Serena Williams’ emotional press conference (SF) | Australian Open 2021

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    Serena Williams' press conference following her semi final loss to Naomi Osaka at the 2021 Australian Open.

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    1. Anup H.

      The problem is like last time she lost to Osaka, she divert attention to her, and she is supposed to be a professional, giving interviews is part of it, she gets paid a lot to be a professional, but she just throws temper tantrums and btw, she said she made lots of mistakes, not once did she say that Osaka was just better. She is a great athlete who got taken over, but she is also horrible at turn sportsmanship. Osaka deserves attention but serena acting like baby every time she loses divest the attention.

    2. Ameena G

      You wasn’t chasing the ball down that was the biggest error

    3. Kobina Sekyi

      it's Naomi's time, sorry she was simply better.

    4. Afix

      God Jehovah is punishing you Serena for all your abuse of power. He will punish you by giving you opportunity to get so close to winning the title and that make you lose. You should apologize to everybody you have wrong in the past.

    5. Musa Ndlovu

      I think if any of you guys were ever fighting for something that you spend so much time training yourself for, your response should never be about the next person it should always be about yourself. All the players who play at this level are expected to good players that's an obvious fact. So her not acknowledging Osaka does not diminish Osaka's brilliance, it is only an evaluation of her own performance. So stop with the hate, I love Osaka infact she's currently the only tennis player I support at the moment but Serena is a Legend in the sport and she's paid her dues and unfortunately non of the negative comments about her can take that away. She can retire today, and history will still recognize her among the best tennis players of all time.

    6. Sagish Preman

      There r always those ppl who join a profession just to break others n see them cry. Sad that it's in the media n journalistic field, wer they do it instead of just reporting facts.

    7. Thabang Mathatjane

      Be gracious in defeat and trey harder next time. i don't wanna recall the tantrums you threw when Osaka was knocking you out of the US Open

    8. yuoop noke

      her fault? Isn’t she allowed to get beaten???

    9. Sandra Walker

      Please it's good to get out on the upside of winning are a legend .

    10. UPeaches Clyburn

      Serena has nothing to be ashamed of in her professional career. I've never seen anyone with so much grit , passion , determination and fight for the game. She has all the talent and passion of Althea , Billie Jean King , Arthur Ashe and even John McEnroe. She has the heart of a champion and she's just disappointed in herself. Hey champ , shake it off . Let no one tell you when you're ready to retire but you and your body. Regardless you are in the record book Anna Hall of famer. You'll be talked about and showed future generations your film clips. It ain't over yet, You're done tremendous things You got married you had a baby you deal with the pandemic. Just give yourself time to relax. Enjoy your husband and that bundle of joy. Many blessings to you champ in the future.

    11. Lo Mtlt

      Serena is a legend! Well done.

      1. yuoop noke

        incredible playing even once.

    12. akwasi Kwakye

      We now know how Sasha's importance in the william's tearm

    13. akwasi Kwakye

      Without Sasha now, serena william can never wins against Osaka

    14. Fly Khic

      Queen Serena!!! I love you lady and know that you have nothing to prove.!! I love you for you!!! Lady you inspired myself as well as-many others; and you just don’t know!! If you want to keep playing do it, yet know you Queen!!! Babe u 39!!!! Freaking 39!!! Baby, u have nothing to prove!! U are still one winner or error Away in a match and you still in the mix. I hope you can see how great you are!!! Maybe later in years you can see this.. THAT YOU Are QUEEN!!!! Pls smile and appreciate this💜💜💜💜💜👸🏾

    15. Melissa Jackson

      I am tired of seeing her be angry or cry every time she loses. It's a losers mentality. Is this the example she wants to set? It seems very immature. No one wins every time. She's lost touch with reality.

    16. Angel Rivera

      ...??...saude mininha!!


      "My opponent played well." Never seems to be popular with grandiose characters.

