PlayStation 5 Unboxing ft. Dr. Sydnee McElroy

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    America’s favorite game critic, Dr. Sydnee McElroy, tears into her new PlayStation 5 to give you gamers all the info you crave.

    For More gaming hot takes and medical history check out her podcast Sawbones!

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    1. Clint Davis

      Honestly this is the most insightful unboxing of the PS5, and that isn't even a little sarcasm. It's big. It's heavy. It's got some ports to plug the things in. The base is confusing. It makes a normal human woman look tiny. What else is there to know?

    2. magalí

      "ooh i made it light up... i'm sorry" "its ok" adorable

    3. Alien Beef-Gravy

      You need a script

    4. Spinch Sprimkle

      Y'all got pranked, that is clearly a George Foreman Grill

    5. Marley MacNeil

      Seeing Sydney be the clueless one in their relationship was very disorienting

    6. Kieren Zylstra

      How does Syd get younger every time I see her

    7. Dean C

      Ok here’s the thing though... she didn’t actually say ANYTHING wrong

    8. bdermard

      I love Sydney McElroy

    9. Steve Zanders

      The beeping in the background had me pausing my phone thinking my oven timer was going off at 6am 😆

    10. Londail Lexber

      demon souls monster factory when.

    11. Guillaume Carreno (GUIHome09)


    12. wibby

      "of course the playstation has games." solid review hard hitting and informative

    13. Hunter E

      This is my ASMR

    14. ehhhhhhhhhh

      "Not in a shared living space." Ouch. This one's going in the man cave.

    15. bridgesquid

      fun fact: the "playstation 1" youre thinking of was just called the playstation, there was another console that WAS the "playstation one" then didn't sell that well!

    16. Sleipnirseight

      They did not design this with storage in mind and I despise that 😭

    17. Angmering

      I love the Everybody Loves Raymond reboot.

    18. Caroline Fradette

      Syd comin in hot with the content we need

    19. Danielle Delapascua

      I made it light up I'm sorry sent me

    20. Brandon Cluff

      Bravo 10/10 unboxing *subscribed*

    21. natalie mintz

      Probably the best unboxing ever filmed for ROfor. Sydnee is a treasure.

    22. MrBismarck

      Take your pizza rolls out of the microwave Justin.

    23. Theoriginalmew

      I like how I got this notification as I failed to get a ps5...ty for that extra dose of depression ;-; #youtuberecomended

    24. Cynthia Stella Sularz

      I hope sydnee is on this weeks besties

    25. Johnny Applesneeze

      if I said "you don't wanna get a little P on your video game console" and my wife didn't laugh I would divorce her on the spot. : /

    26. Matt

      Sydnee's "Dr" title is hardly relevant in a PS5 unboxing *eye roll*

    27. Leah Moss

      This fills me with rage

    28. Kaizo David

      “Heavy” 5/5 -ign

    29. Kikka Delarose

      Dr. Sydnee is by far my favorite McElroy

    30. Jamie Whitney

      "Various nintendos" - dr sydnee and my grandma

    31. John B

      4 out of 5 dentists agree that the Playstation 5 is heavy.

    32. Christopher Martinez

      Real quality content, lighthearted, funny, wholesome. This is prime McElroy stuff right here.

    33. Shae2D2

      Justin: Okay, uh, any final reviews? Sydnee, with an expression of delight: It's heavy.

    34. star1wolf2

      The ps5 definitely does look heavy and I'm not sure why after the like slim versions of ps2 up they decided to work their way into bigger consoles but I'm sure they think it's necessary for some reason. Meanwhile though, the new xbox looks even more massive but I haven't seen them side by side.

    35. DarthReluctant

      Now I want an X-Box unboxing with Teresa...

    36. Herd Nerfer

      On is important!

    37. David Armstrong

      Awesome Sydnee! Just make sure you let Justin have a turn with it once in a while.

    38. Jack Kellett

      Thanks for this technical analysis Sydnee. Can't wait to watch you set it up and play Bugsnax

    39. ArcMedicalResearch

      She should have cut into the packaging with a scalpel

    40. Paul Woelke

      Finally, the hard-hitting games journalism I've been waiting for!

    41. Steve Fey

      Syd is an absolute TREASURE 😭

    42. WaaahhhJedi

      I bet if you read those manuals you'd find out how to put that stand on properly. Like, maybe in the first couple pages.

    43. Fluke

      i can't stop thinking about the abandoned chef boyardee growing colder and colder inside the microwave

    44. Jamison Wright

      absolutely delighted that despite her being his wife the video correctly refers to her as her title, Doctor.

    45. Karim El Hayawan

      Justin the fake gamer not knowing that there indeed was a PSone which was a hardware refresh of the original PlayStation.

    46. Moosatronic

      Now this is what we need, not some sort of fancy well-produced unboxing with all the sassafras, just someone opening the box and showing what's inside.

    47. Mathew France

      You really know what youre paying for with this review. Lots of parts, likely metal. How else would it be heavy? What a DEAL!

    48. Mich Zilla 90!!

      Can griffin play world of Warcraft again remember peacecraft please play warcraft again i miss it! Like or something if you agree!!

