ROXEN - Amnesia - Second Rehearsal - Romania 🇷🇴 - Eurovision 2021

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    ROXEN will represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Amnesia. This was her second rehearsal in Rotterdam Ahoy.


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      Best Choreography and Song in Eurovision 2021

    2. Ali Rac

      Guys, beside her emotion the sound of the song was terrible really. I am not sure what the Eurovision guys did but rehearsal or not, the sound was f***ed up even in the semi finals. When I heard some of the final songs, I was seriously wondering how this one did not get more votes from the public.

    3. Alexandra

      Y'all keep talking about vocals but she actually got 9th place in the semifinal based on jury vote. So she passed the jury vote (ie vocals), just not the televote. My guess is that the choreo was too distracting for the average viewer

    4. Alexandra

      Inteleg ca au vrut sa recreeze videoclipul (asta au vrut multi fani iar ei au ascultat), dar trebuiau sa simplifice, nu sa faca copy-paste MV to stage ca asta nu funtioneaza mereu. Trebuie sa te adaptezi scenei si sa vezi ce merge, ce nu merge etc. Trebuiau sa se adapteze si la artist, clar ca stilul ei e mai stationar, nu are destula putere/ suflu in voce deocamdata ca sa se miste asa mult. Scenografia trebuia facuta in asa fel incat sa o avantajeze, nu invers, pentru ca ea are un timbru special. Genul asta de melodie nu o avantajeaza oricum, ea e mai buna pe piesele lente/ low vocal ranges. Dar chiar si daca ar fi cantat perfect, scenografia e prea complexa, iar audienta se pierde in ea in loc sa se bucure de moment si de emotie. Oricum s-a descurcat bine ca debutanta. Te pup Roxen si mult succes inainte.

    5. Juan C Mart

      BAFTA ROXEEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. voulitsa vene

      This is song .Euphoria.COPY PASTE.

      1. Tanum

        Yas! It's giving 100% Euphoria vibes, but songs are completely different.

      2. Cezar Deli Iorga

        Wtf no😂

    7. 96Natasja

      She has to qualify!!!! It would just be unfair if she didn't, and also Russia in the first semi finale, they really deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Geto Dacul

      Shitty song , shitty Voice

      1. Cezar Deli Iorga


    9. Sandra M

      winner im telling you

    10. ExcordXD

      Many wrong things at her voice by singing example 0:20 .. It was yesterday there was cats outside and they're was fighting and this sounds like this at 0:20 😂

    11. Andreea S

      You will be in top 3

    12. Florin Remus Olteanu

      Dar sa pună o rochie pe ea...cântă în hanorac de e cool. din , păcate acest hanorac verde este ținută oficială . EBU a cerut ca cel Putin intro repetiție sa pună ținutele oficiale în cazul în care cineva se îmbolnăvește cu covid și nu poate cântă va difuza repetiția . Proasta inspirație

      1. Alexandra

        @Florin Remus Olteanu Da e intr-o rochie scurta acum si arata bine. Vocal vorbind... raman la parerea ca i-ar fi trebuit microfon in mana, nu prins de ureche. Cu cel de mana e mai usor de reglat vocea si s-ar fi auzit mult mai bine.

      2. Lumy Lumy

        @Florin Remus Olteanu da, este într-o rochie scurtă foarte frumoasă, o prinde mult mai bine... sper să-și stăpânească emoțiile și vocal să fie ce trebuie pt că astă seară votează juriul și mâine e semifinala

      3. Florin Remus Olteanu

        @sergiu cosmin e un hanorac banal nu este ce trebuie. vorbim de Eurovision nu concert pe acoperișul blocului. măcar un overall ceva sa atragă atenție ...măcar sa intram și noi în finala ca din 2018 no mai facem

      4. Florin Remus Olteanu

        @Alexandra eu sunt de părere ca nu ar fi trebuit sa se miște ...dansatori so facă pe langa ea sau în spate. ea sa fie într-o ținută frumoasa mai prezentabila decât un hanorac. nu o rochie ..ok dar un overall lejer ceva.. lumea voteaza după prima impresie nu se mai gândeste cât de lejer ii este etc... dar am înțeles ca iau schimbat ținută și asta mă bucura foarte mult. ii ținem pumni ca din 2018 nu am mai fost în finala .

