*Strange* Blood Rituals By A Teen Vampire Clan, Turns Deadly? Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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    Hi my friends! Happy Monday hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about vampires, yay. Lol. Fascinating story. My costume was a flop but hey, thats okay! Its just makeup and it washes off haha.
    Let me know who you want me to talk about next week! I love and appreciate you so much, and I hope to be seeing you very soon!!
    Make Good Choices
    Bailey Sarian


    : : CHAPTERS : :

    00:00 HI HELLO HOW R U?
    00:38 SPONSOR
    10:10 BOARD GAMES
    15:46 FRIENDS R FUN
    20:45 HOWARD
    27:30 ROADTRIP
    38:14 THEYRE WAITING 4 U
    43:33 THE GANG


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    1. Bailey Sarian

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      1. Shirley Hooper

        Ioko I’m I ok j

      2. Brittany Fulk

        Anyone know what happened to today's video?? Right after the story finally started it paused and said there is an error with the video, so I closed out of ROfor to refresh and now it's just GONE?? Ugghh I count down the days til Monday just because of these videos 😭😭😭

      3. Nery Fernandez

        Hi Bailey if you are reading this I'm your super fan here in the Philippines and I don't know where to contact or probably email you. Could you please make a video or dark history video about Marilyn Monroe. Because I'm very curious about Marilyn even when I was a kid I always heard things about her. I hope you read this message and I will appreciate it so much! Thanks Bailey love you!

      4. sarah castillo

        I'm still stuck on the glass in the corner of the room...??? Someone please

      5. Sarah Williams

        Simplistic is the absolute best. I'm so glad you are sponsored by them and not Ring.

    2. Jessica Cox

      I just LOVE your story telling

    3. Juju Marie Aleman

      Necrophilia - relations with corpses

    4. Michael Drenner

      Uh, I'm from Murray... why have I never heard about this!?!

    5. LalaTrish

      Something about Bailey saying 'SPARKLES' then Edward Cullen's face pops out JUST CRACKS ME UP 🤣👏 Love Bailey!

    6. LcmonBlxss_Eclxpse

      14:23 it’s called necrophilia And if you’re one who practices this you’re called a necrophiliac

    7. Jennie Coleman

      tresspAASSing... I died... not gonna lie. i replayed those 3 seconds 4 times. i got a little tickled.

    8. Izzati Hassan

      17:20 "responsible vampire" reminds me of Twilight when the Cullen clan had to eat deer or wild game or something because eat humans badddddd.

    9. S D

      Anyone else watch this before bed? Lol Bailey’s voice is so soothing.

    10. JA CL YN

      They should've ate raw meat lol

    11. JA CL YN

      Girl you get every detail, its like a movie playing in my head as you speak 😩😂😍

    12. Nelly McKenna

      Bailey: ....but as we know here, this is not the rainbow and sunshine show, it's not. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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      Okay hear me out..... Bailey doing Audible

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      As soon as you said Dog , that was it Bailey i had to get outa here , sorry mate , can't handle cruelty to beautiful fur kids .

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      Am I the only one thinking about a collab between Bailey and Ask a Mortician?😍

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      You are talking about Pen and Paper, not tabletop.

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      The ‘irevelant’ part cracked me 😂 I love her so much. I’m here week by week, sometimes several times during the week

    18. MystryssCrymsyn98

      For anyone interested in VTM:Bloodlines (pic insert you used)... there are plenty of "Let's Plays" around youtube - has a strong fan following

    19. Ellen M Rangel

      First of all, I'm a makeup 💄freak 🤪. But I feel like Bailey is my girlfriend chatting with me. Love 💘your 🎶stories and I admit I'm hooked on your channel 😉😀😊😜😄☺😉‼️

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      "sparkles" HAHAHAHHAHAH

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      Loved this one! Do Scientology next!! WHERES SHELLY?!?

    22. Chrissie Brewer

      I love your makeup

    23. Elaine Contreras

      The gang slept upside down

    24. Amanda Bott

      I link with Bailey when I need emotional and intellectual engagement - and I love love true crime and the way she transforms her appearance at the same time - she’s amazingly grounded and smart 🌸

    25. Chelsea Laine

      Totally got the goth girl vibes. I struggle with a life sentence at 17. People can be rehabilitated. But… I don’t know either.

    26. Charlie Munch

      Would the broken glass be a broken mirror reference because you can’t see vampires in mirrors so he has a smashed one as a symbol of some sort

    27. Amanda Bott

      Love the look! He was lucky to dodge the death sentence

    28. Sarah moore

      I loveee you 😩❤️❤️

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      Bailey, you should do a Dia de los Muertos makeup look! 🌸💀🌸

    30. Eks Way 사이라 DGzmn


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      Girl I’m from the Murray area. WHAT

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      🥰 we love you Bailey!!! Happy Halloween

    33. highonnola


    34. kimberly segovia

      Do the twilight killers

    35. Vilmarie Ruiz

      Apart of me wants to say keep him locked up forever and the other half is like well, he was so young. Doesnt he deserve a chance to start new. I guess its easy for me to say since I'm not the affected family. But young people do dumb stuff all the time. But this is far beyond dumb stuff but you know. You grow up and your like. WHY....what was I thinking.

