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    1. Adam Ivell

      Cheers again for having me on dude! Was great fun !

      1. Birmingham racing

        I clicked like before watching it because of Adam

      2. Mark Phipps

        Funny guy just subscribe to yor channel just getting into drifting this summer myself I hope. got a mx5 turbo 280bhp let's have it sideways 😆

      3. RobHinton

        Man like Adam! 🙌🏼

      4. dapper

        Only half way through and it’s great just to listen, the first car story is great.

      5. Adam Ivell

        @scouseMT10 Cheers mate!! yeah il defof check it out!

    2. Desire 68 Frogman

      Really enjoyed this one, Adam’s an informative guy.

    3. Chris Ager

      still loving the podcasts!! cant wait for next one

    4. Nariek Smith

      14:50 you could of at least worn it 🤣

    5. SurreyDan

      Legend boys good stuff 👊🏻👌🏻

    6. Clinton Quinn

      R5 gtt love it ha my owl lad when I was 6 had one for 3years... School run cold start was fun on cold mornings looking back ha Wicked video as always jay... Was thinking guy Martin would have alot in common with you ,maybe tiff nedel?

    7. Ryan Webb

      I can't keep up with these podcasts they are sick. I watch your videos more than TV lol

    8. Hugh Manniti

      Bailey fucking dump valve! Fuck me I remember fitting one to my Uno turbo now. Good memories.

    9. Dave Bibby_M2

      Two of my favourite Tubers coming together! Sick content and really looking forward to more OG AI collab content

    10. GDogsGarage

      Haven’t watched Adam for a few years but this was a brilliant listen!

    11. EZ Bert

      the only car podcast ive listened to from start to finish ............ no pretence no bullshit just 2 car guys sharing a passion

    12. Bread N’ Butter

      Sorry I’m late

    13. Westy y

      Golf r at 18?? I paid £4400 for a 1.4tdci fiesta. How tf

    14. Mabs Kha

      Brilliant J loved this one with adam. Get him back for Pt 2 boss!!

    15. Welsh AMG

      My first car was a escort estate

    16. Z4 Sl33p3r

      Another brilliant guest!! This man has petrol in his vains!!💯subbd 🤣🤣🤣

    17. Josh Kemp On Cars

      Another great episode Jamie, keep them coming buddy! 🙌🏼

    18. ian mulley

      Absolutely loving these podcasts

    19. WilsonLee5

      “Shit, bollocks” 🤣🤣 broke me


      Classic. Adam you tell a great car journey. Minds alike😜👍

    21. Jake potter

      Smashed it again mate 👏👌

    22. Tom Foote

      Man I could quite happily sit down with pint after pint talking and listening to @adam ivell - Love his stories and how he talks about things - Look forward to the collabs chaps!

    23. royston hughes

      Adam and Jamie smashed this podcast, both have so much love for the car cult, enough respect to the both of you.

    24. Dan -

      Would absolutely love to have this lad back on again. By far the best episode to date, the hybrid of jdm hondas and german cars spoke to me. The MW2 lobbies shaped my life and is very near and dear to me also. Again amazing episode as always keep em coming!

    25. Dan -

      I own an s2k and an e63s, can confirm the s2000 is still putting smiles on my face all these years later. Best gearbox ever made hands down.

    26. Terry Morris

      I had that link 😂 driving around in a 182 for £500 a year at 18

    27. Adam Davidson

      Such a sick video! Well done guys well easy to watch

    28. KING K🌟


    29. Suthan Mohanasundaram

      This is a good one

    30. Patrick

      Could've listened for hours. Two legends!

    31. liam321995

      Damn it I missed hot wheels!

    32. jxmesft

      Mate I've only been driving since 2019 and what you said about insurance still happens lol I've been a named driver since the day I passed haha. Getting insured on anything when young is still expensive af.

    33. Jamie Davies

      I’ve been subscribed to Adams Chanel for a good few years now he’s a good guy ,great podcast 👍🏼

    34. 20 10

      Whens this going on Google podcast?? Wanna listen to it in work

    35. Sam Williams

      Glad you got Adam on! I've followed his channel for years 🤘

    36. MrSluby

      Adam needs to get his numbers up a bit tho ngl haha

      1. Adam Ivell

        I’m trying man. It’s a hard game

    37. shahidali619

      Phil from DriftWorks on the podcast please!