      5. Florin Remus Olteanu

        @Lumy Lumy am înțeles ca iau schimbat ținută....asta mă bucura foarte tare.

    13. VledTop

      When I see the background, I remember Cherry Red, her song from last year:(

    14. vane derivolov

      The sounds is bad

      1. sergiu cosmin

        No bkvocals

      2. sergiu cosmin

        Nope. Is good

    15. MrRobynLover

      I will vote for Romania, as she is now tipped to be in the too close to call category, for qualifying. Romania deserves the final over Azerbaijan no offence to any Azeris ! love ROMANIA

    16. larksong77

      If you don’t pull it off in rehearsal, the live show is gonna be even more nerve racking.

    17. Hamlet Simonyan

      hope the performance won't be anything like this since there are too many false notes

    18. urcrew switzerland

      *MY RANKING AFTER REHEARSALS* *My SF1 Ranking* 1. Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 2. Norway 🇳🇴 3. Australia 🇦🇺 4. Lithuania 🇱🇹 5. Romania 🇷🇴 6. Cyprus 🇨🇾 7. Ireland 🇮🇪 8. Israel 🇮🇱 9. Malta 🇲🇹 10. Sweden 🇸🇪 *My SF2 Ranking* 1. Switzerland 🇨🇭 2. Greece 🇬🇷 3. Iceland 🇮🇸 4. Moldova 🇲🇩 5. Finland 🇫🇮 6. Latvia 🇱🇻 7. San Marino 🇸🇲 8. Bulgaria 🇧🇬 9. Serbia 🇷🇸 10. Czech Republic 🇨🇿 *My prediction TOP 5* 1. Switzerland 🇨🇭 2. Greece 🇬🇷 3. France 🇫🇷 4. Norway 🇳🇴 5. Lithuania 🇱🇹

    19. Andrei

      Diaspora votati Romania

      1. Ionut Leonard

        Ba esti obsedat ? =))))

    20. Mark Anderson

      Second Rehearsal is definitely better than first rehearsal. Good luck girl !!! Be strong, please please don't listen to haters !!! You have a lot of talent and you are my winner !!!!!

    21. M nMs

      We looooove you Romania sooo much GR 💪RO

    22. Emi

      Billie Eillish from Wish😂😂

      1. Emi

        @Alex Nec am just joking😂😂

      2. Alex Nec

        You are not funny

    23. Anca Maria

      #41 trending in Romania🤗

    24. Izabela Taša

      Rating 🇷🇴 ’s Eurovision song this year Song: 9/10 Styling: 7/10 Vocals: 6.5/10 Performance: 8.5/10 Just don’t be scared , we all love you!❤️

    25. Kim Kardashian West

      Not bad 😏😏😏😏

      1. Alexandra

        Thanks Kim K

    26. ferragial

      Shes a great artist, she had an amazing song last year and this one is almost as good. The idea of staging was also amazing but for some reason it just doesnt work in practice. Maybe she should just stay quiet, stand and sing and let the dancers do all the choreography.

    27. Lisa Lenders

      I have always loved this song from the beginning and it’s always on my mind. What I like about Roxen is that she was very nervous at the first rehearsal, but in the second rehearsal she killed it. She is growing and growing and that’s what I want to see. I love her voice and her voice and looks remains me of Billie Eilish what I definitely like. I hope she will make it to the Grand Final! 🍀💞

    28. Andrei

      In prima semifinala de pe 18 mai voteaza tariile :Australia,Azerbaijan,Belgia,Croatia,Cipru,Germania,Irlanda,Israel,Italia,Lituania,Malta,Olanda,Macedonia de Nord,Norvegia,Rusia,Slovenia,Suedia si Ucraina. Romanii care traiesc in aceste tarii votati Romania ! Votati nr 13 Haideti sa fim cat mai multi ! Dati share si like pe retele de socializare Roxen-Amnesia Bucharest 2022

      1. Ionut Leonard

        Nu câștigă romania, nu mai fii irealist =)))))))))))) nu pentru ca nu e buna melodia, mai mult pentru ca e romania si romania e văzută prost aproape peste tot

    29. Cahha

      Shock un-qualifyer maybe? I really like the song but the performance doesn't impress me :/

    30. Kombologaki shop

      why this stylish choices??? Its Eurovision song contest!! But i love the song!!!

