Monster Factory: Making a Golf All-Star in Tiger Woods '08


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    Now we're getting into our core competency: Being good at Golf. In this episode, we borrow the core facial structure of a late, great character actor, and then mold it into something dark and profane. Behold: DAZ.


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    1. Beanie Guitar Guy

      “What’s your ethnicity?” M A X I M U M

    2. Ruby

      Whoa I just realized the "dat boi" meme was 5 years ago what

    3. Ruby

      I was born the same year this game came out wow

    4. Becca Sertic

      I have unironically been calling it "jolf" for years and now I remember why.

    5. clannkelly

      I love how, somewhere around the 10 minute mark, Daz pretty much just turns into Tom Waits.

    6. Dylan Platt

      Skip the bunky. Skip the bunky! Oh my GOD, it skipped the bunky!!

    7. lemonhscott

      5:43 the sheer serenity that Daz projects with this blink just after being born makes me feel like he's like an angel or some other divine being, and then all that divinity is completely eradicated as soon as they add hair, like adding hair to Daz was his immortal weakness to take him from the divine to the mundane in a perfect, hole in one shot

    8. Piccman

      3:09 what was that noise?

    9. Victoria Asenjo

      "Genome mapping model's metadata"? I don't understand those words, even individually.

    10. nulls key

      i wish was less drunk, so to laugh less loudly and avoid waking my whole family

    11. barkin minez

      The elated motion statistically approve because shrine simplistically add without a mundane city. humdrum, paltry correspondent

    12. Deegan Phillips

      Wow! I hate Daz!

    13. GoCody

      "Shhh he needs to focus"

    14. septillion2501

      Now I know what it'd look like if the main witch from The Witches and the main gremlin from Gremlins had a baby. Thanks, I guess.

    15. xinyan kin society

      9:40 put this one in the 'Monster Factory Moments That Make me Really Extremely Uncomfortable' box

    16. xinyan kin society

      One of the first lines in this video being "Some people call it, 'Ball Chess'" really solidifies it as an instant classic

    17. Hunter Morgan

      There is NO REASON why mapping a texture like that should take more than 10 minutes lmao. Even just stretching the image across would've yielded better results and would've taken a fraction of the time. Why would this apparently hardware-intensive feature even be in a golf game to start with?

    18. Blood is frightening

      I’ve had many laughing fits in my short time on this planet but this video literally nearly killed me. I was in so much pain and could barely breath with the Daz voice and his many “sins”. It was comedy gold after comedy gold. I had to pause the video out of fearing for my life.

    19. c.m.

      Our boy Grif really started to go full Catlateral Damage at the end there holding Juice hostage :/

    20. BaconMcSwagger


    21. Isaac Park

      Johnny Bravo lol

    22. miz sl carr


    23. SniperPug6942

      He looks like if sheen from jimmy neutron went down a bad path

    24. staraldrigstill

      Please get your hands on Metahuman Creator!!!

    25. bowpow

      12:47 this mf line is always stuck in my head

    26. Dasha Eggleston

      Is that the music from Rudy?

    27. Talex Simms

      " N O T O V E R T T H H E E R R E E "

    28. DavidHohShow

      Kiss that egg DAZ

    29. ratbaby

      You’ll be stuck in PGA Tour... pgatoury... purgatory

    30. Sam Maples

      Does anyone know what the song that plays at 22:00 is from?

    31. Tristan Deniet

      at a certain point, Daz looks like a burn victim and I'm not sure I should be laughing

    32. Angelic Devil

      He looks like a REALLY fucked up Johnny Bravo

    33. fishtouch


    34. FlameMonarch

      "TRIPLE bogey? That means I got three of 'em." XD

    35. tthirdmember trans rights

      8:40 obsessed with the fact he says "holy christ" in-character also it's 2021 and Daz is still one of my top 3 favorite monsters from this series

    36. Bob turtle

      Looks like a sexy green m&m. Lmao

    37. Gabe Cornett

      Still one of the greatest redemption arcs of all time followed immediately by a tragic downfall

    38. GrixieKong

      22:00 for anyone who needs to feel inspired today.

    39. Ruby

      Daz is such a himbo

    40. Nick Caserta

      Hi, I'm every bassist ever

    41. vibes vibeman

      TAZ stolen century: [begins] Me: 24:33

    42. Bryce Smith

      1:33 Fuckin solid joke that went unnoticed

    43. ivan

      daz is on the sexual offender list

    44. Wef


    45. n

      jolf ]-:

    46. Lauren

      johnny bravo lol

    47. Sage

      this video is proof that griffin was made by someone pressing random on a straight white man generator

    48. Payson Davis

      Wherever I get a haircut, I always think to myself "it's for the King's Game."

    49. Edward Morris

      Man looks like an Oompa Loompa.