    38. Scotty -

      I was here till the end! Another great podcast Jamie 👏

    39. apatel220

      Would love to see Mat Armstrong on the channel! Great podcast 👊🏻

    40. Nicholas Reid

      0:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Jackson Strain

      This is great, I have really been enjoying these podcasts and they're a great listen while at work

    42. LeadFoot TV

      Great podcast!! Definitely needs to be a part 2

    43. Oliver Gregory

      Get better n better these should of been two hours this Adam is a sick guy

    44. Ricky Burrows

      Yep we was still listening Adam all love over here mate, another great podcast, your going big places Jamie mark my words bro keep it up.

    45. Harry Tilley

      We need a part 2 on Adam!

    46. Stuart Williams

      Another great podcast. Can’t wait for part 2. Been subbed to Adam’s channel for years. Audi sounded naughty 😈 on insta.

    47. Jason Kay

      Don’t know this BRE but cool youtuber!

    48. Alex Garratt

      I feel like there could be a part2 one day

    49. mbgarner

      Jamie man, absolutely loving the podcasts so far. Big respect mate. I think a good addition would be a short (only 4/5 sentences) description/bio of the guest in the video description.

    50. James Hatfield

      Such a good podcast. You defo need a part 2 with Adam. The Japan trip, night on the kanjo, the track day at Nakayama etc etc etc.

    51. Old Boy goes AWOL

      Another belter

    52. Theo B

      Get boqer123 on

    53. Nürburgring Obsessed

      Love this podcast. I’m a huge fan of Adam’s channel.. proper real car guy 🤙🏻

    54. PhatBoy Sim

      The "D's" in ipswich made me laugh, was the local race track.

    55. Raj Purewal

      You should get Simon from Bevo Tuning on and Mat Watson. 2 I’d like to see on the channel!

    56. Cameron Wyllis

      Got a lot of respect for Adam, his videos definitely helped shape me into who I am today.


      Awesome podcast, hes so underrated as a youtuber. Ive started watching him when he first got his EG, traveled to FL to drive Zosh integra lol... definitely looking forward for part 2

    58. scott miller

      Adam is the man, followed from the beginning. If you don't follow him then you should. Good laugh and doesn't take himself too seriously.

    59. Ross 88

      Love this podcast

    60. MAD MATT

      Adam is a genuine guy not many of those around these days 👊

    61. louie

      Can you get BQR on next?

    62. Will Swain

      Great episode this, hadn't heard of Adam before but top guy with great stories!

    63. MAD MATT

      I didnt have trouble with insurance e30 325i at 18 😂

    64. This_guys_si

      8:25 I felt that, Honda can definitely make more extraordinary cars if they wanted, but they make great cars with bare minimum.

    65. Hadley B

      When's part 2 coming?

    66. Bluescooby1

      This is one of the best podcasts I ve ever watched. Loving the Adam,Jamie banter.

      1. Adam Ivell

    67. ScrapeMetal

      Class podcast this, Adam seems like such a decent guy

      1. Adam Ivell

        Cheers man! im sure we will cross paths at some point!

    68. Teggymun

      I remember at 17 paying 3700 quid to insure a seat arosa 1L worth 2 grand 😂 almost 10 years ago now.

    69. Cal M

      Adam is one of my favourite ROforrs cos he appeals to us near 30 year olds. I can relate so much. Not all this Fiesta ST shit. Adam, when the pubs open I wanna go for a pint with you lad 🤣

      1. Adam Ivell

        Lets do it !

    70. Deano Drives

      Adam is one of the only actual youtubers that you can tell would be a proper laugh to hang out with 😂

      1. Adam Ivell

        i try my best haha

    71. Gary G

      Shoutout Sam Pilgrim, he'd be a good guest too, not sure he does this kind of thing though......to the sky!!!!

    72. Rich Daley

      Get Boqer123 on

    73. Dave Dave

      Jamie bro, you gotta get MIST on here !! :)

    74. Daniel Evans


      1. Adam Ivell

        aha ! Thanks Daniel!

    75. jason nortey

      Great conversation Adam. It's great that you've stayed true to yourself. I can't lie, I'm put off by the swearing and shouting (I'm a little older than your target audience) on your garage videos but instill support you nonetheless. I was gutted with the severely dropped Legend, especially when that interior was ripped apart but you have achieved a lot that you should be proud of. Stay positive.

