Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    00:00 Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS
    08:01 Dhars Outro
    08:22 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Troy Whitaker and Dhar Mann
    Idea: Dhar Mann
    Director: Mario Rodriguez
    Editor: Grant Swanson
    Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellano, Elisandro Gonzalez
    Sound: Brian Sly
    Teacher - Katherine Norland
    Principal - Sean Harris
    Adam - Ayden Mekus
    Marcus - Devon Weetly
    Mom - Shaunte Massard
    Dad - Eric J. Black
    Woman - Dehab Hagi
    Secretary - Dorothy Mannine
    Janitor - Richard Larimore
    Student 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
    Student 2 - Xavier Owens
    Student 3 - Orion Hunter
    Student 4 - Maci Brust
    Student 5 - Nyasia Surgick
    Student 6 - Angelina Koerner
    Student 7 - Ty'Quasha Palmer

    #LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    1. Dhar Mann

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      1. Ruben Herrera


      2. Felipe Quadrado

        Dhar Mann, just to help the fact that Marcus walked to the end of the a class door with a glass wall kinda takes away the importance of glass... while Marcus went to the door to see his father, his father looked at him through the glass... you know what I'm trying to say? just trying to help here...

      3. Osvaldo Gaytan Cruz

        I love you you are the best actress

      4. Mason Cartier

        Dhar Mann

    2. Julie Hillerman


    3. I am the senate

      I don't think this ever happens


      *Bruh I sleep in class and I have really bad eyes like that* And no one thinks im *sus*

    5. Karely Ayon Astorga

      you change all my life but not drugs I don't do it

    6. Abby Wilson

      4x2 to the power of 2 is 64. And add 3x X=3

    7. The rubikes Bros

      If it’s assigned seating the drugs should be at the kids desk

    8. Benjamin Gochar Morales

      This happend to me and I’m very sad and cried and can’t get over it so pls leave a like your a legend help me get through this


      Ok she accused him cause he was black this lady it rasist.

      1. NICK RUELAS

        Noo not that bc they found drugs and it was in his desk Or probably she is racist

    10. NNighttmare

      Adam = Drug deal er

    11. Jose Murillo

      Karen more like scaren ayyyyyyyyeeeee

    12. TJ Willz

      The teacher is on drugs because what teacher gets a apple from a kid that has no work and say it is ok

    13. Redpill

      x = 19 at 1:25

    14. Cherice Gittens

      To be honest, this hurts me, because the same thing happened but different because my teachers are racist.

    15. Lry1c_astro

      That thumbnail lmaooo

    16. kim majury


    17. XssShadowSniperssX Ledesma

      No ones gonna talk about how his wearing a Hoodie And A Hat

    18. Mele Sivatia

      Karen 😀✋🏽(No hate)

    19. Sage Schmidt

      The easier way to avoid all this: *Lab test*

    20. corina urrutia


    21. double a gamers

      so you see...

    22. Mr. Lazer

      the teacher is dumber than the students, she used an x for multiplication in algebra

    23. Mxddison Dxmon

      If this was real, that teacher would probably go to jail lol

    24. Phantom Blivion

      Why do people dislike this? This shows a Honorable lesson to learn to not lie and always tell the truth.

    25. StickHits

      Dhar Mann goes full circle to literally being racist while trying to make a cringe anti-racist video. How dumb are you to go to the black dad leaving stereotype while attempting to expose stereotypes, jesus christ how do these videos get this level of views and likes? Who is the demographic?

    26. Tracy Smith

      Adam Adam Adam Why why why Would would would You do DRUUUUUUUUGGGGGGSSSSSSSSS! I think he did drugs but idk

    27. Grumpyfrogg

      LswlZ Z Z Aa

    28. Lucas Li

      Have you ever considered making your videos relatable to real world antagonists so that they might actually change themselves for the better, instead of making extremely unrealistic utopian worlds where everything goes right for the protagonists and the antagonists get what they deserve, because that is what makes real world bullies and criminals seethe with rage, pushing them onwards to do worse and worse. Basically what I am saying is that your videos make the real world bad guys more bad, since in your videos the bad guys fail miserably, but if you made the videos relatable for the bad guys, then brainwash the good messages into their heads, they'll improve! Please read this, because your current videos are so painful to watch and are changing lives... for the worse.

    29. Marco Hernandez

      Ms Alice and Mr Steinbeck Drugs Drink Robert and Aqua Sister Officer Ms Grace and Ray

    30. Diana Diso

      Why was Marcus wearing a hoodie

      1. Sir Drew

        Good question. We know that he wore sunglasses to hide his red eyes and also that his eyes were sore and sensitive to bright light. He could have been wearing a hoodie because he was feeling depressed or something.

    31. S4muel

      Critikal brought me here

    32. lic3d

      I'm glad it wasn't about his skin color. . .or she didn't seem spiteful because of his skincolor

    33. Polaris YT

      Uhm why his eyes turned from red to normal in a couple of seconds?

    34. Anime Legend_42

      "Then you come up here with these bloodshot eyes..." 3:11 Ummm... I don't think those eyes are so bloodshot anymore...

