Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!


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    Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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    1. Nathan Versoza

      Can it give u diamond?

    2. popcorn


    3. 王飛飛

      OH the allay will be too overpowered cause it collects the item u give so will it give u bedrock if u give it bedrock?

    4. Emre TAN

      my friends don't play with me much so allay :) plsssssss allay:(

    5. Yung_Amr


    6. Gigi D

      ''if you give it an allay an item, it will collect matching ones for you'' me: *gives diamond allay: wow! this no way super cool *smiles very creepily *comes back with 1,000,000,000 lapis. me: *trys again ok allay this time give me more diamonds allay: *gives 1000 diamonds now thats what im talking about welp bye bye its 9:30

    7. Lucas Burrows

      Hey just an idea, stop having players vote for mobs, if you’re going to add mobs add all of them or you the game designer choose. We all know how well the last player vote went when we have a button made to turn off the mob players voted for.

    8. Steven GMD

      I WANT

    9. A

      I like the allay cause he can be very useful!

    10. Yy 666


    11. wake up

      I vite for this

    12. rbgerezgwapo

      Allay doesn't glitch 😕😕😕😕😕



    14. ♧Magma_Block♧

      I need a copper golem but allay win :(

    15. Se-hoon Oh

      this too op

    16. Evelyn Acang


    17. kenan abuhammour

      how i will vote

    18. Poison Mushroom

      Everyone making allay jokes me WHEN WILL TINY YENGS DROP HIS ALBUM

    19. Ban Minion Oc's

      noooo stop adding cute stuff to the survival game it's so hand holdy and creative mode oriented, i want new bosses ;-;

    20. 가셀로체널


    21. Crabby Crab

      Gonna be one of the most exploitable mobs along with donkeys and villagers

    22. Beanie Boy

      What if u give them a sword and armour and they protect to just like a friendly version of vex

    23. Glare

      Congrats, my friend.

    24. Suggest Karo bhai

      Plzz bring this mob

    25. Suggest Karo bhai

      Yes for m

    26. awesomness bfb gamer

      I voted for this it's so usefull

    27. Charmaine Pullen-Burry

      Please win the mob vote allay !!!

    28. Shogekiha12

      iron golem woudl be a use for copper sad that allay won

    29. Dave

      Ive seen enough copper golem is the new mob it really helpfull

    30. Kalel Tonatiuh Studios

      I'm gonna create a Twitter Account just to vote this.

    31. Regrub

      Me who gonna break this with netherite ingots lol

    32. Duy Dang Nguyen

      I vote this

    33. danilo miguel

      I meam allay is cute and its adorable and Useful for farming too! This might be my favorite sorry for other New mobs

    34. Jeemar Reehar

      Tiny Jens: has 3 note blocks The top Note block: on top between 2 other note blocks Me: wait *YOU CANT DO THAT IN MINECRAFT*

    35. 0², the OG zero two.

      Turns out they grab only items on the ground. Time to enslave them in my farm.

    36. haris

      Hey i want to ask how to vote

      1. RoyalDragon56

        @haris it was on twitter

      2. haris

        @RoyalDragon56 I know the voting is done what I want to ask is how to vote

      3. RoyalDragon56

        The vote is over, allay won

      4. haris

        @Gdvlad what

      5. Gdvlad

        Ya pasó hace 2 días el voto, ganó allay

    37. althea padilla

      Does allay love cookie?


      I wish I had twitter so I could vote for this

    39. NotDream

      i think this is very useless

    40. Anh Phuong

      The allay is so cute

    41. Sadie Bell

      I want the allay cause I can give it a diamond and be like.GET ME SOME DIAMONDS

    42. Jeremy

      i vote for Allay

    43. Reality1692

      Dude why is this getting harder for us to make decisions please add all mob I beg you

    44. Batjargal Nickolai

      Thx you minecraft

    45. HABIB


    46. Nathaniel Guingao

      wait i minute i can give the allay my stuff when i die so i dont have to go back!

    47. Squirrel ! Was taken :/

      allay all the way

    48. GAMER ED


    49. mijuo roui

      Ele é tão fofo mano, eu adorei demais ele ks

    50. Ramenboi260

      how do I make the note block song? I really cant put my finger on it.

    51. Hiascara Sales


    52. Kellie Timpe

      Allay is a vex, but it's friendly. And useful.

      1. mijuo roui

        This needs to win

    53. Sleepy hallow

      I definitely vote allay because all of the other mobs that they are putting out to vote is useful at all, so I definitely vote for the allay. btw Im not hating on any of them, I just think in my opinion that the allay is most useful. thank you.

