The Deadly Physics of GUM Ninjas! | The SCIENCE of.. Ninjala

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    Special thanks to GungHo Online Entertainment and Ninjala for sponsoring this episode!
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    Ninjala is kicking off Season 3 is a collaborative event with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s hit song “Ninja Re Bang Bang - Steve Aoki Remix.” From October 28 through November 25, players will be able to purchase the BGM remix to play during battle, Kyary’s ninja outfit from her original music video, and a themed dance emote from the Specialty Shop!
    At some point in your life you've probably wanted to be a ninja, right? You wanted to be able to do all the cool stunts and have the amazing skills we see in movies. Well, what if there was a GUM that could help you have those skills? That's what happens in the world of Ninjala and I want to know how it WORKS! Today, Austin is going to answer that question and more!
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    1. Mrllamayee


    2. A Normal guy

      who else didn't read the thumbnail right?

    3. Anya Warrior

      i woke up from a nap that wrecked me (sweaty, messy hair, groggy, miserable) and immediately jumped to here because, well, it's gonna keep me sane with _the big numbers,_ so thanks austin

    4. quisby


    5. Leo Martinez

      Who thought of wall running? Just like “hey ima run on that wall”

    6. catgamer 280

      Ummmmmmm thats not "gum"

    7. gabe juhasz

      It would be cool if Ninjala put some Puzzle and Dragons characters into their game.

    8. Nulve

      Thank you for the great tips like not eating c4

    9. Iced Tea

      Hey I remember rocketeer

    10. Sora Nekohime Ch.

      Gum? In "Release the Spyce" they eat something that looks like sticks of cinnamon to get their power

    11. The Animator

      Who are you?

    12. Mr White

      I know that I'm late to the table, but I remember the Rocketeer. And I too was "doubly charmed."

    13. Ellizandra Stormhaven

      Instructions unclear. Ate c4.

    14. Birb UwU

      Bruh the game is the rip off of splatoon2

    15. Max Morgan

      Dear austin You may be able to nitpik these games physics apart but you cannot nitpik the fun in these games apart Sincely Morgan

    16. Tuminafiar

      nobody: not even the FNaF fandom: Me: THATS A RIP OFF OF SPLATOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Cyclone

      I'm so used to mat I forgot about Austin lol

    18. ItzRedHeadPlayz

      "How it feels to chew ninja gum" IPPPPOOONNNN "Stimulate your senses"

    19. Sonar Manokit

      I saw the thumbnail and did not read it as "death by gum"...

    20. ProMaster96

      Splatoon 2.5

    21. Mr. Dumb-Doomer

      Bro, might aswell make a gun with the magical gum that some scientists made in their lab.

    22. A.M. The Shiny Johto Hunter

      My gosh this game looks like Naruto right down to the white haired protagonist wiping his nose... 😳 tell me I’m not the only one who sees it!!

    23. Da Purple Fax


    24. Darkstorm

      I just got an ad for gum... Nice

    25. 05 - 2 council member [REACTED]

      dude take chill pill

    26. The Poyo Boyo

      OH it said death by GUM... oh...

    27. K.TPlayz YT

      Austin, I have a video idea! WOULD'VE YOU MAKE A NEW NINJALA VIDEO THAT IS ABOUT HOW THE WEAPONS ARE FORMED! (Please also include the Skateboards they are UNDOUBTLY THE BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME)

    28. Anii Saddler

      Why you have to messed up this game!?😭

    29. Alt Account

      Let’s teach Usain bolt how to wall run

    30. plush luigi

      Hmm? Why is this a similar thumbnail to the spongebob episode on film theory about the gooballs in goo lagoon

    31. PopMasterAlan

      I don’t know man, seems like a soplatoon ripoff

    32. MaikoWasTaken


    33. makeda artis

      so basically eat the c4?

    34. Kat Cat wolf

      Me: (dosen't understand anything) .... Ima watch till the end... Me at the end: ... *All* *I* *understood* *was* *that* *he* *needs* *a* *break...*

    35. Mateo Johnson


    36. ScribbleGamerYT

      I used to play Ninjala, but I was trash at the rock paper scissors.

    37. MoonI1ght

      I love playing this game

    38. Johnson Li

      what it feels to chew 5 ningum. 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    39. Rabbles the Binx Productions

      Austin: Do NOT eat C-4!!! Me: ... ... Whoops 😳

    40. addi9760 addi9760

      12:35 Did HE JuSt!?!

    41. mmdfreak 1410

      "mom can we get splatoon?" "we have splatoon at home!" Splatoon at home:

    42. Back Of The Bus

      what's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

    43. TheUndeadBowman

      Wait, TWELVE year olds weigh 41.5 kilograms?