    18. Anne Cameron

      Love her

    19. fitzroy shakes

      I will give you some real facts that in ancient times, in Italy Rom in the colosseum the gladiators would fight to the death, and at that time it was seen as the biggest entertainment, it was a game at that time, Serena Williams is a gladiator she is a fighter, but now she need to be a five star general, That means that she have to come with strategy and solutions, she have got the technique,and she just need to be consistent find the angle deed and keep her opponent on the move to drain there energy

    20. fitzroy shakes

      You have a lot of hypocrisy that clod the truth, you look how much final that Serena Williams lose under Patrick Mouratoglou, and no one say a word, but the white media is very quick to criticise Richard Williams, that build the foundation to Serena Williams and Venus Williams game, Serena Williams is very fit but you cannot just bring fitness alone to a game, where is the strategy and where is the consistency, You cannot have a plan without a solution, if you have a strong adversary as a opponent, you have to watch videos of her game and you look at her weakness and her strength, then you go on to the tennis court and you practice on how to capitalise on her weakness, and anyone that play a game they play to win that is the object of the game, so you have to be very competitive, and Serena need to sit down and watch videos of Naomi Osaka game because Naomi Osaka is the dominant consistent player right now,Naomi Osaka is the queen of tennis right now and to defeat Naomi Osaka you have to come with your A game and you have to be consistent.

    21. fitzroy shakes

      Bridget J, That is not just the only aliment of the game that is just a part of the component of Osaka game anyone that can dominate from the centre of the court have a big advantage they reach the ball a lot quicker and they do not have so much ground to cover and playing from the centre of the court the net is lower and is easy to change direction it is just like a king in medieval times that build his castle on a hill so that he can get the advantage a good coach will tell you cannot go tow to tow with a player that is in sync or that have riddim or rhythm to counteract or to neutralise that force you play the ball deep in each corner Serena Williams was not consistent enough she did not go deep in each corner and she did not hold on to her serve case in point Australia final with Jennifer Brady and Naomi Osaka I see Jennifer Brady play a shot and Osaka was frozen she did not even move but Jennifer Brady was not consistent enough so she lose the game and Osaka have a lot more commitment to her game and she is consistent but she will have problems with a young player that have stamina and that is consistent.

    22. abbsnn cose

      A true competitor and one of the greatest players ever.

    23. nicholas schroeder

      The match was stolen.

    24. LaNina Wyatt

      She is wonderful and human ❤

    25. Director CMack

      I just saw the interview today. Watching that match was so hard to watch between her and Osaka. I was rooting for her the entire time. I think that world was rooting for her. I really hope she come back with a fire and tie the world's record.....CMack

    26. Jeremy Epstein

      Of course no one is perfect but it's disappointing that even in this stage of her tennis career Serena continues to be such a sore loser. Doesn't mention Naomi Osaka's incredible playing even once.

      1. Nemo Spence

        She didn't mention Naomi's name either. Such a loser.

      2. abbsnn cose

        on the move,and do not play Osaka at her own game, move Osaka from the centre use the two corner of the tennis court.

    27. Ken Lieu

      Loosing is part of live, so be with it.

    28. Tanston Briant

      When Serena loses she focuses mainly on her errors. Very rarely says that she was just beaten by the better player. Yes she made loads of errors but Osaka's game put huge pressure on Serena to take those chances with they came and those unforced errors are actually forced given the opponent being so strong.. It's very rare you see the Big 3 in the men's game focus on their game after a defeat. They almost always put their losses down to the quality their opponent served up and the pressure they were put under. It's classic Serena. She's a great champion no doubt but sometimes she needs to accept she was outplayed. The Issues in the US Open against Osaka a couple of years back and Klijsters even further back put all the attention on Serena in games where she was being completely outplayed and took everything away from her opponents getting the plaudits they deserved at the time.. I know this was a short interview but she should have congratulated Naomi straight off the bat

    29. Dom Lombardi

      Never give her opponent credit

    30. April Yount

      This woman refuses to give Osaka credit still. Over and over she will not humble herself and just say how well Osaka played like Osaka and all others with good manners say. Repeated making several times the same POINT that it’s just bc she made errors. ‘NOT that it was really hard shots given to me, noooo, it’s because I made easy errors”. How Osaka takes this without saying anything is beyond me. I’m so happy Osaka beat her again since the last time she was again giving such bad attitude and excuses. No more excuses Serena. You should retire and let your younger player have her time to shine. Do u recall any older players treating you with such disrespect when u were coming up and shining?

