Scream | Official Trailer (2022 Movie)

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    Do you like scary movies? Watch the NEW trailer for , only in theatres January 14, 2022.

    Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past. Neve Campbell (“Sidney Prescott”), Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) and David Arquette (“Dewey Riley”) return to their iconic roles in Scream alongside Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Sonia Ammar.

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    1. Nemesis KING_x2T

      Why there isn't any comedy element. Wasn't the old scream movies full of laughter?

    2. Rc-Nerd

      stop making this shit

    3. Brandon P

      Why… did you open the door…

    4. Chris McRae

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    5. Nick Murdock

      I really hope stu comes back as the killer

    6. J

      Bruh, just call it Scream 5

    7. Maikel Simons

      Wow amazing cant wait

    8. Akash Tripathy

      A big no to automation for home security...

    9. DeVilLs AdV0cAtE

      Wow first Halloween 🎃 and now Scream 💀....these are my favorite Series I have watched Halloween kills and it was awesome now can't wait to see Scream.....

    10. Pierre Narvaez

      If the attacks are on on people related to the original killers, I'm thinking they're all trying to kill Sydney. They are all taking turns playing ghostface.

    11. OnDaWestside

      Where’s Doofee?

    12. Pumpkineer _

      Damn, all the old slashers really coming back!

    13. Candy Girl

      i really can't wait this was my entire life as a teen and it's my fav horror movie serie eveeer

    14. Henycky

      Omg,scream is my favorit movie ever

    15. Pavan kumar

      Glad clay jensen is here 🤣

    16. Giko

      0:26 I said "Run B*tch Run" - Shorty

    17. Gliese 581c

      Another reboot bullsh*t. They really can't leave anything alone I know what's pulled all these people back... A quick cash grab

    18. Santeri Puhakka

      I can tell this movie is shit without seeing it.

    19. notedi


    20. Craig Cassidy

      Looks shite

    21. Daniel Zayt

      What’s upppppppppppp

    22. Fajita954 gaming

      Wasn't scream the the title of the 1st movie? Shouldn't this be called something else? Like Scream : legacy or some crap

    23. Chris Clark

      Scream 😱 > 🎃 Halloween Kills 🍿📺

    24. Kaleigh Wilson

      Ghostface seems more sinister in this in! Well...gonna go binge watch the others now lol

    25. jcaceresw

      Looks like it will be as boring as the last Halloween Kills movie. There are anything emotional from the actors when a kill happens in front of them. They mostly look they are in drugs.

    26. Jesse cortez

      They really gonna bring ghost face back I love it 😁

    27. moorsey

      hope the story of who the killer is is as clever as the original and not a silly twist

    28. matt brig

      Stu is alive!

    29. Erlend Palm

      Please call it something more than just "Scream". I hate it when they reuse the original name on sequels.

    30. EpSy PeePsY

      "Hello Sidney...It's an honour." Damn that line... amazing!

    31. Prech Villaverde

      Scream: The Reunion

    32. John Smith

      Respond to this post with who you think the killer is, assuming it's someone from the previous movies.

    33. amyえいみ

      January horror? Now I am skeptical🙁



    35. Lucas thom Gamer

      Personally I say scream is the best slasher since u r always wondering who is wearing that costume and also he's more silent than myers

    36. Nedvurse


    37. Aditya Bansal

      Wasnt the girl's name Cindy , not Sidney

    38. ALL- CAPS

      This movie looks epic, the first movie was amazing, can’t wait for this one!!!

    39. I Made Werlianta

      another scream? then we need another scary movie right after this

    40. Prathamesh Gandhi

      Dylan Minnette !!

    41. Young Grizzly

      can't wait

    42. satae- kook


    43. cass 💕

      Neve Campbell is awesome

    44. V_G


    45. Sanidhya Saxena


      1. Sanidhya Saxena

        @Flying Pizza screm

      2. Flying Pizza


    46. J M S

      All the Scream movies haven’t disappointed me. Scream is defiantly my favorite of all the slashers. Looking forward to this one.

    47. J M S

      I think this ghostface is Stu. Matthew Lillard is on the casting list. It’s gonna be like it was in the first film, where there were two ghost face’s.

      1. qwerty

        Emma Roberts too!

    48. Rob Poulter

      Stop destroying good movies 😂😂

    49. Anthony


    50. Sofia Mahmood

      Ive realised the girl with fuzzy hair is from Spider Man: Miles Morales

    51. Denver John

      Always takes me back to the 90s

    52. Gary OK

      ok I say NO

    53. Sheldon Williams

      Dam Dewy is going to die

    54. misuyy fong

      A random caller: Would you like to play a game? Jigsaw: Hey! That’s my line!

    55. Deepak Joshi

      Nice to see Parody of scary movies.

    56. WitheredCemetery Flower

      Where's Office Dewy??????

