PETER BLEKSLEY 2.0 | Undercover Cop's Craziest Stories | JHHP #55

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    Ex undercover cop Peter Bleksley is firmly a fan favourite here on the Happy Hour Podcast - so we roped Bleksley back in for a part 2.

    Peter shares stories from his undercover days, his interrogation work & his dealings with gangsters. Also, he digs deep into his hunt for Kevin Parle, Britain's Most Wanted Fugitive.

    Peter's new book "Manhunt" is available to buy now!

    Peter’s new book MANHUNT is available now:

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    1. giacomo meola

      did he catch him

    2. Boris Shallowgrave

      2 n half minutes pissing about with clips of the podcast. Just get on with it

      1. matt parker

        @Happy Hour Podcast why are you replying to a comment on a podcast from a year ago 🤣 love it

      2. Happy Hour Podcast


    3. Camberwell86

      What if Parle topped himself 10 years ago and he's just chasing a ghost... 😱

    4. TonySopranoBig

      He sounds just like Barry Hearn

    5. Luke Close

      Love your podcasts mate

    6. Paul Dooley

      How many freaking times does this guy say FORTUNATELY

    7. Devilish Tee

      An amazing podcast, all in all an outstanding podcast but the camera cuts can get a little insane at times 😂

    8. Purple Aki

      bet the Italian guy thought he was at pontins for his 10 stretch here going to do a 35 in Italy

    9. Jack Poulton

      Honestly love this podcast with Peter

    10. West Fukasumi Titnipple High

      Bring him on again !!!!

    11. Jack Hopkins

      I was cautious to watch this video as I tend to lean more towards the podcasts with people I know. But when I saw you made a second I had to listen. And I'm glad I did, what a bloke🙌❤

    12. Charlie Grace

      I love the ending of the intro when stevie and jack just look at each other

    13. Jkd12 7

      How does this hav dislikes smh

    14. James Fletcher

      What a legend

    15. ALOO


      1. CaydenBurns_14

        @ALOO why do we give a fuck

      2. ALOO


    16. Ella

      38:25 I can’t this had me in stitches

    17. Connor

      Working in bnq through both lock downs also caring for a vunrablerable was very stressful

    18. NUTSTA

      Legit Alfred

    19. ollybeans

      this episode is ridiculously good

    20. Mitchell Edmonds

      Can listen to him all day, he has some stories

    21. Chuck.U.Farley

      Theres some parasite stream yards that have watched what people like Attwood, rogan, After Prison, etc have done over the past 11 years .. and now dudes can come with money and hype. they say theyve been on spotifty or whatever, so need the exposure or whateverf, but that dont make it right. And they come here and blow up in less than 9 months by bombing the clips, botting the comments and dragging the post times out by dropping tiny snippets.

    22. Robert Watson

      The snowflake podcast. Even the copper needs a hug

    23. Jack

      🚴‍♀️🌏😆🐰😆🥎😆😆😆🦔😆🥎🍋😆😆😆🍋😆😆😆😆 😆😆😆😆😆🧘‍♀️🥎😆🥎🥎

    24. All Eyes On You

      I wonder if he’s checked behind the sofa and under the bed, wardrobe too maybe?

    25. Michael Allport

      Such a down to earth bloke. He is a credit to the police force he used to serve!

    26. AJ

      I genuinely love how into This Jack is, he’s genuinely interested

    27. john wilson

      What an absolute gem of a bloke, I could listen to him all day. Interesting, genuinely funny, and he seems like a lovely down to earth fella.

    28. Taylor Paget

      I love how fascinated jack is 😂

      1. Taylor Paget

        This is such a good topic I’m still watching it 😂

    29. Liver Bird xoxo

      As a scouser... respect to peter with regards to the s**.... as a reader I of critical criminology... he is right about police of old... Merseyside Police has the same history... never looked at others so can’t comment

    30. Albert Zarilla

      The wide-eyed dictionary monthly stroke because leopard clasically dust apud a astonishing shark. two, melodic profit

    31. All Eyes On You

      I like it when the ol skool cops and gangsters say things like “I’ll slice you open like an envelope you saucy little nonce”!

      1. Ryxn

        @All Eyes On You ?

      2. All Eyes On You

        @Ryxn incorrect!

      3. All Eyes On You

        @Ryxn vocap* vocab

      4. Ryxn

        Highly doubt nonce was apart of there vocab

    32. Michael Mills

      9 months later the scamdemic continues...

    33. YEBOAH

      He knows the truth about Gerry and Kate McCann for sure and why its been all swept under the carpet !

