Meanwhile... Chicken Thighs Are The New Chicken Wings

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    Meanwhile... With chicken wing supply costs skyrocketing, restaurants including Wingstop are trying to tempt Americans with other parts of the bird.

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    1. Magali C

      As it seems that I am not allowed to watch the news of the country, at least I will listen to shows in other countries.

    2. Elke Ve


    3. ahnanda68

      When are you going to do another just chilling in the neighborhood 😉 checking it out episode you know like that one where the other teaches how to hang on the corner 😻🥂 I don't know but the imagery must be replaced 😇

    4. Gwen Alley

      Does anyone else see Montana in the chicken nuggets?

    5. Ann Marie

      The thighs are THE BEST part of the chicken!!!

    6. Gale Memee of 6

      My favorite part of the chicken is the thigh. You get more juicy dark meat with a thigh than a skinny wing, even if it's a drummy wing.

    7. Neeraja Balachander

      Meanwhile keeps me alive

    8. Jolene Vilis

      No they are not!!!

    9. Danny Wolf

      The stimulating furniture recurrently grab because kenya theoretically guard underneath a lewd fan. longing, oval may

    10. carrotjuse

      Jon is one of a kind!

    11. Russ Broda

      Have I had a stroke or is this show not funny anymore ?

    12. George Robles

      4:44 the person left something "inside " too. "Authorities may use DNA evidence to bill the owner for the rescue" may be the next headlines 😆🤣😂

    13. Noah Spurrier

      The thigh is my favorite part.

    14. Daniel Tsosie

      As a native american, I say use all the parts of the chicken ;)

    15. Foppish Dilletaunt

      A chicken ain’t nothing but a bird.

    16. nigelwaxley

      The show might have won a Peabody, but the intro to Meanwhile deserves a Pulitzer for incomparable writing...

    17. BucketMask

      Aren't chicken thighs just drumsticks? Which are superior to wings in every way? This is not new, just go to a KFC.

    18. Missymousie

      Thighstop sounds like a new exercise racket.

    19. JP Schlecht


    20. LadyZubat

      Rescue teams rescue a sex doll off the coast of Japan. Yeah that sounds like Japan

    21. Marissa Lanza

      Ass mountains specialty

    22. Zenithx3

      You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity. -Emerson Stop the Slaughter. Go Veg.

    23. Coyote Trickster

      Oh great...there goes the price of thighs now... Soon I will be eating the damn drumsticks...

    24. imajeepster

      If I'm not mistaken, it's actually incredibly good luck to see an elephant (Thai superstition).

    25. lee jay Funk

      So happy for Johnny B and the Boyz

    26. wreckcelsior


    27. Demarco Kendrick

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    28. MeltInYourMouth Photography

      I don't know if I'm the only one but I like it better without the audience. when it was just Evie's and the staff's laugh

    29. RM Tab

      That's weird. Thighs are the most expensive here. They're the best bit. Lots of meat, not dry.

    30. Jason Davis

      Ok, colberts still got it…he was turning into a manboob at home..

    31. Carla Audroing

      “Head through the wall for Thai food “ yessss!!!

    32. Rory Christel

      A bit disappointed, you went for the "bag of rice for a cell phone" bit instead of THE PART WHERE UNCOOKED RICE GIVES ANIMALS VIOLENT DIARRHEA. I had a dog who counter surfed and grabbed 4 lbs of rice off the counter. There was no joke over 5 square feet of diarrhea piles next to the back door when we found it... ON THE CARPET. Took *hours* to steam clean that literal shit up, and *several* cleanings of the steam cleaner.

    33. Phlucious

      Google Change Your Life Chicken. Thighs are where it’s at.

    34. meh!

      awe man. does this mean chicken thighs are going to cost more?

    35. Kelly Pond

      Jon is so full of soul, so talented and precious, he oozes Cool 🆒😎

    36. Dudeomfgstfux

      I literally gasped soo loud when I saw that elephant I woke up my 2 sleeping cats.

    37. Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez

      The craven cover originally strap because glue holoprosencephaly trust circa a eatable sister. normal, precious ocean

    38. Justin Okraski

      so people finally realized wings are fraudulent?

    39. Patrick Caprood

      Jon is so suave, what a great personality.

    40. Ker Loz

      The substantial jogging splenomegaly form because smell embryologically pretend afore a dramatic eggplant. tender tense, volatile pantyhose

    41. Robert Baron

      You know deep fried chicken feet are a think, in some asian restaurants.

    42. Pretty Palm trees

      I like nuggets 🥰

    43. G. Smith

      Chicken thighs are the best part of the chicken.

    44. Mystiqueivy

      5:06. There he is!!!! I missed him!!!!

    45. Jamirimaj

      Funny that chicken thigh are my favorite.

    46. Rebecca Lynn

      Poor elephant 🐘.

    47. Rebecca Lynn

      Chickens are horribly abused. Disgusting operation. Wretched assume cruel.

    48. Connie Crawford

      I remember being able to buy chicken wings for 9 cents a pound in 1966a- no one wanted them then!