    57. Seth Gallagher

      Views: 10 millions. Likes: 80,000 Aight.

      1. Seth Gallagher

        @misuyy fong God, no.

      2. misuyy fong

        We need a new Friday the 13th movie 🎬

    58. l

      only here for sid HAHHA

    59. C. Cho

      I know what u did last summer coming I bet.

    60. Colin Studzinski

      It’s everything I didn’t want and more, thank you Paramount for stomping on Wes Craven’s grave even harder than I thought. I have 0 hope for this movie

    61. Angel Aghera

      😃I have been waiting for this so long and finally we got this...i'm so excited. neve and courtny are back together and this will be so much fun.

    62. Genevieve Barnes

      i feel like this is going to be a lot darker and more serious, which is cool, but also a massive shame. scream is a horror COMEDY series at heart. hope there is some meta humour Somewhere

    63. IGNEOUS


    64. Sara Sanchez

      The. Scream. Morives. Okey goodbyes bye marvel. Or. Raunday. Jariume. Kenney. Ooo ya hi. Marvel. Safe. Good. Job. Marvel. Faruinds Taritcket. Money. Marvel. Gavie. Bye. Fauinds.

    65. Anueyiagu onyinye

      Wow,Courtney cox .can't wait

    66. Cristian

      where is kirby? 😡

    67. Joseph Garcia

      Ayo wait I never realized Scream 2 also did the Ghostface jumpscare at the very end too it legit scared me 😭😭😭

    68. Anthony Fletcher

      It has to finally be Dewey. Has to be. Some how.

    69. psx2514

      R.I.P. Wes Craven.

    70. Justyplays

      DANG! Goin for sidney why is she always getting hunt down by. Ghost face and some movies

    71. JaySmitty33

      We need a new Friday the 13th movie 🎬

    72. Gamers of Legends Past

      Stop rehashing this old crap these movie sucked ass

    73. Justyplays

      first jigsaw 2nd Halloween Now ghost face And LAST CHUCKY MY MAN WHERES Lether face

    74. Xonly Tyrek

      Im getting the feeling this one is gonna be ALOT darker 👀 then the previous ones, we’re definitely not READY for this😂🔥

    75. William Powell

      I think this ghost face identity is: Who made those lemon squares for Dewey?

    76. A

      Soooooo since the thrillers are back, I am hoping the parody movies are too? **pretty please?**

    77. FallenAngel

      Same old, same old.

    78. John Cabrera

      I know it’s a longshot but I hope there’s an Easter egg of ghost face imitating the dead by daylight Mori kill

    79. John Cabrera

      The fact that we getting another scream movie is absolutely amazing and I love the OG attire I kind of wished they went with new outfit something similar to dead by daylight version of ghost face but still I have no issue with this one

    80. my instagram is @lil._.j614

      Lame looks allot like all the other screams

    81. Anii

      Abt time omg

    82. Nick 2000

      Anyone else not watching this because Wes Craven is missing??? I watched the trailer waiting for Halloween Kills And I dont like it But even before that I just automatically said No Wes Craven No movie Anybody else feel the same???

    83. Izy Lacambra

      Awesome, can't wait!!!

    84. Izy Lacambra

      Awesome, can't wait!!!

    85. Mycelium

      WHAT where did this come from I didn't even know this was happening

    86. Jason Hearn

      I bet the killer (or at least one of the killers) is Dewey.

    87. Sponsoredbymodelo

      I liked how scary movie poked fun at the scream movies and btw,I think the 4th one was the best one,so how are they going to top that?with its great acting,amazing sound effects and music, and most of all,ITS AMAZING KILLS

    88. Colby Jones

      I think that 2018’s Halloween being a success lead to this being made, but it also gave something for the writers to work with- a new era of horror/slasher movies that keeps the central idea of slashers but has to do something different in order to captivate audiences, something more character driven. Scream at its core is an analysis/commentary of each horror era’s tropes- like Scream 4 using the “reboot” rules. Bet me money they mention 2018 Halloween in a scene while figuring out what this era’s rules are.

    89. ⟭⟬ 7

      Looks bomb

    90. Neon Phoenix

      Found this by accident.. can't wait

    91. Mostafa Mosaddeghi

      Damn you damn you damn you It's just a trailer but I ...😱😱😱😱

    92. davidareyouhuman

      Bruh. I almost choked on my hot chocolate the house phone from the beginning of this trailer is the same one as our house phone…

    93. seanc41556

      Dewey dies I'm calling it... That slow mo shot of Gale screaming and someone holding her back. 😬

    94. leyenda61

      Hoping it's a mild PG-13 rating so I can take the kiddos & baby

    95. Santiago García Medina

      Who the fucks has a landline in 2021 though?

    96. Jacob Lescallette

      Can’t wait