    44. KingRaptor

      The only way it be deadly is if you swallowed some by Willy Wonka

    45. simonxl


    46. Amoor Smith

      My Teacher: SO what did you Write for your Science Project Jackson? Me: Do not eat C4. My Teacher: B-

    47. Zesty Nacho man

      Austin: do not eat C4 Me, a champion: *dies*

    48. John Ross

      Oh my mind is nasty after seeing that thumbnail

    49. copycat


    50. bonjour bear

      "Don't eat c4" Hey ferb, i know what we will do today

    51. RealQmoney Studios

      I rather Matt pat I cannot watch game theory with this guy no offence

    52. Neon F

      The first and last videos you showed “wall running” is actually tic tacking

    53. BlakDragon220

      "Nerf Katana!" LOL, I thought I was the only one that said that, referring to a perfectly good Century foam katana my boss nearly threw away last year. I have it now.

    54. Juan Ignacio López Tellechea

      The sience! Is the only show were I like the sponsors because i laugh 100000000000000 times more for thos dumb game companies.

    55. Liam da Lemon!

      No wonder Spinjitzu is almost insta kill! Well if there is any saving grace it's that at least the victim lands in gum instead of being more violently slammed against a wall!

    56. Benjamin Franklin


    57. Galactic Queen Suzie

      I'm sorry, but its just a lot worse when Matpat isn't doing the stuff..

    58. Foxy Zzzz

      No not. Me

    59. Slamseydrawz

      Rocketieers more like soliders in attack on titan

    60. Spinagus

      does anyone else think Austin has the triforce of wisdom?

    61. Grim The Reaper

      I Enjoy C4 What A Delicacy

    62. Akshita


    63. Daniel dasilva

      Saw the "G" as a "C" a moment there in the title

    64. Treasure Plays

      For some reason I understand him and I’m only in 7th grade

    65. Treasure Plays

      Okay guys time to eat C4

    66. General Biff

      I loved the rocketeer fantastic jet pack movie

    67. Vo1d_SoarZx

      Why are you going so deep into this it’s just a damn game

    68. fish

      There is no science to a game where you have to pay for the story chapters

    69. Zelda Fan5555

      Austin you confuse me bring matpat over

    70. Marie Augustie Balo

      "I'll be nice to you :)" A few mins later... "YOU CAN RUN, YOU CAN HIDE BUT YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE ME"

    71. Joshua Grafmüller

      question: how can you possibly use pixelmessermate, when the scize of the object can be seen from different positions?

    72. The four Es

      Is this game on ps4

    73. Dpslab

      How did you get 45 degrees when one leg is straight up double the other?

    74. Catherine Anderson

      12:37 who else caught it. Im not gunna tell you just keep it paused and look at the number 69. If ya know ya know

    75. Wildkat2309

      Why can't we just play a game as a game and not as science project?

    76. Blu3arth

      Let me tell you something, it's a video game... It's not real.

    77. WolfeGaming

      Ok so at 15:10 Austin uses the Pythagorean Theorem, but it looks wrong to me. He says the Dummy went left 4 squares and forward 19, then claims the result is 16. But that shouldn't be possible, I think he swapped the hypotenuse with an edge. The right angle is between the 4 edge and the 19 edge, so the actual formula should be 4^2 + 19^2 = x^2, 16+361=x^2, 377=x^2, x= 19.4165. Basically, he solved for an edge as if the hypotenuse was 19, when in reality he should have solved for the hypotenuse using 4 and 19 as the edges. I don't know if that changes the rest of the math much, but while we're being pedantic about video games and math I figured why not be pedantic about the pedantic math.

    78. lapis wxlf

      Essentially the gum tornado is an instant social distancing ray

    79. EstrellaƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      The mad scientist is back. XD

    80. He

      replace the g with a c haha

    81. Darrien Brown

      Do Jetpack joyride

    82. Peakrainbow 1370

      C u m n i n j a s

    83. Go gameing

      So technically you can wall run on Mars

    84. Tajudin Ali

      matpat is better

    85. George Kincannon


    86. Pixli

      I just read the thumbnail wrong to the "not so good word"

    87. A Person

      Hey Austin, how do the taxis with sails in the background of New Donk City in Mario Odyssey fly?

    88. Ninja9 Tales

      this is nothing like splatoon it has some of the grafics but it is nothing like it

    89. sosrfcjct

      Austin right why are you not here often

    90. Diego Sanchez

      What happened to mat pat

    91. hey_ The-world

      Im like 12 and i cant under stand i sentence of what he says

    92. Brandan -

      Who dis

    93. Elladan

      6:04 I thought he would say "I always come back"

    94. Jonathan Carmody

      The moment i heard 'i do love me some internal bleeding', i knew i was in for a good time

    95. Tamir Lapidus

      Some of this could be taken out of context

    96. mlisp

      wait. if Eagal city is new york, then why is there the space needle..?

    97. Brii does art

      Do NOT eat c4

    98. Mark Fortman

      I think you lost it like lost it years ago

    99. Brady Carey

      Aight Ima go eat some C4 so I can double jump to the basketball stuck in the ceiling at my elementary school gym