    31. Jess Campbell

      That Indian man you called a Th he mess you up.

    32. Diyan Dimov

      the most disgusting tennis player ever 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    33. Chidi Izunwanne

      Serena got emotional when she realised the opportunity lost due to the numerous unforced errors. It's that thought of what could have been that brought the tears. For me this shows that the GOAT is still as hungry to win as ever. More grand slams will still surely be won.

    34. Jose Cardenas

      Hahaha...I’m done I love it. This just made my day

    35. No1 Is Above God

      Serena had a great run when she was Naomi age and after...age puts u n a different game so I wasn't surprised with Naomi winning and I wont b surprise when Naomi reach that age and younger kid comes along and beat her... #THATS #JUST #THE #WAY #IT #IS

    36. fitzroy shakes

      Let me ask Serena Williams why is the centre of the court so dangerous, I will give you the reason why it is so dangerous it give you a quicker reaction time and you do not have to run so far to cover the court, Serena if you got tow to tow with Naomi Osaka you play right in to her hands,Serena where is your strategy, when anyone is fighting a war one of the first thing that they do is to cut off the power supply, and the centre of the tennis court is Naomi Osaka power supply, use the two sides of the court and that will give her long time to reach the ball to set her self up to pull the trigger any player here my advice and execute it perfectly will beat Naomi Osaka.

    37. Janet Jackson Tyler Lummer

      It was just a bad day sweetheart. Play this game as long as you want. You are gifted and never forget that.

    38. fitzroy shakes

      Jim Jones I hear you loud and clear, but I disagree with you, you say that they all know that, to know a thing and to do a thing, we are talking about practical and theory do you know how much generals went to school for war, but when they went on to the battlefield they lose the war before the war even started, you have to have execution down to a T Serena Williams win the early battle but she end up losing the war and why was that Serena went tow to tow with Naomi Osaka, and that is the reason why she lose, Serena fail to execute the game, Serena was trying to dominate Osaka, but before you try to dominate Osaka you have to take away her power base, and that is the centre of the court, I see Jennifer Brady play some shots that left Osaka frozen but the reason why Jennifer Brady lose it is there for all to see she was not consistent so Osaka got the upper Hand of her.

    39. Lebo Galeromelwe

      Reminds me of Messi in Barcelona now.

    40. fitzroy shakes

      Serena I sit down and listen to the reason why you say that you lost to Naomi Osaka, what you have to realise you made Osaka the player that she is Osaka spend a lot of time watching you play, so she payed her respects to you, the question is how much time did you Serena Williams spend watching Osaka played, the question is why Osaka beat you Serena Williams, it is just that simple she out fox you you gave her enough time to get set what you Serena did wrong you should not go tow to tow with Osaka she is the younger player so she have more stamina, you should play the tennis ball away from the centre of the court, and can you beat Osaka the answer is yes you can but you cannot allow Osaka to dictate the game from the centre of the court and this have nothing to do with your fitness, it is your decision making during the game, find the corner and keep Osaka on the move,and do not play Osaka at her own game, move Osaka from the centre use the two corner of the tennis court.

