[MV]THE BOYZ(더보이즈)_Breaking Dawn


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    2021.3.17(Wed) Release!
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    JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE: theboyz.jp
    THE BOYZ INSTAGRAM: official_theboyz
    #THEBOYZ #더보이즈 #BreakingDawn

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    1. Q'nün GÜZEL GÜLÜŞÜ

      Hadi çok az kaldı. 42k

    2. jiwoo han

      아우 우리 새끼들 왤케 멋있냐 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    3. Tracey Thomas

      the world is missing out on this masterpiece

    4. sayanora ; yizhan

      guys dont forget str kingdom perf.

    5. Orange Juice

      ngl till this day this song makes me doubt if it's in Japanese

      1. my someone

        It's in korean AND Japanese lol

    6. Fatma Nur ÖLÜÇ

      Sing in Turkish song please🌟💓🎀

    7. o_ o

      To all deobi keep streaming on their kingdom performances okay!! And to new deobi welcome to our fandom🥰!!


      Let's go 6m!!

    9. Hak cute

      VAMOS DEOBI 6M!!!!

    10. May _Normalle


    11. babi gurl


    12. Y.S KIM

      더보이즈 진쯔 무대 잘한다!!!! 역시 믿듣덥

    13. tbztreasure

      Okay, I saw some comments who said that they didn't like the chorus part but.... Who cares? I like it wait no i FRICKIN LOVE it tho.... overall, it's your opinion :p

    14. seal george


    15. 火Chaotic

      Someone should make a compilation of just eric saying “show me you dare? We’ll make it, i swear” over and over again

      1. tbztreasure

        Ikr like, 1 hour loop plssss

    16. Tiara Puspita

      aku mampir

    17. Reversed Music


    18. sweet heart

      The Boyz keren bangettt

    19. karigg

      sigue siendo un temazo cada que la escucho

    20. Li Blue

      Alguieeen!!! Aqui en el mv solo aparecen 11 chicos Y aqui esta hwall No que se salio? We estoy reconfundida Que pasoooooo Alguien me explica

      1. maria marieta

        Hay una canción que se llama goodbye de the boyz y es dedicado a el

      2. maria marieta

        También saca canciones

      3. maria marieta

        Ahora es actor tiene cuenta en insta personal

      4. maria marieta

        @Li Blue salio en 2018 por que le operaron de la pierna su ultimo comeback fue ddd pero no apareció porque le seguía doliendo la pierna después de la operación y eso le hizo dejar él grupo

      5. Li Blue

        @maria marieta el salio este año ?

    21. Christy Cage

      Damn they really were breaking their backs for this comeback LITERALLY

    22. TBZ NUNA

      So close to 6 million views!!

    23. Fatma Nur ÖLÜÇ

      Every member said a great. Their clothes and jewelery have been carefully chosen.Effort and effort are in the last phase👊👑💓Halal THE BOYZ 💗🎀

    24. Brelln Bee

      sunwoo you are the best

    25. 12GÖLGELİ9ADAM

      Em@ji stre@m kelimelerini kullanmayın hiçbir şekilde. Sp@m sayılıyo ve izlnmler siliniyo.

    26. 12GÖLGELİ9ADAM


    27. milen bacacay

      6M vamos vamos vamos

    28. Ida Quinn

      emojili yorum atan çok vardı. izlenmeler hep silindi. sinir krizilik bir durum of

    29. jennifer uy

      I don't like the chorus, otherwise rest of the song is melodious.

    30. efl


    31. Zeynep Sena

      Nana aşkıma nasılsın demek için geldim

    32. Park Subak

      Sangyeons voice is everything

    33. angel

      look how they ate that

    34. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      i'm so proud of they :')

    35. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      Jacob :')

    36. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      i hope you can understand me cause i don't know English :') you can tell me my mistakes

    37. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      i'll go Kingdom after this ended.

    38. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı


    39. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      we can do this Deobi don't stop

    40. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      6M today plzzz

    41. alternative kaji universe

      why does this have way less vi3ws than their other mvs? :(

      1. juyeon kyu

        Because it's for japanese comeback but 5M+ is impresive already as you can see that they barely got 5M for their other mvs. The mvs on 1thek usually get more views.

    42. Bae Yonghee

      Road to 6M

    43. Disfunctional Kpoper

      i listen to breaking dawn multiple times daily and why does it still have nearly 6 million views, this song and the boyz themself are so underrated it makes me upset

    44. jay singh

      the boyz world domination fighting saranghae

    45. drqmaz

      Don't come at me but am i the only one who likes the whole song except for the chorus?

    46. Louisa Lloyd

      OMG! this song was released on my birthday! this had filled me with so much joy :)

    47. Ain Deobi

      ROAD TO 6M!!!

