Taste of Luxury Episode 1: Cruising

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    Justin and Dwight plan a luxury cruise.

    (Ed. Note: These episodes were filmed in 2017.)

    Director/ Editor: Tom Levin
    DP: Doug Glover
    Producer: Scott Pourroy
    Production Design: Ackenpucky Design
    Art Director: Jill LaFear
    Production Superviser: Mo Lee
    1st AC, DIT: Devon Nuckles
    Sound: Carlos Zuniga
    G/E Swing: Brody Wines
    Cam Ops: Daniel McMullen, Eric Koval
    Hair/MU: Mo Sue Mahaney
    Key PA/Coordinator: John Mehaffey
    PAs: Emma Ball, Blair Burns
    PA, LA: Chris McDonald
    Archival Research: Julia Belsen
    Archival Research: Kaitlyn Mae Jones

    Courtesy of Extreme Music

    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

    Composer: JOSEPH HAYDN
    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

    Publicat pe Acum 6 luni


    1. Corey Zornes

      Justin, my parents have a pontoon on the mighty Ohio River 10 minutes from H-Town if you want to get some Franzia and cruise.

    2. charlie B

      Why am I just now finding out about this

    3. AdmiralWinfrey

      Justin's nonsense probably makes him the most hated and most loved person in Huntington, WV.

    4. Joshua Roman

      Man about town, and “it” boy lmao

    5. Ray B


    6. kyle kyle

      patty handles their shenanigans wonderfully. a highlight of the episode

    7. Theo Johnson

      Damn tho in 2021 drinking bag wine on a boat with some friends honestly would be a taste of luxury.

    8. Adam Sams

      Did you buy those jackets at Sheetz?

    9. Yvonne L.

      Bless Patty for going along with the boys

    10. Anna nananananana

      More please and thank you

    11. Rachel Loe

      I was having a horrible day and this made me laugh so hard my abs hurt. Thank god for Justin McElroy and Dwight Slappy.

    12. cheeryheart

      Petition to get Glen on America's got talent

    13. Nasty leg

      If someone else mentioned this and I didn’t see it soz but like,,,,I just realized Dwight is Griffins prior supervisor from tri-data who Tommy Smirl called in to dunk on him during the interview Huh

    14. Heather Fodor

      To be fair, this looked pretty relaxing.

    15. Ben Kennedy

      the red Vans really tie the outfits together

    16. Louis Wendlander

      LMAO I'm glad I looked at the description cuz I was like UH JUSTIN, PLEASE DON'T GET 'RONA THANKS cuz I already do be havin' panic attacks bout any of the McElroys dying on me Y'ALL AINT ALLOWED TO DIE 'TILL I'M DEAD

    17. Juno Miller

      the matching outfits do it for me

    18. Heather Salyers

      I'm so glad there's another vehicle for Dwight Slappe after they stopped doing Things I Bought At Sheetz. He's a freaking delight. :)

    19. Lydia Stephens

      idk why but justin sayin "I got a guy" about bagged wine absolutely _killed_ me

    20. Shae C

      patty CARRIED the bit 😭😭 such a charming lady this town seems so sweet

    21. Samuel Pierce

      I love seeing Justin and Dwight back at it again. I love them together

    22. cheeryheart

      [fancy music playing]

    23. help me

      im trying not to cry

    24. WittyDroog

      "Good cheese" *Glenn nods*

    25. Rob

      shhhhhh..... you had me at $113

    26. Layne Watts

      This is fantastic

    27. August Pitatties (Pitatties)

      the singing really did it for me

    28. Laurie Arnold

      You've been sitting on a sequel to Things I Bought At Sheetz for 3 years... you magnificent bastards this is what 2020 has needed.

    29. Dakota Wright

      Excuse me but why the fuck does this exist and why am I just now hearing about it considering it's from 2017? Edit: I fucking *need* a bloopers reel if there is one right fucking now!

    30. Cleodel

      Big fish in a little pond. :)

    31. Desmenn

      theyre on a river

    32. Jerk Bronson

      If I had to live in any fantasy universe it would def be Huntington, West Virginia

    33. TheMardBard

      I'm losing my mind, what IS this

    34. Julius Ceasar

      "Three men go semi crazy on a boat" -By Justin and Slappy

    35. Nathanael R.

      Patty is an absolute treasure

    36. johnny bradsher

      watching justin try not to cry laughing on that boat was a religious experience

    37. Kayla Rae Reads

      Man about town, Rick Diggins. Because he was lost in the car for......2 years.

    38. Blake Feary

      i see justin's hatred of raw cheese continues

    39. happycatalyst

      More of this please. I need more live action McElroys in my life.

    40. Jason

      This is one of the greatest things I've I've stumbled upon on ROfor .

    41. Woody Roberts

      Honestly this looks like a really good day out tho

    42. Nymm Kirimoto

      So glad for the note on filming date. For a moment there, I was scared that Sydney was going to commit a murder.

