NLE Choppa - Picture Me Grapin (Official Music Video) (2PAC Tribute)


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      My website just launched place your orders now. WEBSITE: 💜

      1. Davidson


      2. chip_123

        Rip pac💜✝️

      3. Invwsre


      4. offchard

        mano se e o melhor

      5. tg

    2. What

      The music is amazing but ain't nobody gonna stop Picture Me Rollin (The original by Tupac) RIP Pac.

    3. dergamer 82

      0,5 pac

    4. What

      Tupac was affiliated with the Mob Piru Bloods and NLE Choppa is a crip but still much respect. RIP Pac

    5. ORNG

      damn this song is a bop. 2pac would be happy

    6. Salvador Knight

      I never herd of you before bro until today and it's no disrespect to you but I'm a old head and I'm a year younger than pac so I was definitely in them streets when pac was hot and I like this! Much respect to you and I'm definitely going to get into your music you got my attention. God bless you and I wish you much success 🙏 ✌️

    7. Robert Delafuente

      This is rare & epic youngster pay’N homage to a great that paved the way for em. God bless NLE chopper stay up stay true 👏🏽💯

    8. Walter White

      Disrespect, shit and cringe 100000% not more🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Shof Anime


    10. K 6


    11. Josh

      Video fye lyrics 6/10

    12. MikeNJ27

      When you realize that you really ain't doing anything and your getting paid by the taxpayers.

    13. Fatima Oubahia

      2 pac don't wear woman jeans, I mean skinny jeans

    14. Trenx fn


    15. Dr. JOINNIY

      Pls put him underground so he can rly preciate pac

    16. Dr. JOINNIY

      Oh god im puking

    17. Олег Стрекозов

      It was like I was transported back to those times

    18. Олег Стрекозов

      bro nice. it is beautiful

    19. VøltricWRLD 999

      I respect this guy. This song was way next level and this beat is just 🔥🔥🔥

    20. nglc official

      you hit 4 mil. Congrats. You are my idol

    21. idk

      Good to see the younger generation honoring the legends

    22. Tyler Blair

      Fucking fire

    23. Maurice


    24. Miguel colorado

      how does he still look good when hes bald?

      1. Ilmi Jayatra

        Muscle and that kinda slender body, like he has no fat

    25. Glen Johnson Erick Jr

      Dont nodby be mad at me but this better than tupacs , yall listen to my music pls

    26. Glen Johnson Erick Jr

      Someone pls listen to my music

    27. Mic - T

      1:14 damn why he ain't shake bro hand🤣🤣🤣

    28. Abdarsss !

      The disrespect to pac

    29. Patryk Jankowiak

      Please ig of this girl 1:57

    30. KK - 09ZZ 962952 Turner Fenton SS

      this shit slappin wtf this nigga goated

    31. BIGDADDYKING 305


    32. Yo gurl Jay world


    33. Ephraim Thomas

      This sound so good 🙏🏽👌🏾🔥

    34. -The Walker Princesses-

      im in love with this song

    35. Tyler Ternes

      NLE is da best i loved when he was in 6locc 6a6y

    36. jedan Mahdi Al muntaser

      a young verttion of tupac

    37. shadxws

      Tupac is proud.

    38. Aryan Verma

      2pac´s music will never die (after this song)

    39. Metin X

      Poor homie got left hanging at 1:14 second time I make this comment as I got 1.4k likes at nle choppa lmal

    40. Jerome Hooper

      Such a nice beat... R. I. P. Pac..... Kid ruined the song. That's just my opinion. Sry to everybody who likes.

    41. liav feldman

      NLE Choppa - Picture Me Grapin (Official Music Video) (2PAC Tribute)

    42. Taj Lane

      he actually did the song justice

    43. InAshes

      he is just so talented.

    44. Tristan Bierema

      Bro the lyrics from All eyes on me! Who else caught that

    45. Plh7798 Patrick

      I remember bumping the original when I could first drive with the boyz

    46. Mdb 123

      I love everything about this song

    47. DND :d

      1:14 left him hangin damn...

    48. z0mbiehunter680

      I never seen someone rock a red wings jersey so hard in my life

    49. Alex Ori

      my man at 1:13 didn't get the homie handshake :(

    50. Dein Freund

      Everyone saying how he left his man hanging at 1:13 but no one talks about how perfectly that shake with the dude before matched with the beat

    51. Karna

      whos the girl in the black one piece ?

