Russ - SMALL TALK (Official Audio)


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    Official audio for "SMALL TALK"

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    Produced by Russ

    Stop playin with a boss like that
    I don’t react well when you talk like that
    Put the money on the phone then call right back
    I don’t really wanna do the small talk like that
    Stop playin with a boss like that
    I don’t react well when you talk like that
    Put the money on the phone then call right back
    I don’t really wanna do the small talk like that

    Run it up run it up
    Yea that’s a motive
    But mostly I’m focused on being the coldest
    While bein the hottest they say I’m not modest
    I say I agree y’all don’t got it I got it
    I’m not sparing feelings
    Y’all want me quiet
    Bitch I made millions
    I’m bout to go riot see that’s how I really feel
    I think you would too this reminds me of wrigley field
    Different teams same game but it’s fuck you
    As long as you on the other side I don’t trust you
    You don’t love me bitch I don’t love you
    You don’t gotta lie I won’t sit around and judge you
    1 2 3 4 5 6 that’s just not enough M’s uhh
    I gotta pay for my whole family’s rent and then some

    Please shut the fuck up
    If you don’t have the deal ready
    I don’t really wanna waste my time
    My lawyer told yall better have 10 mill ready
    But it’s cool I ain’t trippin I’m eating
    Everyday of my life is the weekend
    Got my own weed that I’m cheefin
    They be hatin on me for no reason
    Nah I’m lying guess I gave them a couple
    Along with a blueprint I gave them the hustle
    Boo hoo hoo
    Y’all should get over it
    I promise you imma be Hova rich
    I ain’t boutta stop for you
    Take shit from you
    Who the fuck are you
    I’m me bitch
    I don’t give a fuck what anyone else may be I bet on me bitch

    ℗ 2021 Russ My Way Inc.

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    1. Russ


      1. Ariana Azain

        I ❤ you Russ. This song was so awesome plesae make a video to it!

      2. Ely

        🐐 is BACK..!!!🔥

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      5. MEME H.

        My favorite lines : "Different team, same game, but it's "Fuck you" As long as you're on the other side, I don't trust you You don't love me, bitch, I don't love you You don't gotta lie, I won't sit around and judge you" I love it, I love it, I love it 😁❤

    2. Indie Tune

      After EMiWay's "Bantai ki public" 👁

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    4. SUHUU

      emiway bantai copied it... listen bantai ki public

    5. Robert Contreras

      Let go

    6. GuStAvO

      official video now!!!!!!

    7. Madeleine Krausse

      Yo! Anybody else hear “Stop playing with yo balls like that” at the start?

      1. Robert Germain II


    8. ABU

      Woo 🔥❤😍

    9. JerryMafian069

      Perfect ! Respect ! 😎🤙

    10. Khaled Elgendy

      I wonder how you didn't think about a music video for this hot sh** song

    11. Lanlan

      news just in! 281 bellends disliked this absolute banger of a tune. Sat at their computers, covered in cheeto dust, having angry wanks and using monster energy as lube

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    13. Alberto Costello

      Nigga louisiana stand up webbie you got me fucked up

    14. Nina Infinite

      I'm sorry

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      This is the Russ we want to hear!

    16. Michael Ryan

      The add for a show in Boston on MAY (MAY) 26...Got me...

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    21. Christchristchristian A

      That slim shady laughs when he says “please shut the fuck up” 😂

    22. Robert Turner

      Yo this shit hard asf straight up. 🔥

    23. william stevens

      Yo this needs a video!

    24. Kitty Kat

      Yeah can someone please create an #AMV using this song , imagine the fighting scenes to this ! 🤯

    25. Hip Hop Lovers

      Hard af 🔥

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      Did he sample just lose it by Eminem or it just sounds similar

    27. Mano K Angola

      Please do more with Rexx Life Raj

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      Stop playin with a ball sack dad


      Emiway copied this


        No buyed the instrumental


      Emiway copied this 🤮🤮

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      Emiway copy Kara yeh track

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        @Babu Linzx 😂 kon bole

      5. Babu Linzx

        Inspiration ke name pe copy-paste chal rha hai full Beat&flow copied hai😂

    33. Josh Sargent

      Bro Russ ur sick all ur tracks jam like jelly with peanut butter on toast wish I could meet ya I spit flows and ur gonna be one of the best to ever do it man luv ur music it makes life better much luv

    34. Babu Linzx

      EMIway copied your flow & beat and made a trash...😣

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      This shii nothing much straight fucking fire my man!!! BARRRRRS

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