    31. Recon Member

      Oh, my God, Roxen is a simple, flawed girl who loves to sing. Some accuse her of not having a voice, or of not being able to dance and sing at the same time, others have spoken that she is an immature person due to her old anxiety problems. Some will probably criticize her for being a vegetarian, out of respect for her grandmother's immense love for animals. But does anyone know that last year Roxen was severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend with a broomstick? Someone close to her wrote me to delete this news, because Roxen is not proud of that incident and it could hurt her. I think everyone should know that girls like Roxen can be victims, and that the voices of these girls should not be heard by us. Maybe even their cries are not heard by us. That's why I love her so much and I hope she wins, because at some point, maybe she cried for help and no one helped her, but she chose to make her song at Eurovision a way to help those who cries for help, and we do not hear them. Regardless of the final result, I consider her the winner of this Eurovision from now on and I think she will develop and delight us a lot in the music industry. God bless you, Roxen!

    32. MmGraz

      Hai Roxen! ♥️ Hai Romania!🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

    33. CrissiVamps

      Romanian Billie Eilish

    34. Nicoleta Manu

      Our Billie Eilish

    35. Fallen Angel

      She won for me

    36. Crystal Star Festival

      Horrible !Off tune and clothes like for homeless people .

      1. Medves Angelica

        Crystal Star Festival. Laso pe ,Roxen în pace.

      2. Alex Nec

        @cozmin cozma 👏👏

      3. cozmin cozma

        Some of your critics are just rude! YOU are the example that this world is not going to change about anything in terms of discrimination, bulling and empathy. If you have not anything good or constructive to say just drop it. The freedom to express yourself or what you are thinking did not mean that you can be so disrespectful.

      4. Alex Didila

        And shes dancing, so she cant wear elegant clothes

      5. Alex Didila

        Homeless people? Dude, everyone wear sometimes hoodies and sport pants lmao

    37. Luka

      send numa numa


      Anul acesta România trebuie sa fie învingătoare, absolut de nota 10 Va susținem din R.Moldova🇲🇩💪🇷🇴

    39. Milica Dragovic



      i don t get it, why this is so low on odds?

      1. ALL ABOUT ESC

        @Roxana-Nicoleta Popa yeah...this is the best song romania had. A good performance at 2nd is goin on.

      2. Alexandra

        @Roxana-Nicoleta Popa Era mai sus inainte de repetitii. Cred ca eram pe locul 12 sau 13, dar acum a scazut la 18 si e in scadere. Anul trecut cu Alcohol You am fost chiar in top 5, asa ca nu as da vina mereu pe "Romania". Depinde de cantec, performanta, si mai ales de ceilalti concurenti. Anul asta e foarte dificil pentru ca sunt foarte multe cantece bune

      3. Roxana-Nicoleta Popa

        Because Romania..

      4. Alexandra

        Probably because people were expecting copy-paste version of the studio cut

    41. SheLooksToMe

      I love her song, the meaning is great and it has a wonderful chorus. Good luck to you from Australia ❤️

    42. Andrei •

      "Perfection is just.... boring. Perfect is what's natural, or real" 💜

    43. cristiana parrino

      GOOD LUCK ROMANIA 😍❤️ from 🇮🇹

    44. nikosgr84

      I need more side lightning and less smoke.... This song doesn't deserve disqualification

    45. Buğra

      Please Europe! Make VICTORIA (Bulgarıa) happy! make her (VICTORIA) winner.