    43. thisishfine

      Such amazing energy from this series 🙂

    44. Twisty Sunshine

      Honestly im glad this took 3 years to release bc we needed it now

    45. A. User

      good job luxury. a refined voyage for the discerning mariner

    46. Trent Paul


    47. Grace Anderson

      I would actually really like to be drinking franzia and kraft singles on a pontoon right now

    48. Khalid Haikal

      "I'm man about town" ah, I see Rick Diggins still lives.

    49. Jackie G

      How is a travel agency still in business in 2017 that's wild.

    50. AlwaysAugust

      Is it just me or does justin look really good? Like buddy! Fuck it up!!

    51. Walter Burton

      This pretty funny, but the second ep is better.

    52. Walter Burton

      I ❤ Patty. 👍🤣👍

    53. Patrick Zambelli

      I understand SS Fabrige Egg, but why would Doug wanna name the boat Colon: The Boat?

    54. Nomad6763

      Ortolan episode when?

    55. VoteCthulhu


    56. Paige Schurman

      Dwight and Justin back at it again

    57. hardyworld

      This is Premium Gold content. Fabulous! But the note in the description has me puzzled: You've held onto this since 2017?! It took 3 years for this fruit to ripen? Great Job! Nailed it.

    58. holybutternutsquash

      is Glen okay?

    59. Trilly Locke

      These dudes totally found some fancy things in a thrift store and made an entire series based off what they found. Grown man children

    60. Sighs Internally

      why would i wait 3 years to upload this

    61. Mark Metivier

      This has serious MBMBM show vibes and I needed it

    62. Divena Harlow

      God bless America ~

    63. Jarrod Dobben

      Big pops to Paul

    64. Jarrod Dobben

      Crazy whiplash until I saw that "filmed in 2017" bit lmao

    65. Tiuri

      Pure Art

    66. ArmGao


    67. xooxu

      For someone who claims to be socially anxious and conscientious about painful interactions on MBMBAM, Justin is fantastic at putting himself in socially awkward, painful interactions.

    68. babayaga


    69. Trill Gutterbug

      Uh oh, Justin neglected to slap the wine bag before decanting :/ That's 69 years bad luck.

    70. Erik Skagersten

      good cheese... good cheese

    71. faunaprin ce

      I'm living for this content

    72. Janine Juliet

      This isn't the video I was expecting to see about 2 men cruising, but this was cool too.

    73. Ashley Fierro

      LMMFFAAOOO I CANT TAKE THHIISS the karaoke song

    74. Andrew Devine

      This gave me so much anxiety until I read it was filmed in 2017.

    75. sunnysideup

      I listen to the mbmbam podcast and tbh i kinda forgot yall were physical beings with faces 🤦‍♀️

    76. megan rose

      These guys are such a power couple

    77. Cynced

      Looks comfortable

    78. vanessa reynolds

      This series has made me so happy, thanks dads 😊

    79. Quinn Marchese

      hey comedy central, you that new footage you've been lookin' for? well, watch this! also reboot My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

    80. Maddy Knittel

      The un-high five killed me

    81. dementomstie

      Taking back the high five is very good. So is using the shot where the dog walked through the room.

    82. Zomba


    83. William Gray

      Every time that Concerto hits it's like I'm right back in huntington (vicariously) and MbmbaM is on it's next season.

    84. Harrison Lane

      Glenn has the voice of an angel 😢

    85. Peaches

      I don't doubt that these were recorded in 2017 but I do wonder why they waited so long.

    86. Autumn B.


    87. Blair Bird

      Justin McElroy, Man About Town is in this episode. I wonder if there'll be a Lieutenant Justin McElroy or a Justin McElroy, The Supreme Man in future episodes.

    88. Kate Hicks


    89. Madison Sido

      Some fish or bird must've been psyched out of their mind to find that cheese.

    90. Joe Holt

      Justin, you’re looking fit and healthy dude!!! Keep it up!

    91. Griffin

      i’m so glad to see dwight back.

    92. Jane

      I’m not American,, is West Virginia even near the ocean? Because my brain is telling me that that is a lake lmao

    93. Ehhh

      What must it be like? Living in a town and knowing that the McElroys could be anywhere. Frightening and exhilarating I imagine.

      1. Katherine Bowers

        I lived there for a year and didn’t know about the McElroys...and that now haunts me everyday.

    94. Grant “Sprite Pepsi” Upton

      Some serious pipes on that man

    95. RaptorJeezy

      How the hell did Sydnee manage to pull a hot PoA like Justin? She's so damn lucky.

    96. Elemental Nova


    97. TeeDee PK


    98. Bri Koala

      I lost it at the charcuterie board

    99. Gamer Magee

      This is just a mbmbam tv show bit

    100. BenSixTen