      1. Adam Ivell

        im tryin to bring the swearing down a touch but some slip in & teh shouting is just part of me lol but the legend i actually had 2, one we ripped up for youtube as it was a dead car & the other i sold on as i just wasnt using it, cheers for trying to bare with me though man i do appreciate anyone who gives me their time!

    76. Gary G

      This is the kind of wholesome shit I need on a Monday morning, Adam is definitely my kind of guy, what is the point of living if it's not to laugh as hard as you can every single day!

      1. Adam Ivell

    77. Ryan Dennehy

      Got to get Adam on for another one 😂 so much more to tell! Quality as always bro

    78. Ed H

      Adam bought a saxo vts, I was like sweet. Then sold it straight away, I was like bye 👋

      1. Adam Ivell

        @Ed H it’s fixed! Off to Js garage soon just waiting for one part from America! 🙏🏻

      2. Ed H

        @Adam Ivell I know man I just have a particular soft spot for a black ph2 vts for obvious reasons. Just get your sr fixed!

      3. Adam Ivell

        ah man that thing was so so rusty it wasnt ever going to be legal

    79. David Lowe

      FN2 owner here, had no plan on owning one because I had heard the top gear thing, never looked at a honda before, neighbours a car trader and had one in, took me out in it and I had my first experience of the k20 engine, bought it off him that day.

    80. BkS Media

      Time to get Monky London and John on here! :D

      1. RichieST

        John doesn't do face to face stuff. Prefers to stay private 😂

    81. BenchRacer RC

      Great podcast, great flow back and forth, easy to see Adam's passion in cars. Mad how he's not bigger than his channel is.

    82. Jay Pountney

      No way I also did my work experience there and want to do the exact thing and drop out to go there

    83. Cory

      This is ace!! my first car was a roll caged citroen C2 with the paddleshift and decat exhaust lol so much fun hatchback baguette power haha!

    84. LJP92

      Love Adam. One of the most down to earth geezers there is

    85. luke judge

      Loved this episode :) Adam you deserve way more views for the videos you create

    86. Reddoggy

      Keep these Podcasts coming OG.. Top Stuff 🔥🔥

    87. Phil Roberts

      2 of my top ROforr's ! Hope nobody noticed my 1 1/2 lunch break 😁

    88. Shane N25AYR

      Jamie, I want to know your story from the start to where you are now!! Im sure people will want the same?! I watch you a lot & am interested in your own story! Make this happen!

      1. Shane N25AYR

        @Adam Ivell Definitely bro! Make it happen. 🤞🏻

      2. Adam Ivell

        he should come on my Podcast and let me ask him questions :p

    89. mattyyeddy❤™

      Been waiting for this since Adam mentioned it on his channel!

    90. s1mna

      yeah but atleast back in the day you didn't have rows and rows of exactly the same looking "modified" cars at car meets.Good or bad they was all individual👌

    91. scott ritchie

      Another great podcast moit

    92. ParkeCore personal training PT

      Another Banger just the best man. 👍👍😊

    93. P O'B

      Best one so far .. so underated as a content creator !

    94. laughinboi

      Another sikk podcast Jamie. 2 car guys bouncing off each other 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

    95. cmcm

      I reckon Guy Martin would be a wicked guest on here.

      1. cmcm

        @Jackooo 123 He certainly can, I think he’s a truck mechanic aswell so they’ll have plenty to talk about.

      2. Sam Scriven

        I agree guy Martin would be wicked

      3. Jackooo 123

        Can’t even imagine that it would go on for 3 hour the guy can talk 😂😂👍

    96. Adam Smith

      Cool podcast. Adam seems like a fun fella 👍🏼 Im off to download TikTok now 😆

      1. Mr Smiley_1

        You need to get on here Ad 👍

      2. Adam Ivell

        haah yes bro

    97. George B

      You put an FN2 instead of an EP2 !!

    98. cars revved up

      Jamie literally was me when I was growing up 😂 Iv got a couple of Renault 5 gt turbos if you want a go in one ☝️

    99. PRINGZ

      loving the podcasts ! Haha TR Yaris 1:17:00 🤣

    100. RobHinton

      Smashed it!!