    52. Jk Jko

      he shaved his head +rep

    53. jero lopez

      This kid will be a legend especially if he releases some old school hip hop songs like this one❤️❤️❤️😭🙏❤️

    54. Bruno Teixeira

      1:13 😂😂

    55. Misiek Shego

      Respect that’s what I’m fucking talking about

    56. Saint Thief

      Who tf disliked this video, gotta b some hatas

    57. JetStorm Tiger

      NLE CHOPPA is the best 🚫🧢

    58. Deldrine Mattox

      Ok my question is how the hell did they get the bald cap on when he has dreads

    59. TwiggyyBoyy

      Imagine that’s the same dude that didn’t get the handshake in Camelot 1:13 😭💀

    60. Road Runnerr

      Never realized Choppa had three fingers until I saw the thumbnail

    61. BLACest1990

      I miss 2pac. I am glad someone finally showed some love to my favorite rapper. I was 6 when he died an used to listen to him with my cousin cruzin the block. You can tell the industry was left to some straight losers after he died. Pac would have had the rappers making money and changes in society. RIP Pac and to the little ones not knowing 2pac is the truth dog.

    62. Andrew Marshall


    63. Dylan Wantz

      Yo this sh*t go hard fr fr

    64. Gavin Trillich

      Trying to act like tupac

    65. NLE CHOPPA

      I live the life of a top shotta till the day I die

    66. Ethan Sizemore

      Who ever disliked has symptoms to covid because they hey have no taste

    67. Joel Rodriguez jr

      This is a hard ass song but as a big 2pac fan the video kinda fucks w me

    68. Joel Rodriguez jr


    69. TOTALgoCRAZY

      Now I can picture choppa bald

    70. bruh.itz.Nayeli

      need to do one of hit em up by tupac next💜

    71. Dave Dope 257

      He got that power too🙌🏿💜

    72. N&N World

      This ish 🔥🔥🔥

    73. Lemaro Rowe

      Hottest people in rap now is nle choppa dababy Roddy richh pop smoke xxx

      1. Jackie Buckhalter

        And polo g

      2. RylanSZN


    74. MStar LLRVSong

      Grape Street take over 🍇🍇🍇🍇

    75. Jashley De guzman

      free greedo

    76. RoxXxoR

      Not feeling this cover. 2pac would have turned in his grave

    77. Hxted_Kek [Jetx]

      Wtf is this bruh the new Tupac

    78. TimK82ausM

      Me 39 years old: picture me flexin to this track in my Hyundai i40😎


      rip tupac man is a legend no cap

    80. Isaiah Dancy

      Honestly would love to know what Tupac would say about this

    81. Brandon Brockbank

      Happy that the younger generations are paying respects to the legends

    82. Los Alexander

      You are my favorite rapper

    83. OldSchool Runescape

      Glad to see someone pay respect to the legends who passed way to early

    84. Helen Miller

      young generation tupac

    85. Emma Isabella

      There is no best way of getting quality ROfor views and likes other than the site *Authentic views*

    86. BOG

      salut, nle choppa!

      1. hades


      2. BOG

        seara buna!

      3. BOG


      4. BOG


      5. BOG


    87. ThE GliTcH

      Choppa going smooth and OG style 😁

    88. Jalen Brown

      He really wore a read bandana for da homie, rip legend and pay all respect to NLE

    89. Ticiano Kara

      Nle choppa was with Bleuface but now with tupac

    90. Samuel Valdovinos

      Hella lame. What make him think that he can compare himself to PAC. Nle stay on yo lane busta and stop disrespecting the pioneers of the game with them weak ass bars

    91. THeLMASTER.and_others

      NLE is Goat like me or 2pac

    92. Dark_shinobi112

      This is fir

    93. Toby Reid

      The people that disliked this song should get their covid test, because one of the symptoms is no taste

      1. RoxXxoR

        I dunno bra, I just dun feel his flow. The second is, he is covering the best...the original was way better.

    94. Soar drex

      I miss old choppa

      1. DemonS1cko

        Wym listen to beatbox freestyle first day out nle choppa

      2. DemonS1cko

        Bruh he is back

    95. Фиксик Пэрфектян

      R.I.P 2Pac

    96. Фиксик Пэрфектян

      This is not 2pack it is you who cut your hair forgive me for burning

      1. Фиксик Пэрфектян

        R.I.P 2Pac^(

    97. Buug2

      RIP MY NIGGA PAC 🕊❤️🥺

    98. wiggywa1

      Pac rolling over in his grave.

    99. Tony Wrong

      Yeah nigga imma need you to stay in the free world.......Nigga you up next foe sho

    100. Faarly Joemrati

      I love this song