Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show

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    Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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    1. V M

      So special 🖤😍

    2. IUWEUS

      Wow ✊🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Simon Chandler

      Fantastic song and 10/10 from miley! What a voice!

    4. Gin

      Woooooowww Miley has some pipes on her. Fckign hel.

    5. Den D0lgoy

      Испортила п озор

    6. Donna Hartwell-Grover

      Beautiful ! Happy 40th !

    7. PankOff

      Папа- Хэт "тащится", приятно смотреть🤘

    8. Balázs Simó

      Blondie 2021 version : )

    9. Johnny Spacer

      Miley could be a serious metal vocalist, but it will take practice in that form.

    10. Johnny Spacer

      Good start. Needs more practice.

    11. Deborah Terruso


    12. Laura Ruiz Martin


    13. Roy Reyes

      the real miley,,,,

    14. Bernard N.S.

      Damn Barry, look what you did...

    15. Rosario Robison

      We played the cello version of 'Nothing else matters' at our wedding. Amazing song

      1. yummysushipyjamas


    16. Mountain news now

      ANOTHER ONE HER TURKEY GOBBLE RUINS!!!!! Omg James you should be a shamed of yourself to allow her to sing with your all!!!!! You don’t need the game or come back by her!!!!!! Cmon!!!!!!!!! Can’t even listen more than 30 seconds past her Squawking

    17. Isis Morais

      Miley sempre talentosa 😍

    18. Achguckan Kaktus

      Wow.. Miley .. Respect 👍🏽

    19. XxstardustxX

      The approval at the end ❤️

    20. Mark Ridge

      Wow, reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks.

    21. Christian Martineck

      Lady Gaga must not have been available

    22. Garupa Sonzer


    23. Garupa Sonzer


    24. Garupa Sonzer

      starts at 2:37

    25. F7 musical composition

      Pta que o P@ril

    26. Jane Andrews

      Can't stop listening to this, brilliant

    27. FallNorth

      Impressed with her, much better vocals than I expected. But she seems to be turning into Dolly Parton :)

    28. Eterna Paz

      Miley ... Siento que el pop nunca fue su estilo . Siempre fue Rock

    29. nouveauxnous

      ; )

    30. Mortal kombat pedestrian

      Can't wait to see her in the new Lita Ford Biopic

    31. adonis Junior

      Preso nessa música...que perfomance

    32. Laura González saez

      Me encanta su look ochentero

    33. Kevin Gumfory

      Lolololol I lololol. Lolololol ... .lololol whew lolololol

    34. WSGtr

      Those 10k dislikes though. What's wrong with people?

    35. Winston Ingram


    36. Winston Ingram

      #itshouldofbeenlars Cliff would be spinning in his grave

    37. Brett Boyd

      Yip have to say - that was pretty awesome

    38. Itamar Gonçalves Ferreira

      Ficou bem loko!!! Tem mais brasileiros que acharam isso também?

    39. Mary Daddio

      Love this My favorite Band and vocalist!!!!

    40. Cindy C

      I can play the drums to this song. Love this side of Miley.

    41. jonas de Oliveira

      Kkkkkkkk no no no sheet

    42. James Grigsby

      Howard stern has less followers than channels that tell ghost stories.. lol.. shout out mr. Ballen!!

    43. Camila Gonzalez

      I prefer lady gaga ,sorry not sorry

    44. kikiprdsdef

      S U P E R B

    45. Alex Ferreira

      adding her to this song was so emotional.for me a huge fan of metallica since i was a teenager this was so beautifully done i love it

    46. Tabitha Ciccone

      She looks so Debbie Harry here

    47. Tabitha Ciccone


    48. Michael O'Connell

      Damn it Miley cyrus is just 100% awesome. Emotion comes through in every song. Amazing x

    49. david testasecca

      Doesn’t matter how she started, her voice was born for this. Listen to her version of “Jolene”

    50. lowriderrider

      She is very talented and very sweet actually. I was on the wonder world tour and was at her birthday/tour party in New York city. 2009 yep I was on that tour. Before the haters start, I was a member of the crew.

    51. NNN YYY

      Классно! Очень круто спелись. Тембр Майли напоминает Марианну Фейтфулл.

