Previously On The Adventure Zone: Fur

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    Due to weather and power outages, we are postponing this show that was originally scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19th. The show will now take place on March 5th. More information and details on refunds can be found at

    Join us for a virtual and INTERACTIVE The Adventure Zone live show on March 5th! We’ll be playing Honey Heist (created by Grant Howitt) with special guest Erika Ishii, and the audience will be able to vote in polls that will affect our actions at certain points in the game! The show starts at 9PM ET, and tickets are available at for $10. VOD will be available for 2 weeks after the show.

    If you're not a MaxFun donor, here's a quick rundown of what happened the last time we played Honey Heist. If you are a MaxFun donor, you can listen to that episode in full via the donor Bonus Content!

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    1. Jonathan McGinley

      I love how Travis is just represented as a sentient omni-bear.

    2. Ollie No

      Wait is this like a honey heist one shot or a new campaign?

      1. Ollie No

        I still need to listen to Travis’s campaign, my friend introduced me to The Magnus Archives so I’ve been distracted by that lol.

    3. Lord Tachanka

      OwO McElwoys?

    4. Nicholas Burrafato

      What is the previous episode called? I can’t find it in the boco feed?

    5. Elizabeth Combs

      So glad the McElroys will be recording the Seekers audiobook!

    6. Ishigiri Hayato

      Damn, I do hope one day to get a bonus adventure with the Thundermen. 🤔🙃

    7. Paul Woelke

      "with special guest Erika Ishii" I'm so tempted now. If only I wasn't broke. :(

    8. bitches

      when Puka in my language (Sinhala) is slang for "butthole" 😭😭 I can't wait to see the un-bear-able chaos that'll ensue this time!

    9. Donteatacowman

      I've never been a Max Fun member, but I joined to get context for the episode. I can't afford a monthly membership fee but I don't want to be a jerk, so I'll wait to cancel for... 2 months? I hope that's okay :'/

    10. Lainie Cosgrove

      will Chud-Chud Bopsmin make an appearance???

    11. CoyoteLofi

      Do we have the name of the artist who did the awesome pixel art for this and the last mbmbam virtual show?

    12. Alina

      can they somehow make destiel canon through this

    13. Muffet Reallycant

      Me: ... ....haha this is cool.... *Is waiting to see what KravitZ looks like in July*

    14. WeirdWisteria _

      I'm going to cry. This is genius.

    15. Thomas Palazzolo

      Finally we will find out: Which bear is best???

    16. Jeeves Bunny

      Plerrrf needs braces. Dental plan. Plerrrf needs braces. Dental plan...

    17. Aditya Agung Pratama

      Daddies, bears, The Mcelroy???? My wildest fantasy just coming real

    18. luce goose

      Griffin really missed out on the “this part is imBEARative” pun there

    19. Susanna Wise

      i alwasy wondered what it would be like for someone to start taz mid-season and try to understand the previously-ons without context!

    20. Sara P

      So nice of Griffin to conveniently provide a recap mid episode 🤣

    21. Generality

      Do NOT kill Jerry Seinfeld, got it.

    22. hyperactivehyena

      holy shit- the The Thomas Crown Affair pin that I inexplicably own has finally appreciated in value, just like I always knew it would

    23. RumblesLikeDumblebee

      Man, I played a bear quest once. I played as Winnie the Pooh tho. I used two D10 to decide which direction I would wander, somehow wound up where the story was taking place, and was definitely annoying a mayor or governor or something. Fun run.

    24. Mandy

      Don't kill Jerry Seinfeld!!!!!!

    25. Claire McKinley

      The timezone conversion for any people in NSW/VIC is 1pm on Saturday 20th February

      1. Jordan

        Thanks claire!

    26. Angelo MC

      This sounds awesome

    27. Tristin Smith

      STOP LETTING TRAVIS BE DM! fuck its another several year long campaign of the same nazel slow voice

    28. TraitorousTurncoat

      Friendship ended with Taako, now Gerrrf is my best friend

    29. zen please

      Wait is this real? Oh I didn't look at which channel posted this...

    30. Vail

      Should've went with "Thomas Crown: A Bear", Griffin.

      1. DnD_Jamaica

        This is it, this is the right answer. I know noone asked a question...but this is it

    31. The Freelance Queen

      This is definitely one worth a previously on, since it’s a MaxFunDrive exclusive.

    32. unclenocturnal

      Omg i played this game before its so much fun fosbfojevej

    33. Marco S.

      Ooh I'm a donor but I haven't listened to this yet! I'm excited for the liveshow!

    34. khakis

      Yeah I gotta relisten to the first one lmao

    35. Kiithnaras Ashaa

      When one or more of the McElroys discover they're actually furries. Probably Travis.

      1. FerociousBiscuit

        Nah, it will be Justin. In a surprise twist he'll discover his fursona is indeed a grizzly bear

    36. Night Bot

      I'm not entirely sure what is going on here but..... I'm here for it!