    34. Yin Yang Edits

      i know i'm late but i'm bored so here's timestamps for anyone interested :) 0:00 preview 2:34 intro 4:01 what's your go too cocktail? 5:18 what was the reception for your appearance last time? 7:15 how life's been during covid? 13:19 how is Jack?/how is everyone 17:01 pile on story (The Sun) 24:05 what crime have you been involved in we might've heard about? 28:25 what types of crime interest you the most? 33:08 do you watch police interviews? 34:23 did you interrogate people much? 36:15 how common are the practices you see in movies used in real life? 38:31 what tactics do we need to be good interrogators?/sex worker murder story 45:12 how confident are you that they have the information you need? 47:06 the story with the baby 53:43 when you go undercover are you given a character profile? 57:58 did you ever mix with the mafia? 1:01:20 where do you draw the line of them getting you to do things undercover? 1:05:52 do you have a list of unwritten rules of what you can and can't do? 1:07:37 would you do heroin for the case? 1:10:27 the gun and the bucket of piss story 1:18:50 how easily would you be able to spot crime on the street by walking past? 1:19:22 20 pence piece story 1:31:45 half time 1:34:20 is it possible for someone on the run to have a normal life? 1:39:05 what did you see when people crack in interrogations? 1:39:53 what are some common fuck ups that people make that lead to them getting caught? 1:43:30 could you go on the run? 1:46:55 when did you decide to go after Kevin Parle 1:57:38 Kevin Parle's horrific crimes 2:04:42 press conference 2:07:44 what would happen when you catch Kevin Parle? 2:13:59 what is a police officer's goal? 2:15:36 if Kevin only got charged for the first murder would that still be a win? 2:18:51 how much does Kevin being abroad hinder the investigation? 2:30:19 ethical hackers 2:34:20 interpole 2:36:48 where should people contact you? 2:40:38 Peter's message to Kevin Parle 2:41:53 what is the meaning of life? 2:42:45 outro fin this took a bloody long time hope this helps with whatever the fuck you're up to have a nice day :) had to keep skipping back, i got so enthralled by this one while stamping it

      1. Yin Yang Edits

        @john doe no problem :)

      2. john doe

        @Yin Yang Edits thanks a lot

      3. Yin Yang Edits

        not sure why it's split up at the beginning lol

    35. Chris Casey

      I had to work away during lockdown, which meant I was away from my kids for roughly 12wks and if it wasn't the fact I had my 2 security working dogs with me, it would have broke me completely

    36. Nioka Iodelee Carr Carter

      1.6 8.4

    37. Nioka Iodelee Carr Carter

      Henry Peter Karstens George Etienne Cartier

    38. Robert Keable

      Most interesting conversation I've heard for ages. Thanks. Be well and stay safe.

    39. Korey Eversfield

      “If I go to Plymouth, that’s random innit?” Come again mate as you already have now👀

    40. 2tone

      My grandad who raised me and is my absolute inspiration was a police chief super intendent and had sooooo Many jobs within his career and has so many amazing high profile stories of his eara and I have found this podcast very comforting as this guy really reminds me of my grandad, much love

    41. Albert Zarilla

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    42. Johgz

      Holy Fuck, I perked up when he said Littlehampton cause I legit ducking live there

      1. Luke Minall

        ducking lol

    43. camboii98

      Very good listen enjoy the crime/police podcasts a lot great work jack

    44. Albert Zarilla

      The erect sock phytochemically attach because north america psychophysically fence under a enormous recess. complete, idiotic feeling

    45. Luke Richards

      there is some very nice fields in Plymouth lol

    46. chelscourt1

      I love the fact I watch new Scotland Yard on cbs reality and got to know the man who speaks in he back ground if the program couldn't get better!!

    47. Sam Peacock

      Peter Bleksley is a fucking legend

    48. Glorious Grace Network

      Needing a part 3 with cocktails...

    49. Emilia T

      peter would be the greatest person to learn from i feel

    50. Finn McIntosh

      what a great guy he is

    51. Jens Db

      if he's such a great detective that didsome serious shit, why is he just talking about it no worries -.-

    52. Dee Xee

      Do a third! And get the man his pint of ale.

    53. Dolbear

      I fucking loved this podcast

    54. Titche Thorne

      This is my second time watching. Excellent

    55. SXB

      i had to comment to make it not '666' comments

    56. Tom Williams Productions

      Parle Must have googled himself he has to be. Fully aware bleksley is on his tail

    57. Mark Westwood

      Wow, only 40,000 deaths ??? If only eh.

    58. The game streamer

      "Dose he think I've just floated up the Thames on a water biscuit" best quote ever.

