The Champions: Season 5, Episode 1

B/R Football

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    Lionel Messi is having trouble sleeping at Barcelona.

    Maybe it’s time to try another club?

    The next episode will drop on Monday, 3 May 2021, at 5 p.m. ET.

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    1. mike pox

      The amused click uniformly plant because mirror architecturally dream throughout a deep throne. dead, eatable care

    2. Logan Bopp

      I just want to be a team player on a team built entirely around me😂

    3. Tav Finkelstein

      4:30 that was sad lmao

    4. Jannah Mufty

      Aguero was right on time👍

    5. Jannah Mufty

      Aguero was right on time👍

    6. Jon_snow 8487

      2:57 Agüero : „tadaaa“

    7. Williames Gordo

      só eu que acho engraçado isso kkkkkkkkkkk

    8. Mostafa Ali

      Man City crowd sounds Man this is the best episod

    9. Trupti Thally

      I like how Messi's sound is so calm

    10. Sebastian Djohan

      lol this is so funny

    11. Juan Sebastián Gaviria leaño

      2:54 JAJAJAJAJA i like the reference

    12. Skand Swami

      That's exactly how Messi is to me - getting people fired, passive-aggressive, and always finding a way to run from blames. Doesn't say much, but wants to be treated like a god.

    13. Diulo Ngambele

      4:57 Neymar once again in Messi’s Shadow😂

    14. Simon Wang

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    15. Mortal Conquaster

      1:24 Suarez is not in barca anymore

    16. Fun With Memes

      It's funny because Aguero is actually on Barcelona with Messi now lol

    17. Flappy

      i like it

    18. Melukuthula Sibanda

    19. Ionita Alexandru


    20. Shirwac Ali

      0:13 Jose wasn’t the youngest manager to ever to win the European Cup, he was 41 when he won it with Porto. The youngest manager was Pep who was 38 when he won it with Barcelona in 2009.

    21. yinnkie

      Seems am the only one who caught the 550 million referrence

    22. danh phạm

      Thanks, this video helps me learn English better

    23. danh phạm

      So funny

    24. ankit rayamaghi

      Neymar being under Messi shadow😆😆

    25. Matthew Folefac

      Anyone notice Neymar getting out of Messi's shadow at 4:54? Epic stuff, applauds to the writers

    26. Shajau Rahman

      2:50 best part 😂 aguaroooooo

    27. Sadika Hilley

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    29. Bryan Jandson

      Kkkkkkkkkkkk muito bom cara

    30. Gibbo Lobbolo

      This episode is sooooo clever, the references are spot on. Keep up the good work!

    31. Hazel kahya

      4ddccccccfbvftrrr said he had been to his family for the first two weeks in a few months before the end in January after he died at a time in which the first leg was shot at a hospital at his first home at his first

    32. John Dart

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    33. Lucas Demirel

      The Neymar in Messi’s shadow at the end, these guys don’t miss.

    34. Markos Woldemariam

      What is this about👨🏻‍💻

      1. ZakRC

        Messi wanting to leave Barcelona

    35. Jay Witt

      Anyone else get Davies sleeping in a Red Barchetta?

    36. No8buk

      This is the best season so far.

    37. Sadika Hilley

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    38. Alan Coman

      OMG. Savage!

    39. ian joseph

    40. Crystal Willie

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    42. Rafael Valentin

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    43. nations League tv1

      8:2 Bayer

    44. Simmo Ömer

      Come to Fenerbahçe Messi 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Marcel Merdita


    46. eupedriN

      Cadê o português Man

    47. Santanu Phukan

      2:20 you gotta love that Hansi Flick turns up just to burn Messi than try to recruit him lol. It perfectly matches Bayern's style of not signing big star players. This is gold.

    48. Dulce Sawin

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    49. Sultan X

      neymar shadow thing was hilarious. and AGUEROOOOOOAAHHH

    50. Liakos

      It would be more entertaining if Conor Moore would imitate some of the Managers. :)

    51. febfrin

      "mow i dont even need to pretend to be nice " awkawkwka

    52. Luke !

      The funny thing is messi has only got 3 years left before he’s on a decline

    53. ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb

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    54. Local Communist

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    55. Kaleab Eshetu

      Why don't they use the voice of the impressionists ? It would be gr8 2 see

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    57. Mak Films T


      This is 🔥💯

    59. Yuran Chen

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    60. Noah ISG

      Davies lighting McQueen bed

    61. RAC

      Who are the 3 people that appear alongisde Neymar? Can someone ask please

    62. just a normal human

      0:30 i don't understand this one

      1. RAC

        Yes, the freecick vs porto in champions league 20/21

      2. just a normal human

        @RAC the ronaldo one

      3. RAC

        freekick vs porto ?

    63. Deadpool joker

      Stress elements 8 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

    64. New movies Studio 1

      Aguerooo funny

    65. Shivang Bhanti

      The intelligent humour in this damnn

    66. Helman Ruiz

      LMAO Brenden Rodgers and his fortune telling card 2:19

    67. gia khanh Nguyen

      '555 mil threads count'...Hahahaha

    68. Thashen Roopram

      Aguerooooooooo made me laugh 😂😂😂

    69. Mr Ab

      Why neymar is sleeping with his crew hahahahahah

    70. Mr Ab

      That scream hahahahah 0:31

    71. K.I.D _sa

      2:50 killed me😂😂😭😭

    72. Bryan Restrepo

      Please in Spanish

    73. Lorex45 gaming

      Man city fans 😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Franco Méndez

      Lo necesito subtitulado 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    75. ianno lefty iann

      Ederson has a clean sheet here too Uh en Messi is all messy.

    76. Erik Aldecoa Flores

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    78. giuliano fertonani

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    79. António Lopes

      Why messi has no accent?

    80. Kuzgun

      Klopp: Leo babyyy😂, come test some spirit☠⚙

    81. Harrydas Tukwa


    82. Harrydas Tukwa


    83. Charles Tolmava

      I will forever appreciate the effort of *Kevin_crackz on IG* for keeping all his promises. He perfectly got my account unbanned again

    84. Charles Tolmava

      I will forever appreciate the effort of *Kevin_crackz on IG* for keeping all his promises. He perfectly got my account unbanned again

    85. Charles Tolmava

      I will forever appreciate the effort of *Kevin_crackz on IG* for keeping all his promises. He perfectly got my account unbanned again

    86. Ponte Rickoso

      Sería perfecto si tuviera subtítulos porque no entiendo ni la mitad ksksjdj

    87. Yug Goswami

      4:57 Neymar shifted on bed because he didn't wanted to be in messi shadow

    88. Dan Agaba Tindiwensi

      I H8-2 to think you are having sleeping troubles.😭😭😭😭😭

    89. اندرسانس [six]

      Messi could not sleep because of 2-8 😂

    90. junior paddy

      crowd sounds

    91. MDX Cryptø °•


    92. Romario Johnson

      Diego Costa with the “Off the grid” Shirt😂😂😂

      1. Kshitiz

        Exactly,I wonder why nobody else noticed it.

    93. Margie Petersen

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    97. Alves Livramento silva

      Witch program tho the youz

    98. Michal Lata


    99. frank simba

      3:36 Man City crows Sound is silent cz they have no crowd LOL

    100. ericMICTER779

      “No esperes a vivir mañana: vive hoy.” Marcial