    41. Bengkel Lia

      Serena, a great sporter, be easier on yourself ❤

    42. fitzroy shakes

      This is a post mortem and why Serena Williams lost to Osaka we are going to dissect the game number one reason Osaka play from the centre of the court and she was able to boss the game Serena should not go tow to tow with Osaka all Serena needed to do is to move Osaka from side to side make her move around I watched the Australia final with Jennifer Brady and Naomi Osaka and that was a case in point if you notice when Jennifer play the tennis ball away from the centre of the court Osaka was frozen she did not even move You cannot allow Osaka the time to dictate the game you have to play the ball away from the centre of the court and play it in the corner that will force Osaka to move from the centre, all of Osaka game is played from the centre of the court if you have a coach and they do not point that out to you then you do not need a coach.

    43. Patricia Alston

      Stay strong Serena you are human. You have so much to be grateful for look deep inside and decide what you want to do and no one has the answers but God and you. Dry your tears my friend and look around you just might see the answers that you seek. ✨✨✨✨

    44. bilij pdan

      🥺 we cant stop the aging process...cant always do what we used to do...sometimes thats a very hard pill to swallow.

    45. Tennis Replay

      time to retire

    46. Tonya Watson

      Those conferences are torture. She has passion and handled it real. She has worked very hard. A great champion. I am white, I know it doesn't matter, but I have been watching since she beat Steffi and I will miss her when she goes.

    47. abhishek baid

      Again the Tantrums after a loss as if she was the only one capable to win...Grow up

    48. KevinJXT38

      such a sore bitter loser smh

      1. bilij pdan

        Don't see how anyone supports Serena. Worst attitude in sports for years.

    49. Armando

      Haha. Goodbye.

    50. Cindy Morgan

      Love Serena. You will always be the GOAT.

    51. TiTAJI0-0 %

      Two very different Queens.

    52. gtoss chddy

      Sure, it was “just me playing bad”, not “her playing good.” That could never happen, that someone else plays well...

    53. donald duke

      I don't think Serena has the game to really worries Osaka when she's in a good day. The japanese is so strong on both side, she can hit a winner in many positions. And that what's disturbing Serena.

    54. BigChris Man

      Serena is arguably the greatest Female tennis player ever. But she is the worse when handling loss. She has to pout, scream, cry or throw a temper tantrum when things do not go her way. Losing gracefully is a virtue in of itself! She needs to learn to lose gracefully or just step away from the sport. Serena has nothing else left to prove.

    55. Natalie Myers

      Serena has made tennis action packed but age can slow you down

      1. gtoss chddy

        She lost because her opponent was better, stronger and had more grit.

    56. Natalie Myers

      Might be time for retirement.

    57. Albert Kas

      If any person believes this is a woman is oblivious to all the signs she is clearly a man.

      1. Bad Recluse

        Shut up bitch

    58. vrintige

      Honestly, I think its normal and ok for her to be emotional. She’s been at the top of this game for so long. And it’s not like she’s “stepping down”, she’s still active in the sport. And frankly, still young in general. But her life has evolved and so has she. When everyone around you is almost begging for you to hang up the jersey so they can get their headline story, instead of allowing you to come to terms with the inevitable change life will bring to your performance, it may present a conflict. I think what we’re seeing is a athletic giant coping with the reality that their full prowess is now rivaled. And when you’re a professional athlete, it’s just “sportsmanship”, it’s your identity.

      1. Quiana Berry

        very well said!

    59. Rich Kidd

      She is the GOAT 🐐

    60. Nemo Spence

      To be the greatest, you have to be the humblest. In this case, Serena is at the end of the line.

    61. begebel

      I, for one, am tired of your reaction every time Naomi beats Serena! I love both athletes but these tantrums need to stop.

    62. Hunter Gatherer

      Don't see how anyone supports Serena. Worst attitude in sports for years.

    63. Hrk Ramnath

      Big error day! That is an excuse of not to admit the lose. Sour looser

    64. M T

      I know even the best of the best loose a t some point sometime but I cant help thinking something else is going on behind the scenes emotionally. I hope all is well she'll return to her normal fine self soon enough.

    65. Bernardino Rivas

      What a rough girl!