      1. George Kuyuate-Brown

        Old geezers have the best phrases i swear

    59. Sonny Martell

      This man just showed so many young fellas to talk about shit without worrying how they sound and he sounds like a fucking boss

    60. 2bob

      I think the reason you got chucked of the police FB sites is because you accused all police officers in the 70's and early 80's of being racist, fit-up thugs. I know doubt there probably was some but you sat there and demonised all. If you going to publicise your so called ' exploits ' why not tell the absolute truth and not play to the audience. And one last thing. If there was a ' hit ' on you why the fuck would you go public so all and sundry know who you are. unless of course you're on a death wish. LOB mate.

    61. Tom Williams Productions

      Would love to watch Peter Critique Cop Shows like The Bill or Line of Duty

    62. Tom Williams Productions

      Heartwarming that peter Opened with "How Are you?" You can tell he's a lovely bloke who genuinely Cares for people

    63. lil Pluto

      This gives me a big grandfather telling his grandchildren campfire stories and i makes me feel good :)

    64. Rose Mason-White

      you can find the new scotland yard files if you download the My5 app, is on there

    65. Joe Rayner

      Kevin drop a comment if your about it

    66. Kieran West

      Best trailer

    67. RED SLAPS

      How the fuck is This not on 5 mil views

    68. Richard Earl

      The polls are fixed

    69. M fl

      Can you imagine a Hunted episode with Jack and Stevie running from Peter?😂😂 I’d actually pay for that😂 you’d get the comedy but also the interesting skills too😂

    70. Matt Kelly

      The dude is an absolute hero. Not the biggest fan of Jack, but watching the first interview has me watching more stuff. This is a great pod

    71. LessThanPi

      Peters voice gives me chills

    72. Andrew Johnson

      great guy ...would trust him with my life...fellow Londoner....wish police were like this ..Diamond geezer we say ....

    73. Mixed Mitchell

      Never heard of Peter before but he seems like a genuinely top bloke! Will definitely be following him from now on.

    74. John Kearns

      ths is the niced bloke I have seen IN A LONG TIME

    75. Marisa Viljoen

      If you’re an undercover cop, you obviously put mafias/criminals in prison for a long ass time and inevitably piss off these criminals friends/gang members. When an undercover cop retires is there any chance of the cop being found by these gangs? Obviously their face has been put out there and it’s easy to track someone down these days. Just a thought?

      1. Jhendo

        of course it is that’s why peter had to go on witness protection

    76. Patrick Mchugh

      big lez?

    77. Titche Thorne

      I hate the f××King police. But this guy im loving this guy

    78. Luke Dunn

      Happy Hour GOAT !!

    79. Jordan Robinson

      This man is a fucking legend Ik I’m late to the party here but what a man, my respect grew for him over and over throughout this video!

    80. GameOn

      Probably a good detective unless there 5 feet away eating a sandwich #hunted

    81. Bats Clan

      I’d just admit to whatever I had done tbh

    82. Boovez

      Genuine national treasure

    83. liohi

      Honestly has to be my favourite episode of Happy Hour I've seen so far. Peter is so class, so well spoken, so genuine and down to earth.

    84. Jordan.milkshake.93

      Swear he said ni**er

      1. BungleBonce

        So what if he did?

      2. Jay Hay 1337


    85. AJ Dexter

      The book is 4£ every single person needs to buy this book, in theory every single person that has watched this video should have bought the book. And I hope many do, get the word out!

    86. AJ Dexter

      I’ll be looking out for him for sure, you never know. Keep your eyes open !

    87. AJ Dexter

      Just because your plate is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be full. Basically no matter how small your issues are they are big to you.

    88. AJ Dexter

      The next 3 hours of my life has been occupied.

    89. Tomisgoated

      Crazy how this guy has been through so much but still lovely

    90. Ciara Austin

      Who r u hiding from

    91. Rory S10ts

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    92. Rory S10ts

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    93. Floatingamer

      I did a line of Charlie while watching

    94. DRILLA Jake

      I honestly feel that men talking about their mental health doesn’t happen a lot, but its such an important thing to talk about. Theres always someone there to talk to, never forget it! ❤️

    95. Alice Jehan

      Such a wholesome man

    96. Wrestling God Streams

      Do a third part

    97. Dabcookies

      Lmfaoooooo “im a bit of a pina colada ‘man’ myself” bwahahahaha

    98. Matthew Conti

      5 months later and sat in lockdown

    99. random house

      What a great guy Bleks is! He's down to earth, funny and a great story teller. One of my favourite chaps to be interviewed on the podcast!

    100. Edgy_Dabs

      I love this man