NDA - Therefore I Am / Transition


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    que buena canción DNA

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    Billie Eilish DNA Therfore I Am


    1. Y 333


    2. ꧁Ramos Luisa 1002꧂

      Eu, no me había dado cuenta jkasjak

    3. Scarlett De la Cruz Hernández

      🖼 arte 🖼

    4. Scarlett De la Cruz Hernández

      Yo siempre dije q el final de la canción de NDA era igual q el inicio de THEFORE I AM 😩✌️✅

    5. Rajko Nedic

      This would be a masterpiece if it was one song. Transition is super-smooth.

    6. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Afffffff amei 😍😍😍

    7. ӇϕϮ ϣϵΐɌdϕ

      So smooth,damn

    8. mauricio rivera

      Loved this transicion

    9. Laura Gonzalez

      billie eilish : GOD 🛐 people who dislike: ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    10. Tehila Tehila

      wow ! love the song !!!!

    11. S Evans

      What a strange looking girl. Almost looks like Lady Gaga's younger sister.

    12. Dara Joyce

      does HTE connect to NDA? idk if it fits tho

    13. ~MRS. SUDE¿


    14. Tinker Belle

      You know what’s really hard to say in Spanish? Refrigerator.

      1. Jennoriya

        It's easy

    15. Naomi Velazquez

      The ugly park prospectively please because exhaust largely prepare of a freezing centimeter. yummy, truthful bagpipe

    16. Ainer

      I love the transition omg

    17. freda amponsah sarfo

      No I love Billie for real 😧 🤍

    18. - Safizor

      amogus, pero edgy

    19. Moxxie_Mashups

      This is AWESOME! The transition was so MOOTH! Next time do haileys comet into GOLDWING! Spanish translation: ¡Esto es IMPRESIONANTE! ¡La transición fue tan MOOTH! ¡La próxima vez cometa haileys en GOLDWING!

      1. Moxxie_Mashups

        @oogly boogliee smooth

      2. Helente


      3. oogly boogliee


    20. valentina Rodríguez


    21. Lyvia Emanuelly


    22. Izel Amezcua

      and oxitocyn

    23. Carlos Seba Viveros.

      buena música/ GRACIAS

    24. Noemirah Faltein

      Lol l love the sing

    25. Leonardo Rivas Avocado🥑

      Esto es hermoso 😍 Billie te amooo 😭💞

    26. Sammy

      disse q um dia alguém iria fazer isso...

    27. Alejandra Garzón

      Sentí soniditos parecidos a NIN

    28. Ema Cmarová

      i love it

    29. Damlanur Keskin

      müslüm baaba mı yanlış mı duydum amk

    30. Febi Billie

      is this mixed music?

    31. Marcus Beladona

      PLEASE do a Happier Than Ever > NDA transition! They shold've made it cause it's awesome!

      1. NIKITAH

        @Marcus Beladona that was a good transition!

      2. Marcus Beladona

        rofor.info/house/video/rG2UpZJpmMzM09o.html I've made HTE & NDA & TIA transition!

      3. Dara Joyce

        this is what I'm thinking hahha

      4. Marcus Beladona

        @ManEatsPants If you play HTE in Apple music and put NDA in "play next" with 12 second of Crossfade you will have an awesome transition.

      5. ManEatsPants

        but nda ends with the therefore i am beat



    33. Abril Gutiérrez

      Jajaj weey que casualidad, las tengo descargadas así Primero NDA, después therefore i am Jaiakaka amo diosa Billie ♥️🛐

    34. -$hira :Doran=-


    35. Tzaddi Bennett

      this go hard WTH!!!!

    36. Hamlet ARL


    37. Moni

      when i listened to NDA for the first time i heard the end and i was like that is like therefore i am

    38. yøjimbø

      I don't like it sorry :(

    39. Asiyah Neale

      I love you thanks for doing this! Billie is my idol!

    40. Thō Hō

      can‘t compete with lady gaga 💁🏼

      1. -INXII

        Leave 😊

    41. rococco68


    42. h3ll.w4s.b0r1ng.c0m

      ya pero la de not my responsability y la de overheated esta uff

    43. Aldy Martinez


    44. Ben Young


    45. Wendy Calderón

      ay como le hiciste para conseguir la fuente de HTE ;_;

      1. ;; Bored

        En google la podes descargar y luego exportarla a la aplicación de edición

    46. Andres Diaz

      dios mi la transición es lo mejor amo a mil


      My heart beat

    48. Puja S.

      i am absolutely in love with this!

      1. Oswaldo Rueda

        me too

    49. Enrika Catron

      The squalid patient successfully settle because divorced demographically park around a ceaseless denim. shiny, snobbish wallet

      1. -INXII

        What the fck did I just read

      2. A thug with a mug cuz

        And the correlation between the numbers and the tightest changes caused the universe to tremble to the urbanism and that's why Billie and Obama are actually related

    50. Imer B1 !!

      nadie, en este canal si hay comentarios en español. en el de billie casi todos son en ingles.

      1. Leonardo Rivas Avocado🥑

        Es por qué están al último están todos desordenados😂

    51. Rabia Kaymaklı

      Hello bili elhis❤️ am, turkis❤️❤️❤️

    52. allsmileshereyas

      Tambien está entre Not my responsability y Overheated aunque venga siendo la misma canción, la transición es increíble.

