Taste of Luxury Episode 2: Spa

101 K vizionare22

    Justin and Dwight seek out a luxurious 20-hand massage

    (Ed. Note: These episodes were filmed in 2017.)

    Director/ Editor: Tom Levin
    DP: Doug Glover
    Producer: Scott Pourroy
    Production Design: Ackenpucky Design
    Art Director: Jill LaFear
    Production Superviser: Mo Lee
    1st AC, DIT: Devon Nuckles
    Sound: Carlos Zuniga
    G/E Swing: Brody Wines
    Cam Ops: Daniel McMullen, Eric Koval
    Hair/MU: Mo Sue Mahaney
    Key PA/Coordinator: John Mehaffey
    PAs: Emma Ball, Blair Burns
    PA, LA: Chris McDonald
    Archival Research: Julia Belsen
    Archival Research: Kaitlyn Mae Jones

    Courtesy of Extreme Music

    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

    Composer: JOSEPH HAYDN
    Courtesy of Extreme Music/Public Domain

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    1. Jesin

      How is this not more popular?

    2. Mitchel Paulus

      The girl limping away lmao

    3. Alexis Sacks

      I know I love it, but I don't totally know why 🤔 could be the endearing combination of high and low production values, I really don't know.

    4. Stacey K.

      Post - Covid makes this really weird. 10 people all around you touching you LOL what a thought.

    5. poggly

      this is so insane to watch during the pandemic

    6. Anna nananananana

      God I love Miss Patty so frikkin much

    7. Reiji Saito

      Underrated series. Title might turn people away considering --gestures at everything--

    8. Tommy Karlsen

      6:23 did white-shirt dude just go from other-persons-ear-to-mouth?! breh

    9. emaciatedunicorn

      this is so uncomfortable I really hope they knew those people lmao

    10. jesse mcintire

      That dude blowin mad cotton in the last frame

    11. Henry Avery

      I love all the people being like... "Yeah ok"

    12. Gay-La-V

      I missed this team up. Glad to have Dwight back.

    13. Julius Ceasar

      Please.... not uncle kevins special bathroom massage.. oh my...

    14. Allison White

      discrete =/= discreet

      1. Allison White

        I love you boys but it had to be said

    15. Haven

      The slow gentle disembodied vape cloud floating in from stage left at the end really got me

    16. Haven

      Feels like a buncha raccoons are eatin me...

    17. Mack J

      The vape smoke sneaking in at the end is just.... perfect?

    18. Cleodel

      Uncle Kevin does have a lovely guest bathroom, to be fair.

    19. Nathan Nottingham

      I love that you can see some of that sweet cotton at the end of video. Nice to know the vape king didn’t get too far outta shot.

    20. idontknowcorp

      The pay off is so so so good in this one

    21. TheMardBard

      I am very uncomfortable with the energy we've created in Ritter Park today.

    22. Fish

      Describing your car as an outhouse is a 2020 prophecy

    23. Ballsackofrage15

      As a massage therapist this makes me feel...bad I think?

    24. Atticus Grim

      It's strange watching this. It was filmed in the before times, the long long ago...

    25. Abbie Gibbs

      Patty is to this show what the Mayor of Huntington was to the MBMBaM show, and I love her

    26. SanderIsAsleep

      I love it whenever they cut right before Justin starts laughing

    27. Dakota DeVries-Crowdis

      I DIED when the 20-hand massage began. Truly spectacular.

    28. Denim Caterpillar

      are those sydnee's baby milk pumps!!!!!!

    29. Ian

      gotta have my vape

    30. Katie Marsh

      No one is making eye contact at the end! 😂

    31. Viteaification

      justin and dwight my favorite duo....

    32. Morgan Williams

      This is hilarious. The style of humor is like a cross between Portlandia and What we do in the Shadows

    33. heyit'sgrey

      5:32 I can't fully articulate why, but the fact that the guy got his elbows into it just- idk but I just choked on my spit

    34. Twisty Sunshine

      A guy coughed on him and they let him massage them... A different time

    35. A. User

      good job luxury. many hands make for fast work, with only one masseuse it wouldve taken an hour to make you that uncomfortable.

    36. Preston S.

      Moral for life there. Increased complexity, and less supply does not make an experience better. A lot of "rich people" things are based on pointless expenditure that doesn't increase the quality.

    37. Shannon Smith

      Patty Hanshaw deserves the world.

    38. Walter Burton

      Unexpectedly hilarious! What a pleasant surprise! It's a Christmas miracle! 👍🤣👍

    39. VoteCthulhu

      The facial expression on those poor folks massaging you lmao

    40. hardyworld

      This is Premium Gold content. Fabulous! But the note in the description has me puzzled: You've held onto this since 2017?! It took 3 years for this fruit to ripen? Great Job! Nailed it.

