Men's 200m Freestyle Final Swimming | Final Highlights | Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


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    1. sten2222

      Female commentator has a horrible voice

    2. Matteo Garavaglia

      Popovici is like Phelps in Sydney, he’s the first of a new Era’s swimmers

    3. Нурик Омарев

      Swimming is so tough that clear favorite Rapsys got nothing. How is it ever possible man!!!!!!

      1. matthew young

        @Нурик Омарев ok! maybe in the future he will get some gold.

      2. Нурик Омарев

        @matthew young I am not saying he is the absolute best but to me he looked very promising.

      3. matthew young

        Whats the point of being the "best" as you say and never win anything? He hasn't ever won anything at big international competitions.

      4. Нурик Омарев

        @matthew young he got disqualified but to be honest he was the best

      5. matthew young

        Are you talking about 2019 worlds where he got disqualified?

    4. Nikolai Pavlov

      That Moldovan kid might be the next Michael Phelps..

    5. RoLL- and 22

      The next tokio.. Popovici no 1 Wold 🇷🇴👑 Felicitări maxime David👑🇷🇴

    6. Evg Biz

      British,American and Australians are the best swimmers!

    7. Evg Biz

      Best congrets to Brittish swimmers!

    8. anes dj

      4 swimmers went sub-45, and Popovici just wow 16 years of age, Duncan just went slightly slow in the 1st 100m, the gold would've been his. he is the best 200 freestyler in the world, congrats team GB.

    9. Zahava Ilan

      Love the announcer

    10. Verica Beljin

      Kako ste velika beda vi iiz UK

    11. Jani Van Landschoot

      Is this Eurosport or Britsport?

    12. Stefan Ungureanu

      David isn’t the next Phelps, he is the first popovici

    13. Joshua Mills

      All these Romanians be like: popovici this popovici that. I havent seen him win anything!!!

      1. pantacruel2

        Not yet at OG, but he holds the world record for juniors in this event and 100 m

      2. Branislav Popov

        So they're not allowed to be happy for their contestant? He was 2/100 of a second slower than bronze medal, so it's quite an accomplishment.

    14. Amina Ema

      Bravo, David! 💙💛❤️

    15. Alex-898

      English silver

    16. Lauri Gayer

      Its coming rome 🤡

    17. Levon


    18. Vincent Stef

      Well done David

    19. freeweed4all

      Scheffer has got lots of power into his legs and his water slipping technique is amazing. If he'll become faster with his arms he's gonna win everything

    20. Silviu Timoce

      Popovici ,Gratulation!Der Nexte Olympische Gold. VIEL ERFOLG bei nur 16 Jahre alt,Hammer,,Hammer.

    21. Jan Almwert

      The romanian god

    22. Bojan Trivic

      U guys didn't really prep well....there's a certain David Popovici there that is better than any of these guys that you are talking about...u shouldn't be ignorant

      1. zora

        They talked about him in the beginning:)

    23. Travel with Tony

      The English announcer almost had a brain aneurysm, I’m guessing the Brits haven’t won at swimming for as long as they haven’t won in soccer?

    24. Zirob

      Wow, it seemed like Scott was ahead at the end, did he slightly miss the timing on the end?

    25. Shabani Ramona

      Proud of you Popovici! Mândria României Popovici!

    26. Aryaan Ahmed

      Why are these commentators so interested in the british swimmer😂

      1. Alex Andersohn

        They are commenting for British Eurosport

    27. Ionuț#


    28. Dragne Alina

      Popovici 😍

    29. Dragne Alina

      lame comentators👎🏼👎🏼

      1. matthew young

        What is wrong with it? They didn't shout your name? It is for a British audience.

    30. Davide Dall'Olio

      A quanto pare i telecronisti inglese si sono già dimenticati dell’11 Luglio 👌

      1. Gheorghe Marian Eduard

        Mo gli passa 😂😂

    31. Cristian Porumb

      In Athens Ian Thorpe had 1.44.71 when he won! I'm not going to talk about the winner, congrats to him! This kid at 16 years old had an 1.44.68 ... what!!! Compare that to Thorpes time when he was in his prime!!! This 16 year old in a few years will make look everyone like little kids. No ofense!!!

      1. Vi Blu

        your comment is pointless. Athens race was all about strategy. Thorpe swam 1.44.06 in 2001.

      2. Michael Airley

        Sure. But that's in the future. He came 4th. So let's praise the top three more. Peaty was amazing.