      1. Alexandra

        Stop spamming all videos

      2. Buğra

        @Cezar Deli Iorga I know fvfjfıjıghgoogoı :D :D

      3. Cezar Deli Iorga

        Here is romania 😂

    46. Idan AL

      My winner! Good luck from Israel ❤️

    47. Djurdjina Jovanovic

      Bravo Rumunija !!! Sve pohvale! Srecno! Pozdrav iz Srbije ❤

    48. Help Me

      Unpopular opinion: although this is better then the first rehearsal the song is still bad in the singing is average at best

    49. Meister Productions

      In the past years Romania had some amazing songs, but it never had a chance at all, because they will NEVER let Romania win Eurovision :) Eurovision is all know what, I can't write it because they'll ban me :) You don't have to be a good singer to win Eurovison, you just have to be different ;)

      1. Cristian A. Sas

        @Meister Productions Si cred ca vocile noastre bune ori sunt leneșe, ori și-au făcut deja un nume și nu mai au nevoie de nicio expunere, ori nu vor sa colaboreze cu TVR (nu cred ca e experiența ușoară și fără frustrări), ori chiar nu au timp de atâtea repetiții, călătorii, etc., sau sunt voci bune care sunt bune in varianta de studio, și nu au curaj sa se expună live intr-un context așa de mare. Dar și eu tot sper ca va veni ziua când vom avea un artist de genul care sa ne reprezinte, și in care sa cred 100% ca va câștiga.

      2. Meister Productions

        @Cristian A. Sas hmm piesa 1944...oare de ce? Cumva pentru ca "dadea" in Rusia ?! Nu stau sa fac acum analiza, dar observ ca nu isi mai bat capul vocile noastre bune cu Eurovision-ul, probabil si-au dat seama si ei cum sta treaba

      3. Cristian A. Sas

        @Meister Productions Pentru mine alea chiar nu au fost melodii câștigătoare. Le-au lipsit ceva fiecăruia. Dar asta e bineinteles parerea mea subiectiva. Iar dacă urmezi mentalitatea asta, atunci de ce “au permis” sa câștige Serbia sau Ucraina, dacă ar avea ceva “hidden agenda” împotriva Europei de Est și poate controla așa mult cine câștiga concursul?

      4. Meister Productions

        @Cristian A. Sas or singing like a chicken :)

      5. Meister Productions

        @Cristian A. Sas For example :Tornero, Luminita anghel - let me try, paula seling playing with fire. Let's be real, they will never let Romania win just because it's Romania. Just read the comments on these songs, there are many people who agree (not romanians) Si eu sunt roman :)

    50. Fábio Carvalho

      Its One of my favorites. Good Luck from Portugal.

    51. Luca Müller

      Please Europe, bring her to the Grand Finale, so I can Vote for her then

    52. Mario You

      Iconic Roxen Queen

    53. Mario You


    54. prowelsh56

      wow more re packaged songs

    55. Fly & Shy

      Should be in top 3, won't be though :(

    56. Georgia Parava


    57. Lucius Malfoy

      I love staging! Please do your best. You have a unique song, it deserves a high place in the final

    58. Morgan Devacelli

      Guys, it sounds disappointing because the studio track is fully autotuned, this effect can't be imitated live

      1. Alexandra

        Yes, the studio version uses some distortion so the live version will never sound the same. But luckily enough casual eurovision viewers will not have heard the studio version so hopefully they will like the raw live one 😌

    59. Mihaela Trifana

      in fact, almost all countries have brought pre-recorded voices, and roxen and a few others sing without backing... this is a fake eurovision! with pre-recorded voices in the background, with people who are upset if they hear the breath when you sing! 12 points for italy, for romania, for switz and for every singer who chooses to sing naturally! they are so rare!

      1. Alexandra

        @Mihaela Trifana @Mihaela Trifana Da, asa e. Dar am vazut un video mai lung cu a doua repetitie a ei si am impresia ca nota inalta e pre-recorded (cauta "Roxen - Live - Amnesia Petrica Beches" ca sa gasesti video-ul)

      2. Mihaela Trifana

        @Alexandra are, dar nu la aceeași intensitate. Lăsând la o parte ca are vocea stângace, este important acel backing pe care mulți îl au. Face diferența. Dacă asculți cu atenție melodiile Greciei, Croației etc vei auzi că sunt notele înalte mult mai tunate în fundal. Asta nu inseamna că solistele țărilor respective nu au voce bună, ci că oamenii s au obișnuit să asculte ca la radio. Totul fin, perfect.

