Monster Factory | Ronnie Faeburger is a fresh take on Ronald McDonald

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    The first NEXT GEN Monster Factory fully utilizes the power of the PS5 to create an updated version of McDonald's burger clown.

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    1. Chicken Permission

      I’m not even an enby, but hearing them using they/them pronouns is making me very happy! ( ^ω^ )

    2. Maadeline

      Every comment on these videos is just as funny as the video itself, I love this fandom

    3. GoodKnightIrene

      I like how at 14:47 you can hear the exact moment Justin’s stream caught up with the joke.

    4. LlamaLegate

      The punching backstab animation is really good in this game. It almost makes me want to buy a PS5, since I would _also_ be able to play Bloodborne on it, and oh fuck here comes my anger about fucking Bloodborne being PS-exclusive again shit

    5. LlamaLegate

      The Maiden in Black didn't seal you in the Nexus. The Arby's Witch did. Arby "The Meathead" McDonald must be protected from Ronnie Faeburger's furious wrath.

    6. ez

      15:43 is just very very good

    7. Jesin

      I love you both "5 stars"

    8. Perseus

      21:18 as a nonbinary person whose dad is named Doug: yeah Doug’s cool

    9. Perseus

      Y’know... I think cis men might be okay actually

    10. Big Sister

      jim halberd holy fuck..

    11. Moe Johnson

      my new identity: a peepee person

    12. Zoe

      i very much love the description of "savagely destroying the gender binary" it makes me feel empowered

    13. RubberDorky

      She resembles a number of liberal arts majors that I knew growing up. Prefect work yet again

    14. Curio

      does ronnie use they/them pronouns or fae/faer pronouns or both I need to know

    15. Shayne O'Neill

      Oh oh you make a joke somewhere around 12 mins in about RonnieFaeBurger being a vegetarians which McDonalds would find challenging. Guess what! The guy who played the 1980s era Ronald McDonald (and arguably the most iconic incarnation) was a vegan, and actually quit because he couldnt live with promoting animal products. Also, I met him as a kid and he was a total asshole (Though I was a hyperactive ADHD rat of a kid, so maybe i deserved it lol)

    16. Ulgokiem

      God the censoring out cuss words in the subtitles is so infantilising lol

    17. raymond

      "when ur holding a pole axe and ur jabbing it thru a demon? the demons like, "bUt whAts ur Gender, tHOugh?," ya know what i mean??"

    18. cute snoot

      Nothing could have prepared me to hear Justin say he's a messy bitch who lives for drama.

    19. Megan Meadows

      thank you boys, you are doing god's work

    20. FlameMonarch

      Why, of all the things they've said, did "skelumtons" get me so bad???

    21. Nemo Bee

      "Pee pee person" made me laugh way too hard.

    22. ZÄHNE GOTT

      was just a githyanki for half the creation

    23. Emma Story

      he's coming to give you a FRESCA

    24. Shadowstorm Vash

      are you going to do monster factory on cyberpunk next?

    25. Mai Miller

      They got a little to close to how NB people pick their names the only way they could have gotten closer was just the name frog

    26. abbi

      1:59 eyebrows?? deactivate - they're just gonna get in the way of my blade

    27. Nat M

      we stan a non binary hero

    28. Georgia O'Leary

      my pronouns are pee/pee

    29. August Wogsland

      I can't believe the boys peered into my house and made an exact replica of my nonbinary fiancee.

    30. thewebspinner

      I've slowly come to the realisation that the pigment of Justin and Griffin's art is life itself. And you could be fooled into believing that the faces they create are the "true" art and we're simply seeing the creative process in these videos. However, as was seen through the "Skyrim: Just Like Art" series, the Monster Factory broke with their usual style to deliberately question what we consider to be art by explicitly presenting the viewer with a deliberate and "final" version of their creation. And whilst those creations themselves are all beautiful, it's not the individual tableaus presented that are the main draw of attention but rather the literal gallery of fantastical creations that the "Just Like Art" playlist of videos itself represents. It's hidden in the small moments of charectirisation, a funny voice that becomes a personality, a small blemish or mess of scars that hides a tragic backstory. Each tweak of a slider, whilst similar in nature, is not merely another brushstroke on the canvas but brings into existence their new creation. The Monster Factory taps into imagination and refines it into life itself with the childlike ease of two nine year olds playing with action figures. And if that's not art, I don't want to be an artist anymore.

    31. toomuchyoutube

      griffin mcelroy outruns death asmr

    32. Perseus

      Just a quick note for everyone: if you’re eating cereal while you watch this, do not take a big swig of milk just as 15:20 rolls around

    33. ronni ballard

      i hate the name

    34. HufflepuffsPanda

      "Valuable level ahead!" "That's what it says on my underwear."

