People Would Pay €5000 Ticket Price for These Matches If They Knew What Lionel Messi Would Do ||HD||

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    Only Lionel Messi Can Keep a Whole Stadium with 100.000 People On Their Feets Throughout the 90 Full Minutes of a Football Match ||

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    1. Messi Magic™

      He is THE GOAT. This Is The Fact. And If You Think Otherwise That Is Your Personal Opinion Against The Fact.

      1. The Gang

        Jamie Vardy is the goat

      2. Flying Chicken

        @Messi Magic™ Messi fan girl

      3. Keiw

        @Messi Magic™ nope, Ronaldo is better. He had 3x harder route in his career, a really short and hard time that he could only redeem himself in his 30s. If Ronaldo’s career was as easy as Messi then he wouldn’t have to focus to be regarded the greatest of all time, that’s how privileged Messi was. If that was the case this debate would be a meme in favor of Ronaldo, end of discussion.

      4. Solivagant

        I love Messi but you sound stupid. It’s a subjective matter unless you narrow it down and specify what GOAT truly means. Best at reliably scoring goals? Best at making plays? Best at assists? See?

      5. The White Inferno

        Nah bro it’s 100% chunkz 😂

    2. Um carinha na net

      PSG sabe muito bem disso

    3. SR 07

      Who all have seen this moment in insta before youtube 😁

    4. Deborah Luck


    5. pablo antonio

      And 7 lean years has come, no wins, no trofeas, no more

    6. Abdulqader.A

      not, no they would not pay 5000 to see this

    7. Sand

      The English in the title is something awesome 🙂💧

    8. Thierry Guichard

      M.S.N ❤️❤️❤️

    9. Emma dominic

      Believe me Jordi Arba has special love for Messi

    10. Yash Takaria

      Msn different 🐐

    11. Martyson

      Fucking sad to remember I never been in a Barca match with Messi and this will never happen.

    12. Solo Oyster

      I very much think you’re over exaggerating

    13. ❤️💙MESSI THE G.O.A.T❤️💙

      Miss that barca💔💔

    14. Bully Maguire

      3:05 this moment is 🔥

    15. P1 NOMERCY

      He couldn't score the goals but he create the goals well said

    16. Tony MONTANA

      If I make money from cocaine yeah then i would like to pay 5000💶💶💶

    17. Tim B

      Bullshit, I think people will give offer the life of there childer to see this, haha. Man, I like Messi, but don’t make a God of him, one day he will close his eyes, just like we will.

    18. simon de naeyer

      Still no one would pay €5000 if they knew what that magician would do because no one would believe a human could do that

    19. Oleh Stefanyshyn

      I wouldn't :)

    20. Brandeeno28

      Pretty sure people payed more than that lol

    21. Johan Hedström

      More replays pls!

    22. AlvarezNivek

      Messi gets about 8-10 replays mission the shots. everyone else gets 2-3 replay if they score...

    23. Mark

      Aye if there FN idiots 🤣🤣🤣 it's a football match that lasts 90 mins take a pill and chill it doesn't change your life . People don't realise what matters in life not a FN football match

    24. Remin Shaji

      I'd have paid 10k for Madrid vs Juve

    25. ümit Vuran

      Bayrampaşalı yine göründü

    26. gyani ka dhaba

      Caption 🤣🤣🤣🤣is fantasy but match is reality 🔥

    27. abavan

      so excited to see neymar and messi play together again

    28. King_SLK_ZA


    29. Hugo98

      Why pay €5000 for a match u can watch at home for free

    30. echever7

      Messi, Neymar, Suarez is the best attack tridente since Pelé, Coutinho, Pepe in the 1960s Santos.

    31. Pek Vek

      lol, no

    32. boby konjengbam

      ½ dollar ok done lwra

    33. NKEZ TMG

      MSN the diamond era 💎

    34. Biakmawia Pachuau

      King of football

    35. Ali Rajput

      I can do that 😏

    36. Aldy 007

      4:06 Iniesta smilling with pride 😀

    37. fuzzy cozy

      that 16:27 footwork is INSANE!! omg bless my eyes

    38. Randy Bobandy

      What the fuck is up with these titles?

    39. Louis Andreas

      Just ordinary level dribbling

    40. lionel messi


    41. Edwin Garcia

      Editor: How many repetitions should I include? Also Editor: Yes.

    42. Levi van Houwelingen

      Why would you pay 5000 if you know what is happening

    43. ShockWave

      End of an era 😭

    44. Swedesül Vitso

      Watching this after messi joining ney in psg gives me thrilling expectations 🤤

    45. Sinoyolo Maqina

      I will miss him in a barca shirt 💔

    46. mensur basic

      Pessi always good vs trash...

      1. Sinoyolo Maqina

        Lol cry about kid

    47. Ali Sangtam

      Who's here after signing with PSG 👇

      1. Pravat Shakya

        Not me

    48. marlon detorres

      The abject loss diagnostically rescue because facilities practically prevent within a flagrant pie. early, motionless basement

    49. Perseo Eridano


    50. Alberto Herrera

      I went to the copa America when Argentina played Panama at soldier field it was the best experience watching Messi hat trick and that free kick was just insane the stadium went quiet

    51. Bry dej inte Bitch

      Imagine PSG vs Barca now 🙁

    52. Enrique Formoso

      4:03 Suarez pointing Messi where to pass it. Messi: No, thanks.