      3. Alexandra

        Si ea are pre-recorded, ca sa fim sinceri. Toti au

      4. dana mihaela


    60. Anne Mone

      After so many silver dresses and high heels, I really like Roxen very comfy style clothing. But what happened with her natural hair? Please, no curly fake hair! The dancers looked better in the official video. Anyway I hope she manages to rank better than odds. You go girl!!!

      1. Lucius Malfoy

        @Anne Mone Maybe you're right. But I also like what I see on stage.

      2. Anne Mone

        @Lucius Malfoy needs to be a bit more messy IMO - in this video is noticeable the effort of looking in a certain way, comparing with the official video where she looked so like herself. Same applies for the dancers - those simple nude clothes were better and more real than what we get to see on rehearsals

      3. Lucius Malfoy

        I love the way her hair looks.

    61. cozmin cozma

      wow, did you feel il too? This pain and vulnerability in her voice.... This voices in your head that never let you to be YOU! This is why i love it... because it's so relatable. However i'm tired to see that almost all the participant are bringing dancers just to coreo and a lot of pre-recorded backing vocals. Roxen is part of the coreo and she is singing alone just amazing! Very brave and respect for her!

    62. Andrey Davydov

      Top 3, Top 5 finish will be justified for good voice and modern song. However much will depend on Roxen actual performance given backstage is bleak and unmemorable

    63. Ioana Matei

      The staging is incredible. She just needs to improve the vocals a little bit more. Also better than the first rehearsal. Succes Roxen!

    64. Michela's disappointment and anger

      After having seen interview with Nikkie, I feel sorry for her and kind of bad for having bashed her in the past. Therefore, as of now on, I will focus my energy on singers that truly deserve to be bashed: Serbia, Italy, Moldova, Azerbaijdan, Georgia

      1. luca alina

        What a maroon you are😂😂

      2. Michela's disappointment and anger

        @Cristian A. Sas Bad songs. Terrible actually

      3. Cristian A. Sas

        😂 and they deserve to be bashed because...?

    65. acefhity


    66. Russian Thorin

      Good Luck Roxen! Удачи Роксен)))

    67. ExcordXD

      Sry but Romania is disappointing me

      1. Medves Angelica

        ExcordXD. Sănătate .

      2. Cezar Deli Iorga


    68. Edman Huseyn

      If this year one of these countries does not win, it will sound that Eurovision is fake!! Azerbaijan Romania San Marino Cyprus

      1. Cristian A. Sas

        @Edman Huseyn Ok. I’m glad you’re so woke, and are helping us other mortals see the truth. 😂

      2. Edman Huseyn

        @Cristian A. Sas It means it is fake!!! I know what I tell.

      3. Cristian A. Sas

        None of these countries will win, and that doesn’t mean it’s “fake”. It just means that there are better songs/performances out there.

    69. Russian Thorin

      I hope she will be able to perform the song well in the semifinals. After all, Roxen has very interesting vocals

    70. Sonia Braila

      You're just amazing, Roxeeennnn!!!! I'm sure you will qualify in the final.🇷🇴 You are a so talented girl with a unique and beautiful voice that gives my goosebumps and you have to forget about all that negative emotions and be confident in yourself on the stage and everything is gonna be alright. I wish you goood luck darling and I really believe in you!!🍀 Remember that whatever happens, we will still love youu so much🥰💋💕

    71. Dani Maroto Delgado

      My love💜

    72. Mario You

      Winner, the best

    73. MALIVE

      Much better this time

    74. Number 17

      au au au... Sper să sune de vreo 100 de ori mai bine data viitoare. Când a zis self, zici că mușca dintr-un măr forțat, ceva de genu'. Urcase prea mult... Mai multa concentrare. Dar pe vibe a fost bun 👌 Pe la sfârșit a fost foarte bine. Mai trebuie lucrat ceva 🤪

    75. Denny Y

      Loove how raw and vulnerable her voice sounds because I'm not a fan of the super perfect, almost playback sounding singing - that's what i want to hear from a live performance. The little cracks pack so much emotion!