    48. Q'nün GÜZEL GÜLÜŞÜ

      6m olmak üzere oleyyy

    49. Ivy Agaton

      Breaking dawn!in my Heart

    50. kevoncé [] #stantheboyz

      strming no air stage

      1. my someone

        Omg hey I've seen you so much in the kingdom performance comment section :D

    51. xj

      bdvcjxd so close to 6m :oo deobisss, 5tr34m kingdom performance too

    52. ๑

      90k more aaaaaa

    53. farhana sharmin

      jacob in real life = 🤗🤗🤗 jacob in breaking dawn mv = 🥵🥵🥵

    54. Dream 07

      Is this an official comeback? Cause I cant find the official comeback stage

      1. naa

        It's a japan comeback, like Tattoo MV (it's their debut japan mv) it's no stage for korean music show

      2. c2

        It’s a Japanese comeback

    55. Sam Blinks

      6M let's gooo

    56. Ngan Nguyen

      Trong nhom may anh ma chua gai gioi thieu cho em nguyen thi kieu ngan voi nhe

    57. jo__eun_sa

      this song is so doog

    58. ᄇᄌᄋ

      Excited for them to perform this on their concert

    59. Alexa Mae Ipapo

      The first time I watched this I didn't know their name and after 1 month I proudly say that I know them all.

    60. Rm Jin

      i didnt realize it was so many members in the BOYZ

      1. Rm Jin

        @Yohana Galeana yea it’s a lot of em and I ain’t realize sunwoo and Kevin were in the same group

      2. Yohana Galeana

        Yeah there’s 11 :0

    61. Erika Joy Velasco

      i lowkey hate tight fitting shirts or smt but when the boyz wear it i just-

    62. Bel Love ByA

      The boyz world domination Fithing deobisss

    63. Itzel Atilano Inocencio

      The boyz world domination

    64. Nikyan Heni

      The Boyz World Domination

    65. Karen CR

      I keep listening to one more gem from The Boyz, I love these guys!

    66. Itzel Atilano Inocencio

      The boyz world domination

    67. eunsa

      lets go 6M the boyz best boys

    68. Itzel Atilano Inocencio

      The boyz world domination!!

    69. Ruben Dominguez Lorenzo

      The Boyz world domination!!

    70. Ernestina Verdese


    71. Im Gonzalez


    72. Salma Ahmed

      I'm a new deobi ❤ I think i'm late ..

      1. xj

        @Salma Ahmed thank you fellow deobi

      2. Salma Ahmed

        @xj i am 💕

      3. Salma Ahmed

        @my someone yep ❤

      4. xj

        welcome!!! please support them on kingdom!

      5. my someone

        Better late than never

    73. groovy everywhere

      we can watch this mv in between while watching no air kingdom perf.

    74. Q'nün GÜZEL GÜLÜŞÜ

      5.889.101 Hadi 6m

    75. 김선우찐사녀

      김선우 개잘생깃네

    76. 뉴nyu


    77. xj

      str34m kingdom no air performance!

    78. yenie deobi


    79. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      Yaw Jacob çok yakışıklısın

    80. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      Ult biasım Jacob

    81. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      neyse kendi başıma takılırım ayol

    82. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      Ben yalnız kalmak, ben çok üzülmek :'(

      1. Nana

        Anacım kingdoma gel çok yavaş artıyor 1zlenmler hem deobilerin çoğu orda

    83. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      6M ol hadi

    84. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      niye dedim bilmiyorum ama olsun

    85. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

      Uzun zamandır gelemedim ayol

    86. I'm: A mess Luv

      They need to CHILL.

    87. 박성훈

      If you guys don't know where to watch full kingdom performances etc.. Then download *viki* app then search :Kingdom... You can watch with English subtitles and for free :)