    50. blexely

      "Everyone's saying dat boi" oh god...

    51. maggotbreath

      18:40 is tue funniest moment i think in the history of comedy

    52. Jeff Hathaway


    53. Julia Armstrong

      the kissing sounds are very much bad this time around please no

    54. Elle Fakename

      I appreciate the Bing Crosby sample at 12:12-12:18 😄

    55. Parker Loughmiller

      ive seen every monster factory so many times... i want to caption them, but youtube wont let me :(

    56. R. A.

      I've rewatched this video about 70 times this week alone and I still lose it with "I'm gonna go to Suncoast and buy a CD"

    57. toof brush

      10:19 thats just the cop from stranger things

    58. supermahoshonen

      It took me a while to realize why I fear Dax so much. But it's because he reminds me of my estranged grandfather.

    59. Generik

      Why does he look just a little bit like Ben Garrison's depiction of Donald Trump

    60. Savannah

      For some reason this is THE funniest video I’ve seen from the McElroy brothers

    61. Sarah Van Donsel

      "I swawm to John," the sequel to "I swan to John"

    62. DapperJazz

      M.. my name is also Dazz :0

    63. Russ Fox

      I watch this video regularly

    64. DnallohLeoj

      Justin: Let's make a dumb video for our bad character creation series Griffin: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

    65. DaMaLoJo

      12:08 hold up is that a reference to the old Nutrigrain I-feel-great commercial in the early days of the internet, because that is one seriously deep cut

    66. gregorymsmith

      Who else sobbed when he got the chip in

    67. Sam Strohmyer

      he looks likes someone a few generations after the nukes went off... 1/2 ghoul lookin ass

    68. Heather Gluck

      wtf are the ethnicity sliders tho

    69. BadCoverMan

      “OH MY GOD I SKIPPED THE BUNKIE” is joining my golf lingo repertoire, certainly. For the King’s game

    70. Duck Yells

      At 6:30 Griffin makes fun of the hairstyle but bud.... buddy... my man. That’s your actual real life hairdo my man.

    71. Isabelle A

      Was not expecting to _see_ griffin actually talking but okay

    72. Kinda

      "So sensual is Daz" really got me in an unexpected way

    73. Martin Rumbold

      you know, thats an impressive amound of bogeys from daz, especially with that nose. youd think that face cave was a bogeyless area.

    74. Burger Bunn

      Daz looks like Count Olaf’s grosser twin.

    75. PushBacon

      8:54 Potion seller? Enough of theses games, im going into battle.

    76. bananasinfrench

      I have watched this so many times when I had no wifi and ten downloaded videos total. Never gets old. Long live Daz

    77. Musical Lasagna

      Griffin didn't really laugh at it, but Justin's "...he's fighting back" goof is the one that I rewatch this episode for

    78. Foof of Death

      0:08 *E*

    79. The Mighty Pika

      What's the name of that epic orchestral they play at the end there?

    80. Benji Reil

      with the aging spots he stops being daz and becomes a crusty dax from deep space nine

    81. Final Jules

      Daz? More like Dax amirite?

    82. Darth Tom

      If they had time to wait each time they should've done a makeshift "similar faces" procedure where they take a screenshot of the generated face and then use that image to generate a new face and so on 😂

    83. Voldemort

      My dad was a dev for the tiger woods series and he would always get free copies and all i ever did was make horrible abominations and hit the crowd with golf balls.

    84. Weavaloid

      He ends up looking like Johnny Knoxville.

    85. OkSharkey

      I stared too long and now I'm trapped in Pgatoury

    86. Cappy The Rat

      "EA Sports: It's in the shorts." Wow Griffin should really get into marketing with stuff like this

    87. Matthew kornman

      DAZ is the off brand Trevor from GTA V

    88. Olivia Hayes


    89. MrTingles

      pretty sure Nick Kroll owes these guys money for coming up with the Big Mouth aesthetic...

    90. Skull Pilot

      Golfin McElroy

    91. Sam Byers

      Dr Seuss called. He wants his character design back.

    92. SkyNinja759

      Those scales on his face make him look like a Thin Man from XCOM. Which adds to the disturbing factor.

    93. Vidiot The Owl

      Please I don't wanna see Gryphon's character do 12 holes.

    94. A Passionate Nerd.

      I love the genuine parental disapproval Griffen shows toward Daz's Jolf fit lmfao 16:50

    95. pwilliable

      Dude looks like Dane Cook.

    96. Mad7monkey

      Hush, child, he is in Pgatoury now

    97. sethraptor

      can anyone id that microphone?

    98. Ewar Woowar

      9:53-10:08 Toe to tip, that's a poorly aged Beavis.

    99. unlucky prime

      daz looks like if a banana was a person

    100. valerie grey

      this series makes me laugh so hard it genuinely hurts