engine you can buy there's also a 500hp+ hybride engine (if I'm not wrong)

    68. Emre Unal

      Yes Driving👍



    70. Tailored B

      Oh my god 🥶🥶🥶

    71. Dino EK

      This is actually simulated driving..

    72. Aatif Shaikh

      Do more study so we can by this car one day😎😎 😎😎

    73. nigeyman007

      Hey Mercedes I need your cloths your boots and ya motor cycle

    74. Rochane Lacteur

      راءع wawe

    75. Cheib Abdou

      للهم صل وسلم على سيدنا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة والسلام

    76. MDzenis

      That RGB is some cheesy shit. And it's not like there weren't already enough distractions in that car.

    77. Solution Master

      The Best Car Of The Year ...

    78. White Pigeon

      Can anyone name the intro song 🤔🤔?

    79. ٠٠٢١٢٦٦١٠٦٢٥٣٣ ٠٠٢١٢٦٦١٠٦٢٥٣٣

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    80. ٠٠٢١٢٦٦١٠٦٢٥٣٣ ٠٠٢١٢٦٦١٠٦٢٥٣٣

      يربي أوديرزقني أوديرزق جميع إلمسليمين بيلبليير يربي أمين يارب أمين يارب أوديرزقني بيسيرت إلفخيرة يربي أمين يارب أمين يارب أوديرزقني أوديرزق جميع إلمسليمين إبجنت إلفيردوس إل أعللة يربي أمين يارب أمين يارب أوديرزقني أوديرزق جميع إلمسليمين بيلبليير يربي أمين

    81. Zino O.

      I see a lot of people purchasing luxurious cars with Bitcoin, and I feel like also trying this out

      1. EFESIOS 5:11

        Fake experts

      2. Jimmy Octave

        How ??

      3. Ken Donald

        This is her name on Telegram @expert_Ameliabrandon

      4. Andrew Hannah

        Females has been on the game for years now. Lack of recommendation has been their limiting factor

      5. Marcus Alonso

        Wow So glad females are ontop of the game now. thought forex & crypto is a male thing

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    83. saurabh muneshwar

      Are you Shure its not an electric car

    84. Teymur Alicanov

      Hey mercedes, I LOVE you))))

    85. Van Nayavisal1

      This car is so silent love it💕

    86. Kamil Namo

      This is make brexite 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Favio Montecinos

      In my opinion, Mercedes is ruining its cars, I do not mean that they are bad, but before Mercedes was a luxury brand, presence and style, now I see it as a brand that focuses only on advancing the technology of its cars by making These cars have a futuristic design but losing the luxury, appearance and style, they should focus more on what they were before and not lose their style that no other brand had

    88. thug life



      Is dit in rdam zuid bij lombardijen

    90. Desmond Akoto

      Too much luxury and very sweet

    91. The RavenHD

      Music? :)

    92. LOKIFY

      I don't get why nobody mentioned this part particularly 6:13 He turned on his indicator to the left, whilst someone was driving in his blindspot as you can see on the left corner of the left mirror. The car recognized the car and gave a warning sound, as well as the ambient lightning changing to red, to indicate possible danger. This is genius and very well thought out. Respect to Mercedes for this one, even though I'm not the biggest fan of the new S Class.

    93. Billionaire Eyes BBP

    94. Alessandro Jn Baptiste

      Person: How many screens can I get in my car??? Mercedes: Yes.....

    95. Tommy

      Who is the best one Macdes Benz S class or Marcdes G63 g ?!

    96. 잡종채널

      씨발끄 차존나좋네 로또1등기운받아서 나도사자ㄱㄱ

    97. sam Sam

      Stupid stupid commands open the sunroof change lighting

    98. Santy Mendoza

      pero daleeeee salta un puiesnte mata alguien ase algo enfermo pobre

    99. Louay Rahmouni

      i'm getting goosbumps for watching OMG my favourite car i'm buying this when i got the money 100%

      1. Swrmxs Metal


    100. Hossain Khan

      Wow 😳