    36. Gabrielle Azevedo

      14:11 "His room was filled with upside down crosses" *shows a picture of him with a crucifix right side up* lol but I get what you're saying Bailey

    37. Gabrielle Maher

      Just geek things!...😅 Vampire the Masquerade is fairly popular. Has an almost "cult" following with books and videogames. The original game based on the rpg was pretty awesome! They're still making games in that universe to this day.🤘

      1. Gabrielle Maher

        Also Anne Rice is huge as well, I'm also a fan of those novels and movies.... I'm so glad I turned out normal...😅

    38. sempiternal


    39. Y/N🧸💍

      Shanashaaa shanashaa shanashashashana- *shaaa*

    40. DitaVampira

      Wait didn’t they make this into a movie called the vampire clan?

    41. Melissa • Mellyz

      I'm from Michigan ✋🏼

    42. MahlysaFoxx

      The broken glass thing is Romanian, it's to ward off evil spirits. Which would be weird if he's maybe trying to summon stuff. 😆

    43. Shane Stark

      Abuse is such a horrible cycle….

    44. Brittney Carter

      I wish bailey was my friend in real life. Cause let me tell you she's my favorite 😆

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      Hepatitisssss 😬

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      As a VTM player...we're not all like this 🤣

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      Mirror vampire behaviors… the irony 😂

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      The fact that I live so close to Murray, Ky and people down there still talk about this, I knew this would be one of my favorites

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      not you saying “ marta” that’s my name 😭😭 i know it was just an example but i felt so seen 😅🥰✨ i adore u & your videos ✨

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      Who else did a video on this? I vaguely remember it and thought it was Bailey

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      U should do a story bout Gregory Green

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      I think you look like an amazing Goth Girl!

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      Please talk about George Stinney. He was the youngest person electrocuted for a crime he didn't commit.

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      he could just turn into a bat and fly away :D

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      Thanks for helping to keep me sane this year Bailey, from the lockdown capital of the world, Melbourne. You're a legend. 🤘❤️🤘

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      What a crazy bazaar story. So sorry to hear what happen when he was little. Side note 📝 you are a great story teller🧛🏼‍♂️

    60. Unknown human ???


    61. Katherine Searing

      Necrophilia is the horrible word that you were thinking of such horrors.

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      Bailey: "To celebrate that is what vampires do they play video games!" Me: wait what??? 🤔

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      At the end i kept on yelling, "He Killed two ppl, Bailey!! He can grow and change but because of his decisions, it has to happen behind bars, Bailey!!! 😂 💕 U

    71. Caleb Thiessen

      In case anyone is curious, Bailey stumbles saying "burglary" for the same reason some people say "libary". We English speakers struggle with words containing more than on "r". You'll notice this a lot, now that you know.

    72. L Johnson

      Bailey, you look so cute! Love the hair! Do that again! Love your storytelling soooo much! My absolute fave!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    73. Ana Diaz

      I got so excited when she mentioned Anne Rice's books 😁 She's one of my favorite authors.

    74. Meg G

      I'm almost positive they did a movie on this, I remember watching it when I was younger. But I can't place the name. I'm so glad that you're back to this series again!

      1. DitaVampira

        Yes it’s called the Vampire clan I have the vhs

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      Not Barnabas Collins?

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      I totally grew up and live in Eustis 😬…

    77. FoxMoonGaming Channel

      At least it wasn’t magic the gathering.

    78. Veillah

      Am I the only one mad that "Grandpa' got off scott free? Dude abused who knows how many kid's and he didn't even spend a day in jail for it.

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      Hello bailey I love tuning to your story times but I have a request which never seen you talk about the story of Gregory green from Detroit I would like to hear about it please find out about thank you

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    81. wadda funiture


    82. wadda funiture

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      I think the life sentence was fair

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      The fact that I live and go to college in Murray and never knew this

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      Like men’s brains don’t fully develop til 25… so you could say that for anyone til 25 he made an adult decision 🤷🏼‍♀️

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      It’s funny how after a few years in prison makes him sorry for what he did but when he got caught he wasn’t sorry at all.

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      I'm a vampire.. Notice me senpai 🤩

    99. Katie Utting

      When the topic of whether a young child should be imprisoned for life comes up it brings to mind the James Bulger case in the UK where I live- the lads who carried out the atrocious act (one in particular- Jon Venables) were not sentenced to life in prison as they were only 10 years old at the time, and that monster has reoffended time and time again, the government has changed his identity multiple times to allow him to live a semi normal life and he just ends up back in prison where he deserves to be kept for the rest of his life

    100. Nereyda C.

      I love how Bailey just likes to add her own commentary of what people would probably say and her sarcasm 😂