    66. Janglal Goupiak

      This woman is a perfect example of a narcissist.

    67. Yolanda Coates

      I love you Serena no matter what

    68. Javier Lara

      It would be nice if just once after all these years she would say I got outplayed today. Instead, it is always I made a lot of errors. I could have been up 5 love. Foh. That's like saying Roger Federer could have win every grand slam. He was there they were close. Please. That's why she cried and fled like a coward because she knew aussie reporters were not going to let up.

    69. mijuo roui

      I still remembered when Naomi asked sorry for winning... Now she is showing the real self🥇

    70. Imran Sahir

      She lost because her opponent was better, stronger and had more grit.

    71. Jamel Hunter

      Super Powers lost

    72. jgibson814

      I'M DONE TOO!!... Goodbye, sick of ALL the excuses - You're old, time to retire and become a mum and good wife!!!....

      1. jgibson814

        @Nemo Spence Totally agree but, when someone as stubborn as her, it's very hard to walk away!! She has surpassed Steffi Graf isn't that enough! Just retire gracefully and retain good health...

      2. Nemo Spence

        @jgibson814 What a marvelous way to end her career if she retired after giving birth saying: My baby is my #24. But fame and glory and that level of adulation she would get if she gets another slam-it all made.her desperate and unhappy.

      3. jgibson814

        @Nemo Spence I don't mean to sound nasty but, for years I've been a fan of the Williams Sisters and, they've been great ambassadors for women's tennis! It's now time to hand over to the younger generation. The amount of times I've been so disappointed at them losing, to the point it was affecting me so bad that I've decided to let them go!! With all that power Serena possesses, I cannot understand how easily she folds up... I'm sick of it!!!!

      4. Nemo Spence

        Hear hear!

    73. G B

      as usual, "it's all about ME guys" - no humility whatsoever does not even congratulate her opponent who comprehensively outplayed her...

      1. Nemo Spence

        Yeah. Just when we thought she's finally over with the US Open controversy, aplogizing to Naomi, here she goes again, crying. Poor sport.

      2. mijuo roui

        Typical Serena, never giving credit to the other player for kicking her a$$.

    74. Christopher Buttons

      mistakes,, errors.... today... but nothing about Osaka playing so well... she hates saying the other player is just too good....

    75. Ugi Ugi Ini

      Serena you is the beset .no the wolud.lm from you ll.❤❤❤👍👍

    76. Lulu Monroe

      She don't like to lose but it's okay. She lost before against her. That doesnt mean she isn't good. She is..but sometimes its time to give it up..

    77. soniyu ziuy

      Osaka played like a BEAST! Errors or no errors that was a major factor.

    78. Aldon Sockwell

      love this lady... hope my daughter is just like her

    79. mccaboy

      At 23 grand slams... U have nothing to be ashamed and so much to be proud of...

    80. Nam Di

      This comments section is just proving to me how much Serena's success in tennis seriously pissed and still pisses people off,,but I guess if you feel the hate ,then you know you're successful...makes me like her even more...I admire superstars who want only few to give two fucks about them...

      1. Goran Dragosavac

        she is totall brat, sore classless loser, cant stand her,, she threw absolute fit last time she lost against Osaka,, and then she goes to social media and lies how she is walked out of the press bcs of disappointing her fans,, what BS!!!! Really? Why dont you share part of 200 million dollars purse with your fans when they are so important to you- you lying cow!!!

    81. Gratstone

      I love winners thats what it takes to stay winning the tears you got to want it so bad you cry,,,, and plus she noted how much mistakes she made and that’s better than being sore loser,,,,, she should of really pulled the May weather get it may

    82. Daniel Drahotta

      S/he got big arms.

    83. Dominique Donnerson

      You win some, you lose some but you live to fight another day.

