MUST WATCH! Norris and Ricciardo race Zak Brown around Silverstone! 🏎️

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    McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Ricciardo take on the boss, Zak Brown, racing GTR’s around Silverstone! Who will come out on top?
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    1. Nicholas

      I swear they played Lando laughing in the background over and over.

    2. 11-Dao Trí Khải-12A6

      Ricciardo cosplaying Mazespin lol

    3. Ahmed Tobar

      This is more entertaining than a F1 grand prix.

    4. Ankur Raut

      Zak to Mercedes confirmed.

    5. K Baby

      McLaren and Mercedes done, next Honda, Ferrari and Aston Martin

    6. E.C. Bergman

      i love this. curious to see which team is next year if they keep this a yearly thing. mercedes was last year, is red bull or ferrari next?

    7. homiefromfl

      I wanna work for this team so bad!! I just wanna be in the middle of all the action every week! As a graphic designer, I know that’s impossible... =|

    8. habiba

      What was the background song? 😂 😂

      1. Fuzion

        all you ever wanted by rag n bone man

    9. AJCisd

      Horner , Max and Checo! That would be nuts! Ferrari team should be funny too!!

    10. joe murrell

      Can anyone tell me what the background music is at 4:30 please?

      1. Fuzion

        all you ever wanted by rag n bone man

    11. Four0for

      Lando will definitely milk it. He loves milk

    12. Zach Barnhart

      Respect-o-meter 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    13. omar cañumir


    14. NewTrick3D

      So now Zak Brown just has to drive the MC F1 Drowned out of course

    15. Lee

      “I think I’m coming up on Daniel, make sure someone shows him the blue” 😂😂😂😂

    16. Prewprew

      it’s not the same as lando with carlos😩

    17. Caroline Cross

      Please, please, Sell me your 675LT

    18. BTheNoob

      I would do anything to get the job as the drone guy for all these F1 shots. I feel like the person with the drone did not know how to properly do chase scenes. You need to be MUCH closer to the cars and you NEED to use better stabilization techniques. There are several pieces of software I could use to get much better stabilization on the flights behind the cars. and you can even get better fly ups and circles around each individual car to show them off a bit better. Shoot me a message and I could tell you what I had in my head for shooting this with my drones.

    19. A7TSH

      Danny Ric is an international treasure!

    20. Brennen Cardenas

      Came back for the glorious 1-2 finish at monza !! This is how a real team is

    21. MonsterBeat

      And now they performed a 1-2 Podium for mclaren

    22. Scott Towner

      Surprised the American knew how to turn right

    23. Francisco Lameira

      8th time grand prix spinner now

    24. haa1se

      2:16 Actually 8 times Grand Prix Win... Ops, spinner.

    25. Effie

      Now 8th time grand prix spinner

    26. Sean Sutton

      And now they've scored a 1-2 at Monza. GG, McLaren.

    27. K J

      That's a ONE TWO Finish for Team Papaya🔥🔥2021 Monza 09/12/2021

    28. Johannes Fuchsluger

      Who's here after Ric took P1 in Monza, wuuuhuu

    29. Rohan Kar

      An Australian, an American and a British lad.

      1. Virtual_Car

        The combo we didn’t expect 😂

    30. Andrew Elias

      7 Time Gran Prix Spinner. Zak is a savage.

    31. Malik

      bro, zac was acting like doc hudson 🤣 mega moves

    32. Miata Guy

      doesn’t daniel own a 720…?

    33. SC-SchKANN [SR]

      litteraly everybody in f1: british accent zak brown: american accent

    34. Muhammad Rofi Darmawan


    35. Ahmed Hussain

      Ferrari next ?

    36. Angelita Felicia

      if anyone ever says lando and daniel dont have chemistry, show them this

    37. forg

      Daniel's face at 6:48

    38. jimmy stavnshøj

      hamilton races

    39. Elliott Baker

      "A river derchy"

    40. marclorenz Batalla

      Also aston martin with their valkyrie

    41. marclorenz Batalla

      I'm waiting for ferrari do it with their sf90

    42. Skitty P

      Danny struggling to get used to a McLaren. Should’ve been a giveaway to us all

    43. StefkeZ

      Next up Toto vs Zack

    44. Júlia Frantz

      "I think my tyres are gone" - this is a legacy Lewis surely never thought he'd leave in F1 😂

    45. TheDarkGammers

      Daniel should be in formula D lmao

      1. TheDarkGammers

        @Steven Ratti I was making a joke about him drifting formula D is stands for Formula drift

      2. Steven Ratti

        Why, because he's a damned good driver who is used to better cars and can't seem to get the same performance out of a midfield car that he used to get from a top ranked car?

    46. Pedro Santos

      Kimi is great

    47. Andrew Gray

      Sorry Zak, you would have DRS if you were in the P1

    48. Tim Terlau

      Wow love it. Love Mclaren

    49. Maidlife

      Ricciardo was doing rally the whole time haha

    50. Mash709

      Everyone forgets Zac was a really good sports car driver back in the day. He's got some chops!

      1. Steven Ratti

        I think they just assume he was always pure business.