    35. fallen chances

      Wait what game is this I genuinely wanna play it

    36. Gigas0101

      "There are no cheat codes in this-" And then I laugh in gold coin glitch.

    37. DoctorBaldhead

      Why did you have to do my boy Ostrava like that?

    38. Name Namington

      Ngl it’s a little ehhh to hear two cishet guys pat themselves on the back for making a video game character that “smashes the gender binary” like I know the intentions there are good but like.. jeez. A little patronizing and try hard to in the way they talk about it. Love these guys but like. Ya know. And it’s not like they’ve not made good non-binary characters. It’s just the self congratulatory way they talked about it, again, has cishet dudes, that just kinda irritated in this one. I think it would’ve been way better if they simply said “I think this character is actually a they” or something. Hearing them go on about how they’re “smashing the binary” and breaking norms just reads as like, “how do you do my fellow non-binaries” ngl. But again. Good intentions, I get it.

      1. Etiolated Rose

        As an enby, I didn’t really get that vibe. It seems more like they were just yes-anding each other so that’s why they were excited - most of the features seem pretty boring without their commentary yknow

    39. dildonius

      *•[Gallant Griffo]:* "Valuable lever ahead, and 3!" *•[Juicy Justy, the Trusty but Timid]:* "That's what it says on my underwear."

    40. red mortly

      ok where's the ronnie faeburger merch cause i have final pam for the strong lady rep but i need me my non binary baby RN

    41. Eve Irish

      What game is this

    42. Will Sheldon

      3:42 they look kinda like Sharon Needles

    43. Rae W.

      Why is the newest monster factory episode private???? I have been deprived of my juice, Juice.

    44. Christopher Aiden Smith

      OMFG please play ufc 3 you guys will love that games customization heaven apsolute heaven please the

    45. Jack Earlenbaugh

      Hi please do Streamer Life Simulator. The character creator starts you in a blank slate that is a monster in and of itself 😂

    46. NeXaS Lvl

      Ive slowly been watching the ones Ive cared to watch for the past week and half, starting on the polygon channel, and really only skipped like maybe 5, but I'm here and caught up just now. This is monthy right?

    47. flurpes

      Ya'll make me want ZERO entertainment, go to bed.

    48. Emma Ward

      I hope the next episode features Sunset Overdrive- there's some great customisation options by the look of it

    49. Vinluv Handesbukia

      Mcelroy brother *DESTROY* gender norms by designing the *FIRST* Pee-Pee Gendered character

    50. Uncle Lucky

      a little sad that we didn't get into more of Ronnie's character/personality but having a nonbinary monster is unironically very cool

    51. stevie bea

      as a transitioning enby, i really appreciate that my representation on this channel has peaked with a punching piss person

    52. DanCrippsey

      This is just a non-binary Fiona from the popular movie series Shrek.

    53. Woonalicious

      even though this is just a fun silly joke monster factory its worth pointing out that the creation of Ronnie Faeburger has still expanded the amount of nonbinary character representation by a comparatively great deal. gotta make your own icons sometimes disney cant do all the work

    54. The28manx

      Oh my god, please absolutely beautify some poor soul on Cyberpunk 2077

    55. Nolen Petrosky

      You guys have gotta freaking do cyberpunk

    56. Big Javi

      That's CoooL......

    57. Vivi

      Ronnie Faeburger is the nonbinary representation I've always wanted

    58. Rachel Szemenyei

      Do cyberpunk!!!!!

    59. Offka

      please do a monster factory in big city stories it’s horrible and the character creator is also horrible

    60. Ross Rat

      monster factory ArtBreeder

    61. Nolzei

      I'm not sure you'll read this comment as the video is a little old now but hear me out. It's been nearly five years since her creation (on video format at least, as she is eternal), but I would love to see a return of the Final Pam to Fallout 4. There have been numerous DLCs releases since then, untouched by her powerful sight and a far greater amount of wacky wasteland mods out there. You could do a small series akin to Touch the Skyrim. I greatly enjoy the Monster Factory videos and have been watching ever since Final Pam entered the stage. Will she ever rise again to claim her place, or will a new challenger attempt to bring her back, summoning her once again from the realm of Tod Howard?

    62. DatSketcher

      You know, they've never explicitly said any other of the monster factory characters are of the binary gender 👀 Final Pam is nb too I CALL IT I CALL IT RIGHT NOW

    63. Ariel Campos

      Cyberpunk 2077 next pls? :)

    64. Aazhie Ryakes

      Secret Third Beard has me in fits xD

    65. No

      "There was an approach there that I think we can all agree was pretty aggro" -oops all cops

    66. Emilia Peschina

      For some reason I have started to use this video as white noise. If I need to relax I'll just put it on in the background, and it brings my anxiety right down. McElroy content has been getting me through a lot this year. I'm also really enjoying the enby rep here and in TAZ.