    32. cj18

      the athletes from the west are doping every time

    33. Bea Mac

      These commentators are insufferable

    34. Ward Huyskes

      Funny to hear that the brits thought Kieran Smith as one of the main players who could upset for the 200 free. The crazy part is that he didn't put up crazy times at all during these games. He has been solid throughout and improved his times, but he didn't quite reach the god-tier the americans were expecting him to. Somehow the guy does carry an allure around him that causes people around the world to be nervous about him.

    35. Anil Sharma

      south korea should have won the gold medal.. he was really good

      1. Stuart Philips

        Yeah except he was beaten by 3 other guys who were really better 😂

    36. Rėksnys

      What is wrong with Danas Rapsys?

      1. matthew young

        Rapsys cannot perform on big occasions. He needs a good support team asap.

    37. lukalegend2005

      commentators didn’t even mention a 16 yr old at the olympics but spent the whole time talking about 2 random british swimmers 😭

      1. Michael Airley

        @jguix Completely agree. The British commentators on BBC have talked about that 16 year old many times. But his age gets very boring to listen to. So maybe best to talk about the medal winners.

      2. jguix

        You are the one that's biased. If you think that British commentators focusing on British swimmers which happen to finish first and second in a race is wrong, then you lack a bit of empathy. I'm pretty sure commentators in Romania focused on Popovici although he finished in 4th

      3. Michael Airley

        @matthew young I know. There are many anto British people out there. They don't understand sportsmanship. Power of peace of the olympics. They just spread hate. GB are brilliant right now.

      4. matthew young

        These two 'random' British swimmers are World number 1 and 2 coming into the games. Idiot!

      5. Michael Airley

        @Sandu Seres Ok bruh dude. It's just so many salty bad losers on here. It actually makes me laugh the amount of Xenophobic people on here.

    38. Pablo Olewski

      Tom Dean, what a legend! I loved his performance in the film 1917!

    39. Victor

      Romania is behind David!!!

      1. C Eliza

        Dude, mai terminați cu comentariile de genul că-s enervante rău. Nu a stat tara asta în spatele lui, a stat doar familia și antrenorul. Ar fi frumos sa fie sprijiniți de stat, măcar pe jumătate fata de cât fac țările cu pretenții în natație, dar nu e cazul. Mai bine sărim cu felicitările și atât, în rest ciocul mic

    40. Broks Kii

      most bias commentary ever haha

      1. Samito

        @Broks Kii I understand what you're saying

      2. Broks Kii

        @Samito Of course I understand they should be proud I totally agree but commentary is a professional job and they weren't professional at all, lost their personal emotions in it, but this is not something new to anyone now I suppose

      3. Samito

        @Broks Kii it is obviously biased, but my point is, who cares? This isn't the news... They are allowed to be happy their country won.

      4. Broks Kii

        @Samito Stop been a snowflake. The commentary was way too bias and you know it that's why you are here pissed off now because it's the TRUTH

      5. Samito

        I wonder if their commentary made the British swimmers come first and second? Who cares! They are happy because their country did well. Jesus, are the British the only country not allowed to be proud?

    41. Daniele Proietti

      Commentator: Adam Peaty Always delivers, always performers, always gets the time. Now, we are thinking along the same kind of lines for Duncan Scott. Here is the man! Duncan Scott is ready to rock. Duncan Scott arrives second Commentator: "I do not see anybody beating Lily King" Lily King arrives second Commentator absolute disaster

      1. Lauri Gayer

        Its the damn English/British they’re probably tired of being second best can never win anything 😂🤣

    42. florin moldavan

      Nu-i rău România. Succes tinere pentru viitor.

    43. grotmx

      Ugh, the commentary is embarrassingly one-sided. Had almost nothing to say about the other competitors

      1. Mr. Bumble-Bee

        @zora yes, i thought the same :))

      2. zora

        Hearing this makes me feel better about Romanian commentators, they 90% of the time speak about all the contestants, their background and small details about their career :)

      3. Ward Huyskes

        I first watched this in Dutch and that was a way worse experience. These commentators atleast talked about two or three contenders. The dutch commentators had no clue what was going on.

    44. Frank Pagel

      After 150m just 0,26 s behind the WR and the after 200m they are over 2 full seconds behind the record!? Are the mesearuments right?

      1. Andras R.

        Biedermans world record last 50 was insane

    45. Filipe Alexandre Duarte Teodósio

      eurosport highlights are the worst, seriously. You make 0 sense!!

    46. symba

      Pity they could not take the pen for England.

      1. symba

        @matthew young yeah.. But I live in italy, and all my friends are very good at reminding me that we lost.

      2. matthew young

        We've moved on ! You seemed to stucked in the past lol

    47. pr pr

      Popovici the next big thing really.