    52. Tufty71

      No words just Awesome 👌

    53. Letícia

      M-Miley? 👁️👄👁️

    54. Лига Алмазных Ангелов

      Она что - с бодуна?

    55. Super Soul Skills


    56. Анна Струкова

      Как я горжусь Майли и тем, что была ее фанаткой практически с самого начала. Когда по телеку крутили Ханну Монтану, я смотрела ее и слушала ее первые песни, что считалось зазорным. А теперь, мать вашу, она разъебывает абсолютно любую песню.

    57. Jenn S

      Nothing Else Matters was my Wedding song.

    58. Tom Wichterman

      Sorry but she can't sing! Compare her to any female on American idol and they'll chew her up!

      1. bouzoulll

        Certainly Metallica knows smt more than you

    59. Rémi


    60. beau dawe

      Sung so very truely you rocked this song your voice is amazing miley😀

    61. Canon Theory

      Kirk Hammet - “WAH WAHH WAHH WAHH WAHH WAHH”

    62. David K.

      Apparently a lot of people are easily impressed by mediocrity. Miley isnt that great people.

      1. Lorenzo Diaz

        Mediocrity? WTF show us how to do it better, i mean they invited her because she is great , i don't think You know more about music than Metallica...

    63. Rodrigo Sá Barreto

      She can sing whatever she wants! Breathtaking 👏💙

    64. Elias Kumrich


    65. Steve H

      She has an amazing Stevie Nicks vibe to her voice

    66. Dustin Hemmele

      Did not expect this to be so amazing. Metallica and Miley 2024!

    67. Allison h

      James wasn't for it at the beginning, but he warmed up, even though she was itching for him by the way she kept look back at him

    68. Arcadia


    69. J J


    70. Diane Hicks

      I just love her voice!

    71. Debra Slone

      Love this



    73. Madelin Solares

      Se parece a su madrina todo el look ya tiene

    74. Sunshine & Rainbows

      Really enjoy listening to her performances in the Rock genre. The female rock vocalists sing their lungs out on the Voice and American idol yet fall short from winning. America needs a new female rock 🌟 star with a passion for music. Go Miley!

    75. jimbone1967

      wheres your masks lo covid is goin on

    76. Dayane Leite

      I got goosebumps with this performance. It was amazing

    77. ZZ Cop

      Stairway to where ? I gotta vote best rock song ever!! ==):}

    78. Potro Rodrigo

      metallica does 1000 % better

    79. lundholmproduction

      Miley sounds Marianne Faithfull great job

    80. laith 1995

      9.9k dislikes there’s a problem with your taste

    81. Claudio Rabaglino

      Oh Miley…what a voice….thank you.

    82. luzinda ausi

      Miley is freaking miley . good Lord the girl is so talented with every song she performs. Rock, country. Pop , classic ,slow just name the f it

    83. Jo Nyu


      1. Vitoria Gabrieli

        @Winston Ingram tenho pena de vc

      2. Winston Ingram

        You serious? She's out of key. Talentless tryhard singer

    84. дмитрий смирнов

      Вся моя молодость с ними прошла,а теперь.....одни воспоминания и горечь утрат и приобретений!

    85. Amadeus

      I learned this song recently and it actually is my 1st completed song since i picked up guitar 5months ago.🖤

    86. Full Throttle Collective

      The only part I liked is when she wasn't singing

    87. Kasean

      I listened to this and I immediately wanted to go back to the 80s/90s oof

    88. Just a Bloke posting fun vids

      Fair play to miley Cyrus this was incredible

    89. Ahfir Thileli

      La batterie est affreuse

    90. Jerri Robertson

      Wow. She can sing rock, country and Hip hop. She is the shit.

    91. Bob Johnson

      Guess I don't get it.

    92. Doctor Crypto


    93. Enrique Chanto

      Impresionante Miley, BRAVO 🙌🏾

    94. ring raptor


    95. Nick Santus

      You go Gal This is pretty damn AWESOME

    96. Anna Ester

      Que Maravilhaaaaa❤❤❤❤🥰🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    97. zhizhou

      Love miley...

    98. Rhyan O'Neill

      SHe reminds me of a young Marianne Faithfull. Decent