    76. Sory


    77. Sory

      Cea mai buna💗💗

    78. MimM

      IMO She should sing it acoustic with a piano like she did in a pre show. That was amazing. Still has potential though.

    79. Daniela Gheorghe


    80. Zamfira Turcanasu

      I am proud of you. You will be the best at ESC 1st semi-final.

    81. Explosive Music

      The vulnerability in her voice might actually work in her favour. Wish to see this qualify. This is one of my favorite entries this year.

    82. ZugnachPankow / パンコー 行きの電車

      It could be a romanian Loreen. I‘m very excited! Thumbs up from Germany!

    83. Metal beton

      Hai Roxen 🤗😘te iubim

    84. ESC2009

      Hope her own lyrics help her and prove her real voice on Tuesday ♥️♥️

    85. urcrew switzerland

      Her performance reminds me a bit of Loreen from Sweden 🇸🇪...

    86. Anda

      In my view that's the most unique song out of them all. The lyrics are so meaningful, the melody is thrilling and for that I appreciate it deeply being a songwriter myself. I hope she does great despite her anxiety, she's so special. Lots of love from Greece ❤

    87. Kate Carroll

      This is a much better performance. The first one Roxen was very nervous. This one was more like I was expecting. I love the staging, totally works! The song grew on me to the point where I love it and it is one of my favourites.

    88. Mario You


    89. Metalvision Song Contest

      Gotta love the Romanian "ă" sound: "Sălf-love amnejiă." ^^ In all honesty, and entirely in good faith: She should probably try and pronounce the title a little more clearly, otherwise the whole metaphor might get lost on people.

      1. Metalvision Song Contest

        @Dan Mihai I have no idea what you mean? 😉 At first I thought your comment had been a reply to the video of Germany‘s rehearsal, speaking of fingers...

      2. Dan Mihai

        Wash your’s after you have another chance to leave a comment , till the duck a finger 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    90. Andrei

      Love this song


      Perfect 👌 we greetings you Romenia and Roxen.. 12 point from Turkey 🇹🇷

    92. Cristina X


    93. xXYoshiiXx

      Like billie

    94. Milica

      Love Romania from Serbia 🇷🇸❤🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

    95. Emilia Mihut

      from 10 to 16th of May it is mental health awarness week!! this song on the 18th May fits perfectly considering the strong message it has!! as Roxen said, “for every shout that went unheard!” i am so excited and i am sure it is gonna be such a good performance in the semi final! Good luck Romania!!

    96. T747

      Finally some voice

    97. Diego Barbero

      12 points from Spain

    98. Claudiu Ghioc

      Mi-a plăcut, dar aici nu-i bine deloc. E tânără, poate.. Doar că n-are condițiile bune. Tinerii se dezinhibează în mediul lor: un păhărel de ceva, o țigare verde. Și potențialul le revine numaidecât😋 Păhărelul înainte e uzitat de majoritatea dinozaurilor muzicali, nu-i rușine, căutați pe net! Chiar și prezentatorii tv apelează la "un păhărel" înainte. Că dă drumul la corzi și la blablau. Succes fato, aștept să te văd!✌️

    99. Vasilica David

      Am obosit sa ma mai uit la concursul asta (mai bine ma culc).Ne scremem de ani buni sa impresionam Europa cu creatiile noastre si nu reusim nimic . Ce sa zic, decat respect artistilor care au renuntat .

      1. TzMic

        Sper doar ca nu aveti copii la care sa le inoculati idea ca "indiferent ce faci e mai bine sa renunti decat sa mergi mai departe". Cel mai probabil, si dumneavostra, vi s-a spus toata viata sa renuntati si ati fost tot timpul criticat. De aceea si preferati sa alegeti sa va culcati, ca sa ajungeti la amnesia. Pana la urma, poate castigati deja cu piesa asta daca va uitati mai mult in interior decat in exterior.

      2. ESC RO

        E un concurs in care trebuie sa ne bucurăm de muzica și spectacol, nu toți sunt ahtiati după premii și castig... Eu sincer ma uit pentru artiști și show, care e unul foarte bine pus la punct de către olandezi

    100. Ioannis Vamvakitis

      I love this song ♥️