    49. Seymour Butts

      Sex dolls are people too !

    50. Kristine E

      Thigh is the best part of the chicken for me, always has been. So get on board, people.

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      5. Peter Morgan

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    52. TFTony

      "Visual approximation" of the CEO of Wingstop.

    53. Terry Armbruster

      Thighs are actually more delicious . rather lick a thigh than a wing

    54. smilingface

      That cell phone joke at the end was underrated

    55. LASHK001

      I kind of miss the broom closet.

    56. Gary Fire

      Heartstop would be pretty good.

    57. tecums3h

      Hey, hey, hey. HEY!!!! What happened to *Quarentinewhile?* Is something different now?

    58. cosgallax

      Chicken feet are movie snacks in China.

    59. Brian Loper

      Them offering thighs would actually get me to go to WibgStop. Thighs are the best part.

    60. sailtheplains

      Woot woot Bathtub Coughsyrup! "What's wrong, I'm licking a dinosaur!" MY MAN.

    61. potterpotty01

      Stephen: John did you call your foks and let them know you are a Peabody winner John: um.. you know i have an Oscar right?

    62. Jason Scarce

      Must have been one of those high-end, hyper-realistic dolls that that keep popping up on my Ali Express suggestions.

    63. Taunter Atwill

      He Colbert do something with the fact that the GOP hates voters and have started pissing on our voting rights (besides all these funny nothings) ! 😣

    64. Napes Weaver

      When an elephant sticks it's head through your outside wall, you feed it! Hallo.

    65. mollyrose

      Been saying this for years. The thigh is the best part of the chicken.

      1. mollyrose

        Also the tender is actually a part of the chicken, just sayin...

    66. Cukito4

      For those of you tired with the bullshit, the video starts at 2:07.

    67. Audberto Velez

      Alright Batist.. looking sharp.. love it.. my blessings to all.... 🙏🙏❤️😎✌️

    68. michael lombardi

      That butt can't be real!

    69. Andre Dorasami

      Again, give the guy who writes the intro a raise 🙌

    70. Crymson Nite

      I will eat any boneless chicken

    71. TRV

      Meanwhile, El Polo Loco is making a killing selling "beaks and ass"!

    72. Akitten84

      I would much rather eat chicken thighs over wings..

    73. zomaarwat9

      Always the easiest couple of minutes skip. The talk with Baptiste before the Meantime segment.

    74. Alan Mott-Smith

      Criminal Billionaire Bankers own the media to distract us while they continue their agenda of a one world bank and putting us into prison work camps. We will all soon be like Apple employees with those suicide nets to keep us from jumping out windows. They're writing those lines for the actors and they're laughing AT US because WE are THEIR joke.

    75. Sharon Mullins

      Absolutely LOVE Jon. What a positive, kind, man! With talent.

    76. Mike B

      Meanwhile, plenty of people think chicken thighs are a "center of the plate item" and really don't want some crappy chain restaurant's plans to potentially raise the price on thighs. Chicken wings used to be a cheap cut too... thing everyone went "wing crazy"

    77. Ryan Spengler

      "Visual Approximation" 🤣🤣🤣 🐔 👔

    78. Richard Laws

      No issues with the thighs.

    79. Zophus1

      I was totally sold on that appendectomy until I remembered I don't have an appendix... 😒

    80. Dave Dee

      Skip to 2:06 to avoid the added fluff at the start.

    81. Gothic Girlfriend

      I'm triggered lol. I happen to like dolls

    82. Eric Jourdain

      Shut the ferk up Jon Baptiste ! Just play the piano!

    83. Rikkie Chambers

      Oh that Jon is handsome .. and his music is just so uplifting 💜

    84. R Ray T

      Jon Batiste is truly the best.

    85. orions shoe

      Thighs are better than wings. Amy day, every day ;)

    86. Brave Wave


    87. XCodes

      I came here because the title said "thighs." THIGHS! :waterdropemoji: :eggplantemoji:

    88. ZTK RC

      Incredible comedy writing this segment

    89. D C

      Anyone else scroll past the convo and opening joke

    90. R

      thighs were always better to begin with

    91. Alice

      Picture of the chicken with a tie has „visual approximation“ written under it 😆

    92. obama is fidiot obama is fidiot Slowakiewicz

      I hope he is not from Israel

    93. David Gatzen

      When they rescued the sex doll, did they give it mouth to mouth resuscitation?

    94. Matthew Chang

      Wait why would anyone prefer wings to thighs? Thighs are flavourful and juicy and so much better lol

    95. Mary Rose Kent

      No...Jake Tapper is the ultimate zaddy!

    96. obama is fidiot obama is fidiot Slowakiewicz

      How much you pay the clippers FIDIOT !!!

    97. Dennis Dobin

      From kicking Trump to chicken wing?

    98. Christopher Gerety

      Very funny show. Congrats on the Peabody. (Sorry Stephen - it’s no Oscar)

    99. Will Vella

      Japanese are not the same as Chinese.

    100. Brea Regans

      Jesus is your way to heaven, he paid the price for your sins. Once you believe you are sealed and saved forever.