    51. Alex

      McLaren does produce some really good looking cars thsse days man.

    52. Atlas

      Gotta think Danny has driven renualt Meganes for the past 2 years. He's not used to a super car like the mclaren especially in the rain 🤣

    53. Francisco Garcia

      what cars are they in??

    54. Jona Pokrant

      You should let all teamprincipals race

      1. Steven Ratti

        I can see Otmar doing a good job, and Toto, but some of the others? There'd be people looking for heads and arms and whatnot all over the place after the first big crash.

    55. Smellphunny Gaming

      Imagine being able to get away with calling your boss a jackass 😂😂

    56. bcvbb hyui

      "i think im gonna ask for a raise" - The CEO of McLaren Racing

    57. Tman456

      All sides of the English accent in one place

    58. Annette Sanchez

      The rude airport startlingly lie because brazil routinely remember astride a gigantic kitty. flat, muddled dryer

    59. seeni gzty

      I mean only a few people get to call their boss a Jackass 😂

    60. America Beverly

      At this point Daniel was just having fun and not really racing! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. bcvbb hyui

        the numberplates are sick

    61. Anand Kejdiwal

      You can see how much dani struggles in a McLaren

    62. price

      That Eminem reference though

    63. yasio bolo

      "I live my life a quarter mile at a time" - Darren, I mean Zak Toretto

      1. seeni gzty

        Daniel tokyo drift riccardo :)

    64. Gary Crispin

      Riccardio screwed around so he had an excuse when Lando beat him.

    65. Emperor Sascharoni

      You have to know that Zak got runner up in a GT2 24h endurance race at Daytona in 1997 and raced a full season in the British GP season in 2013 in a Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 (litterally looks exactly like the car they raced with except that this was the road version) so it is expected that he is good. Edit: He even won 1 of the races in 2013.

    66. wuoi zuiu

      "i think im gonna ask for a raise" - The CEO of McLaren Racing

      1. yasio bolo

        Remember to ask Danny Ric what he thinks of his country.

    67. Deni Ivanov

      That mickey Mouse Laugh at 8:50

    68. Gonza Ruager

      Spuniel Ricciardo

    69. TheExpensiveMinimalist

      Not Daniel being scared of a normal car

    70. Crossed Out

      I already love Daniel ricciardo but the fact that he takes the McLaren in no traction control and just goes drifting around Silverstone you got to love the guy

      1. wuoi zuiu

        i cant wait till it gets a real race! i mean add the other teams too ...

    71. Crossed Out

      Lol he's run out of talent

    72. MEGADRAGON 88

      They should done this with equal cars, Zac with a 620R, Ricciardo with a 720 are very quick cars but Lando McLaren GT is super slow

    73. 13699111

      Thank you for posting this video driving in all types of weather is a good learning experience

    74. Owen Burton

      the numberplates are sick

      1. bocoy noiu

        What did McLaren do to RIC's car? Summer semi-slicks, high pressure?

    75. Tony Gartshore

      That thumbnail of Zac Brown in a skid lid is indistinguishable from Clarkson :)

    76. Crumblefive

      whats the french song?

    77. CamilliaChe

      Daniel tokyo drift riccardo :)

    78. S A G A R

      Last time I saw 2 drivers racing their Boss, Valtteri was still happy! 😢

    79. Davide Moretti

      "Dan why you are so slow"

    80. danmar007

      Remember to ask Danny Ric what he thinks of his country.

    81. Dan

      That Happy Gilmore quote by Danny... Hahah

    82. Pék Backer

      i cant wait till it gets a real race! i mean add the other teams too ...

    83. P H

      Think you'd be hard pushed to have 3 better guests round for dinner.

    84. dheeraj Rao

      Ricciardo with FF reference

    85. DADDY

      Ah Electric mclarens with no revs, made my day 😐

    86. Keith Lewis

      What are they using the steering wheel button for?

    87. jBank

      who's idea was it to put a racetrack in great Britain? i mean, come on.

    88. Cloxxki

      What did McLaren do to RIC's car? Summer semi-slicks, high pressure?

    89. Vivaan Menon

      Why does Daniel keep saying it’s his “first day on the job”

    90. Jameel Ja

      It's so weird to hear an American accent in F1.

    91. supercheesy107

      Absolutely horrible video editing on this one

    92. Hanabi Senju

      Toretto lmao! We could be such good friends if Daniel is just a normal colleague of mine

    93. Phil B

      What's Landos car ??

    94. Onkar Indurkar

      Make every video available in every country. Such annoyance. Your ham vs max crash vidoe isn't. WTF?

    95. Kenan Palangic

      Ricciardo's laugh = Mickey Mouse.

    96. noenic

      13:34 Nop Daniel, you got it, Man of culture, How did the other guy not know that

    97. MoOnkey

      Love Lando and Ricciardo, Stay focus and holde youre love/fun to race

    98. A. C.

      useless fake video

    99. pear7777

      I saw Zak in the Goodwood, being a bit down for not driving an F1, b/c he's too heavy, he should definitly loose that ball, and have fun, like Mr Penske did. He's one of the best.

    100. Basssie22

      Lando simply seeping in some moms spaghetti