    54. Bubble Milky

      Vote allay! XD

    55. Mudinabowl

      this is honestly the best choice all copper golem fans are feeling the same way us Moobloom fans felt last year except that it was rigged last year but this year it wasn’t

    56. Creative Minds Gaming

      me :gives allay barrier block allay :hacks mojang : THE ALLAY HAS LEARNED HOW TO EXPLOIT

    57. K0SH4K

      The best mob!

    58. TheFatbearCrew


      1. Spooka and Toona


    59. CrAzy FaMily FuN!

      That would be useful for diamond farm🤔

    60. Summer Thao

      Don’t forget that it looks for the thing that looks the same

    61. secmmer

      We can make a farm

    62. Тамара Хамилова


      1. Ei, Ei kiitos

        Well the Allay won already so...

    63. RedKoala

      So essentially unlimited items... give it some diamonds and make a diamond block out of it, then immediately give it back...

      1. NotDream

        Use your brain bro

      2. H C

        Nope it can only pick up blocks around that area say like saplings or grass blocks it can't open chests or such

    64. TheGhasty

      Please people, do not vote until we see all the mobs and their abilities And please If you don't speak English Translate the video so you do not think a mob can duplicate an item or things like that Allay collects doesn't duplicate The 1st mob detects light level And we can do this with f3

      1. NotDream

        "And we can do this with F3" but i can't search F3 key on my phone

    65. Maniet Channel

      I have allay added in minecraft

    66. Fred Bronkema

      I'm disappointed that this won, I was really hoping for the glare, but at least it's not the Copper Golem!

      1. Fred Bronkema

        Yeah, but I mostly play bedrock edition

      2. Bombie The bomb

        I don't want to be rude but there is a texture pack that detects monsters just like the glare

    67. Glumchum 11

      This needs to win

    68. alexva.

      It is a cute

    69. Ayşen Karabağ


    70. shadow_gamer

      I am voting for the allay

    71. _IsaacSsbu

      Get 30 allays and hand netherite to them all 😂

    72. TNT_Gaming 21

      So if i give it blaze rods and enderpearls will it give me more cause that could revloutionize speedrunning

    73. YoBaconHairFan

      Allay won the vote in so happy

    74. Котик в танке

      развеять так переводится aiiay

    75. Randomplaze

      I vote ally

    76. allay el pro XD

      My vote is glare

      1. allay el pro XD

        @Ei, Ei kiitos ok

      2. Ei, Ei kiitos

        @allay el pro XD Ah, ok

      3. allay el pro XD

        @Ei, Ei kiitos my lenguage is spanish

      4. Ei, Ei kiitos

        @allay el pro XD I don't understand the language you are speaking

      5. allay el pro XD

        @Ei, Ei kiitos puedes traducir esto es que yo comente hace días pero por una razón borre el comentario

    77. ibul

      1+ vote

    78. lazer blokin

      Why can't you add them all but on different updates???

    79. Lallan verma tech

      add allay

    80. Dulal Boro

      I want allay

    81. CorruptSpider

      How to be lazy in Minecraft:

    82. ethan mackin

      Minecraft will be too easy!

    83. Wase

      how to vote???

    84. Beth Cabras

      If I give an allay a bedrock is it gonna get me some multiple bedrock? 🤔

      1. mu ikmal


    85. Mujtablue io

      rip copper golem

    86. Na loucura


    87. Zekeriya Şentürk

      Okay Mojang Minecraft not orginal is copycat of İnfiniminer Minecraft İs Closed Okay Mojang Game is cancelled Minecraft There Won't Be A Game Like That and Lift Me Up and you Will Listen To Me Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

      1. Cyan Hoodie

        This is one of the things that you can't tell if it's sataire or not


      We need a filter block please! :)

    89. juanito pro666

      Queria migolem

    90. Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s

      I don’t think people realize that it doesn’t generate more items for you. All it does is collect items it sees nearby.

      1. Noskal Borg

        Um, saplings, sticks, Apples, fish, kelp, rotten flesh, bones, arrows. Need i go on?

      2. ur mum ghei

        yeah and they have to be dropped

    91. NYAN CAT FAN


    92. DanAnimation Studio

      So that meant if allay were given diamond we can find diamond easily?

      1. Cyan Hoodie

        No it can only collect dropped items so think a flying hopper

    93. Nasanbuyan Baasanjav

      You can technically get enchanted golden apples this way


      It's useless, it's cute, but it's useless😤💔

      1. Cyan Hoodie

        It is you idiot Saying that is saying hoppers are useless

    95. Ahmad Rasool

      i vote for allay

    96. Cuneyt Kocak

      I want this

    97. ItsMartin Ph

      I would give allay a netherite...

      1. Cyan Hoodie

        It wouldn't work since it will collect items dropped on the ground More like a tool for redstone farms rather than a collection tool

    98. Confederates

      Let’s hope dream doesn’t find out

    99. Bella Fitness

      I vote for the allay

    100. Bella Fitness

      I like the allay