    37. ToobaPheesh

      OOH SHIT this is the best birthday present

    38. Jackalope503

      Puka Malooooooone

    39. Sophie Dahl

      I need fan art of this SO bad

    40. auggie c

      justin continuing his streak of wild, wild names

      1. Pan And Scan Buddy

        Grizzlies should be wild

      2. Trip Sheridan

        or lack thereof

    41. Elizabeth Sterling

      I adore these dorks.

    42. Ignat Remizov

      Oh man, I remember when Critical Role ran a game of Honey Heist, it was absolutely hilarious! Hope that there'll be a VOD to check out later!

      1. Lily Fae

        @Scylla Oh ok thank you

      2. Scylla

        VOD stands for Video On Demand. I forget when and by whom the term was first coined, but in general it's used to refer to an official recording of a live-streamed event.

      3. Lily Fae

        What’s a VOD?

      4. mowdownjoe

        LoadingReadyRun did a stream of Honey Heist recently (with special guest player Anthony Rapp, which was a surprise to a lot of people), and it was the best thing ever. I'd love to watch the VOD of this, myself.

    43. brian

      Fur is the best season of TAZ

    44. Austin Ato

      The Thomas Crown A'Bear. Surely... I mean. Surely.

    45. Case Saeger

      AAH THATS MY BIRTHDAY!! what a present, fur is my favorite bonus arc !!!!!!!!! 😭😭

    46. zoinomiko


    47. Brad Greer

      So much for "one last job"...

    48. Tori-Parker Alexander

      Please tell me why I am so excited about this

    49. Indie

      The sequel to We Bare Bears we've all been waiting for

      1. Indie

        @Waarde TV the gg/wbbcu

      2. Waarde TV

        I think you mean Golden Girls

      3. Wren

        hope griffin reprises his role as shmorby

    50. chopped spinach

      I’ve never really listened to TAZ (DND is not my thing) but this seems like such a fun concept for a story, I love bears

      1. Jordan M

        Critical Role did a mini HoneyHiest episode. I’d recommend that and animations of TAZ just for laughs and more story fun.

      2. Yumi Endercat

        I’d recommend just checking out a few animated bits of TAZ and deciding whether you want to watch it

      3. Timothy Y.

        I’d recommend giving it another try. It really feels more like an improvisational story playing out with occasional random elements, than a traditional tabletop RPG campaign.

      4. zoinomiko

        Honey Heist is very little like D&D and very much just ridiculous improve with some loose guidelines. Highly recommend.

    51. ‘Tucky Blue

      Wait when was fur a thing hold on

      1. your friendly Friend

        @WispyWoodsman i will not

      2. WispyWoodsman

        It was a donor bonus episode. A donusode, if you will.

    52. naudia

      a second, secret needle? gom jabbar.

      1. ant

        gom jabbear

    53. Jessica Johnson

      E X C I T E

    54. Cameron Bailey


    55. o0AliGoth0o

      I made the 69th like. :)

    56. Bryan Johnson

      Oh my gerrrf

    57. brettomomyces

      "One of his kids...Plerrrf....needs braces"

      1. Bluejay Rhoades

        you could hear the smile on his face when he said plerrrf, so smug lol

      2. Elizabeth Sterling

        @Michelle Smith More Erika Ishii in general plz.

      3. Michelle Smith

        I'm really hoping Erika Ishii is playing Plerrrf or another of Gerrrf's cubs.

    58. Pok Socks

      Very epic, very cool.

    59. Kaiman's Head

      Omg what is this! Haha

    60. Avery Klima

      I have never been so confused yet overjoyed, thank you McElroys

    61. Chelsea


    62. Justin Montana

      Never thought we'd return to Fur, but here we are

      1. Pan And Scan Buddy

        One last heist

    63. Steven White

      “my full name is The Thomas Crown Affair” absolutely had me creased. What kind of a bear name is that Griffin!?

      1. FerociousBiscuit

        @Ed D (Dex1138) right! I was expecting "Thomas Crown, a bear."

      2. Ed D (Dex1138)

        But why not Thomas Crown the Bear? Y’know like Kermit the Frog

      3. Matthew Guzdial

        A friends at the table name

      4. Brad Greer

        @chubs191 it's canon that they don't know how long bears live 🤣

      5. chubs191

        The real question is how old is he to have seen a radio shack?

    64. Boone

      “3 views, 2 minutes ago”

    65. scribbleMiscreant

      Can't wait for this show! I loved the first honey heist and now I'm super excited to "be there" for this one 😍

    66. Nell Turley

      HELLO????? YES!!!!!!

    67. Sameen Shaw

      Adventure zone: yiff

    68. Travis Moon


    69. Ollie Lynch (AlittleInsane)

      Oh hell yeah