    67. potato

      Ronnie and Tammy Radbody are bffs and they got matching butterflies to celebrate their friendship.

    68. Dan Burns

      Oops it's a shrek again 😂

    69. Chunt Guntley

      you almost made a Kevin Bacon there for a sec

    70. Quah Trayne

      don't get me wrong Juice & Griff, i LOVE monster factory, but lately it seems all you do is just Dark Souls content and it's getting old. can you PLEASE focus on other games in future episodes??? surely there's more out there with similarly goofy character creators

      1. Quah Trayne

        love you both

    71. Grimm Wind

      Thank you all. Have been waiting for this. Putting in a request for a Cyberpunk Monster Factory.

    72. Shawn Spencer

      we now have the trans holy trinity: trans man borth sampson, trans woman final pam and nonbinary ronnie faeburger

    73. CloudyObsession

      Hey guys, as a non-binary person, this episode felt pretty gross and demeaning. I know you didn't mean anything by it, but it really felt like you were making a joke out of non-binary identities. It wasn't cool and progressive, it was honestly kinda shitty. Again, I know you didn't mean anything by it, but please think about this stuff a bit more carefully and how it would come off to you if it was your identity being used in this way, because I found it to be pretty mean-spirited.

      1. O O

        Can I ask what did they say that made you feel this way?

    74. mr king

      when are you making a beautiful british boy in Crusaders Kings 3

    75. CountSnaqula

      Is the frame rate super weird for anyone else?

    76. Brandon Boyd

      If you catch a lot of subscribers soon or have recently. I just wanted to let you know its because the translation mod for dark souls got featured on the forbidden app.

    77. a52Productions

      It's very silly because well, it's Monster Factory, but as an nb person this made me so, so happy. I've been hoping for an explicitly trans or nb monster for a long time, and I was so so excited by this one. And they were just.. so good about it! Immediately being super consistent with their pronouns and everything. And they didn't change anything about how they did the episode either. I think the line about it being disingenuous to not make them a peepeeperson really sorta sums it up. This series, in other hands, could have really easily become a vehicle for all sorts of racism, ableism, homophobia, etc., making fun of the characteristics of their creations and comparing it to real life minorities. Or alternatively, it could have been them just making a bunch of white men, and getting skittish about making anyone else out of fear of making it racist. But it's so utterly silly and utterly positive and utterly accepting, and they treat everyone the same. It feels like they're always rooting for their creations instead of against them, cheering them along in absurd quests that theyre drastically over or under powered in. And it felt like in this episode, with a nonbinary character, they were rooting for me.

    78. Ryan Leber (ryanleber)

      4:29 giving off some serious Zoolander energy.

    79. merick888

      The Soulsborne episodes are my least favorite, and they do soooo many of them.

    80. Ian Campbell


    81. Chloe Davila

      Lots of things are purple GRIFFIN

    82. TwoBagels

      Lost it at "peepee person" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    83. Sisyphus

      I think you guys could have a lot of fun with DC Universe Online

    84. Erica Strada

      11:20 is by far my favorite bit so far during this video 😂

    85. JS

      21:36 _He's coming to give you... a.... FRESCA!!!_ had me cackling

    86. Jeff

      I love when Ronnie gets the flaming sword and effectively turns into nonbinary Magnus Burnsides

    87. Koen

      I feel as though the “Valuable lever ahead” “thats what my underwear says” joke was supremely slept on

    88. Superbowl Sunday

      fellas i was looking forward to a cyberpunk episode until i saw that the character creator for cyberpunk has no sliders whatsoever

    89. C M

      Happy Xmas Year to Ronnie Faeburger, The Final Pam's grandstepsoninlaw!

    90. TrickTails

      What game is this that you could create such a monstrosity?

    91. Courtney Coulson

      I'm amazed this isn't a Cyberpunk video

    92. Ryglach

      Okay, concept for next Monster Factory. Cyberpunk 2077, the return of The Final Pam

    93. Chiara G

      Yellow face? Yellow hair? JUST LIKE BART??

    94. BigBoi Nat

      I didnt think I was going to hear griffin say "clap those cheeks" today but I did and I'm dying

    95. WadjetEye100

      12:12, revealed that Ronnie Faeburger is a cop, and I cannot condone this

    96. Avalon Bruno

      ronnie is unstoppable and therefore is the perfect partner for the final pam. they'll rule the media multiverse like gods for eternity.

    97. Uathach

      For half a second there when they were messing around with facial hair at the beginning it was extremely Henchman 21 vibes

    98. Alexis Flores

      I’m waiting for them to realize that the true monster is the unachievable standard of perfection and to create something that is so obscenely and grotesquely perfect à la the episode of spongebob where he became normal

    99. Junkin ThisTrunk

      Pretty much any “non-binary” person is a real life monster factory character lol

    100. Niall Graham