Remixes Of The 80's Pop Hits - 2-hour DJ Mix With 29 Songs

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    Remixes Of The 80's Pop Hits is a 127-minute long continuous DJ mix with 29 remixes of some of the 80's biggest pop hits including artists like Madonna, Tina Turner, Steve Vinwood, Rick Astley, Sandra and many more. Mixed by me.

    DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing ads during any of my mixes, I have NOT placed them there. Since I'm using copyrighted music, the copyright owners (or their representatives) can place ads in my mixes. My channel is NOT monetized.

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      Never get bored... Listening over and over again.. Thank you dj you brighten my day... All Fabulous till the end 👍👍 ❤❤

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      WOW!!!! CHEBERE CHEBERE :) :) = 0

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    66. jebali yaakoub

      mister deep tropical house owner thank you so much for steve winwood a real special singer but he's not well known in the wolrd like in the US or UK;good luck again thank you ,please for next youtube songs try to put jim capaldi ,chris rea;and the winwood song FREEDOM OVERSPILL .

    67. Cafe` Skype

      I loop this one to play as long as I want to relive the magic of the crazy '80s. Major Props to-the-beat.

    68. Cultured Cuisine

      If you jamming to these tunes, YOU ARE A LEGEND ❤✌. I never thought cleaning the house was soo easy...

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