    53. nazri bahnan

      Neymar like doesn't exist if Messi there..that y he leave Barca..

    54. Cheldon

      Im at minute 2:19 in this video and I feel like im watching a normal boring match. Dont waste your time on this video. The title is clickbait

    55. John Wright

      17:20 would Cr do that tho??

    56. duncan Kipkemboi

      Messi the real goat

    57. Will Bermudez

      I went to the Barca- Espanyol Match in 2016. Best ever $60 I ever spent

    58. MD Series_LTU ʜᴅ

      I don't think that there are that many people who would pay thousands to watch one match live in arena (i mean casual people, not stars, youtubers, celebrities) when they could watch it live on tv

    59. supered1223 red


    60. Abdulmajed Ahmed

      Well....i wouldnt

    61. Tarek M

      who's here after the fuck**g PSG transfer

    62. mm. hellboy

      well im watching for free!

    63. Michael

      Messi the 🐐 Suarez el pistolero 🔫 Iniesta the magician 🧙‍♂️

    64. Ninja Cat

      If they knew, they wouldn't bother to even watch the match on T.V., let alone pay 5000 WATCH YOUR TITLES!

    65. ANANDHU

      We will miss you THE GOD OF FOOTBALL

    66. Pumin Luklim

      Never gonna watch Barca matches from now on.. Messi & Me leaving FC Barcelona. #MyHeroMessi

      1. Sinoyolo Maqina

        No one?

    67. Siddhant Shelar

      Knowing that it won’t be same anymore at Barca Camp after messi is gone😢

    68. Diva Dolby

      the greatest footballer the world has ever seen . i still think he is underrated 😭 . goat

    69. rajeev gauchan

      Who would've thought that we will b only able to watch Messi in old games highlights... Bartomeau u Son of B*** , u ruined singlehandedly our belived club n we bid farewell to our God Messi

    70. DIMITHRI W

      watching this now is heart breaking. how did Barca make such a huge mistake. unforgivable

    71. johnmiceter

      I dont think you will ever get a better front 3 in a team then these 3 for Barcelona, as they were all at their peak as well and were pretty much unstoppable

    72. James master

      Messi is leaving Barcelona. Forever a legend at the club

    73. INTROVERT🚶🤐

      He is leaving barca😣

    74. Rifky Andrian Prasetya

      Now people will never saw messi in Barcelona shirt again

    75. Umar Kamara

      i am laughing watching this barca MESSI IS FILTH WOW!

    76. philip collin

      Editor: so how many replays do you want? Messi magic: YES

    77. Guille Martinez

      Second game just doesn't make sense

    78. Saleh Alessi

      I swear I will pay more to the goat 🐐

    79. Pankaj dabhade

      8:24 their reactions 😍

    80. Royal Me

      €5000 not for a ticket but smart way for attracting more viewers.

    81. martin viDoc

      Messi always build the attack from the middle.. Create chances from stratch.. Produce a lot of goals, assists, key passes.. Absolutely the best

    82. Umang Desai

      He megged the keeper!

    83. Hamba Allah


    84. Lawrence Taylor

      What a fucking elitist title to a You Tube video.

    85. Diego Salazar

      1st mistake: Let Luis Enrique go 2nd mistake: Let Neymar go 3rd mistake: Let Iniesta go 4th mistake: Let Suarez go

      1. Roselyne Leclerc

        @Ryan Ergo Well, they did and I wish him the BEST in PSG. Sorry for the Barca Fan

      2. Ryan Ergo

        @Diego Salazar I mean Messi has or at least had a showed pretty strong want to leave Barca. AFAIK, the only reason he still is playing for Barca is because they brought Aguero to the team.

      3. Diego Salazar

        @Ryan Ergo Wdym?

      4. Ryan Ergo

        TBF, I hope they let Messi go. They are suffocating him.

    86. SE MA

      He is out of this planet!! 🙄whoever thought was a good soccer player, watch closer, and get better!, 😇🇦🇷

    87. romeo mangang

      This is why we called him GOAT, not like other players waiting in the box for tap-in and penalty

    88. David Gangte

      Better than a movie. ❤

    89. Rickson Rickson

      The smileing assain

    90. Shakib khan

      He dont care about his 300 Its good to be 299 Messi: Lets celebrate it with friends

    91. Simbarashe Manyevu

      MSN was special.... Being with Neymar lessens Messi's burden

    92. marcos matul

      When did they play that match?

    93. গানের খাতা, SUST

      Messi & Iniesta r class 😍😍

    94. Abir Ahmed

      To bring old Barca we need Neymar and Xaviesta’s alternative

    95. ExtremeMotivationA1

      No doubt . Messi is the best player in the world

    96. Calmax Film

      I didn't understand the title, in the video Messi didn't do anything crazy

    97. Calmax Film

      Is it a sarcastic title ? Because in the video its in majority fails

    98. Golden Lex

      Omg imagine how intense El Clasico was with MSN(Messi,Suarez and Neymar) vs BRB (Benzema,Ronaldo and Bale)

    99. robin jattan

      I would pay that much money to a Over rated player.

      1. robin jattan

        Let me correct my self . I would never ...never and i mean nevet pay that much money to see the most overrated footballer. Will use it for something far better