    49. nidunha14

      Every time she asks where it’s going to be put I can hear Justin’s voice saying “Well jeez Sydney, I didn’t know you were so ashamed of being a gamer.”

    50. Chris Robertson

      every time that dang microwave beeped i swear to god i had to check my own reality and make sure it wasn't mine xD

    51. delani taylor

      Controllers are cold. Box is heavy. Got it.

    52. Sara

      I've spent 3 days trying to buy one of these...

    53. Ezekiel Ingram

      The best part of this is that I got a PlayStation ad at the end

    54. Robert and Son

      I checked my oven 3 times during this video

    55. Amanda

      she was right ab the controller tho

    56. Rie Spark

      I literally had to pause the video before I realized the microwave beeping in the background wasn't mine. Quarantine is, apparently, getting to me.

    57. Owen Hughes

      Recording the sound of a microwave beeping should be against ROfor's TOS. I literally got out of bed at 2am to check the microwave despite the fact that I hadn't been in the kitchen for 5 hours lmao

    58. Michael Han

      The only PS5 review that matters

    59. Alyssa Froslie

      I paused this video 3 TIMES to check why my microwave was beeping -_-

    60. B Eccleston

      This video has good energy. Very good.

    61. Charlotte Langford

      Justin thank you for your ASMR, it added an extra layer to this video. 10/10

    62. emotional support hipster

      It was so sweet how confused she got.

    63. graypetcoyle

      This is just Justin very calmly teasing his wife for over 6mins

    64. Spencer Moore

      you got something in the microwave, please dont let it get too cold

    65. Who let you in here?!

      Why IS it so heavy? Dr Sydnee McElroy asking the real questions

    66. IxionGames

      Unboxing video? Point camera at Syd the entire time, not at the box. This is why my man J is better on the other end of the camera.

    67. TheTransMission

      Review: heavy. I trust her.

    68. Robin1971

      What about the new XBox guys? Will you be buying one?

    69. TheJadedRose

      "I don't even know which games you play with this as opposed to all the other things you have." As a gamer I felt that.

    70. Zero_Gravity58

      why the microwave, I'm so worried my microwave is currently combusting or something!

    71. Kimmeth

      I was screaming at Justin to tilt the camera down the whole time 😂

    72. Dr. J. Protobum

      they did release something they called a playstation one, it was the smaller model of the original

    73. Tegan Smith

      This video is so charming!! I love Dr Sydney

    74. ColorMeNerdy

      She is SO CUTE. This makes me want a wife. Not sure about the Ps5 but a wife ? FOR SURE.

    75. actual cryptid

      The microwave sound in the background adds a lot of authenticity to the review process

    76. CongratsShinji

      oh my god i thought my mircrowave was beeping @1:43

    77. Bri

      They're so cute.

    78. It's Sessy

      Justin: "Great scott" Sydnee: "I know, this is heavy"


      10/10. Would watch several videos in a row of Dr. Sydnee McElroy just describing gaming consoles.

    80. Kickass Duke (The)

      Justin: Welcome to our PS5 unboxing. Microwave: Justin, the pizza rolls are done. Sydnee: Why is it so heavy? Microwave: Justin, the pizza rolls dude! Sydnee: Please don't let our friends see this thing! Microwave: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! THE PIZZA ROLLS ARE GOING TO GET COLD!

    81. KB42 moomoo

      "I think it'll work"- Dr McElroy. Somebody put that on the adverts!

    82. Voydgear

      I think "it's like it's hiding" is honestly a better descriptive review than any game journalist has given.

    83. Ikkandor

      The oven timer in the back legit kept making me wonder what I had forgotten in the oven lolol

    84. Iris x

      Polygon should hire her

    85. Iris x

      I love this so much

    86. Melpomene B-Smith

      Justin takes revenge for Sawbones

    87. Jamie Ruwen

      Thank you for the in-depth and thoughtful review, I feel informed as a consumer of Prödūctš

    88. Attila Kovács

      great video. I ran to the kitchen three times, trying to find out what my wife's doing with the microwave, why it's beeping. Turns out it's yours.

    89. Peter Vasilyev


    90. Max

      She summed up the internet's reaction so quickly and so concisely.

    91. Katie Challacombe

      i would d*e for dr. sydnee mcelroy

    92. Nicole Tabat

      Excellent content 10/10

    93. Minihood31770

      There's something delightful in watching someone give the new console the respect it deserves.

    94. Minihood31770

      H E A V Y

    95. Skyler Dickson

      it looks like the monolith from 2001 crawling out of an envelope.

    96. Maegan S

      Cool cool. But, like, where did she get the sweater? It looks real comfy.

    97. g e

      kudos to sydnee for noticing it looks like it’s “hiding” but not accidentally ripping it apart like i definitely, definitely would have

    98. Sosayweall jpg

      Why *is* it so ding dang heavy though. That's what it is for me. Huh.

    99. Redneckonomics

      Love you guys! Thanks for being a positive role model for those of us still in WV!

    100. Mitchell Orchard

      Well the woman has a point.