    84. Jose Luis

      She’s very talented the best I would say but time is undefeated and beats everyone I’m sure she is sad because she lost and it’s time to retire soon. Some people when they have been doing something for soo long specially something that your really good at it’s hard to come with reality that it will be over soon, but we all must start a new life after retirement doing something else. God bless her

    85. fred estire

      Typical Serena, never giving credit to the other player for kicking her a$$.

    86. Leo Hill

      how about the media ask the same questions to Nadal and Federer? its so sexist and racist to poke and prod the GOAT of female tennis. You are all sick

    87. David Geertz

      I doubt Serena could have beaten Margaret in the Australian open in the 60s ! It was played in December and in Brisbane and Sydney a few times where the temperatures over 100 degrees ! No heat rules! No night matches! No injury time outs! No tie breakers ! That's why Margaret is the greatest!!!

    88. Raymel Leonardo

      The goat!

    89. J R

      The magic left Serena Williams the moment she felt confident enough to reveal her deceit........Karma, and the universe gives just rewards.....or denies them.

    90. IsM

      Will never ever forgive this nasty horrid racist !

    91. Jimmy M

      Losing gracefully?

    92. Sopersuasive S

      She looks so sad.. Youre still the greatest and your legacy will forever be branded in tennis history!!!!

    93. Santos De La Cruz

      Ahora Es Que Serena,,,Tiene Que Demostrar Que Ella Es La Dueña De Los Record,,,La Reyna De La Cancha....

    94. seeriu ciihy

      trying for a result like this.

    95. Chucky

      This press conference has more views than Osaka or any other tennis player right now. She will always be loved and when she wins her next slams or not she will always be the goat no matter what! 23 in the open era! She has NOTHING TO PROVE! GTFOH!!!!!!

    96. Mariska Matjila

      Everyone hating on Serena and calling her a classless loser, when they forget that a strong competitor is not blind nor stupid to the strength, age and agility of their opponent. They know what they're facing and it's the internal battle that makes emotional, and look "entitled" as others have put. Yes, Serena should act with more grace when she loses (2018), but if you actually use your brain you will see and understand the underlying problem. She knows she's getting too old to play the game and that time is against her to attain number 24, and even number 25 is she really goes all out. Tennis is her passion and her happy place, and to be told metaphorically through one's opponent's better gameplay that you're clock is ticking, sucks big time. It hits you psychologically and emotionally. It's not about her not giving Naomi credit for her play, coz let's face it, Serena is not blind or stupid to such facts; but it's about how SHE played knowing full well that she can actually beat Naomi easily. There's no way you can beat players on par with Naomi and all of a sudden flunk when you meet her. These 'tantrums' as other people call it have a root and it's not about the opponent. It's about knowing that you can beat someone who is younger and better than you, coz you still have the ability and the capacity to do it. I'll say it again, Serena is not blind or stupid. She's just faced with the reality of possibly not reaching 24, and maybe even 25, before she finally and gracefully puts her racket away. It's not easy saying goodbye to the love of your life. To Serena (even though you won't read this), please get your head out of your abyss and get number 24 coz YOU CAN!! You've always been able to and those of us who still support you, would like to die knowing we got the privilege of seeing you lift it (preferably at Wimbledon, just to add that extra spice on all the haters 🤪😎😂). You can do it and if you can't, or don't, don't ever insult what you've achieved in Tennis over these last two decades, coz nobody will ever be able to take that away from you! ✌🏼 So, baby don't cry, gotta keep your head even when the road is hard never give up🎶

    97. Cee Bee

      Naomi could also teach serena a thing or two about humblness. As serena was to into her self and couldnt be bothered to say it 'Congratulations Naomi'. You truly deserved your win. Serena needs to stop being such a drama queen.

      1. seeriu ciihy

        They do this too soon after tired and disappointed. I wouldn't be able to speak a word either without tears

    98. Miss Basma

      Sore loser.

    99. joe b

      cant wait for the transgenders to play womens tennis

    100. Trouble Breathing

      whaa whaa cry more