      1. Mr. Bumble-Bee

        @Andrew 🤣 he's trolling

      2. nn bb

        I found a weightlifter with the same name suspended for doping

      3. Güner Umut


      4. redscooby

        @Andrew he’s capping

      5. Andrew

        @Michael Airley bro there legit isn't anything, if you weren't trolling you'd send a link smh

    48. Gheorghe Marian Eduard

      Imens rezultat David !! Suntem mandrii de Tine !!🇷🇴

      1. Cristian Porumb

        Asa este. Viitorul campion olimpic la Paris !! Bravooo David 👏

    49. 86RDG

      Just 0.03s short of a medal. Nevertheless a very good job for the 16 year old David Popovici. Hopefully he gets something in 100m this year. In 3 years time he will dominate the 50m, 100m, 200m and maybe 400m freestyle. Go David!

      1. 86RDG

        @Anders Sanggaard We'll see how he does this year. Qualification to the final would be a good indicator of future success. In Paris all his competitors will be past their best while he'll be entering his prime. If he doesn't qualify for the final then maybe that's not his distance.

      2. Anders Sanggaard

        nah man he aint taking the 50 lmao

    50. Luis Pastor

      First time anyone takes the 200m freestyle under 50" and not a single comment about that. Wow

      1. Hmkls

        @Luis Pastor "First time anyone takes the 200m freestyle under 50"" Learn how to write a sentence properly. It's not that difficult ;)

      2. Luis Pastor

        @Hmkls first 100m under 50". Its not that difficult

      3. Hmkls

        @Luis Pastor Nobody has any idea what the hell you're talking about

      4. Magical Hunicorn

        @Luis Pastor what do you mean by under 50?

      5. Luis Pastor

        @Magical Hunicorn you know how to read?

    51. Isaac Gbornor

      Duncan S 🐬great finish,Bad start


      david is gonna smoke these guys at 100m go champpp

      1. Blokin

        @Michael Airley Or I will choose your tongue Michael spitsnot!

      2. Blokin

        @Michael Airley Then I will choose rhythmic gymnastics and will see you on the mat soon, if your GB isn't chickening out TOK TOK!

      3. Michael Airley

        @Blokin Spinning isn't a sport. Choose another sport.

      4. Blokin

        @Michael Airley So hereby I challenge you to a spinning class match and beat GB, you lose!

      5. Michael Airley

        @Blokin Have you bumped your head today? Has the nurse forgotten to give you your medicine?

    53. Hai Le

      South Korean player is also really good!

      1. Ward Huyskes

        Paris 2024 will be an epic showdown between Hwang and Popovici if they both stay on the path.

    54. Septar Mesut

      Good job David!

    55. SLAYER

      Bravo David!

    56. Blender Wiki

      The live comments are embarrassing, is so difficult find decent tv sport commentators?

    57. Roberto S

      Orrendous and sad Olympics.Pervaded by needless fear and psychosis due to a fake health emergency.

      1. Ma Dani

        @Roberto S That's 4+million and counting despite all the precautions... You're free to do whatever you want in your country btw.

      2. Roberto S

        @gidonzd 4million? Out of a population of over 7 billions?Let'do the math. 4milion divded by 7 billion,what percentage comes out? Do you know how many die of hunger every year? More than 5 million. Every damn year, and this has been the case for decades.

      3. gidonzd

        Over 4 million dead... How is it fake?

    58. Pikenrolas

      What a f happend to Rapšys choke?

    59. Aviv

      What a race for Britian

    60. Mirel Baila

      Bravo David! Extraordinară performanță!

    61. Hmkls

      Really bad finish by Scott 6:25 His head was almost upright before touching the wall. Might have cost him the gold medal

      1. Kan Kantona

        @Ward Huyskes in relay he had a 43 split

      2. The Mountain

        @Ward Huyskes Phelps was the first to go under 1:44 and he did it in textile

      3. Ward Huyskes

        @The golden Boy bro he swam 1:44.26. Before this race only Agnel and Thorpe were faster in the textile. He Swam an absolute banger of a race, Tom Dean just outperformed him. Give it a rest.

      4. The golden Boy

        True could have done better

    62. tilika

      Popovici so close

      1. allydea

        His 3rd 50 was too slow. He was breathing to the outside so perhaps he didn't know exactly where he was in the race at that point. Other 3 50s were world class.

      2. Cristian Porumb

        @Elz Tim He will make everyone look like little boys in a few years. Way to go David!!!

      3. Elz Tim

        I wish he got at least 3rd place! Damn it! Such a prize for a debut at 16ysr old!

    63. Gigisha B

      Such a battle!