    35. Vozify xo

      Never jump to conclusions

    36. reloadetray

      The cut makes it so obvious that she's a karen lol

    37. Pyper Smith

      Oh she’s Miss Karen that’s why she’s so crazy

    38. roxy page

      Even her name is miss karen😂

    39. jasberrie

      as soon as he took off his sunglasses, he’s bright red eyes made my own eyes water..

    40. King_killer33

      omg that's so sad..

    41. Ghoul

      “ I’ll need to remember to bring my apple to school now.

    42. Fizzy-Inkz

      When you hear someone say "You see", then you know the person in the wrong is about to get owned, by facts.

    43. alpz

      *no wonder shes called karen.*

    44. Jocelyn Martinez

      Who’s that in the red thoooo😻😻😻😻

    45. Martha Sanchez


    46. beef curry

      When I first saw that kid that gave the teacher the apple I knew it was him

    47. Coolracer30 yt Youtube

      Snoop dogg has arrived

    48. Archimedes Farias


    49. Lily R

      I like how the “drugs” WereTicTac‘s

    50. TG Wongash

      I mean is the teacher really wrong for assuming he was the one? And don’t bring up race because I’m black as well he had bloodshot eyes acting lazy and didn’t turn in homework cause he’s “busy”

    51. Danthesalmon

      Can you really blame her? This kid pulled up lookin like Bill Nye the Russian Spy.

    52. Michael Lozito


    53. Fearless

      you never know if there doing it and assuming and should of asked instead of assuming btw Dhar man you always make good vids your not telly storys but telling lives great job!!

    54. Kaiju Exploring

      Nice Story I Will Share this With my Friends

      1. Kaiju Exploring

        Also I had no idea that there was going to be a twist

    55. Carolyn Thompson

      She’s a Karen Lia I found another Karen!!!!!

    56. xPanda Claw

      I had to do that math in 5th grade.

    57. Jahzara Williams

      very inspiring

    58. Lucia Sanchez


    59. OscarW ✔️

      Miss Karen.. 😂

    60. REALLIFE SEELY 105

      I’m gonna come over there to that school and bail him out of the security office!!

    61. XxLuna Isurpapax

      The teacher is a Karen “ here comes Karen

    62. King Par

      Ask what though?

    63. Cookiie_oreozGacha

      I love this one

    64. ALMD gaming

      its the "you see" for me

    65. awsomeanaya12

      Hey u can’t juge a book buy it’s cover,and you have to ask who was doing drugs

    66. Sara Habib

      I feel bad

    67. theresa mckittrick

      Adam did you actually take?

    68. Andrea Saxon

      MiSs kArEn 😂😂😂

    69. celine saummya

      Why do people always suspect black people for all negative things I don't understand

    70. Nhl McEwen

      Thoes arnt drugs smh

    71. ImAChuckster48

      The teacher's eyes are multi-colored, I just realized that

    72. Dave Mikles

      I love this story because never judge someone till you know there race love everyone have the best day ever ❤️❤️❤️💜

    73. Prince Davis

      Marcus mother is smokin😍

    74. Cesar Rojas


    75. Cesar Rojas


    76. Cesar Rojas

      CFC F Vfv

    77. Froggi’s Gaming


    78. BK - 02BA 945109 Janet I McDougald PS

      By the way that was really sad I hate the teachers so much soul like that make me cry😭

    79. BK - 02BA 945109 Janet I McDougald PS

      What are drugs

    80. Phrog05

      no wonder her name is mrs karen

    81. Aryan V&S

      did you buy real drugs just for a video?

    82. Endless

      FRIKIN piece of shut that teacher

    83. Envii

      why when i saw the drugs did i think they were ti pods

    84. Austin Russ

      so sad


      Omelia t that is very sad😢😢😢😢


      “Adam’s apple” oh very clever

    87. Financially

      Racism be like..

    88. Violet Playzz

      00:04 Mike n ikes

      1. Tomato Boy


    89. Round chips 77

      Adam: I didn’t do the homework Teacher: it’s ok Me: I didn’t do the homework *also me goes home with a broken nose

    90. Krzysztof Adamski

      Miss Karen what a name

    91. AD Sylvium

      this is how many times ppl in these vids say SO YOU SEE

    92. Tayla Jacobs

      I was rite

    93. DSGamingFN

      This probably was the biggest unpredictable plot twist of the DM movies. I thought it would be another person besides Adam, he didn't look like he was on drugs and he is such a cute and kind student!

    94. C FIVE

      Can we all take a moment to acknowledge that those drugs looked like viagra?

    95. Nathan Reed

      ngl, the dad looks like Badlands Chugs

      1. Nathan Reed

        A tiny bit

    96. Nathan Reed

      maybe they helped him...

      1. Nathan Reed

        the pills 💊

    97. Fortnite 2947

      This is racist sooo be careful

    98. Bhola Prasad

      She felt sorry for her mistake she is a good karen

    99. Jakub Machczynski

      i don't have my homework but i brought you this apple

    100. Joliena World

      If the teacher don’t know why would she say “and a lot of other facts” 🤦🏽‍♀️😑😂