      1. Erica Jones

        @i'm AFAG allllla.p

      2. Ana Lopez


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        "Why didn't you fight Thanos?" *awkward silence "Why didn't YOU fight Thanos? NOW LOOK OVER THERE!" *runs away

      4. allsmileshereyas

        @i'm AFAG Sii🤩

      5. i'm AFAG

        Siii y está increíble

    53. luis

      así esta en spotify 😭💕💕💕

    54. Naomi Velazquez

      The inconclusive manicure clinically gaze because reason identically practise athwart a cuddly certification. early, exciting exclusive jeep

    55. Chxrlie_YT


    56. Mariajosé Salas

      it actually upsets me when I hear NDA and Therefore I Am doesn't come next, what a disrespect to NDA.

      1. Madison Rose

        @moonlight bae exactly right? XD

      2. moonlight bae

        its on the album, and TIA always comes after nda....

    57. Edwin Alexander Manrique Sierra

      Simplemente, Exellent songs . Muchas gracias. Billie, is a great astist. Thank so much.

    58. Karen :3

      amo 😩🖐🏽

    59. Valeria Rodriguez

      Pensé que era la única que había notado la transición, cuando salió NDA siempre pensaba en otra canción y justo era Therefore I Am

      1. Ana Lopez

        re si porque el ritmo era igual cuando se acabo la cancion creo :v

      2. Marjori Galvez

        no fuiste la unica ♥

    60. Diego Caetano

      ✨ 3:10 ✨

    61. Ssminow

      Awesome transition! Yes!

    62. 𝓼 𝓸 𝓯 𝓽 ღ

      Las personas que le dieron dislike no saben de buen gusto

      1. Scarlett De la Cruz Hernández

        De gusto o arte 🖼

      2. Julie

        Billie es la mejor ,,😍 Pa' que sepas y tiene mejor técnica vocal que otros cantantes 😊

      3. Guadalupe Cabrera Aguilera

        toda la razon

      4. Matthew Macario Jiménez

        @Quetzalcoatl Perez llora

      5. Fernando Ayca


    63. Esther Deiró


    64. Gaming with lay 🔥

      This is fire I like the transition 🖤

    65. Izana~💐

      可愛い..~ [☁️]

    66. aldii

      perfeito aaaaaa

    67. Marie Sarah Cardinal

      how to save money on the street while I'm sleeping on the bench I have to save a lot of money for Satan yes I can if I want to but I never sold my soul I am not really Irish even if I can look alike I choose to be the Diana Queen

      1. Leo


      2. Hannah

        speak ur truth queen

      3. Marie Sarah Cardinal

        Chinese thank you thank you for the covid virus in my DNA shank free I am rare I wear orange and I can be green if I want what is that movie anyways surely not Dr No Sleep that scared the s*** out of me I'm never going to sleep again to hear that

    68. EvelinStyle


    69. Frida Romero

      me encanto i loved

    70. Mario Albarado

      I love it

    71. mary :D


    72. Charley Gibson

      De espela no trickle sentre

    73. Ind Indyra

      isso tá perfeito bixo na moral!!!

    74. Luis Bjerre

      El inicio es el final de la canción "Show me Love" del 2002 de Tatu

      1. Alan Flores

        @Lorenzo velasco NDA

      2. Lorenzo velasco

        el final de nda o el de threefore i am??

    75. Depth


    76. Sarai Sanchez

      it’s not clean all u did was probably listen to it as is on Spotify because yk damn well u didn’t mash it up because u can hear right when therefore I am starts and right when nda ends. so technically all you did was play it really close

      1. lloydsalas

        @mark lee supremacy ikr

      2. mark lee supremacy

        why u so mad

      3. Eliana

        Calm down lel

      4. Abed Ramos

        that's homophobic 🏳️‍🌈

      5. Delany


    77. User Swiftie

      0:09 3:01

    78. Florencia Miranda

      por dios esto es lo mejor

    79. Brit Ayala 🦋


    80. army _ bts


    81. Alexandria Nielsen

      I love it I subbed

    82. nekboy abdullayev


    83. Liam Overbeek

      owwh my gawddd

    84. Marek Pecha

      copy cat

      1. vanessa macias

        @miluu xd

      2. Pookie

        @miluu XDDD

      3. miluu

        tu hermana

    85. MileeVerma

      So clean! Nice! 😄💕

    86. bropip 55

      💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 😊 😊 👏 😘 La amooo es una diosa

    87. Milca


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    88. Erik del rey

      I loved it this one of the best

    89. Zaira Grasso


      1. Xwad10


    90. Casa Casasasa


    91. newbie

      best 1

    92. Adrián Emanuel

      Me encanta!

      1. Adrián Emanuel

        @Frida Romero Creo que solo quería llamar la atención, no ví la foto pero busqué su nombre y sale que es una página de ropa. Su foto de perfil decía "Picame"

      2. Adrián Emanuel

        @Frida Romero Hmmm :( no sabía

      3. Frida Romero

        @Adrián Emanuel que porque hablabas español,fue algo racista

      4. Adrián Emanuel

        @Frida Romero Qué dijeron? :0

      5. Frida Romero

        @Adrián Emanuel si

    93. Joyce Menezes

      MUITO BOM.

    94. Carol Oliver

      eu amei

    95. Claudia Meléndez