    88. 박성훈

      *For New deobis* :) 0:05 - Q 0:12 - Kevin 0:17 - Juyeon 0:22 - Q 0:28 - Younghoon 0:33 - Sangyeon 0:43 - Hyunjae 0:52 - Juyeon 1:00 - Younghoon 1:05 - Q 1:10 - Haknyeon 1:15 - Eric 1:26 - Sunwoo 1:37 - Jacob 1:46 - New 1:57 - Haknyeon 2:03 - Kevin 2:08 - Sangyeon 2:16 - Q 2:20 - Sunwoo 2:28 - Eric 2:31 - Hyunjae 2:41 - New 2:47 - Sangyeon 2:56 - Jacob + All together 3:05 - New 3:13 - Juyeon *_Lee Sangyeon_* Position-Leader, Main Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Scorpio ♏ Bday:Nov 4 1996 2:49 *_Jacob Bae_* Korean Name: *Bae JoonYoung* position:Lead Vocalist sub rapper Canadian Zodiac sigh:gemini ♊ Bday:may 30 1997 1:39 *_Kim Younghoon_* Position:Vocal, Visual Bday: Aug 9 1997 Zodiac sigh:Leo ♌ 0:28 *_Lee Hyunjae/Jaehyun_* Position:Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal, Visual Zodiac sigh:Virgo ♍ Bday: sep 13 1997 2:31 *_Lee Juyeon_* Position:Main Dancer, Visual, Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Capricorn ♑ Bday:January 15 1998 0:52 *_Kevin Moon_* Korean name: *Moon hyungseo* Zodiac sigh: Pisces ♓ Bday: Feb 23 1998 Position:Main Vocalist Canadian 0:12 Stage Name: *_New_* Real Name: *Choi Chanhee* Position:Main Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Taurus ♉ Bday:April 26 1998 1:46 Stage Name: *_Q_* Real Name: *Ji Changmin* Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist Zodiac Sigh: Scorpio ♏ Bday: Nov 19 1998 0:22 *_Ju Haknyeon_* Chinese Name: *Zhou He Nian* Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Zodiac Sigh: Pisces ♓ Bday:March 9 1999 1:10 *_Kim Sunwoo_* Position: Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Bday:April 12 2000 Zodiac sigh: Aries ♈ 2:20 *_Eric Son_* Korean Name: *Son Youngjae* Position :Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist Bday:Dec 22 2000 Zodiac sigh: Capricorn ♑ 1:16 KEVIN ERIC AND JACOB CAN SPEAK ENGLISH JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW :) *Some ships* Jukyu Sunkyu Sunnew Kyunyu Sunric Juric Moonbae Hyunric Jujae Bbangkyu Bbangnyu Sangcob Sunhak and more :)) *Songs you should listen to* The Stealer Reveal No air Giddy up Boy Bloom bloom D.D.D Tatto Right here Watch their kingdom performances 1 rofor.info/house/video/lYSjgWqdoN7At9o.html 2 rofor.info/house/video/0o2UoZlyed26yLw.html 3 rofor.info/house/video/k66Xqn-FrpWWu6w.html 4 rofor.info/house/video/05-jaIGHqbfLubg.html 5 rofor.info/house/video/wKiDmptpbMjEspc.html 6 rofor.info/house/video/26inaJeJabuzuKw.html If you want to watch full performances then download the viki app and search : kingdom... You can watch with subtitles and for free

      1. 박성훈

        @xj ur welcome

      2. xj

        thank you for this!

    89. _ndahh fl


    90. Akeyla Adam

      할미가 너를 이직 안 잊었어..아니 못 잊어..그냥 이 말 하려고 왔다. 브레이킹 던도 흥해라!!!

    91. Ana Zubieta

      The boyz world domination

    92. Shabrina Zahidah

      breaking dawn lowkey sounds like treasure's hmmm long lost brother and i'm not complaining

    93. atlas

      the boyz: "breaking dawn..." me: aggressively twerking

      1. atlas

        @Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı dawn*** thanks

    94. munda anny army, stray, united

      Oi gente conheci the boyz ontem é gostaria de umas dicas de vcs que já estão no famdom a mais tempo !dicas ?

    95. ITS ME CHLOE

      Can someone help me to know they're names I only know kevin changmin

      1. 박성훈

        @ITS ME CHLOE if u r asking me then of course ❣️do you have Tiktok or IG?

      2. ITS ME CHLOE

        btw can we be friends? if its ok?😊

      3. 박성훈

        @ITS ME CHLOE my pleasure

      4. ITS ME CHLOE

        thank youu for your help😊

      5. 박성훈

        @naa NOOO OMG its OK

    96. Nana

      Sunwoo çok mükemmelsin olmuyor böyle

      1. Nana

        @Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı anam anam canım anam nerelerdeydin çok özledik seni

      2. Gerizekalılara Beyin Vakfı

        anan geldiii

    97. Nana

      Buraya da bi uğrayayım yine dedim

      1. Nana

        @Zeynep Sena iyi geceler aşkım ben de seni öpüyorum güzel çalış ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      2. Zeynep Sena

        @Nana ben de uyuyayım yarın sabah kalkıp mat çalışmam lazım sınav var ağlamak. İyi geceler bebegim öpüyorum seni ♡♡♡♡

      3. Nana

        @Zeynep Sena aynen bütün dediklerine harfi farfine katılıyorum mezuna kalmayı hiç istemiyorum biraz daha zorlayabiliriz umarım kendimizi şu an bi gaza geldim zaten biraz sonra gidip mat calisicam aşkım r4nd0m

      4. Zeynep Sena

        @Nana yaa bebeğim seni o kadar iyi anlıyorum ki ben de aynısını yapıyorum hep ama çalışmamız lazım. Mezuna kalmayı hiç istemiyorum. Az kaldı ama bu sürede bile sıkı çalışsak iyi sonuçlar alabiliriz. Bebeğim çalışalım başarılı olalım istiyorum

      5. Nana

        @Zeynep Sena her seferinde tamam bu sefer sıkı çalışmam gerekiyor az kaldı sınava falan diyorum sonra yine çalışmadığımı fark ediyorum

    98. Khrysthianne Dayne Bañas

      idk why people hate this song its literally so good

    99. Bokiii

      Me smiling like an idiot when it's younghoon's part ◉‿◉

    100. 이미정

      한국팬 손 ✋