    41. Zixise

      So this was not 2020 huh lol

    42. Divena Harlow


    43. Tory Slapper

      The bathroom reveal was absolutely stellar

    44. Episode 14

      More more

    45. dementomstie

      Patty is the most patient travel agent in Huntington and deserves a float in the tarantula parade.

    46. Alexis McLeod

      This is great.

      1. Episode 14


    47. Kit

      having 20 strangers touch you sure feels like the hight of luxury in the Now Times

    48. faunaprin ce

      The ears is moments

    49. kyzf

      This is the most homoerotic thing on youtube

    50. Kat H

      this ended on such a dark note

    51. Claire McKinley

      This series is the greatest piece of anti-capitalist media since Das Kapital

    52. T Nicholas

      "Your own Uncle Kevin's guest bathroom"

    53. Mars

      I know this is filmed in The Before Times but the 20 hand massage is making me so uncomfortable thinking about all the germs

    54. Hannah Koga

      Why are captions unavailable?

    55. Quinn Marchese

      i feel like Patty Hanshaw was Juice's neighbor as a kid or something, he doesn't strike me as someone who comfortable bothering some stranger. then again, i have seen what he and his brothers do to the mayor and the chief of police

    56. Madeline Steinhoff

      *texts my uncle kevin to ask if i can use his guest bathroom*

    57. Roman


    58. temmychan

      Maybe my favourite moment in this is the cut after the sequence of Justin massaging Dwight. Just as you're coming down from the glorious awkwardness of Justin clambering on top of Dwight's oily back, boom, there they are in the tub.

    59. UltimateKyuubiFox

      5:09 Hey, it’s Quarantine Jason Mamoa.

    60. Lauren York

      I haven't cackled this unrestrainedly in several months. Genuinely some of the funniest shit I've ever seen, as per usual. We really needed this in the Now Times, thank you for releasing it.

    61. Liv C


    62. Toe to Tip That's a Bart

      I wonder if the people of Huntington see this happening in a park and are like “ah, Justin’s here.”

    63. B

      imagine the distress i felt upon realizing that no one was wearing masks and then the relief i saw upon seeing the editor's note. also so crazy these were filmed three years ago???

    64. maxe159

      It's the vape cloud at the end for me dawg

    65. EvilOnami

      this is fucking hilarious

    66. Kelsey Francisco

      Anyone else notice that one poor girl literally LIMP away 🤣🤣😭😭

    67. Hannah Holden

      So hysterical

    68. Hannah Holden

      I’m sobbing that 20 hand massage is some of the wildest stuff I’ve ever seen

    69. Matthew Klein

      oh man the purple turtlenecks got me

    70. Zachary Thomas

      This is also good.

    71. Davor Egersdorfer

      Isn't the vape guy Justin's friend who got a spot in their TV show?

    72. Darielle

      Me watching this in 2020, where no one has touched me in 8 months: 👁👄👁

    73. faroshscale

      "In your own Uncle Kevin's guest bathroom"

    74. Reily Chaco

      The 11 people who disliked were the massagers and that one jerk

    75. Reily Chaco

      It's like two trickster gods not yet secure in their charisma powers

    76. Matt McGlashan

      Please make more videos like this, y'all got the goods!

    77. Muffet Reallycant

      Taako and Kravitz: we are pretty boyz who love pretty things.

      1. MUFFET caNT2

        😎hey old self😎😎 Crystal kingdom is coming 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    78. GinoZump

      these guys are cracking me up something fierce xD

    79. tleilaxu42

      5:20 is my new wallpaper.

    80. James-Kieren Myles

      I really really really want a bts of this show so badly

    81. Timothy Engelstad

      This is real friendship.

    82. mara.iara

      The petulant way Justin murmured, "Not in Maui, though..." 😂

    83. Definitely Ellie

      I almost passed out from laughing at the 20 hand massage

    84. Ricosrage

      Incredible! Thank you both.

    85. Starbuck Targaryen

      0:55 bruh that spark flying outta the fireplace had me a concern or three bro I almost told Justin to turn around lmfao

    86. birdeynamnam


    87. Technolocic

      they are gonna be torturing patty i can already tell

    88. Olivia Nichols

      I know this was filmed a few years but what a COVID nightmare

    89. beep boop

      The thumbs downs can come fight me personally

    90. rey


    91. Danjo

      Gotta love the Jewel City 💗

    92. Christina Perez

      "You're free"... So Humble

    93. z is a letter


    94. dumbalek

      This is a goddamned work of art

    95. Roose Magoose

      idk how much direction went into being like "okay you need to touch these two men and also kind of make a face like you've smelled a bad fart and you're trying not to make a scene of it" but they kind of nailed it, I'm very proud of the art put forth today

    96. Timothy Gansereit

      Sick cloud at the end tho

    97. OmgItsKavi

      i definitely enjoyed this and of course there was no way you could have predicted what 2020 was going to be when you filmed this but wow did that last scene give me so much anxiety lol

    98. A

      the sexual energy in this one

    99. A

      there is something so viscerally upsetting seeing them spurt lotion into that bowl