Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare!


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    The glare warns you when you’re in an area that is dark enough for monsters to spawn! How does it let you know? By getting super grumpy, of course! Vote for the glare during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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    1. Future_guardian5 Gaming

      We should of added glare because because we need more cave mobs

    2. Squidward

      anyone else gonna use these for Vietnam war maps?

    3. pro  epic gamer

      Is That Torch light 🔦

    4. Lightning Wing Productions

      Hey when are we getting flashlights in minecraft? I can see combining a torch with a spy glass.

    5. Daniel Casey


    6. Daniel Casey


    7. zzhh jj

      copper golem or allay plz minecraft?

    8. RED Uniiverse

      once again minecraft doesnt listen to their fans , but will continue to release stuff like this to shut everyone up

    9. A

      I liked the glare :(

    10. Cuong Nguyen

      Mob 2

    11. karl

      I dont want useless mobs 😭😂

    12. Yujaan Sunuwar

      I vote the glare

    13. Glare

      Please… turn off the light! GRRR!

    14. Penda

      Next vote for next year: bee armour, like in the tiny cave, advantages? Probably being able to give enemy’s poison when you get hit, and flying away for a short amount of time

    15. Jeemar Reehar

      Animation glare: avocado filling mob Glare in real Minecraft: SPONGEBOB LEAF CREATURE

    16. jlo juan

      Tenia una linterna?

    17. NotDream

      This has more uses than *AlLaY*

      1. guaxinim_aquatico

        @Kingz 427 what do allay do? Get itens from the ground

      2. Kingz 427


    18. Reality1692

      This is a awesome mob will be useful in the caves

    19. Triệu Nguyễn

      so cool

    20. SANK XD

      Give us a bee armor

    21. Jack Caton

      Awesome mob!!! This is a game changer for most Minecraft players and there is just no other mob like it!!!

      1. guaxinim_aquatico

        How?? He Just get mad when is dark it just Will make caves more pretty

    22. buzzbuzzluke

      Rip my boy the glare. He didn't deserve his fate :(

    23. animador de tudo

      Eu vim do futuro para dizer que o allay vai vencer

    24. Shaddow of the lost

      I might be voting for this Give me the baby leaf boi (Reposted because someone inappropriate commented on the original)

    25. Upside 902


    26. PL GAMER


    27. Abrahamproxx

      incredible, I like the Mob and the truth is I would like that if they added it to MC

    28. KidCanada

      Fun fact a spam bot will reply to this and when they do I will fricking report you so stop replying on my comments.

    29. gamr

      I thought she was dead

      1. gamr

        I had to comment again because a bot was here

    30. clemensus amogus


    31. lazer blokin

      Why can't you add them all but on different updates???

      1. spicy diarrhea

        because you touch yourself at night, and they know about it very well.

    32. Nin Desaveur


    33. Leonel Dominic Mendoza Seckho


    34. JOSHY BOI

      the 2 people voting for glare: well worth a shot

    35. 11Maxi_Plays.

      i vote for the Glare

    36. seccozcubez

      Shouldve been him

    37. Guy Man

      This is the one I think we don’t need, maybe with the deep dark coming they could be useful, but I’d rather have copper golems as little buddies to run around my base.

      1. Guy Man

        @GalacticSnail I know

      2. GalacticSnail

        the Allay already won

    38. PolygonYT

      Let's gooo! I am prepared for the Glare! Repost 1!

      1. PolygonYT

        @BoringBrody I know. That was long ago.

      2. BoringBrody

        allay won

    39. Fn. Cris Mix

      Bee armor is decoration

    40. Ex Industries

      Can I vote to have the flashlight?

    41. •NeonTheEmeraldAxolotl•

      The glare,cute

    42. 4hill

      i love the copper golem

    43. HABIB


    44. allay el pro XD


    45. ☯️XenMoss☯️

      Its so adorable 🥰

    46. Dev Krishna Gurung

      Bee armor

    47. CATTY

      Gonna vote for that glare I hope everyone vote for the glare

      1. TrainTrack Maker

        The mob vote and Minecraft Live already ended, Allay won

    48. sayed kamel 2010

      I want glare

    49. Jorge Manuel


    50. viper gaming


    51. capt. monke

      I can't believe Glare lost Rip glare and copper golem (my fav)

    52. Agnes Dennees

      Minecraft is the best game ever

    53. Ghost. A.H.P.D

      Wait bee armor?

    54. Atharv Acharya

      I want glare

    55. Atharv Acharya

      Glare op

    56. Commander

      I vote the glare

    57. wonbewon

      Yes i like glare

    58. GRAVITY

      why dont you guys just add all the mobs they are cute

    59. ROMAN

      This mob is so useless you literally know when mobs can spawn by looking at the light level Such a bad concept

    60. Drknd lol

      How did this get the least votes its literally the best and most useful thing ever and you can also have it as a pet

      1. Thorn Dragon


    61. Basic Beau

      i feel like the only reasons i first wanted to vote for the glare were: 1. it was the first one i knew about 2. its useful in caves, rooftop forests, and when youre lighting up an area with torches thats pretty much it

    62. Vividae Pneuma

      I'm a youtuber armor bee add to the Year 2023

    63. mark andrei evans wild life

      Glare pls

    64. Navas K Pulliyil


    65. Hazello

      bee armor

    66. Middlechill2


    67. Arti


    68. Cinnamon bunny

      I don’t know for the glare or the allay

    69. edelidita rivero

      Una predicsion gana el aly

      1. blckstn XVV

        No es una prediccion

    70. bouytt guyt

      Honestly I think having a mob that tells when monsters can spawn is helpful but we can already doing this on our own but I still think we should vote for the coppee golem

    71. Eduardo Toledo

      Nooooooooooo glare te cambiaron por un vex un maldito vex

    72. Shelley McConaughy

      📍The glare sounds useless, you already know if monsters can spawn.

    73. Tony


      1. bouytt guyt


    74. Bantayan Kids Channel


    75. XGAMER

      I like allay

    76. jiajun liu

      Honestly I would vote for the flashlight for it to be addend into minecraft

    77. NatePancake

      woo new mob i really want this to be added on 1.18

      1. blckstn XVV

        He lost

    78. MAC 2020

      R.I.P Glare

    79. luke travis

      or you could ohh i don't know press f3 and look at the light level

    80. Samsillyboi20 E

      Are glares branded by the Cutie Orange Brand? A thing is cute is it is made by the brand of course. This is totally the truth, no total lie. All of us know this because I am the most perfect human being because I am what I am. -A goofy one

    81. Jonathan Ari

      Y también votar

    82. Jonathan Ari

      Mojang pensé que era un juego y jugarlo

    83. Christopher Quiros

      Vote for the GLARE

    84. nokhodchi


    85. nokhodchi


    86. nokhodchi


    87. nokhodchi


    88. nokhodchi


    89. nokhodchi


    90. nokhodchi


    91. nokhodchi


    92. nokhodchi


    93. Kota Hyatt

      I wanted the glare to win

    94. Things Kato Does

      who is blond ponytail girl with an accent of 500 different languages combined

      1. 3Q5ZM


    95. kian drake yañez

      Glare=no redstone